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Drone Attacks – by Abdulhai Kakar


US drones strike are under discussion all over the world and recently Amnesty international issued a report .

US drones strike are continue in Pakistan Somalia Yemen.

Abdulhai Kakar : Zubair Mahsood Sir there are reports says that most people of the tribal area and Waziristan are supporting drone attacks like recent economist magazine reported and some reports says that the people are opposing the drone attacks as you are from north Waziristan and have interactions with the people of the area  what is the exact situation on the ground in north and south Waziristan and what is your assessment and opinion?

Zubair Mahsood: I have too much interactions and a lot of conversation with people of the affected areas in south and north Waziristan they are in favor of drone attacks, because drone is the only one weapon using against those criminals, traitors who makes their life harder like “Hell” and they were forced to displaced in their own homeland.

I had a lot of conversation with the IDPs in 2009, I was then president of the teachers association of Peshawar university, and I helped a lot the IDPs , they were comparing the drones attacks and the attacks carried out by Pakistan air force, I still remember  one old woman were telling me that when  “BangBangana” drone plane surrounding on our heads  we use to carry our daily routine as usual because we know that drones  always kill the sinners and criminals, but if we hear a Pakistani air force fighter we are fleeing our home and feel very threaten because Pakistani jets do not differentiate at all and  kills criminals and innocent blindly.

Abdulhai Kakar : Now the Question arise here that Pakistan is a state and  is a sovereign country too and it is very much necessary for a state to maintain their sovereignty, now Pakistan and US are allies in war against terrorism and Pakistan is protesting and agitating on drone attacks because the drones are violating their sovereignty what is your opinion?

Zubair Mahsood: yes but this is now international syndicate of terrorists from all over the world  like Arabs , Tajiks , Chechens , Turkmens, Chinese , Scandinavians, Americans and Germans. They are being synchronized there and patronize terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, they are very much sitting and enjoying in the safe heavens in the tribal areas of north and south Waziristan, they also are violating the sovereignty of Pakistan they have no passport and other identity, they are the one who destroyed the tribal areas and drones are targeting only theses international terrorist.

I am unable to go my home and these terrorists are very much free in the area and they are now occupied our land and they are governing there, last time when I went my home for the burial of my late father in January 2007, we asked Taliban takes permit from Taliban to organize the burial of my father, and when I comeback from the burial “The Panjabi Talib vandalizing door,  raided my house and he was speaking Arabic  and  another Arab was sitting with me in my house as they were my host and I was guest at my own home,  so why they are sitting in our villages and houses?  From where they all got visas and passports? This not the violation of our sovereignty? Is this not the violation of our territorial integrity and sovereignty?

Abdulhai Kakar : well this is true and too many people may agree with your this argument Sir Zubair but you are a lawyer now and you are PhD in law , don’t you agree that Pakistan has a the right to protest and protesting rightly?


Zubair Mahsood: Terrorists sitting in the tribal areas of south and north Waziristan are attacking international forces in Afghanistan sitting under international mandate, this is Pakistan’s primary responsibility to control its territories and prevent these attacks organizing from their soil, and brought the culprits behind the terrorist activities into justice, if Pakistan has no writ over these areas  and we all knows that these areas are now occupied by the terrorists they are using them as scapegoats and these are safe heavens for terrorists, then according to the international law, “hot perused”  the international forces has the authority and right to prevent these attacks and take all necessary actions against these people , organizations and even government who attacks them.

Abdulhai Kakar: Now another question rise here, the UN yesterday said that innocent people are being killed in US drones attacks so US must justify their position?

Zubair Mahsood: I have no objection and differences on UN asking justification and the US must justify and prove that drones are very fruitful, but UN and their related agencies reports that innocent people are being killed in drone attacks in Waziristan this is totally wrong,I am not agree with these reports, I have objection and reservation on these type of reports whether it is from UN or amnesty international.

Abdulhai Kakar: UN report also says that 450 people killed in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen we will continue to investigate that these were innocent people or criminal.

Zubair Mahsood: Listen these are 450 or 4500 or 450,000 this is need to be investigate independently and evidently proved, better way to investigate and prove that how many innocent or culprits killed in attacks is that Pakistan government to let the international and national media to the area, why Pakistan government is not ready to let the journalists and observer to investigate independently, if independent observer and  media were present in the area they must go to the targeted area and gathered information after drone attacks, Pakistan government not giving permission to the independent journalists and observer is questionable ? What I think is that there are standard operating procedures using in South and North Waziristan. Taliban going to the struck area cordon off the Location of drone strike; do not let the independent observer and journalists even relative and family of the effected, killed and injured people, even people cannot help them in recue because they do not want anybody to know the reality , number of death and who has been targeted. As no one has access to the information that who has been targeted? How many killed and injured? They were innocent or criminals? Then question rise that how they claim that innocent has been killed and what is their source of information?

So it is just evident and clear from the standard operating procedure that they do not want the people to know about the number of casualties and significance of killed one…


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