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LUBP Qadyani Conspiracy Exposed – by Rathore Baba

Editor’s note: LUBP stands for the oppressed people of Pakistan. They may be Sunni Brelvi, Shia, Christian, Ahmadiyya or any other faith or sect. We stand for the oppressed women of Pakistan. We stand for the oppressed Baluch, Pashtun, Hazara and other ethnic minorities. We stand for the oppressed transgender and LGBT communities of Pakistan. We are Hussaini we stand against Yazeed of the time. In Pakistan, Yazeedis are the terrorists of the Takfiri Deobandi Sipah Sahaba ASWJ-LEJ and Taliban TTP. Just as in  Eid Milad un Nabi processions, Muharrum Processions, or Urs of Auliya, all faiths and all genders must be treated with equality and respect. We stand with all human beings in the Hussaini tent. Yes, our supporters are moderate Deobandis and moderate Salafis too who reject the Takfiri Deobandi and Wahhabi agenda of violence and persecution.

Why is it when Christians are attacked the culprits are the same as when Sunnis or Shias or Ahmadiya are attacked? Who is spared form the oppression of the Yazeed of out time?

LUBP follows the path of the great Salafi cleric Maulana Muhammad Ishaq (may Allah elevate his status in the heavens), we don’t care what faith you are, all we care about is standing against the oppression and striking a blow to the Yazeed of today. This is our definition of Hussaini and we are proud Hussaini.

Join our fight, for if you are quiet when others are oppressed, you are only helping the oppressor.

We are publishing below a sample of hate speech and malicious propaganda that LUBP continues to face in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


LUBP Qadyani Conspiracy Exposed – by Rathore Baba

Guys, I want to tell you something special,,on ‪Twitter‬ many ‪Qadyani‬ (Ahmadi) are using fake IDs with name of Shia like Syed, Rizvi etc.

Be careful, they are misleading you all and preaching Qadyani stuff using fake ids of syeds. I know many of them …it’s very dangerous for us. I observed them, they are Using ‪#‎ShiaGenocide‬ umbrella to preach Qadyani stuff. They using cheap tacts. For their Security reason I cant tell their names.. but i am observing them from long time. LUBP‬ is also #Qadyani site. ‪Hussain Haqqani‬ his wife and many active #Qadyani kids are behind this #LUBP site, they are preaching hate by few stories.

LUBP Qadayani

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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
@aliabbastaj on Twitter


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  • This Guy Rathore Baba is an Idiot , I Have Seen Him Abusing Ahmadis and Rights Activists, Specially those Who Raise their Voice Against Sipah Sahaba , Lashkar Jhangvi, he Belongs to Anjum Kiyani Gang , these Guys Usually Have a Great Problem Every time they see a Tweet With #ShiaGenocide , They Come to Abuse and Threat the person by telling him there is no such thing in Pakistan. and when you argue they run away like calling you qadiyani or fake Id…

  • Fictious names are used for some specific reasons. LUBP has a clear cut cause. Why an Ahmadi will use a fictious Name when his or her voivr and message get full coverage in LUBP. So Rathore Baba can eveluate his cooments accordingly. To me statement of Ali Hassan seems to be true.

  • It can never be true. Ahmadies are the truest well wishers of the country they abide in.And all the Pakistani Ahmadies that were compelled by very grave situation for them in Pakistan still love Pakistan; their first home land like a true patriot. So stop this ignorant childish accusations. How can they spread hatred by these assumptive approaches?
    Extremely Nonsense!!!

  • From 1947 to 2013 i used to hear “Qadianees are friends of enemies of pakistan or muslim umma like israel, india, etc”. but no body has presented a single proof of it.
    Peaple like BABA used to say what they heard from their surrounding and started spreading it without proof. this is against the saying of our holy prophet (pbuh)” there is no doubt about that person to be liar who spread what do he hear without confirmation or proof “

  • I do not know who is doing what. But I know for sure that the Promised Messiah (P.M.) a.s. was very much against Yazeed. He used to weep when thinking about the brutal murder of Hussian a.s.
    I do not know the area of influence of the Takfiri Mullas but I have understood from the Quran that these Mullas do not know even the very basics of Islam. They do not know the meaning of the words:
    1. Islam, 2. Kaafir, 3. Murtadd, 4. Rasool.

    Islam means complete peace. Kaafir means an open enemy of Islam, who fights those who recite the Kalimah. Kaafir declares war against Islam and punishes the Muslims. He/She is full of hatred against the believers.
    Murtadd is the one who accepted Islam of his own free will. But after some time found it hard to go along in Islam. He himself says good-bye to Islam, He says he has nothing to do with Islam any more. He/She is not the one whom other people say, “Oh, you have become a Murtadd.”

    Rasool always comes after the prophet, to carry his message forward. Allah had taken a pledge from all the prophets : “Whenever a messenger (Rasool) comes to you (i.e. the Ummah), they will surely believe in him and will support him. This pledge was taken from the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. too. (Ch.33 Verse 7/8)
    Presently, the Khalifah sahib is representing the post of a Rasool. There cannot be any other messenger. The true messenger will always carry forward the message of the prophet, and nothing else.
    The maulvis have given undue high status to the Rasool. A rasool (messenger) can be just a follower of the prophet.
    The takfiri maulvis should pay more attention to the teachings of the Quran instead of taking up the Takfiri path. Otherwise there is a severe punishment for them. At present they are at the level (position) of a Kaafir, i.e. a Kaafir from amongst the believers. (Proof; see verses 3:80/81 to 90/91 at end of Para 3.)
    (If post is too long, it may please be divided into portions. thanks.)

  • To be very honest Rathore is right. He has hit the nail on the head. I to use Twitter & FB and have seeen a dozen accounts who are pretending to be Syeds or Shia but when one closely looks at the
    contents the posts conflict with Teachings of the Imams. It is very evident that the accounts are pushing pro Qadiani agenda.

    The Persons behind majority of Shia genocide posts can usually be found daily posting anti Pakistan & anti army propaganda. So if you put both of the facts together it becomes obvious that these fake Shia & Fake Qadiani accounts main objectice is to spew venom against Pakistan & create division between Sunni Shia brotherhood

    I may not agree with a lot of things @AnjumKiani posts but by God he is patriot & champion of Sunni ShiaUnity.

    I think LuBp need to rethink again & look at Rathores posts because he has been man enough to expose a big conspuracy. Give him credit.

  • I am ashamed to say that Rathore is right. My own Ahmadiya friends are on twitter & they have created fake accounts and have been involved in creating Sunni Shia division.

    Ive tried to explain to them to stop this but they think its a joke. They dont realise the damage they are causing.

    Why do we call the death of Shia a Genocide & remain silent on our Brothers Sunni deaths?

    Its a genocide of Muslims & Pakistanis Full stop!

  • Asalam o alykum.. Alhamdulillah i am a Shia muslim ,who follow qurran and sunnah..i do support Shia sunni unity,because there no difference in Shia Sunni,and about #Qadyani i just say they have equal right to live in pakistan i do condemn every time killing of #Qadyani too,but accordning to Law of Pakistan they are non-muslims and follower of Fake peraon name Mirza Gulam ahmad.son of a punjabi women Shazia..
    if Qadyani will try to creat difference between Shia and sunni i will speak,when Qadyani see there is no chance to speak anti Islam or Pak army They start using Shia Genocide umbrella .
    No shia thinks Army/ISI is supporting SSP/ASWJ ,we shia support Pak army cz this is army of islam,we are happy with our sunni brothers..
    But Again i am telling All #Qadyani(follwer of Tonic wine addict liar) just live your life Do not ever try to defame Islam or Pakistan Army,
    If you thinks Fake religion of Qadyani is True then come and prove this in Courts,

  • Rathore is right. He has hit the nail on the head. – Fake Shia & Fake Qadiani accounts main objectice is to spew venom against Pakistan & create division between Sunni Shia brotherhood – like Facebook, Qadyani Roshni page is hitting Army daily by posts.

  • Just re-read Rathore reply. Shameful act by LUBP admin to edit his reply.

    This is evidence that Rathore is absolutely right.

    This is disgraceful act admin. I will no longer use LUBP page as protest.

  • Again i am telling you LUBP team.. i am not taking your childish act seriousely but you guys are just editing my post?? shame on u

  • You guys have no shame ..you kids are active on twitter i know them all..and here you are editing my reply? What should i call you??

  • all what is said about the ahmadis it might not be true but it is then they are true ahmadis.ahmadiyya stand as our motto love for all and harted for all.

  • if it is true then they are not following the teaching of imam mahdi.Ahmadis are the most peaceful muslim