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While you fools are remembering rebellion at Karbala! – by Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji




While you fools are remembering the rebellion at Karbala which was sucessfully put down by Caliph Yazeed ibn Muawiya, why are you ignoring the other martyrdom. I am ofcourse referring to Comrade Hakeemullah who was roughing it out in a marble tiled farm house with multiple gardens and orchards – just like HIK who is roughing it out at Bani Gala. Cry for Hakeemullah like the Ghairatmand Patriots who love Caliph Yazeed Bin Muawiya cried for OBL

Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji's photo.
Ofcourse, ofcourse, crying and mourning is not allowed but we can always make exceptions for Comrades like Hakeemullah and OBL
Also, I don’t get it with you Shia Rafidis? Why do you beat yourselves and bleed? Why DON’T you go and beat up on others like Good Ghairatmand Jamaati brothers have been doing? Why do you use Haraam things like Music and Poetry and Arts and Scupture and Animals and Nature and Philosophy and History to make your point of view? What is your bloody problem? Culture is Haraam. Now go, read up on Ghairat studs like Ibne Tammiyah and stop this. We are sick of seeing you and Hindus and Christains and misguided Sufi type Sunnis remembering the Rebellion at Karbala. Your practices of beating yourself – as opposed to others which is the Jamaati way – is raising too many questions about our history.
I will now activate Honda Civic Society activists to take subtle digs at your Rafidi practices where they can camouflage their hatred of Rafidis under the guise of Good Liberalism (as opposed to Liberal Fascism)

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  • Their hypocrisy will nudge them every time they will follow the same what shias follow. The hypocrisy has grown in front of my eyes. First they used to say, we should not abuse or curse yazeed and then stage has come when they have made him caliph and started making him jannati.

  • U disgust me . After the death of one of the purified by Allah swt according to the Quran , you would rather support the alcoholic yazid. O wait it runs through your blood liver eating killers .

  • It is sad that such a religiously biased article has been published on this beautiful website. I was attracted to this site by it’s name LUBP. If this trend of intolerance is encouraged then the very purpose of the name may be defeated. I remember a quote said by a maulvi ‘Deen mein Dadhi hai, Dadhi mein deen nahin’. ( religion recommends a beard, beard doesnot make one religious).