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Deobandi ASWJ terrorists massacre Shia and Sunni Barelvis in Ancholi, Karachi

Two high intensity bomb blasts in Karachi have so far claimed the lives of 9 people including a child and wounded dozens.This happened just hours after the anti-Shia hate rallies that were lead by an umbrella of Deobandi organizations that includes the banned Sipah Sahaba operating under the ASWJ name.

According to news reports, at least 4 Shias and 2 Sunni Barelvis have been killed in Deobandi terrorists attack at Incholi. Among the deceased is the associate producer of Geo TV Salik Jaffery.

Salik Jaffery associate producer Geo Tv
Salik Jaffery associate producer Geo Tv

The hate rallies taken out by the umbrella of Deobandi organizations (ASWJ-LeJ, JUI, Difa-e-Pakistan Council , Deobandi Wafaq-ul-Madaris etc) openly chanted “Shia Kafir” (Shias are apostates) slogans as they brought the entire country to a grinding halt for their day of incitement.

Schools, shops and workplaces remained closed for the day – ironically so that hate spewing banned organizations like ASWJ can demand an end to multi-faith processions to commemorate the love of Holy Prophet and his family by muslims and non muslims!

The Federal Government of PML N has given freedom to its Deobandi allies like ASWJ to increase its violent activities on the rest of Pakistan with senior PML N minister, Rana Sanaullah openly and publically siding with ASWJ.

PML N’s continued support to ASWJ and the spinelessness of PPP and MQM have further emboldened the Takfiri terrorists of Deobandi organizations like the ASWJ to continue with their attacks on Shias, Christains, Ahmadis and Sunnis.

Judging by the twitter feeds of Pakistan’s fake liberal elites, a short duration cricket match is a matter of greater importance than the continuing #ShiaGenocide in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s (Fake) civil society and Pseudo-Liberal elites in general and with few exceptions have also shown their true colours by mirroring the demands of ASWJ for a selective ban on some public gatherings. The outrage of Pakistan’s (Fake) civil society, as always, is against the victimized groups like the majority Sunni Barelvi for their Eid e Milad un Nabi procession.  It is even more pronounced against the Shia, Sunni and Hindu processions for Imam Hussain – events that have been the most heavily targeted by the Sipah Sahaba/ASWJ and their Taliban partners.

Barelvi Sunnis have been attacked inside the premises of Pakistan’s ancient Sufi shrines with hundreds of casualties while Shias have also been targeted inside their mosques and imambargahs but even in their homes and workplaces and in transit.

However, for Pakistan’s civil society and their ASWJ mirror, blaming the victim is now the official shameless tactic.  ASWJ/Sipah Sahaba are also the chief suspects in the 2009 attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team that has since shifted all cricket matches that were originally shifted in Pakistan to the Gulf Emirates – ironically the chief funders of Takfiri Deobandi terrorist groups.  Perhaps if Pakistan’s pro-Taliban media were to emphasize this fact a little more, then Pakistan’s fake civil society might feel a lit bit more sympathy for Pakistan’s Shias.

Better yet, ban all restaurants in light of the bomb blasts that took place in a restaurant/café in Karachi. Perhaps that might make Pakistan’s shameless and insensitive fake civil society activists feel some sympathy for the heavily targeted Shias.  Currently, most of the shameless (fake) civil society opportunists have done their best to obfuscate the dangers posed by urban Taliban groups like Sipah Sahaba/ASWJ by presenting them and their Shia/Sunni/Christain/Ahmadi victims as two warring factions and themselves as the enlightened minority that rises above both.

If these Fake Civil Society types were in Poland during the Second World War, they would have also termed the Polish Resistance as “Jewish-Nazi Proxy War”.

As Shias mourn more deaths, its time they realized that it cannot depend on these Fake opportunists that also include Uncle Tom Shias.

Sunni Barelvi umbrella groups like Sunni Ittehad Council stayed away from these hate rallies and made their point of view clear in this news clip.

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  • Shia Killing website is obfuscating Shia genocide by hiding the Deobandi identity of terrorists. Yes, Saudi Wahhabis are funding Deobandi ASWJ but why condemn Wahhabi but spare Deobandi? Apparently they have been asked by Shia Mullahs to refrain from condemning Deobandis. Shame!

  • Incholi Blast ..
    Injured at Agha Khan
    1,Muhamad sarwer 2,Tauqeer 3,Farhan 4,Asad 5,Adil hussain 5,Shabi Haider 6,Jari M ali 7,M harron 7,Ghazala Zaidi 8,Faizan 9,Shah Raza 10,M hafeez 11,S javed Haider 12,Zeeshan 13,M Mushtaq 14,Adil Sarwer 15,Salman Zaidi 16,Ahmed HUssain 17,(baby Unzala age 2 years) 18,Zafar 19,Irfan 20,Yaqoob 21,Zia Rizvi 22,Kumail 23,Abdul Basit Gabool
    Shaheed At AGHa Khan
    Shaheed At Abbasi
    Mumtaz Hussain S/O Allah Basheer
    Muhammad Aziz S/O Munna Khan
    Saliq Jaffri

  • @Sarah Khan,
    You are spot on. It is refreshing to see your post.

    Current breed of Shia molvis are a bunch of sell-outs and cowards. They are playing politics over the corpses of innocent people. At every Shia genocidal event, all they do is observe a “peaceful yome soag”. The never strongly demand justice. They always prematurely end their fake protests.

    They are only interested in collecting Zakat and Khums and sending over to their Irani masters. These types of molvis are the ones that are mentioned in the famous Hadith associated with Imamuz Zamam al Mehdi (AJF) that the Imam (AJF) will kill 70,000 such ulemae-soo (fake alims) with black turbans!

    Due to parties like MWM, Shia genocide continue unabated with total immunity. They provide periodic fake channel of venting Shia anger which would otherwise accumulate to something really meaningful. Amin Shaheedi’s criminal interference in abruptly and prematurely ending Hazara sit-ins was absolutely disgusting. Amin then assured their masters that he would end country-wide sit-ins by next morning by forcing Hazaras to bury their dead when the protests across whole country was at it peak and when our Sunni brothers also started joining the protests. I hope Shias understand that groups like MWM do not represent their interests and that they would have take matters in their own hand to get anywhere in this taliban country.

  • DERA ISMAIL KHAN: The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has claimed responsibility for the twin suicide blasts in Karachi in which seven people were killed on Friday, Express News reported Saturday.
    The blasts had injured at least 48 people and damaged around 10 shops along with nearby vehicles on the road leading to Ancholi.
    TTP spokesperson Shahidullah Shahid said that these attacks were in reaction to the November 25 Ashura violence in Rawalpindi which killed at least 11 people and the drone attack on November 21 in which six were killed and at least eight others were injured.
    The TTP threatened that such attacks would continue if those responsible for the violence in Rawalpindi are not brought to justice and the drone strikes do not stop.
    On November 21, a senior leader of the Haqqani network and five others were killed on Thursday when a US drone fired missiles on a seminary in Thal tehsil in Hangu — in the first such strike on the settled areas of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.
    At least eight people were also injured in the attack.
    A district government official had said on the condition of anonymity that US drones fired four missiles on the Madrassah Miftakhul Quran at around 4:30am in which a Haqqani Group Taliban commander and spiritual leader, Maulvi Ahmad Jan, was killed.
    On November 15, sectarian clashes had erupted at an Ashura procession near Fawara Chowk, that left at least 11 people dead and over 78 injured. Unidentified people had also set a portion of the cloth market in Raja Bazaar on fire

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