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Family politics of Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif


1) Nawaz Sharif (Prime Minister of Pakistan)
2) Shahbaz Sharif- Chief Minister of Punjab province (Brother of Nawaz Sharif)
3) Hamza Shahbaz Sharif-MNA (Nephew of Nawaz Sharif, Son of Nawaz Sharif)
4) Maryam Nawaz Sharif (Daughter of Nawaz Sharif)
5) Captain Safdar-MNA (Son in Law of Nawaz Sharif)
6) Haji Tahir Ali-NA 21 Mansehra Bye Election Pmln Ticket Holder (Brother of Captain Safdar )
7) Bilal Yaseen-MNA (Nephew of Kalsoom Nawaz who is Wife of Nawaz Sharif)
Mohsin Latif-MPA (Nephew of Kalsoom Nawaz who is Wife of Nawaz Sharif)
9) Ishaq Dar-Senator (father in Law of Nawaz Sharif’s Daughter)
10) Umar Sohail Zia-MNA (Son of Ex-MNA Sohail Zia Butt, Close Relative of Nawaz Sharif)
11) Sohail Zia Butt (Cousin in Law of Nawaz Sharif)
12) Owais Zia Butt (Brother of Sohail Zia Butt, Ex-MPA)
13) Abid Sher Ali-MNA (Son of Kalsoom Nawaz’s Sister)
14) Ch. Sher Ali (Husband of Kalsoom Nawaz’s Sister)
15) Salman Shahbaz (Son of Shahbaz Sharif, Nephew of Nawaz Sharif)
16) Senator Farooq Saeed Khan (Nawaz Sharif’s Son Father in Law)

Future contnders:
17) Begum Kalsoom Nawaz (Wife of Nawaz Sharif)
18) Ali Dar (Son of Ishaq Dar)
19) Hassan Nawaz (Son of Nawaz Sharif)
20) Hussain Nawaz (Son of Nawaz Sharif)

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  • Despicable indeed. But lets also look at some other parties, hell lets just look at PPP.

    1. Zulfi Bhutto ( Founder, ex- Chairman, ex-PM, ex-Martial law admin., Gen Ayub’ puppy, elongated on a rope)
    2. Nusrat Bhutto ( Founder’ main squeeze, ex-chairperson, one time belly dancer)
    3. Murtaza Bhutto ( Eldest son, claimed party leadership but killed by brother-in-law)
    4. Shahnawaz ( Founder’ son, fought for the throne, died in Paris)
    5. Benazir ( Daughter, chairperson for eternity, ex-PM, corruption queen)
    6. Zardari ( need a whole chapter to describe this man, but in a nutshell, found a one page hand written will under Benazir’ mattress designating him as PPP’ chairman until the gay son is eligible to take over the family political business Inc.)
    7. Bilawal ( Gay son, budding PM, heir to the Bhutto political business Inc.)
    8. Asifa or Arifa ( Backup insurance policy for the Bhutto political business)
    9. Mumtaz Bhutto ( The moron cousin of the founder)
    10. Sanam ( Slightly less corrupt Bhutto, stayed away from Politics)
    11. Fatima Bhutto ( A fox, should be the torch bearer only because she is sexy)

    So tell me what is the difference between the Bhuttos and the Sharifs? Both are corrupt, inefficient, incompetent, uses ethnic card, and did I mention corrupt?

    • Please read up facts before posting. PPP for all their faults are nothing like the PML-N. Have some respect for people first.

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  • Khalil bhatti,thank u, couldn’t have said it better.myself, the fact is that a country is only.strong with a good government in place, so that.means u need everyone.in that government to be a sincere,hardworking,individual u has a vision for their country, when ppp keeps nominating the bhuttos family members as heads of the party,it tells u that no one else out of the hundreds of ppp members is capable to lead the party,so really ppp is incompetant, same.goes for.Muslim noon, he t the bhuttos another zardari out of politics and Pakistan so someone with real.aspirations for the country may be voted.in,not so the sharifs and bhuttos can pillage our country, we’re Pakistanis,we deserve good leadership
    Just now