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The Quaid’s address to Pakistani generals and their pseudo-liberal (middle class urban) soldiers – by Hakim Hazik

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Onward Middle Class Soldiers

Dear patriatic jernails af Pakistan, this is your Quaid ispeaking.

Dear jernails, we isloot the services that you have undertaken to help the peepil affected by filoods outside the gireat Port City. If it was nat the case, masses af istrange istrange peepil firam interior Sind would invade Kiranchi. This would disturb the ethnic harmony that the Mutahidda has established after istrenuos efforts with electric dirills and gunny bags.

In my view the jernail Syed Mohammad Pervaiz Musharraf was the biravest and the most humane jernail, who ever headed our valiant armed forces. He was kind to man and beast alike. You must have seen his lovely poodles in the piress photos. No, no I am nat talking of Mutahidda. We are not Jernail Sahib’s poodles. We represent the hopes and aspirations of the midil cilasses af Pakistan.

But, l like the towering and austere figure of Jernail Sahib Kayani. When he throws me a biscuit, I want to roll over on the carpet and want him to tickle me behind the ears. Nothing gives me gireater pileasure, than to go bounding over and fetch the isticks that he has thirown in the air. Sometimes, he throws silver topped, engraved, martial law canes, which I always biring back with pileasure. He will give me biscuits and local gornamint elections. He is a tirue patriat.

Feudalism is the gireatest curse to afflict the midil cilass nation af Pakistan. We need to find and isolate the feudals and eliminate them one by one. We have istarted a feudal elimination pirogramme in Kiranchi. Sialkot is also catching up fast. Islowly islowly, feudalism will disappear and will be replaced by fascism. Fascism represents the tirue aspirations of the midil cilasses. We isloot fascism. We isloot all revolutionaries who wear Khaki and three istars on their shoulders. We isloot every bady with a gun. We isloot every bady who can ride pillion on a motor bike and shoot to kill a feudal.

It is tirue that we are in a coalition with the feudals. However, we have not forsaken our national duty to the midil cilasses. As far as possible, we tiry to istab the feudals in the back, under the enlightened and inspired guidance of the International Sensitive Agency. The future historian will write that we undertook this sacred historic mission at the time af the NRO by pulling the rug at the last minute. We again exposed our sharp edged revolutionary dagger at the time af the Kerry-Luger bill. This dagger will remain pointed at the heart of the feudalist parliament and will be pilunged at coded message firam the mother af all agencies.

Dear patriatic jernails,

I invite you the istart your cilean up aperation against the corrupt politicians. Once you have killed them all, you can continue the cilean up aperation against the hanest politicians, unless they have been killed already. You should carry on afterwards against the judges and the media, till all enemies af the peepil are dead.

Onward midil cilass soldiers…

Source: Justice Denied

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  • Altaf Hussain’s absurdities —Mohammad Jamil

    The elite must understand that hungry, thirsty and starving affectees have begun looting relief lorries and trucks. And they have also begun fighting amongst themselves to snatch relief goods. Their desperation is becoming explosive

    The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) supremo Altaf Hussain has perhaps realised that the MQM’s authority enjoyed during the Ziaul Haq and Musharraf eras has eroded after the February 2008 elections. One could criticise him for having blurted out a preposterous utterance on the grounds that the MQM has been part of almost every government since the 1980s and is responsible, in equal measure, for the status quo — a system that is rotten to the core. Altaf Hussain on the one hand invites honest army generals to remove corrupt politicians and feudal lords, and on the other hand casts aspersions on some generals for misappropriation of funds after the October 2005 earthquake. Whereas Altaf Hussain, being a political animal, should not have invited the army for cleansing the system, one should pose a question to those lambasting him about when has there ever been democracy — a government of the people, for the people and by the people? Always, we have been a plutocracy, an elite rule for the elite and by the elite. That we have been in the past and that is what we are at present. Of course, after a military rule, it is always a change of dress, from the khaki to civilian robes, but the power dispensation stays elitist, privileged and autocratic, with a few hangers-on getting into this exclusive club by hanging on to the coat-tails of the dynasts and their henchmen.\08\28\story_28-8-2010_pg3_5

    A comment from Biloodaada

    True reflection of what MQM preaches.. they are probably the only party which openly plays double game.. they multi-millionaire capitalists in their rank but they still condemn Sarmayadars. they sat on the lap of every fauji but oppose fauji government, they loot and plunder openly in the streets of Karachi, but they call sindhi as dacoits, they murder openly but they call Taliban as Insaniyat Kay Dushman.. Thousands of his workers sit on ground to listen to him and without an iota of dissent but his party is against Feudalism..
    They broke all the records of corruption when in Mushraf Govt but they call others as corrupt.

  • “Patriotic” Pak Army needs no invitation for intervening in politics: PML-F
    Fri Sep 17 2010

    Karachi, Sept 17 (ANI): Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PML-F) chief Pir Pagara has said that all Generals of the Pak Army are patriots, and the Army would not come into national politics on anyone’s behest, it would rather come on its own.

    Pagara expressed these views while talking to media persons, along with Sheikh Rashid, at his residence Kingri House, The Nation reports.

    Commenting on Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain’s statement regarding martial law, Pagara said that Altaf had always harboured evil intentions in his mind.

    “Feudal lords are lying in their graves; now, it is time to think about their children. Altaf would ‘go up’ if he returns home,” he added.

    Commenting on former President Pervez Musharraf’s homecoming decision, the PML-F chief pointed out that no Pakistani President, who went abroad, ever traced his way back home.

    Hoping for the unification of all factions of Pakistan Muslim League as one political party, he forecasted that the next premier would hail from his party.

    Pagara also declared that the future of Sheikh Rashid and Shahbaz Sharif was bright, while Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan had a dark future. (ANI)

    PPP and PML-N leaders flay Altaf’s statement
    Pakistan Muslim League-N and Pakistan Peoples Party leaders have strongly condemned the statement of Altaf Hussain regarding the imposition of martial law.

    Federal Minister for Information Qamar Zaman Kaira has said that Altaf Hussain’s statement is against the constitution of the country. He added that the statement is also against the sentiments of the masses. He reiterated that a number of sacrifices have been made for restoring democracy in the country.

    Pakistan Muslim League-N leader Ahsan Iqbal while talking to Dunya News said that everyone has been surprised by the recent statement made by MQM chairman. He alleged that the incumbent government is also a part of the conspiracy. He further alleged that the PPP government wants to handover the power to dictatorship.

    Pakistan Muslim League-N leader Kamil Ali Agha while talking to Dunya News said such statements express nothing but the failure of MQM. He added that Altaf gave an extremely irresponsible statement.

    Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader and former Mayor of Karachi Mustafa Kamal while talking to Dunya News said that the any reaction from corrupt leaders of the country is not acceptable to the masses of Pakistan.

  • An untimely invitation
    September 1, 2010
    By Haider Nizamani

    AS many as 150 members of India`s 541-strong Lok Sabha (the equivalent of Pakistan`s National Assembly) have criminal records. More than 300 of these members are millionaires. More than 50 political parties have elected members in India`s national and provincial legislatures.

    Corruption and crime are endemic in its political system. Yet none of these parties, from communists to communalists, can muster up the courage to invite the Indian armed forces to kick out the politicians and take up the reins of power in the country.

    Pakistan is in a different league. Altaf Hussain, the long-distance leader of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), recently extended an invitation to the Pakistan Army`s `patriotic generals` to come forward to remove feudal politicians and root out corruption from the country. When the invitation received more criticism than accolades, the MQM leader roped in the Supreme Court on Aug 28 to team up with the army to do the needful.

    The MQM is a partner in the coalition at both the federal and provincial levels, and ordinarily a party in power requesting the undoing of the system would sound scandalous. On both counts, feudalism and corruption, history and the present realities suggest that the military is not the answer. `Feudalism` is the term used by the MQM to refer to the country`s land-owning classes. Either Mr Hussain is politically naive and has little grasp on the country`s history, or worse, he issued the statement taking the cue from authoritarian forces. More importantly, the stance of the MQM in raking up the ghost of feudalism in the manner that it has shows the party`s lack of seriousness about putting in the hard political work needed to meaningfully confront the landed elite of Pakistan.

    What makes the MQM believe that corruption and feudalism can be eradicated through martial law? There have been three rounds of redistributive land reforms in 63 years of the country`s existence. Only one general out of the four military dictatorships can be credited with introducing land reforms, and even those were half-hearted.

    The first round of land reforms, introduced by Ayub Khan in the 1950s, barely dented the landed gentry`s power as it set exceptionally high landholding ceilings. His successor, Yahya Khan, was not too bothered about carrying out land reforms. The second round of land reforms was first initiated by Z.A. Bhutto after coming into power in 1972. He pledged a third round in 1977 but Gen Zia`s military regime got rid of Bhutto as well as the promised land reforms. It was during Zia`s period that the Sharia court declared any land reforms un-Islamic. During Pervez Musharraf`s nine-year period of military rule, the MQM remained an integral part of the ruling coalition but did next to nothing to accomplish the goal it is now championing.

    Meaningful redistributive land reforms, without going into the details of the comparative merits and demerits of such reforms, have never been on the agenda of past `patriotic` generals and there is little evidence to accept Mr Hussain`s submission that a coterie of patriotic generals will undertake any such reforms.

    Then there is corruption. If understood as the use of public office for personal gains then the very nature of the military regime is corrupt to the core, because the very action of using the public office of a general or brigadier etc that is used to initiate a coup and then run the country without any legitimacy makes it a corrupt system. Furthermore, lacking legitimacy, all military regimes in the country have taken under their wings politicians who had little public appeal.

    When the army comes in as a house-cleaning force, it inevitably turns the venture into house-keeping exercise and in Pakistan`s chequered history this has led to house-occupation, leaving the country more corrupt and unequal in the wake of prolonged military rules.

    On Aug 28, the MQM leader rephrased his position and said that he never sought the imposition of martial law but wanted the army to act within constitutional limits and help the poor “snatch the lands and big palaces of feudals and landlords”. And to facilitate this the Supreme Court “under Article 190 of the constitution … can direct the army, police, Rangers or any other law-enforcement agency to apprehend those who had breached the canals and barrages to save their lands and properties causing death and destruction”. I claim no legal expertise on constitutional matters but Article 190 of the constitution is a one-liner: “All judicial and executive authorities throughout Pakistan shall act in the aid of the Supreme Court.” Only the most imaginative understanding of this article can enable judges to endorse the appropriation of private property as suggested by Mr Hussain.

    The MQM is taking the easy route of calling on the army to perform what is essentially the role of political parties. It will have to come out of Karachi and work with the peasantry if it is serious and sincere in championing the rights and aspirations of the non-landed rural population. The peasantry is a much more complex lot than suggested by the MQM`s narrative. Mere sloganeering may help the MQM gain the attention of television anchors but convincing different layers of the peasantry to occupy the lands and homes of the landed elite is a far more difficult job and the Pakistani peasantry is unlikely to trust the MQM as the party of the landless masses.

  • @ Muhammad Asad Abbas Raja

    It’s good fun!

    It’s only recently I realized that the majority (not all) of our pseudo-liberal, middle class urban chatterers are a fan of one of the following:

    1. MQM
    2. Army
    3. Imran Khan

    They have so much in common: chattering against feudals, corrupt politicians, little (if any) criticism of corrupt generals, judges and journalists, meaningless debates, contempt for the people and their elected representatives etc.

  • I wish another Martial Law does not come to our beloved country but in case it does!!!!You might be the first to go behind the gallows!!!!:-)Sooooo be cautious sister….