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The flood tax and our responsibilities – by Amjad Rashid

Government of Pakistan has imposed a new tax on the behalf of flood victims and there is not a good reaction in public for this new tax. Pakistan is a poor country where majority is lower middle class & lower class. A big part of civil & private servants, I mean the persons who do jobs, belong to middle & lower middle class of Pakistan. These persons are most affected by the heavy taxes as these persons can’t hide their assets or incomes and they have to pay full tax whether they want to pay or not. The income they get is rest of the payment after deducing taxes directly from their net income.

Now these persons are very much annoyed by new flood tax as they know that they are already paying high taxes and now they have to pay more. Altaf Hussain of MQM has demanded to impose this flood tax on the feudal, while Asfand Yar Wali Khan of ANP has demanded to impose this flood tax on the industrialists. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has strongly opposed this tax.

I personally think that every person is doing politics on this issue. Persons like Altaf Hussain & Nawaz Sharif are enjoying high status with no responsibility that’s why they are always condemning every act of the government every day. While in actual the party which is in government has to think about the realities and everyday’s new challenges emerging in the country.

Everyone knows that the recent floods in Pakistan are one of the worst floods in the history of this world. Millions of People are directly & indirectly affected by these floods. The businesses & trades are on decline stage in Pakistan due to floods. This is a terrible situation for our country which we must have to face.

The flood victims are also our people. They are not beggars. Any help which we can do for them is not our good omen but it is their right being Pakistanis. They were also enjoying their life in their areas and they were well settled like us. Now the natural disasters have destructed their properties, lands & fields in which they are not at fault, because it is from nature. I have heard some persons saying that those people are facing the results of their own bad deeds in the form of flood attacks. I am very sorry to say that mostly evil deeds & dishonesties are done in big cities of Pakistan, especially in Karachi & Lahore, so do we also deserve such flood attacks or earthquake attacks?

It is the responsibility of every Pakistani to help them in the time of distress because may be the situation comes in near future that we have to face such disaster, have we thought about it at any time? Are we not over confident that we shall be safe always and nothing will happen? The flood destructions are our test as a nation and have we ever thought about gaining success in this test? If we have even thought about it, then have we thought that the success in this difficult test needs patience? If we have even thought about it, then have we thought that the success in this challenging test needs sacrifice?

Yes! Sacrifice is the biggest key for gaining success in this time of distress. Eid ul Azha is very near, and it teaches us to make every type of sacrifice. The prophet Ibrahim (A.S) even tried to give the sacrifice of his beloved son’s blood. So we should think that, are flood victims demanding sacrifice of our life? Are flood victims demanding sacrifice of blood from us? Do they want the sacrifice of our precious time for them.

The answer is No. They never demanded the sacrifice of life, blood & time from us. Even they are deprived of finance because of natural disaster but still they never demanded strong financial help or big money from us but isn’t it our responsibility to financially help them. Isn’t it the time to fulfill the tradition of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) of Brotherhood in Madinah between the locals of Madinah & migrants from Makkah? If we are Muslim and we believe truly in our prophet then we must do it without any hesitation.

The entire world has given financial aid for flood victims even a reasonable amount of aid is also given by India which is worst rival of Pakistan. So now, we have to think that if we are going to show that we are worst that our rivals or we are becoming a great nation. Many foreign countries had complaints that foreign world is helping flood victims while the government of Pakistan didn’t imposed even a single additional tax on its public to collect aid from their own public.

So, I think that imposing of extra flood tax was essential both for helping flood victims ourselves & for also facing the world with honor & pride. I know that this is very difficult but it is not impossible. We must have to help our brothers, sisters& children affected by floods; as if we don’t help they then no one in the world will take pity on them. We should leave individualism now and should approach for becoming a nation not a crowd of people.

The great nations always face difficult times with great courage, patience and courage. They make ready themselves for even eating grass but they never compromise on their honor & pride and they always attain their goal. Great nations always overcome difficulties with sacrifices & now it is the time for our nation to show that we are great nation.

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Ahsan Abbas Shah


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  • Pakistani masses are extremely media-driven, tell them Pakistan was founded by Mir Khalil ur Rehman repetitively on their television set, after thinking a couple of times, they will start believing it. RGST is the need of the hour, there is no other choice we have anymore. If you talk about imposing Wealth Tax, these media barons will again be active against it, they just like to make money and don’t contribute.

  • I have been thinking about issues such as this for a long time. It seems that humanity has been duped into believing that the only relationship we can have with our government is that of a consumer. We have lived so long in a capitalist/consumer society tht we have forgotten that we actually have power that goes beyond the passive consumption that has been presented to us.

    The reality is that we are powerful, ACTIVE, RESPONSIBLE human beings. Part of this responsibility is to others outside ourselves. Therefore, it does not matter if my government acts or not. I have a personal responsibility to everyone else on this planet to offer what aid that I can. Therefore, even though I have little, I will give. Even though the event (like the flood in Pakistan, or the cholera in Haiti)does not affect me personally, I will give. Because every individual’s experience is the human experience and the human experience is MY experience, I will give.

    We must stop waiting for our governments to act. It is obvious that in many cases they will not. WE must stand up and do what we KNOW is right. In doing this we will take back the power by taking over the responsibility. Only then will governments change. By being active, compassionate givers we can make a difference by the sheer power of numbers.

    Therefore, if there is a tax for universal health care (here in the United States) I will gladly pay it, for I know that it is the right thing to do. I have already sent what I can to aid the suffering in Pakistan and when I have more, I will gladly send more. It is the realization that we are now a GLOBAL community that can inspire us to act generously and compassionately. In the end we can only be responsible for our own actions. Therefore, we must make our actions count. WE must be generous and compassionate beings toward everyone; even those that are different from ourselves.It is because everyone matters and every life is our responsibility.Only when we accept this mandate can justice be realized.