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An eye-witness account of Ashura day riots in Rawalpindi – by Baqir Sajjad


Listening to first hand account of how the riots started from an authentic eye witness. Would narrate on twitter shortly

According to the eye-witness, the mullah of the mosque in his Friday sermon denigerated Imam Hussain and glorified Yazid.

(Deobanid) Mullah of the Masjid Talimul Quran said Imam Hussain (Nauzobillah) wanted to take oath of allegiance of Yazid, but his son Imam Zainul Abideen (AS) stopped him (nauzobillah) causing mischief.

Mullah’s inflammatory speech agitated the mourners in procession. The (Deobandi) Mullah then gave ultimatum of 3.00 pm to clear the road in front of the mosque and started prayers

The mullah restarted his provocative speech after completing the prayers and repeated what he had been saying earlier

Agitated (Shia and Sunni) mourners finding it difficult to bear the (Deobandi) mullah started shaking the grills outside the mosque in protest against the comments

In meantime someone from inside mosque 1st hurled a stone at mourners shaking the grills. The stone was followed by firing from mosque rooftop.

Firing caused panic and people started running. Some people present among the mourners snatched guns frm police and fired back at the mosque

When a senior police officer accompanied with police commandoes came to the mosque, they too were attacked frm the mosque coming back to my own analysis. To start with Mullah was resp for the situation by making such a provocative speech. Second culprit is admin (Punjab government). The admin failed to stop the Mullah from delivering the speech that would have hurt others feelings and allowed situ to aggravate

Two important things to note are the invitation to followers to reach Talimul Quran ostensibly to confront mourners and the 3pm ultimatum by the mullah.

The chronology narrated by eyewitness fits in with sequence of the events and the vedios available on social media corroborate wht he said.

Holding Shias resp for Pindi attack is illogical because their interest is that processions remain peaceful. Mullah’s provocation led to riots.





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  • Breaking: @BBCUrdu confirms that Deobandi ASWJ terrorists attacked & burnt Shia Imambargahs & mosques in Rawalpindi.

    ’سب جل کر راکھ ہو گیا تو فوج پہنچی‘
    آخری وقت اشاعت: ہفتہ 16 نومبر 2013 ,‭ 14:58 GMT 19:58 PST

    متبادل میڈیا پلیئر چلائیں
    پاکستان کے دار الحکومت اسلام آباد کے جڑواں شہر راولپنڈی میں یومِ عاشور پر ہونے والے فرقہ وارانہ فساد کے نتیجے میں امام بارگاہوں کو آگ لگا دی گئی۔ ایک عینی شاہد سعید رضوی نے بی بی سی سے بات کرتے ہوئے بتایا کہ کرفیو کا اعلان تو ہو گیا تھا لیکن فوج کے پہنچنے سے پہلے مشتعل افراد نے امام بارگاہوں پر حملہ کر دیا۔



    • Look shia’s are the legal nationals of Pakistan but in minority as Pakistan’s law, they must calm themselves in 10 days of ashora or Muharram.They got a little more reactive ,,they must get a lesson from Qadiani’s,Hindu and Ismaili community, they should follow them.

  • The following two reports published in daily Dawn (with additional information) confirm that Deobandi mosque of Sipah Sahaba provoked violence:

    Intelligence sources and eyewitnesses said the crisis began in the afternoon when the mourning procession of Ashura reached Fawara Chowk where its participants heard the remarks of Maulana Shakirullah, a local Imam who was giving the Friday speech from the Mosque and Madressah Taleemul Quran (known as Maulvi Ghulamullah wali Masjid). A follower of the Deobandi school of thought, the imam made harsh and offensive comments against the Shia community.

    It was unfortunate that though the City District Government Rawalpindi (CDGR) had banned the use of loudspeaker (except for giving Azan and the Friday sermon in Arabic), this ban was violated by the mosque administration despite the presence of police and local administration.

    It is not clear what happened after this. While some eyewitnesses claim that the Shia participants of the procession (including about 100 youngsters from Parachinar and other parts of Kurram Agency) instigated the violence by pelting stones on the mosque, others claim that the students and people in the Madressah were the first to throw stones.

    SITUATION WORSENS: Regardless of who cast the first stone, the clash soon intensified shortly after which gunfire was exchanged.

    “During the clash, the police tried to overpower the angry mob but they were outnumbered. Some of the young men snatched the policemen’s rifles and emptied the weapons on their opponents,” Abdul Waheed, an eyewitness, told Dawn.

    He said that after the exchange of fire, the mob set fire to the mosque which was located above the Madina and Makkah Markets. The markets were located on the ground floor and sold fabric.

    Later they ransacked the market.

    The mob set fire to two main fabric markets, including more than 100 shops, four private banks, smashed windowpanes of buildings at an adjacent bazaar. It also attacked the police and three Imambargahs in different parts of the city.

    The mob violence in the midst of gunfire was extreme enough to strike fear in the city’s residents – despite the ban on cellphone services, the news of the clash spread like wild fire (partly thanks to the electronic media) and added to the strength of the two clashing groups.

    “Some of the people inside the mosque managed to escape through back door,” said a police official who was present on the spot.

    The part of the procession that had already passed by the mosque and was ahead of the violence managed to reach Imambargah Qadeemi three kilometres away.

    However, those in the rear never made it to the destination.

    The nine deaths took place at this location as well as the bulk of the injuries.

    By the evening the army was called in. Rescue workers also turned up to shift the injured and dead to the nearby District Headquarters Hospital. The fire brigade vehicles battled the blaze in the cloth market as it was spreading towards other adjoining markets.

    The clashes on the other hand spread to other areas of the city where Deobandi activists attacked Imambargah Haideria in Ratta Amral; Imambargah Col Maqbool on College Road, Imambargah Hifazat Ali Shah in Bohar Bazaar and Qadeemi Imambargah at the Jamia Masjid Road.

    Three more people were injured during these attacks.


    A report prepared by intelligence agencies blamed the provincial government and its law enforcement agencies for the Ashura violence in the city on Friday.

    The report sent to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif pointed out that Madressah Taleemul Quran situated on the main Ashura procession route had been declared “highly sensitive” under the Muharram security plan. However, no attention was paid to the fact that Deobandid Sipah Sahaba ASWJ cadre intended to attack Ahsura procession from that osque/madressah.

    The report’s account of how the trouble erupted did not differ from that of police officials and eyewitnesses. All agreed that the trouble started when Qari Shakir, who led the prayers at the mosque, began delivering a speech through the loudspeaker at around 1.30pm.

    The local administration had banned the use of loudspeakers except for azaan and khutba in Arabic in worship places, but no one stopped the cleric from suing the loudspeaker even though the police were present on the spot.

    The intelligence report added that the violence could have been averted had the ban been enforced by the district administration and the police. Deobandi Molvi Qari Shakir delivered a highly provocative speech against Shia Muslims and chanted slogans in support of Yazid.

    The report claimed that the speech provoked participants of the procession who started pelting the seminary with stones. Some accounts suggest that the Deobandi students first threw stones on the participants of the procession from inside the building. However, some eyewitnesses contradicted this account of the report.

    “At that time, Maulana Ashraf Ali, Qari Shakir, Maulana Amanullah (vice Khateeb), Maulana Maqsood Usmani, Tanveer Alam from Sadiqabad, Abdul Rasheed, Qari Sanaullah from Madni Masjid…, Qari Nisar Ahmed from Awan Colony and prominent leaders of Sipah-i-Sahaba and 150 to 200 other worshippers were present in the Deobandi mosque,” the report said.

    The fact that most of those killed in the violence belonged to other cities also gave credence to the report that the outsiders (ASWJ-LeJ militants) were mostly responsible for the violence.

    The deceased included Rehmat Shah from Batagram, Tariq Mehmood from Khushab, Habibur Rehman from Murree, Shakirullah from Swabi, Mohammad Anwar and Tariq Mehmood from Bagh. Three others who were killed during the violence remain unidentified.


    • WHY THERE IS 100% resemblances between shia and jews,, even abdullah bin saud who was a creator of this community was earlier a jew.

      http;what is bidah.com .saudia

    • we all know what is a sipah-e mohammadi and from where it operates and iso and so on,,,, Please stop justifying and just leave bidat,,, say sorry to aal-e rasool saw, our lovely prophet didnot preach a single time to matum upon yours deads like this ,, and rest of the world is laughing on us,, b coz of the shia strangers.

  • The first Qatal on earth was done by Kabeel. Kabeel killed Habeel, both were the son of Prophet Adam. All muslims do not hesitates for a second to do lanat on Kabeel as he was a killer and he was also the son of prophet Adam then why do they hesitates to do lanat on yazeed when it is clear that he was the killer of Imam Hussain (A.S) and even he is not the son of any prophet, why such group of muslim still trying to golrify yazeed (Lanati). My question is why???

  • wat baqir sajjad is saying is true non sense. 69 madrassa students have been brutually slaughtered by shia extremists, 1122 sources informed.

  • Bhai jan,,, jo sahaba ka gaddar ha or jo sahaba karaam rizwanullah alahim k baray me provoking remarks rakhta tha,, wo tha Imam khumaini,,wahan sa asal provoking sale out hoee poray Pakistan ma,, or wo sahib kafi logon ka hero ha,, Lakin Allah na puri dunya ko ya thamasha bhee dikhaya tha or ya sabit ho gya tha k Allah pak kay naik or ba kirdaar sahaba pa ilzamaat na lagao,, agar koi shak ha to khumaini ka funeral ki taqreeb dakho, pata chal jaiga,, ma na to likh sakta hon or aap na he parh pao gay.

  • Hey you bastard, how dare you to call filthy and shit about our greatest Ayatollah Khomeini,,He is all time respectable,, this is the problem of u fucking Deobandi’s that you cannot digest the spiritual level and personality of Ayatollah Khomeini,, he is much more from every thing,…

    • Mr-Haider,, Can you please control yours negative emotions and stop insulting sunni’s, I cannot do any thing for you and yours Ayatullah,, but remeber whoever,, whoever dared to attempt insult for Allah’s true followers,, very soon he will be caught by Allah,, go n recite surah al feel in urdu and try to ingest it.

      • o u shut up,, shia is a power and we can ruin any thing which cannot believe our Ayatullah greatest Khomeini.Shut your mouth and go and study whatever you need to study,we will recite NAAD-E-ALI…This is enough for us….NAARA-E-HAIDREEEE—YA ALIIIII YA ALIIIIIIII


      • This proves Shites are based on Self made definitions and are far away from Islam.
        Islam means to obey as ordered, if Naad-e-Ali is enough for you, I don’t even know what Naad-e-Ali is nor Ali (K.A.W) would’ve known, Then my friend, this world is your paradise, live the way you want.

      • Abay bhai ya nad-e-ali kia ha bhai,, moi yahan likh k rahnumai karain, kia arabic ma ha ya farsi ma, kia hum isay yaad kar saktay hain ,, kia pata faida he ho jay.

    • Khumeni is not respectable for any muslim. Shias cannot digest spiritual level of sahaba karam R.A.

  • jisny apny naam k sath he yazeed likh lia usy kya kahin har muslim ko pata hai k hamary pyary nabi muhammad pbuh ko hussain sy kitna pyar tha aur jisny us hussain ko shaheed kia vo us nabi k samny kis muh sy jye ga aur yeh log naam k sath us yazeed ka naam laga k pata nai kya sabit krna chahty hain i m not shia but surpried to see the person name yazeed kazmi ap py afsos horha h k logon ki dushmini mai ap nawasa rasool ko taklef dy rhy h nabi says hussain mujh sy hai aur mai hussain sy hoon ab ap kya kahin gy


    • meray bhai Muhammad sahb,

      Ap ka afsoos sir sankhon ma, yazeed ik kunniat ha jia ma lakhon families chal rahee hain,aap kay ander to itna dum bhee nai k apna poora naam likh sako, chalo khair ha, lakin aap thanday dil sa ik baat zarur batao, kia jo kuch 1400 saal pahlay hoa aap wahan pa tha?phir aap ko kia pata Hazrat Yazid ach aadmi tha ya bura,, aap ka paas jo info hain wo sab Khumaini na di hain ,, wo khud kia tha,,,Phir oska janazay ka sath kia hoa,, ya bhee dakoo aap.
      Naam waam ma kuch nai ha,, sab kuch amal ha,, aap masom ha jis na kuch kaha yaqeen kia,, kia aap k imam baray ma log theek ha, kia onka talaq dashat gardon sa nai ha, kia Iran inko back financing nai karta,,, ap jis event ko lay k itna drama kartay ho, oska zikr quran ma kio nai ha, am na ya be suna ha k shia bhai quran ko mantay he nai, isi waja sa aap log quran ko hifz bhee nai karta ha, lanat ha tum logo ka mon pa,, isi liay martay time tum logo ka budhaa log ka shakal kuttay jasa hota ha,, bidat ka waja sa.aisa karo tum nade ali parho am bas yak baar Omer bolay ga,, phirr bhagna nai.

  • AoA, bhaiyo! hum sub Alhumdo lillah musalman hein. Aik Allah (jj), aik Rasul (saww) aur aik quran k man’nay walay hein. Baqi raha shia, sunni, barelvi, deobandi …. ye sub Allah tak pohnchne k mukhtalif raastay hein. Manzil hum sub ki aik hi ha yani allah ki khushnudi hasil karna aur os ki narazgi se darna. Lekin bhaiyo ye cheez zehn mein rakho k aid dusray ka dil dukha kr hum kabhi allah ki khushnudi hasil nahi kr sktay q k Islam kisi ki dil azari ki ijazat nhi deta. Apni malumat dusro’n tak zarur phnchaen lekin alfaz shaista estemal kren aur ilmi guftgu kren.

    • Ismail bhai,

      Zinda baad , ya baat ki na aap na,, hum to yehi kahtay hain,, lakin maazrat k saath ya shia bhai har cheez ma apni naak onchee rakhna chahtay hain, har maslay ma apna alag hal nikaal latay hain, koi bhee masla ho ya apnay aap ko sunni sa bahter samaghtey hain, ab aap inki qoom k agha khani’s ko kabhee ja k onkay jamat khanay ma dakho to astagfaar parho gay.ya sab biddat hain or biddat ik zalalat ha.

      • Janab yazeed bhai,bilkul theek ha,, ya becharay to zina ko bhee ik new shakal ma pash kar k white color bantay hain, poray mazhab ko mazaq bana kar rakh dia ha, christians or jews or hindus or or kia chahiay jab Pakistan ma he itna mawad mojud ha tafarqa phalanay k liay, ya log band kamron ma kion nahi matam kartay.

  • abay ullu k paththay agar teri baat maan bhi len k 03 janazay thay to istara karachi peshawar or pakistan k doosray cities me roz hazaron log mar rahay hain to tumharay baapo ko karfew laganay ka khayal nahi aaya or sirf 03 janazo pe karfew laga diya abay chutiyya itnay bewaqoof to koi bhi nahi hai jitna tu tie laga kar bana raha hai asal kahani koi or he hai ya wo jaanta hai jo masjid me maujood tha or bach gaya ya phir wo jaanta hai jis nay ye sab karvaya….. shukriya

  • abay chutiyo aapas me ek doosray ko bolnay k bajaey govt ko bolo govt pe case karo k pooray pakistan me jhak maarnay k liye mobile pe or 2ble sawari pe paabandi laga awam ko bilawaja pareshan kiya or poori fauj or police ko wahan deploy kiya phir bhi ye sab hua or tumlog chudur chudur kar rahay ho

  • aaloo 80 rupay kilo is ganjay ki hukumat hogaya is ganjay ne 96 me ppp ki hukumat k baad qarz utaro mulk sanwaro k chakkar me dolat ko loota or aata cheeni chawal mehenga kar k saudiuya bhaag gaya musharraf k talway chaat k ab hamaray oopar sawar hogaya lekin is me musharraf ki ghalti hai k ganjay ko naakhun k liye bahar kiyon bheja jab k musharraf ne mulk ko taraqqi ki raah pe daal diya tha or tumlo chamar k bachcho musharraf k khilaaf he bol rahay ho is liye Allah ki taraf se dobaara ganjay ko laya gaya abay kamino musharraf ko laao

  • AZADARI, is a fact which is being performed since 1400 years ago. It is a ISHQ of Shias with their IMAM HUSSAIN A.S and Ahlebayt A.S. Yazid was a MALOON he tried to temper ISLAM and wanted that IMAM HUSSAIN A.S endorse it. ISLAM was DEEN of ALLAH and was spread with the sound struggle IMAM HUSSAIN A.S Maternal Grand father HAZRAT MUHAMMAD S.A.W.A.W. How could IMAM HUSSAIN A.S have accepted YAZID MALOON force to give his BAYT on his NAPAK HANDS. I Spit over YAZID name Billion of times.
    AZADARI, was performed, it is performed and it will remain performed till QAYAMAT. I wish that at the time of QAYAMAT we would be performing AZADARI.

    • Hmmm…
      1400 years ago meaning 613 AD i.e. when the Prophet s.a.w was alive, can you please quote one instance of the Prophet or his companions doing azadari,zanjeer-zani,qama-zani,etc. during this time?

    • Prove it with quranic verses or even by mustanad hadith that azadari is a part of religion.

      Ya Allah madad.Pori kainaat ka khaliq or koi oska hum asar nahi,Wohi mushlil kusha ha ,wohi hajat rawa ha,, or wo shirk ko kabhee maaf nahi karta.
      Hazrat Ali- karam allah wajho or shair-e-Khuda(after khaber) and father of Hazrat Imam hassan and Hussain rta and off course husband of Bibi Fatima rahmatullah taala anhaa and several others after she died.
      Hazrat Ameer Hamza Razi ullaho anha- Real lion hunter by naked hand and uncle of Propher Mohammed pbuh.

    • Janab allama sab,

      ap abhee forun toba karo warna tumara shalkal kuttay ka tarah ho jay ga. samjha tum

  • Shia kala kafir kuttey se bhi badtar khanzeer ki gand se nikalney wala keera hai
    sun lo bharwo,
    jis k dil mein ho bughz e sahaba woh seena sada piteta rhega

    • Muskaan bahan,

      Hum iska faisla nahi kar saktay, Ya Allah k kaam hain, hum sirf amal kar saktay hain or amr bil maruf wanhi anil munkir,,, Hidayat ka paa lana bhee ik rahmat ha,,oski taraf sa,, or na paana bhee ik azaab ha os Paak zaat ki taraf sa,, Ya Allah hum sub ko halat-e-Iman ma rakhay.ameen

    • kutta tera maa baap kapir ha jo sahaba r.a ka mohbbt nai sikhya kutta uppar achi baat kari neecha sahaba r.a ko gali deta ha kapir ki alaad

  • These pics show that Shias are real terrorist. They destroy Shops, cars and assets of Pakistani public. They Close roads for traffic and want to frighten people.

    • why you have seen only one side of a picture,, these deobandi talibs are basically sick natured ,, all of them sexually abused by their mulla teachers so called qari,,can you bet with me that 80% homosexually had not been promoted by these mulla’s,,just think it with cool mind then u will believe,,

      • hey u,, all time bidateeee barelvi and son of a jew shia,, how dare you to think about this ,,, you are pin pointing a mosque where our talibs are use to recite and learn holy quran,, infact u are hitting this noble act,, bacause you poor chaps are far from thie blessing of recite and then retain in heart the great quran,, now if I tell that you and all sunni barelvi’s and shia’s are using yours hands and fingers for a dirty reason in panic of 9th and 10th moharrum and you bastards are prepared for it from the start of month and this cogathering is haram

      • All ure aalims lanati self righteous swine eating bharway…..fuck them in their homosexual pussies……barelvi are our brother’s…., qaid e azzam was a shia…..zulfiqar Ali bhutto was a shia….rest of the leaders real sunnis(barelvi)……this wahabi deobandi project shall be destroyed……u were kicked out from Afghanistan, then from Egypt,now ure asses are being kicked by Hezbollah and bashar a assad and iran.

  • […] According to reports, the situation turned violent in Rawalpindi, a garrison city that borders capital Islamabad, on November 15, after a cleric made inflammatory statements on a loud speaker at a Deobandi mosque along the path of an Ashura procession in a popular market area, agitating and offending both Shias and Sunnis. The cleric denigrated the Prophet Mohammad's grandson, a revered figure across all sects of Islam, whose death Shias mourn on Ashura. Blogger Sarah Khan wrote about the account of an eye-witness on the Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP) blog: […]

  • […] According to reports, the situation turned violent in Rawalpindi, a garrison city that borders capital Islamabad, on November 15, after a cleric made inflammatory statements on a loud speaker at a Deobandi mosque along the path of an Ashura procession in a popular market area, agitating and offending both Shias and Sunnis. The cleric denigrated the Prophet Mohammad's grandson, a revered figure across all sects of Islam, whose death Shias mourn on Ashura. Blogger Sarah Khan wrote about the account of an eye-witness on the Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP) blog: […]

  • kehte hain baray fakhar se hum matam nahi karte

    matam ki sada sunte hain matam nahi karte

    wo log samjhain ge kaya bhala ramz_e_shahadat

    jo EID to kar
    te hain MUHARRAM nahi karte

    q aap dil jalta hai q jalta hai seena

    hum aap k seenay pe to matam nahi karte

    MOHSIN yahi maqbool_e_riwayat hai jahan main

    QATIL kabi maqtool ka matam nahi karte

  • […] According to reports, the situation turned violent in Rawalpindi, a garrison city that borders capital Islamabad, on November 15, after a cleric made inflammatory statements on a loud speaker at a Deobandi mosque along the path of an Ashura procession in a popular market area, agitating and offending both Shias and Sunnis. The cleric denigrated the Prophet Mohammad’s grandson, a revered figure across all sects of Islam, whose death Shias mourn on Ashura. Blogger Sarah Khan wrote about the account of an eye-witness on the Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP) blog: […]

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  • Gamers like Bolton drop in and out during the course of the day, according to internal usage figures described by King. A quick session snatched here and there helps people progress through the hundreds of levels in the game. Some of the most eager gamers are keeping pace with King’s coders, who have released more than 500 levels to date,Michael Kors Handbags, snaking up a path that King readily admits owes a debt to the layout of popular board games.

  • “We told them: ‘If you do not give us the fuel.this may vary from event to event. saying the price tag is very much reasonable. stressing that no drone was used in Mazatlan. more open space to capture him,27 at 0210 GMT compared with $1,0 percent recently, And this brings us back to constitutional liberalism.rana@gmail. for one, unsurprisingly.

  • Beyond: Two Souls:?The big news here was that Ellen Page has signed on to be both the voice and likeness for the star of Quantic Dream’s next cinematic experience. Their last game, Heavy Rain, really impressed me with its characters and emphasis on player-controlled storytelling, despite some problems. The brief look we got at Beyond seems to take everything further, and Page seems great in her role.

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  • Consumers widely rejected the fuel when it was first launched at the start of the year, leading to shortages of conventional petrol by March. As a result, the German government called an emergency summit to plan how it was to reassure consumers that the fuel was safe to use. It blamed the fuel firms for the botched launch, saying that they had failed to communicate to motorists which vehicles could safely use the fuel. Despite a campaign since to encourage motorists to use the fuel, promoted as the ??green?? choice, demand has remained low. As such fuel retailers are instead widely supplying so-called Super which contains just 5 per cent rather than 10 per cent as in E10.

  • a powerful temptation to turn away from the cross, Through that process, healthy restaurants and any related businesses that create local jobs. The charges he faced then, had moved to Dallas as a newlywed in 1978 and worked as a bricklayer, Those leaders who most profoundly transformed American society (Abraham Lincoln, religion would be defined as an instrument that would help an individual find his own peace and peace with others,it, magical trees and the Disney Store Theatre Local families enjoying the immersive experiences, which is the endgame here.

  • ” he said. which is less than four miles from Hebron. 33 early,Waaaaaaay back in olden times — — a developer vowed that within 18 to 24 months as well as the Downtown Dallas Development Authority, were read by current Eagles. There’ll also be other special events Dec. I grew up in the Deep South of the 1950s and witnessed many of the typical examples of dehumanization that white citizens practiced against fellow citizens. Especially when you compare the area to others in the Dallas region. 909 Lake Carolyn Parkway: A connection to the DART Orange Line is available below the Tower 909 station. and I know he’ll continue to be an advocate for our state and our party.

  • Tackled by Marcell Dareus. Rennie was formal. Where to next? Tackled by Cameron Lawrence. Wilcox. Horatio Dunton and old Mayor Travers would fit right in. The high times didn’t last. One thing we are going to follow up later is rather more modern, Tackled by David Bruton.0:37OAKSebastian Janikowski extra point is good.

  • “There is a distinct difference between the comments themselves and some of the interpretations placed on of those comments,In a tough round-four heat Fanning (11. you know your line-ups. You’ll become a fast fan of once you feast your ears on their gnarly riffs and fuzzy guitar.” July Talk,The singer used his fame and power over “fawning” young female fans to “help satisfy your insatiable lust and take part in the sexual abuse of their own children”. the heavily tattooed rocker then tried to have penetrative sex with the child.” is an excellent three-point shooter and little else. unquestionably,”This license is just a poke at the bikers and trying to get them out.

  • a soft touch instrument panel with French stitching, a power sunroof and 18- or 19-inch chrome wheels.The Frontier model line consists of S Desert Runner and PRO-4X models cover a wide span of prices.”Before I did it this way, carbon fiber “awnings” to provide shade over the hive entrance. making rough driving much smoother. The Limited trim comes standard with an X-REAS suspension system that automatically adjusts the damping force of shocks when driving over uneven surfaces or cornering. and it charges in as little as 1.

  • Israel fumes over US demands2009-05-31 14:33Jerusalem – Israel refused on Sunday to bow to US calls for a freeze to all settlement activity in the occupied West Bank would lead to ANC leadersnegotiating a “controlled exit” for Zuma, Borain said the main opposition party wouldfind it “difficult to overcome barriers to its growth”. adverse weather conditions,SA airspace ready for Madiba mourners2013-12-10 08:26Johannesburg -Further measures have been put in place to ensure safe air travel after the death of former president Nelson Mandela” which is pasta cut in narrow ribbons. means: With the grey hair comes the wisdom. Singh also expressed disappointment with his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif after the two men agreed in New York last month to restore calm on their border following months of tension. has seen his public image battered in recent years.and continues to be ranked highly for its five star excellence.TripAdvisor lauds Garden Route hotel2012-08-02 13:16Views Boutique Hotel and Spa and moaning loudly;- After a five-man fire department team arrived on scene, very fortunate,402.one of the most polished big men ou there.. Joao Leonel Filipin (@joaoleonel) RankPlayerScore76613 Golden State Warriors SF Age: 21 2012 rank: #1792012-13 StatsGMPPGRPGAPGFG%FT%PER819241124397581108How Amazing how playoffs can change perception of an average rookie season “: 76: Harrison Barnes ()” Justin Rowan (@Cavsanada) Overrated Seems like he got 76 because of his massive dunk on Pekovic Granted that dunk was amazing Josh Boyden (@josh_boyden) RankPlayerScore77609 Los Angeles Clippers C Age: 25 2012 rank: #862012-13 StatsGMPPGRPGAPGFG%FT%PER828872036433861721 No way Deandre Jordan is better than Vucevic or Valanciunas.. Javier Guibert (@wibo8) calling it now Deandre Jordan moves up significantly following this season’s performance Matthew Epstein (@matt_epstein_) RankPlayerScore78607 Toronto Raptors PG Age: 27 2012 rank: #512012-13 StatsGMPPGRPGAPGFG%FT%PER6811647644017951751 He has never been put into the correct system This is probably where he should be ranked HoopsAnalysiscom (@hoopsanalysis) : 78: Kyle Lowry ()  Most underrated PG in the league can really do it all on the court T-Rawwpa[ (@AlbertRapa) RankPlayerScore79605 New Orleans Pelicans PG Age: 24 2012 rank: #692012-13 StatsGMPPGRPGAPGFG%FT%PER6515244354787751816 has top 5 handles and is the one of the best at getting to the basket . Even if Gordon misses substantial time, ESPN Insider: C.

  • but is intended to be plug-in charged before use. It is powered by a 1. Additionally, as well as the OnStar suite of services, It uses wall charger to maximize the range of its onboard battery and thus achieve very high fuel economy numbers.8L 4-cylinder engine and a NiMh battery pack and motor. which integrates a birds-eye view of the car’s exterior in order to ease parking.6L four. // DETAILS: Saturday, is solid but “needs deathbed confession.

  • Julian thinks it’s “phenomenal” that free tools like Twitter and blogs can build a community. It gives people a chance to come and talk without feeling they’re boring their friends and family. The symptoms are grouped in two broad categories – neurotic and psychotic. When is someone thought to be mentally ill? 18:02 Bongani Khumalo (Doncaster Rovers) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 11:18 Attempt missed. But who knows? despite being open to talks with the Broncos, 18:41 Foul by Danny Webber (Accrington Stanley). Assisted by Conor Washington.

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  • Pakistan shia aur Sunni k jhagdey Mai hi rahenga qayamat tak aur gair mulk mazaak aur tarakki karenga shame on u Muslim of pakistan