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Deobandi terrorists of TTP-ASWJ planning major massacres in Pakistan on Friday, 22 November


This is a public service message by Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP) to all Pakistanis including Sunnis, Shias, Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus, atheists etc who are currently being indiscriminately attacked by banned Deobandi terrorist outfits namely Taliban (TTP) and Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ).

Deobandi clerics of the Sipah-e-Sahaba ASWJ have publicly announced that they will take out major hate rallies in all cities and towns of Pakistan on Friday 22 November 2013 to pronounce and implement their hate agenda against Sunni Barelvis, Shias, Ahmadis, Christians etc.

In particular, Deobandi and Wahhabi fanatics of ASWJ and TTP want to forcibly ban religious rituals of majority Sunni Barelvi population and Shia Muslims of Pakistan, and they want to stop any and all commemmorations of holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) and his family including Imam Hussain (a.s.).

As a matter of fact, all major Deobandi outfits including TTP, JUI, Deobandi Madrassa Wafaq and the Difa-e-Pakistan Council (the Defence of Pakistan Council) have declared their support for the ASWJ rallies on Friday, 22 November. However, majority Sunni Barelvi clerics have dissociated from ASWJ’s rallies and have asked Sunni Muslims to stay away from banned Deobandi outfits and their hate agenda.

LUBP advises all Pakistanis particularly those from non-Deobandi backgrounds to take all precautionery measures to defend their lives and properties from the pre-planned Deobandi massacre on 22 November.

We also urge the government of Pakistan, all provincial governments and Pakistan army to take all possible measures to prevent terrorism by Deobandi fanatics.

We are hoping against hope that the State finally wakes up and reigns in these snakes, most of whom were nurtured by Pakistan military estbalishment for Jihadist proxy purposes in Afghanistan and Kashmir.

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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
@aliabbastaj on Twitter


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  • جمعہ22 نومبر کو اہل سنت یوم امن منائیں، دیوبندی دہشت گرد تنظیموں کے مظاہروں میں شریک نہ ہوں – مولانا راغب نعیمی – See more at: https://lubp.net/archives/292169

    دیوبندی دہشت گرد تنظیم سپاہ صحابہ پاکستان کا سنی مسلمانوں سے کوئی تعلق نہیں- ترجمان سنّی اتحاد کونسل – See more at: https://lubp.net/archives/292157

  • Wah Taj!! What a bundle of lies!!
    The only 4 points mentioned in the attached poster are
    1. Ban on Sword/Dagger processions. Which is absolutely right as the matam with zanjeer/qama zani is full of blood & gore and is not acceptable in a civilized society, and there are security issues as well.Although people who want to go ahead with this should be allowed to carry out these activities in private, just like Opus Dei.
    2. People who are responsible for Raja Bazaar incident should be arrested & punished. What’s wrong in demanding justice?
    3. The Masjid & Madarssashould be repaired.
    4. Losses caused to businesses should be reimbursed.
    All very fair demands.

    • Ok..Mr. Azad agreed with your last three points but … first one have you ever seen in history of Pakistan that these “Khanjer bardar Jaloos” made any harm in any time to any one” they just cut themselve yeh kanjer bardar jaloos kisi kay galay nahi kat ta ALLAH HO AKBER kah kar yeh kon c civilized society hay koi apnay gham ka kisi bhi tarha izhar karay kisi ko haq nahi puhnchta kay wo uss per aitraz karay agar wo uss say kisi ko nuqsan nahi puhncha raha aur iss poray mamlay may kisi ko koi khanjer nahi laga sari haqiqat media per hay sab ko pata hay kitna jhoot bola gaya hay ULEMA ki taraf say…

      • “Koi apnay gham ka kisi bhi tarha izhar karay”??
        Kal koi kahega main gham mein sadak par nanga ghoomna chahta hoon, kya wo munasib hoga?
        Yahi main keh raha hoon banana republic nhi hai ki aap kuch bhi karte phire…
        is tarah ki harkatein bilkul hi acceptable nhi hain….aapko karna to privately karein…

      • Dil tu abhi bhi matam karnay ko kar raha hay magar wo aap ki aqal per…pahli bat tu yeh kay aaap ka certificate nahi chahyeh kay kia karna hay aur kaisay…dosray aap kay pas na wo nazer hay na wo dimagh na wo dil jo meri bat samajh sakay…iss liyeh aap ki soch ko salam hay… agar koi non muslim aap say kah day yaar aisay ibadat kia jis may aap ultay (sajda) ho jatay ho ab yeh tu hamay pata hay na kay sajday ki kia azmat hay…uss kay liyeh tu dohra hona he hua na…

      • bhai bidat hai zanjeer-zani,qama-zani….baki tum jaano tumhara aqeeda jaane….
        and of course it is not acceptable in a civilized society…
        go anywhere in europe/usa it is banned….
        no sane person will allow this march of blood & gore

      • aur rahi baat non-muslim ki ibadat related wo hum kyon accept karein…kyon humko huzoor s.a.w ne namaz ka tareeqa bataya hai….
        magar huzoor ne matam karne se mana kiya hai….isliye nhi karna chahiye….
        baki aap karo jo drama aapka dil karne ko keh raha hai

  • Lets c what takfeeryz do today,,,,,

    Yeh tamam Sipah Yazeed hain, inka ahle sunnat wal jamat se koi taaluq nahi,,,

  • Agar koi kutta pagal ho jae tu log apnay rasta nahi badaltay usay ya tu theek karatay hain agar wo theek honay kay qabil nahi hota tu usay shoot kartay kar daina chahyeh…yahi hamaray mashray may ho raha hay…