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Tariq Malik’s removal: PML-N’s trouble shooter shoots himself in the foot – by Hur Hussain

rana-sanaullah fires Chairman NadraThe story of the removal of the Chairman NADRA Mr. Tariq Malik has taken a new twist with more information coming out that Law Minister Punjab Rana Sanaullah played a major role in the whole episode. Supreme Court of Pakistan is set to hear Federal government’ appeal against Islamabad High Court’s order of December 3, 2013, suspending the illegal notification of December 2, that effected the removal of the Chairman NADRA. Thus CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry is going to hear a case that directly involves his cousin Rana Sanaullah with a major role in the whole mess up.

Sources within PML (N) said that although the Minister of Interior had taken upon himself to defend the government’s position on the issues, real player in the deal Rana Sanaullah has been lying low. Rana Sanaullah besides being a relative of the current Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry is also PML (N) main trouble shooter in Punjab. But Rana by involving himself into a controversy where he being a provincial minister threatened a federal government functionary has literally shot himself in the foot. His actions were blatantly illegal and against all the principles of federation.

Rana Sanaullah it may be reported has been instrumental in projecting and protecting Arsalan Iftikhar’s business during the last tenure. He helped “Junior Chahdhry’ business by involving district administration of Punjab for identifying sites and acquiring those sometimes even through the muscle of the district administration.

On the night of December 2, when a mid-night operation was launched, Rana Sanaullah was advised many times by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to be cautious but Rana being Rana did not pay head and in collaboration with the Federal Minister of interior went ahead and completed the task. Some of the members of the National Assembly who could be impacted due to the thumb verification process were also involved in the process of convincing Nawaz Sharif to let Rana Sanaullah and Chaudhry Nisar to go ahead with their plan.

Once the cat was out of the bag and Rana Sanaullah’s name was revealed by the media as the man who was used by the PML (N) to threaten Chairman NADRA, panic set in the family. Sources in PML (N) said that when the Islamabad High court suspended the illegal notification, it further worried the Rana family. Family connections were immediately put into motion and the elders of the family approached the Mr. Chaudhry of the Supreme Court. Federal government immediately challenged the IHC order in the Supreme Court with an application for early hearing.   CJ Chaudhry now is set to hear the case Tuesday, while heading a three member bench.

Iftikhar Chaudhry is in a fix now as the details of the removal of Chairman NADRA make it amply clear that it was a political issue instead of simple administrative issue. Justice Chaudhry who is trying to retire in next couple of days with dignity will have to go back on many of his own verdicts if he desires to provide immediate relief to the government in this case.  How will the Rana family take this and how do they survive this test will be an interesting watch.

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  • May Allah give CJ a vision for his last day as CJ of Pakistan. Although, he never took any Sou Moto action of our Shia Muslim killings throughout his tenure. Let’s see how he re-acts to this matter.

  • he didn’t do any thing for the all (shia and sunni) muslims but his friend freed the killers……(malik ishaq) takfeeries

  • Right after the most rigged elections in the history of Pakistan in May, there was a huge outcry from the masses and Chuadhry Niar said in parliament that instead of 4 seats, he would get the thumb impressions checked in 40 seats. Now almost six months have passed and nothing has happened. Now he has dismissed the NADRA chairman Tariq Malik. Tariq Malik refused to accept Nisar’s order of not going ahead with the impression check.

  • The media management of PML-N government is really run by some well-oiled, functional. and mighty machine. They have managed to control almost all of those who matter and that is why you don’t hear any tangible criticism of their government quite opposed to the previous PPP regime. The performance of interior minister Chaudhry Nisar is worst than the former interior minister Rehman Malik and yet nobody tells us that. He just boasted to verify thumb impressions from entire constituencies, and now he is in a fix but the mandate PML-N enjoys was stolen. This was the very reason that in a coup detate he dethroned Tariq Malik to hide their crimes.

  • Nisar said that linking changes in NADRA with the issue of thumb impressions in general elections is not correct. Khan of Pindi has said that provision of magnetic ink was the responsibility of the Election Commission and the interim government. Nisar Ali Khan has dispatched a letter to the parliamentary leaders, proposing a joint session of the parliament over the issues pertaining to sacking of NADRA Chairman and verification of thumb impressions. This was the sole reason behind sacking of the Chairman Nadra.

  • Don’t attach expectations with Chief Justice of Pakistan. Me lord will do the same what he did in case of Arslan Chaudhry’s case. He is just adept in witch-hunting of PPP. Rana Sanaullah is chief of PML-N goons which is designated for such tasks. If you analyze CJPs decisions, you would find not a single decisions against PML-N, thus expecting something from Iftikhar Chaudhry is tantamount to live in paradise of fools.

  • ”’ Nisar Ali Khan has dispatched a letter to the parliamentary leaders, proposing a joint session of the parliament over the issues pertaining to sacking of NADRA Chairman and verification of thumb impressions.””
    This is a cop-out. Puss is popping out of Ch Nisar’s paid mouth. Vote rigging is NOT for discussion in sold out Parliament. It is a criminal matter. What needs to be done is carrying out thumb print verification to expose voter fraud … but that would mean Ch Nisar might lose his own seat!!! Well, picture is getting clear now!! Ch Nisar maara gaya ;))

  • Islamabad High Court has already ruled NADRA Chief’s dismissal illegal and suspended the notification. After that PML-N mafia concocted a fake case of their own against him. Now the crooks want to hold a Parliamentary session to anoint their crime and slander him further. This is indeed disgusting.