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The (misplaced) wrath of the LUBP hardliners – by Yasser Latif Hamdani

Yasser Latif Hamdani is a lawyer based in Islamabad. He is a columnist and also edits a blog \’Pak Tea House\’

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Cross-posted from Pak Tea House

(Our friends at LUBP have asked us to respond to their libel with an open mind. In other words they can abuse us and lie about us but we should refrain from telling the truth about them. Ah well. I’ll try and keep it minimal so as to not offend the large egos and small minds that operate that website.)

A new breed of Jiyalas has emerged in the PPP which has nothing to do with the old PPP Jiyala who battled first the establishment backed 9 Stars (of which ANP was also a part) in 1977, Zia’s dictatorship (from which leading lights of ANP got medals and awards) and then Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N in the 1990s (with which ANP formed a coalition government). Today ANP activists and ethnofascists under the guise of PPP act like PPP’s most loyal activists. They stand for everything that PPP stood against and these are the same people who aided and abetted the judicial murder of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

Somebody forgot to give Jamaat e Islami and the Daily Ummat wallahs the memo our friends at LUBP are privy to. It has been declared that I Yasser Latif Hamdani am:

1. Pro-Judiciary
2. Pro-Jamaat e Islami
3. Anti-PPP
4. Storm trooper and right-winger
5. An Imran Khan supporter

Could Qudsia please write to Daily Ummat and get them off my back please?

But seriously my crime: I suggested that attacking old PPP stalwarts like Sherry Rahman and Aitzaz Ahsan and abusing civil society activists like Asma Jahangir, Raza Rumi, Ayesha Jalal etc for signing a statement against the brazen attack against Sherry Rahman was not something one can condone or appreciate. Apparently this is enough to brand me all of the above and whitewash every article I have written. Since the NRO judgment I have taken a consistent stance against the Judiciary’s bulldozing of parliament. The irony is that my articles against my “beloved chief justice” and “jamaat e Islami” have been posted by LUBP itself. (Rabia Shakoor is the only LUBP moderator who has the integrity and honesty to call a spade and spade having read my articles on the Basic structure myth and against Khawaja Shareef and others). So there is some major inconsistency there. Similarly my articles in support of the Pakistan People’s Party and President Zardari have been posted by the LUBP. My articles criticising Imran Khan are also on record. Like any Pakistani, I admire Imran Khan as a great cricketing hero and a philanthropist but I strongly disagree with his politics. How that amounts to being a pro-PTI storm trooper is something only the good folks at LUBP can tell.

One friend wrote to me earlier “congratulations, you are a jamaati for not saying jiye Bhutto”. Actually it goes beyond that. The author of the said post has nothing to do with the PPP. People who were till February 2008 abusing Zulfikar Ali Bhutto have now become his biggest champions. The issue has to do more with ANP-PPP-MQM equation in Karachi and the intra-PPP power struggle on which my friend Ali Chishti will write further. The funniest statement though was by the author of the article against me:

“ It has made some great strides and is already miles ahead of PTH where the dominant view is that secularism begins and ends with Jinnah and that cursing South Asian leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Bizenjo, Mengal, Bacha Khan, ZAB and BB is a badge of progressiveness and not prejudice!”

It is amazing how Bacha Khan has now been clubbed together with ZAB and BB. Now we have criticised Zulfikar Ali Bhutto for his role in the passing of the second amendment and BB for her role in the aid of Taliban, but we have always held them to be popularly elected leaders and in the balance have supported them. In fact PTH has written more pro-Benazir Bhutto articles than LUBP. Let us not forget however:

1. That it was Wali Khan, son of Bacha Khan and father of ANP leader Asfandyar Wali Khan, who called Bhutto “Adolf Bhutto”.

2. ANP leadership- with the blessings of Bacha Khan and Wali Khan- was part of the PNA and Nizam-e-Mustafa campaign – funded by the establishment and moneyed interests and Saudi Arabia – against Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1977.

3. ANP leadership contested direct elections against Benazir Bhutto and was an ally of Nawaz Sharif and Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi both in 1990 and 1997. In fact the mighty pro-PPP ANP leader Bilour defeated Benazir Bhutto in an acrimonious campaign against Benazir in Peshawar in 1990…. but the folks over there at LUBP will NEVER acknowledge this fact will they? Today these ANP wallas have become the Chachas and Mamas of PPP just as the Jamaat e Islami and JUI-F have become Chachas and Mamas of Pakistan despite their sordid history against Jinnah and the Pakistan Movement.

The author has a personal axe to grind. While ANP has lost many good people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, its leadership in Sindh continues to encourage terrorists in the illegal settlements it has championed on Karachi’s once deserted sandy mountains bordering North Nazimabad.

Large number of Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists operate with impunity under the banner and safety of ANP’s militant wings in Karachi. This is an old ideological alliance of the ANP dating back to Bacha Khan. While that grand old man – the frontier Gandhi – went to Karachi and took oaths of allegiance to the new nation, in Peshawar he, his son Ghani Khan, his brother Dr. Khan saheb and others were actively promoting Faqir of Ipi’s revolt. Today the grandson of Faqir of Ipi, that old family friend of Bacha Khan and Wali Khan, is a major leader of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. Yet the author in question takes umbrage to the view that Taliban is an expression of hardline Pushtun Nationalism mixed with puritan tribal and straitjacket interpretation of Islam commonplace amongst certain, though not all, Pathans.

What is even more disturbing is LUBP’s alliance with Jamaat-e-Islami netizens and cyber-warriors in attacking PTH and PTH editors. One brilliant LUBP contributor even quoted abuse by Dr. Jawwad Khan’s “Fundamentalist blog” abusing Raza Rumi, A H Nayyar and myself on the debate regarding the hate-filled ideological textbooks. How is this “miles ahead” of PTH in establishing a secular narrative. Perhaps both the LUBP wallahs and Jamaat-e-Islami will mind explaining why they don’t attack each other but always target PTH? I smell a dirty rat. PPP – at least on the internet- is being taken over by other groups who are using PPP’s good name to forward their ethnonationalist and other agendas. I suppose this is the new PPP we have to deal with, where Law Minister Babar Awan – an ex-Jamaatia and a conservative religious bigot- can claim a “Qadiyani conspiracy” when he was accused of corruption and yet be championed by this new politburo as being the bastion of secularism.

We on the other hand support the PPP government not because they are perfect but because we believe in the continuity of the democratic process. It is not our place to advise LUBP on what they should call their blog but to call it “critical PPP” when they abuse all and sundry for disagreeing with brazen and violent attacks on PPP stalwarts like Sherry Rahman is a joke. PTH is the only true critical PPP supporter blog out there. All of the editors of PTH are confirmed pro-democracy and PPP supporters and most are PPP voters, including yours truly “the pro-PTI Imran Khan supporter Yasser Latif Hamdani” while admittedly some of the LUBP people have a long history of voting against the PPP.

Keep Posted for a list of articles that PTH has written against the judiciary and in support of PPP. It is so long and comprehensive that it would take hours to compile it.

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  • We welcome YLH’s criticism of the LUBP and its editors and authors. I will request the LUBP team to be gracious in treating Yasser’s criticism in a constructive manner.

  • Has the PTH been hijacked by MQM?

    The real agenda of LUBP Fascists

    By Ali K Chishti
    NOVEMBER 8, 2010…3:50 PM

    For quite sometime, I had been reading all the posts from PTH and LUBP on Sherry Rehman and the PPP by YLH, Raza Rumi, Adil Najam, Qudsia Siddiqui and the rest of the crowd and although I tend to keep away from writing on the subject, I am encouraged or rather forced to write on actually what’s happening. I could obviously be wrong but I as usual will try my best to put in factual accounts and would welcome a civilized non-branding debate afterwards.
    Sherry Rehman’s Resignation/Sacking,

    Reading Qudsia’s emotional or rather below the belt response to Raza Rumi, YLH and Adil Najam was somewhat surprising and there was no need for it.
    There were fundamental and factual errors in Qudsia’s post especially as to ‘why Sherry resigned from the post of information minister’. While Qudsia may have a bone or two to crack with Sherry branding her ‘dumb’ and wrote that Sherry, “could not balance the responsibility of her functions with that of her personal interests of keeping on good terms with an increasingly jingoistic media’.
    It is to be noted,
    a) That Sherry had single handedly handled the affairs of late Benazir Bhutto and we all know she did quite well in handling the press. For, Qudsia to brand her dumb is like insulting the judgment of Late Benazir Bhutto but obviously Benazir Bhutto whose more or less a symbol within the People’s Party and nothing more.
    b) Now it should be remembered that Sherry Rehman actual dismissal cum sidelining has another dimension to it which should now come forward. It was firstly President Zardari (whom by the way, I had supported and respected throughout) attitude towards her (Sherry.R) in a cabinet meeting that was the turning point in relations between Sherry and a certain group within the party (namely, Fauzia Wahab and Co.).
    c) Secondly the background of the whole thing was Sherry’s inclination towards Prime Minister’s camp that atleast at that time was at odd’s with the Presidency. Hence, Sherry. R was not needed and had to go and Sherry.R took it boldly. She was among one of the competent one’s among a lot of incompetent within the party and fairly did a good job. Obviously her opposition in banning GEO TV and further pressuring other, television networks and newspapers also win many friends within the presidency who quite frankly came in the forefront after her departure and are responsible for the mess which we face today.

    Under Standing PPP-Sindh and attack on Sherry Rehman
    a) Sindh which is practically and administratively divided into two provinces (Urban and Rural) where there’s many interest groups working inside the Pakistan People’s Party. It has folks like N.D Khan, Taj Haider to feudal like, Ameen Faheem etc..
    b) And there’s an intra-People’s Party War going on inside the Pakistan People’s Party Sindh faction especially where the party is divided between
    Pir Mazhar Ali Shah, Nisar Khuro, Shazia Marri Camp who thinks that PPP is hijacked by unwanted folks like, Agha Siraj Durrani, Zulfiqar Mirza.

    Pir Mazhar Ali Shah also envisions himself as the new Chief Minister, Sindh too. The rivalry is such that on record Nisar Khuro and Pir Mazhar Ul Haq tells the media that PPP-Sindh has administratively ‘failed’. Sherry Rehman backs Nisar Khuro Group.
    c) And than there’s Nabeel Gabol and Rehman Dakaith’s Lyari and People’s Amn Committee which is the ‘hit squad’ for Zulfiqar Mirza who single handedly veto’s all action against People’s Amn Committee and is a tug of war with Rehman Malik who also thinks ‘Lyari Seat’ could cost PPP’s government.
    d) Remember Rehman Dakaith was a passionate follower of Benazir Bhutto and was enraged after her killing and was behind killing Khaled Shahanshah who was deeply linked with Karachi’s underworld. Rehman Dakaith killed Khaled Shahanshah because Rehman Dakaith see Khaled Shahanshah as one of persons involved in killing Bibi. One of the reason’s why we also don’t see Faisal Raza Abidi in Karachi too is because, Rehman Dakaith wanted to kill him too and there are elements within Lyari who would assassinate Faisal Raza Abidi if he comes to Karachi. Uzair Baloch is the new Rehman Dakaith now.
    e) It should be noted that Rehman Dakaith was killed by CID’s Chaudry Aslam who on record worked for Daud Ibrahim and Shoaib Khan once.

    On Attack,
    The Attack on Sherry Rehman’s House was unprecedented and shows the frustration of psyche of certain inner circles of Pakistan People’s Party leadership but the point to be noted that,
    a) That for the first time People’s Amn Committee gangsters from Lyari were used by the People’s Party.
    b) That more than 300-350 some of them armed men from Lyari fired shots at Sherry Rehman’s House in one of the poshest localities of Karachi.
    c) That PPP Karachi’s chief, Najmi Alam along with Zulfiqar Mirza sponsored the event to teach Sherry Rehman a lesson. Hence, two serving SHO’s of Karachi Police namely Muhammad Hussain Tunaio was there to actually give protection to the mob not arrest them.
    d) In a television program when I asked, Shirmila Farooqi about as to why no action was taken against the terrorists who attacked Sherry Rehman’s House the answer was, “but she never filed an FIR”. Great answer. No statement from Zulfiqar Mirza on the attacks.

    It should be noted whatever’s Sherry’s fault but the attack on her house totally exposed PPP and gives us an impression. Astoundingly, PPP supporters instead of actually condemning this and introspect are defending such an attack. I may personally not a well-wisher of PPP but such attitude toward one of the saner or professional elements within the PPP whose universally accepted by all parties is just criminal.

    I would also appreciate if you folks stop name calling on those who criticize? I mean than what’s the point of actually naming the blog critical supporters?

    Who need enemies with friends like you?

    Lyari has more Sophisticated Weapons then Government of Pakistan
    Lyari Gang War Criminal Can kill you for 10 Rupees – Lyari has more Sophisticated Weapons then Government of Pakistan

  • YLH threatens to sue the LUBP.

    November 8, 2010 at 3:44 pm
    Bohot achay… you get others to abuse me and lie about me on line and then you want to consider my arguments in a constructive manner.

    How about you do the right thing and take the lies against me off.

    Or send me the corporate or registered address for your website… so that I can initiate legal proceedings …


    YLH has suffered acute trauma, he must see a good mental doctor without late. Probably the same hospital in which his leader Imran Khan is to be treated as both suffer from Zardari phobia:

  • So which one is it…. Am I an Imran Khan supporter or an MQM supporter?

    Or is it that you have a serious comprehension problem because you are poorly educated?

  • BTW… I just sent President Zardari a message … through a mutual friend. He says he doesn’t know any LUBP blog or a crook called Sarah Khan. How strange.

    Who appointed you Sarah Khan defender of the president’s honor. Was it your baap Shahi Syed?

  • Fine. Take off that stupid article which consists of lies against me and we will finish this.

    Otherwise this is all just beginning.

  • @ YLH

    Is this how you address women “Was it your baap Shahi Syed?”

    I thought you were an editor of PTH.

  • Now you have remembered your gender….. Shahi Syed is your baap… and Ali Arqam Durrani is thoku…and by the time I am done with you buggers …. we would change LUBP to LUBE and use it to fuck you in the arse.


    Editor’s note: Please don’t remove these comments by YLH. A good specimen of what we are dealing with here.

  • Teri bund mein lund bhenchod… tum madarchodon ko pata nahin hai kay tumhari meein kahan kahan gaandh maroon ga haramzado

  • “Please don’t remove these comments by YLH. A good specimen of what we are dealing with here”

    Because Gashti kay bachon you know precisely your real auqaat… Bhen chods. Ali Arqam Durrani is a frikking terrorist based out of Sohrab Goth. He is the front man for Al Qaeda in Karachi.

  • YLH has expressed his level of intellect!!!!and has started to regain his heritage which he inherited from Mufti Mehmood, Imran Farooq and Mian Tuffail…..His throat is uttering the ugly moans of Sheikh Rasheed!!!!!

    We do not abuse, we do not threaten!!!!We are the followers of the legacy of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and not a pseudo liberal who has General Zia ul Haq beneath the skin!!!!

  • Nothing new from Mr. YLH.

    I have seen him using similar language before on my friend’s facebook profile. His victim was a poor confused guy from Jhang. According to Mr. YLH, anybody hailing from Jhang was a terrorist and his mother deserved being abused by YLH for that reason. Unfortunately, facebook allowed him to delete his comments. Kindly do not delete his comments from this page.

  • @ Sarah Khan!!!!

    I congratulate my sister for facing what was faced by Muhtarma in the past!!!!YLH has the blood of Sheikh Rasheed running in veins which now seems to boil up!!!!!

  • Mohatarma… who you killed eh… Laanti ki aulaad… Sister Sarah Khan is a fake profile of your Madarchod Ali Arqam Durrani.

  • Kuti kay bachay…. haramzaday Mufti Mahmood had a threesome with Mian Tufail and Maududi… consequently Maududi got pregnant and gave birth to “LUBE” and all you sons of bitches.

  • “Sarah Khan says:
    November 8, 2010 at 7:46 am
    I am OUT OF this conversation!”\

    Teri maaan ko lund kuti kay bachay… wahan sohrab goth mein apni gaandh marwatay ho Al Qaeda or Taliban say… aur yahan bakwas karte ho.

    Aur Jhang wallah Fundo bhenchod …. sipah sahaba kaa laura… tera baap thaa kiya Awais Mehmood?

  • Don’t bring Benazir Bhutto into it motherfuckers. You people were opposed to her when she lived. Now you are hounding the real PPP wallahs. Madarchods I will teach you a lesson you will never forget…

  • About Pakistan Tea House!!!

    “Pak Tea House is a little corner in the blogosphere that will endeavour to revive the culture of debate, pluralism and toleranceeeeeeeeee.”

    Yasser is a lawyer based in Lahore who is interested in writing, blogging and advocacy on the ground. Yasser believes in the secular and democratic vision of the Quaide Azam and strives to join citizens’ movements to fight obscurantism and absolutism. He is a co-editor at PTH.

    Sharm tum ko magar nahin ati

  • What about “CRITICAL PPP” … where you brand anyone who disagrees with you as “right wing” and “ISI”.

    Do you third rate people even understand half these words you throw around.

    Comment from FACEBOOK:

    Musab Iftikhar Khan I hate to say this but LUBP/Critical PPP looks more like a “blind”supporter of PPP-P rather than it’s critical supporter. Anything which goes against PPP-P leadership is termed as pro-Establishment, right-wing, and threat to democracy.
    53 minutes ago · LikeUnlike

  • Rasool Allah (S.A.W) said:-

    “”Munafiq ki teen nishanian hen, baat kare tu jhoot bole, wada kare tu khilaf warzi kare aur behas kare tu gali de.”

    Rasool Allah (S.A.W) further said:-

    “Jahanaum ki teh men aik kuan he jis ka naam habhab he jis se jahanum din men 40 martaba panah mangti he, use munafiqun ke lie muqarar kia gia”

    YLH has followed the footsteps of his divine master Munafiq Mian Tuffail….I hope to see him down with him in Habhab!!!!

  • Munafiq Mian Tufail is your baap ….

    My family has fought against the Jamaaat Islami longer than Sarah Khan has been sucking Qazi Hussain Ahmed’s cock.

  • “Any thing which goes against PPP-P leadership is termed as establishment”

    You have seriously been stuck by the ob of stink that lies inside your brain!!!!Many others and I my self have written several times on issues critical of ppp!!!!If you have any thing else in your brain than Shiekh Rashid’s legacy I would recommend you to go through the LUBP history and especially the time when the Restoration of Judiciary was under way and your misconceptions will heal to some extent!!!!

  • Wow,a tirade against Anp and Bacha khan,and that also coming from a man who is a supporter of the hypocrite Jinnah.ANP has every right to form alliances with whomever they want.Their opposition to PPP and Bhutto had a history.Bhutto’s FSF had fired upon Wali khan’s rally in Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi in which more than a dozen NAP members lost their lives.Subsequently Bhutto dismissed NAP govts and launched operations in Balochistan.NAP leadership was thrown in jail and many had to go into exile in Kabul.
    Now,ANP is not PPP’s B team.It stands for Pashtun rights and they will form alliances with anyone who can guarentee them their rights.They formed govt. with the PML-N on the issues of renaming province and Kalabagh,and when Nawaz sharif backed down from renaming the proces,they left the govt.btw,Don’t even start me on Jinnah’s alliances and companions.Don’t even start me on Jinnah’s and Suharwardy’s role in Calcutta killings of 1946.
    And lastly,We Pashtuns will take our Bacha khan,Samad Assakzai,Faqir ippi,Ghani khan and Mahmood khan Assakzai anyday our your Jinnah.

  • Oh so you can lie like a crook… but when we tell the truth of you AL Qaeda-supporting infiltrators … like Ali Arqam Madarchod…. you start whining.

  • I have seen this lowlife loser use words like kuttay ka bacha for indian posters on pth blog. This idiot has absloutely no class. You can take a lowlife out of the gutter but you cant take the gutter out of lowlife. Raza Rumi is complete moron for having a guy like this in a power postion on his blog.
    Kutta hoie taie bhonkay naa aie kiss tarah jo sakda haie.

  • So… You admit that your Wali Khan stood with the ISI and General Zia … good. And you are still a PPP supporter. ANP has always stood against PPP… and now you crooks are trying to act as Jiyalas. Fuck off.

    Mr. Bamboli… I can see that since you cannot defend your position you must resort to changing the topic.

    I wrote a detailed piece in Daily Times on Direct Action Day…

    May someone educate you better.

    Don’t tell me… Is Daily Times right wing also?

  • I am really sorry for what we have brought to LUBP for having a criticism on PTH for one or two posts.
    I request YLH not to use dirty language here and especially against Sarah Khan, who is one of the founder of this blog, I have joined LUBP in December ’09, so please dont mix up things.
    I think you forgot when Ahmed Nadeem Gehla has used abusive language against you and your wife Miss Aisha Sarwari, and on your request via facebook message, I plead him to stop the nonsence.
    It was me who have supported you when Jamati fanatics were threatening you of legal proceedings on your supportive stance to Ahmedis.
    LUBP is a forum which has posted more articles on Ahmedi persecutions than any other blog. The comment containing Anti-Ahmedi content is Deleted.

  • YLH the word “maderchodon” in a sentence speaks volume about how much class you have. Jahils use bad language when they don’t have proper vocabulary to express themselves. Learn to express yourself and then try blogging on the internet. It’s really not your fault. You are a joke played by raza rumi on the internet by giving a stage to an idiot like you. Keep up the good work. It is fun to see you self destruct. Lol I am a master/phd of dirty language–ylh.

  • How did opposing Bhutto mean siding with ISI?Khair bakhsh marri also opposed Bhutto,was he also with ISI?I don’t have to read your ‘detailed crap’ in the daily times.there are better sources out there in the world than you.No,we are not acting like Jiyalas but we wholeheartedly support this PPP govt.I didn’t change the topic.If u are gonna spew venom against bacha khan,i will remind you of the actions of your precious Jinnah.and seriously,what’s with the language?show a little decency,will you.

  • Ali, yar doosroon ko samgahty ho aur khud dekho! Sad…both of you calm down and delete bad stuff..if possible get me on MSN or Skype…whoever of you is available…Ali, Farhad or Abdul Baba…that was a personal fight…you guys involving so many serious issues which wont help any cause..

    Ceasefire plz from both sides..find a way out.

  • Bacha Khan was a third rate terrorist bigot who was in bed with his gay lover Faqir of Ipi. This is a fact of history.

    You can abuse Jinnah all you want. Asman ki taraf thooknay say sirf teray munh pur hee thook giray gi.

  • And abt the language that you are using on the net,I would like you to use it face to face with me if you have the least bit of moral courage.

  • Nadeem…

    Ask LUBP to take off that article… and I’ll delete the articles on PTH written in response.

  • Bamboly mein teray aaar paar ho jaooon gaa madar chod….

    Unlike you I am not writing under a fake name. Find me … you son of a bitch.

  • @ nadeem:I didn’t use a single abusive word against him.I am not from the ANP and i am one of their fierce opponent(for completely differnt reasons).I am an active member of Pashtunkhwa milli awami party and if someone abuses our elders like Bacha khan etc,I have the right to respond within the boundaries of decency.

  • ylh why dont you write a sexual historical novel to take your frustrations out. I see potential in you.

  • Bacha Khan was a kuti ka bacha. However Abdul Samad Achakzai I respect… as well as Mahmood Achakzai. Good guys though misguided about the lawyers’ movement.

  • I am not writing under a fake name is Ali and Bamboli is my village’s name in Dir.your language is deplorable and as a descendant of Faqir ippi,I would like to see the offspring of Ranjeet singh make these comments to my face and then see what i do to you.

  • 1 gantay maie ghandhie galiyan danay ka world record tootnay hie wala haie. Shabash ylh throie himat aur karo aur jin ko respect kartay hou un ko bhie thorie niqal dou.

  • Bacha Khan was a kuti ka bacha. However Abdul Samad Achakzai I respect… as well as Mahmood Achakzai. Good guys though misguided about the lawyers’ movement.

    (YHL some time you force people to be rude)

    Bacha Khan was a hero and he will remain…you plz stop this, otherwise it gets involved multiple issues and no one is able to find a way out! Control your toung or I am going to call your patron and tell him and your wife that you are abusive! Just stop it plz!

    Ali…get me on MSN Plz..lets resolve it !

    Sad state of Affairs..Abdul baba will be sleeping now 🙂

  • @ALI ARQAM DURRANI:If you are seeing all this,why don’t you remove this abusive piece of shit.da sa da spee zoy de..

  • nadeem …

    I respect you. If your reference is Uncle Simon… you would know that these LUBP wallahs have abused him as well.

    I have already made my offer of peace. Let LUBP be the bigger person here and take off the offending article.

  • ylhkabaap …..stop more plz

    Anyone from LUBP team? Ali is away!

    And YHL…dont offend people plz..

    End of this topic…


    Given that Yasser Latif Hamdani has consistently abused me and other editors, authors and visitors of LUBP, I have decided to not to delete this post and the abusive comments.

    Readers may wish to save this post and the comments on their computer as it will keep reminding them of the mindset that the LUBP is dealing with.

    I am glad that none of the LUBP editors or authors abused YLH, and presented their arguments in a civilised manner.

  • Issue Settled…Ali is travelling..when he is at his place..he will make a good decision/..all of us are same ideologically…difference of opinion or anger/…np way take our ideals..

    Common enemy to fight..

    ylhkabaap and YHL…thanks…this topic is over…Ali or Abdul will take care of threats to do and die..we fight and it was stupid”)

  • Sarah Khan…

    Nonsense. I have merely responded to you guys according to your auqaat… especially after the lies and slander you put up against me.

    Civilised language is above your calibre.

  • kuthay ka kaam bonkhna haie waou waou kabhie kise ko katna aur kabhie kise kou. Ylh has a pattren on pth and now lubp. This wont be the last time I hav faith in YLH. YLH tumharie apnie auqat kiya haie? thorie roshnie tu dalo.

  • I think this LUBP is hijacked by anti Bhutto long requesting! Shame!

    And are drunk…stop it until Tommie..I really want someone to stop you..Bhabhi and Uncle/… yourself…if you call names to Bacha Khan..people will bring in your married life and all !

    Get back Plz.. Sarah is rude..but I msg to Ali..he wont disappoint. Now only if you and Sarah shut up..there isno will be Ok

  • like this would never happen again. lol
    We actullay need a new pth daily newspaper where YLH gives gandi galiyan as a tabsra under every news item. If YLH is high maybe he can share what substance he is using. I would like to try it.

  • Frankly Miss Qudsia’s article was unfair. Just because Raza Rumi critisized PPP for its treatment to Sherry Rehamn, does not make him a bigot or a naive burger.

    And yes Yasir may like Jinnah a lot but he likes him because of his seular credentials. To portray Yasir as a member of jamati islami is grossly unfair.

    Having said so, I would advise Yasir not to abuse. We can defend ourselves on arguments alone.

  • I like Ali arqam a lot. I hope that he interferes to stop all this. I have posted my response also to Miss Qudsia’s article at PTH and hopefully it will be published at LUBP.

    My request to all, is to at least show civility while disagreeing.

  • Agreed… in deference to Raza Raja, Raza Rumi and Nadeem Gehla, I unconditionally apologise for my comments.

  • Every body calm personal attacks!

    We are same..

    No curses..//

    Abdul Still alive…old budha..per kahir/…handle it…PTH and LUBP are no different..and those who want to poision are not friends..there is no serious issue also…if you any modthere.. fix things and still YHL dont stop…let me talk Bhabhi and give him shut up cll..but my option it was Sarah who provoked…Whoever online..delete these topics from LUBP and PTH/…Love n rgards

  • When you have to advice an “editor” not to abuse and use arguments instead than it makes you realize that the standards of being an editor can’t be that high.

  • you are a baby YHL…salute to your courage to admit and I gat Mr Raja//..

    Now if you kids there…make it settle!

  • Dear YLH

    Thanks bro..

    All the rest please show civility. Despite all our differences, we belong to same side of the political spectrum.

  • Please lets stop. Yes disagree because your vision of PPP is different from my vision and Yasir’s vision. But we can disagree without getting abusive.

    Yasir Latif is a sincere and intelligent person but his vision is different from miss Qudsia. he is a supporter of PPP but does not try to be unconditional in support.

    yes at times, he gets carried away but never doubt his sincerity about secularism.

    I repeat calling him a Jamati isalmi person was a gross misstatement by Miss Qudsia.

  • you are right anytime anyone calls me Jamati I usually go on a gandi galiyan
    He gets carried away but never doubt his sincerity about secularism.
    So lets give him a quota for gandi galiyan. For every article he writes on secularism he gets to abuse 2 people with 10 gandi galiyan. Anything more would not be civil.

  • Ok… yes I gave gandi galian after being called a Jamaatia… but I have a very good reason for it. I can assure being called Jamaatia is the worse Gali for someone of my background.

    The reason I am emotional about it is because Jamaat-e-Islami is a crooked party that hounded and abused my late father (who you are abusing as well) because of his religion. I hate Jamaat-e-Islami to the bone. Call me anything else and I won’t mind. Unlike you grand Muslim types… this is a very personal issue for me. I’d rather not say more as it is

  • @ Raza Raja

    One must be just and non-biased at least at the the most basic level of manners!!!!!In such long posts you have not even once condemned YLH vulgar and abusive language that he used for a lady!!!!

    LUBP’s support for PPP was never un-conditional and can never be I will once again ask you to visit the LUBP pages of the era when Restoration of Judiciary was underway….At that time though the Presidential camp was against the cause several of us supported CJ with head and heart!!!!But now that the CJ is baised to the extent that he gives split verdicts of identical cases it is not possible for us to defend him any more!!!!Several of us including myself have a different stance over Sherry Appa’s issue and so have we expressed it, but our disagreement lies within the norms of moral values and do not touch vulgarity!!!!

    It is every ones moral responsibility to condemn YLH’s behavior(which is no form of secularism) or else it would become a blogging practice!!!!

  • It is also your moral responsibility to condemn Qudsia’s behavior of libel and slander. So let us see you condemn her first.

  • Dear Muhammad ali, i have requested yasir not to abuse. Which means I am critical of that.

    But please just because someone is not agreement with LUBP’s vision of PPP does not mean he is a jamati islami goon. To call yasir a rightwinger from jamati islami is a gross misstatement. likewise to call raza rumi a naive person is unfair.

    Any ways I have also posted my response to Miss Qudsia’s article. It is on PTH and hopefully will be on LUBP.

  • I am sorry to hear about your dad. I am a regular poster on a few blogs. I am not posting on this thread under my regular name because I saw you use words like Kuttay ka bacha to an indian to make a point on pth. If you are an educated guy than you should be able to make your points using simple english. There is no need to use foul language and it takes attention away from your message.

  • Brothers despite our minor differences, we are on the same side.

    Yasir has apologized for his foul language. He is a well intentioned guy who sincerely beleives in secularism. While I may at times disagree with his language but I have never ever doubted his intentions. Let me repeat that to call him a psuedo liberal or jamati islami goon was unfair on the part of Miss Qudsia.

  • “Self-improvement is the name of the game, and your primary objective is to strengthen yourself, not to destroy an opponent”
    Best of luck. I am out of this thread.

  • Raza Raja!!!!

    It was unjust on Qudia’s behalf to label some one a Jammatia just because he does not agree!!!!But frankly speaking YLH has made Qudsia’s statement worthy, the amount of moral binding that he owns is neither an example of Karl Marx’ attitude nor a match of Regence’s intellect, his way of talking reminds me of no one else but Mian Tufail and Sheikh Rasheed the scum of right wing fundamentalism!!!!Despite my millions of dis-agreements with you I will never think of an abuse and so am I confident nor will you!!!!Any one who claims to be a Marxist can never step beyond honorary debate, YLH now seems to me as a Jammatia for the reasons he has inducted in his conversation!!!

  • My sincere apologies for this royal mess. Thanks YLH for the apology. I know you are emotional about JI but please abuse is not kosher in any circumstance.

    Dear readers here: we welcome criticism and trashing of our argument[s] but please note that PTH does not adhere to abuse as a policy.

    Sorry again to all.

  • Dear Raza!!!!

    YLH did not just abuse several of LUBP visitors and officials but crossed moral limits with Sarah Khan, a lady and an official!!!!It is the moral responsibility of the Blogging Community and PTH being a part of of it to express the condemnation on the head line of the blog rather than the comments sections!!!!PTH must also publish it’s disassociation with YLH and remove him from the editorial list, else his comments will be taken as the PTH response.

  • Dear Muhammad Ali

    If you want to stretch it beyond it, it is your own decision.

    Mature people know when to stop and I know you are amture person.

  • “I just read the comments on LUBP. Raza must end this association with him once and for all. I don’t want people to pull him down with this as well.”

    Hazaron khawahishain aisee kay hur khawish pe dum niklay

    Bohot niklay meray armaan phir bhee kum niklay

    (Hazrat Mirza Asadullah Ghalib Raziallah Tallah Unho)

  • Raza Raja and Raza Rumi,

    May I ask if any one of the following abused your editor (YLH)?

    Ali Arqam
    Wajahat Masood
    Muhammad Ali
    and several other commentators in this thread

    Did you read the language he used against me?

    Your editor has a long history of resorting to verbal diarrhoea, particularly when his argument is defeated.

    By consistently failing to control his editor’s diarrhoea, Raza Rumi may be seen as a complicit in this behaviour!

    I agree with the above suggestion that PTH and Raza Rumi must steer clear of YLH or be prepared to accept a decline in their credibility and respect.

  • Raza

    For me and the rest the discussion is already, as a matter of fact it never existed, we were all trying to wash off the mob of stink that came out of YLH’s mouth, things like this would not have taken place if it would have been you in his place!!!!

    PTH is once again requested to remove YLH from the editorial list!!!!!

  • Editors at PTH are full time busy in LUBP bashing. Four articles in four hours!

    NOVEMBER 8, 2010
    The (misplaced) Wrath of the LUBP hardliners
    By Yasser Latif Hamdani

    NOVEMBER 8, 2010
    More on the Sherry Rehman saga – LUBP Wallahs and PTH
    By Ali K Chishti

    NOVEMBER 8, 2010
    Setting the Record Straight: What it Really Means to be A Critical Supporter
    Raza Habib Raja

    NOVEMBER 8, 2010
    Masoom logon ki masoon khawaishain Aur Mirza Ghalib
    By Yasser Latif Hamdani

    Thank you, PTH, Thank you, Raza Rumi!

  • YLH!!!

    Although I find it derogatory discussing any thing with you but still in order to set the record straight!!!

    Association of a rival party with a demonized character is “cross connectivity” about which I have written on the very same LUBP. Calling you a Jammatia does not fall under any definition of an abuse. Several of intellectuals apply cross connectivity in their debate but still I do not support Qudsia’s hasty remark.

    You followed in the very same manner by calling Ali Arqam an Al-Qaeda sympathizer. Scores should have been leveled as per your requirement but you went on to insulting a lady (Even if you consider her to be a fake profile) by calling with words which find no place in any English Language Dictionary. Sarah was humble enough to remind you that you happen to be an editor but that gutter that overflowed took time to seal up. Fortunately enough your mentality was exposed by the time. I think you must voluntarily leave your editorial position and abandon writing on debatable issues till time you come to realize the norms of a gentle debate. Till then you can write bed time stories for children may be that will help countering your offense.

  • Dear all,

    I am glad that we have a had a fair share of LUBP bashing which LUBP indeed needed.

    However, I express my strong disgust over expletive comments used against Sarah Khan and others by the very PTH editor whose article in criticism of LUBP we posted as a headline article.

    Sarah Khan is a co-founder of LUBP and is a completely different entity from Ali Arqam, who is an equally respectable editor of LUBP. I apologize to both for what they had to face today because of their association with LUBP.

    Let me once again reiterate my respect for Raza Rumi and PTH.

    I will encourage the PTH team to carry on with their LUBP bashing as they wish, but refrain from abusive comments and remarks, please.

    It is worth reiterating that LUBP and PTH are two different blogs. It is useful that our similarities and differences are debated in a civilised manner.

    @ Raza Raja, I really liked your article in critique of LUBP. We will shortly publish it.

  • I apologize to my LUBP colleague Sarah Khan, my dearest friend Awais Masood, my Pashtun nationalist friend Ali Bamboly, Muhammad Ali and all others who have been dragged in this whole episode.

    Although I have been in a debate with YLH a few days ago when Mansoor’s post was published in support of Sherry R, and we had cross arguments on, when he called LUBP neo-jiyalas and storm troopers, but we had quite a decent cross comments between us.

    After him on the same thread I had a discussion with Raza Raja and D Asghar, we have finished quite well, then I have discussed the issue on LUBP google group thread with friends, Abdul published the comments by our contributors on the thread as a post, where we have discussed it again, I have cross comments with Raza Rumi whom I respect as an elder brother, and we have been on the same thread for quite similar reasons.

    For me PTH is the place where I have learnt a lot from Raza, Shaheryar and YLH as well. It has been a memorable experience to have discussions on various issues with some very good friends like Majumdar, Milind, BC, AZW, Raza Raja, D Asghar, Pervez, Tilsim and many more.

    Here I have introduced to Shaheryar Ali, my inspiration in the blog space, and it was Sherryx who introduced me to dedicated friends like Abdul Nishapuri, Rabia, Humza, JZ and Nuwas. And it was Abdul encouragement and Sherryx suggestion that I became a part of LUBP team.

    Now who is Qudsia Siddiqi, whose article has provoked this whole debate.

    LUBP has a soft editorial policy towards various contributions, as its editors email id is available on the site. Anyone can send article to be reviewed and published on the site. I have been sent an article by Qudsia Siddiqi to be published on the blog, being an active participant in PTH comments section, she thought am a part of it, she sent it to me to be published on LUBP and cross posted on PTH, I sent it to Raza Raja, who posted it on PTH and have cross posted on LUBP from there.
    Qudsia Siddiqi first two articles were published by PTH first, then we have cross posted here at LUBP.

    After the whole LUBP-PTH episode, she sent this piece and we have published it, if she used anything inappropriate about YLH, Raza and PTH, LUBP has provided an opportunity to YLH to write a response, he wrote it, and it get published on LUBP.

    In the same way when my friend from Karachi Ali K Chishti objected on what Qudsia had written, I urged him to write a response to bring forth an account of what he knew about the whole issue.

    He wrote and sent it to me, but my travel plan prevented me to post it on LUBP and got published on PTH, now part of the comments section here.

    But in this whole episode, I failed to undertane why he used such a dirty language against me, Sarah and Awais. If he is called Jamatia, its harsh for a person like him for his personal reasons as well as being a vocal voice against the mess called Maudidiat, we have responded these islamists together in the LUBP comments section. He knows it. In his tirade he accused me of terrorists, Al-Qaeda member etc etc.
    I dont like to respond this as its a mindset to paint us like that.
    My many posts published here and at viewpointonline throw light on where I stand.

    Those who came to know through my articles, my facebook updates, my comments on many threads, know it, and for most of my friends this whole stuff is quite painful as well as alarming, as they know the consequences of being labelled as a terrorist, Taliban and al-Qaeda supporter while living in Karachi and part of Pashtun community is dangerous and threatening.

    I am grateful to Raza Rumi and Raza Raja who have stopped their fellow editor from what he was doing in his war against Jamat Islami and Bacha Khan followers.

    Though I want to clarify that our opposition to Jamat Islamists, Anti-Ahmedi, Anti-Shia tirades is not for some personal reasons. Its purely on intellectual grounds and just because these monsters and bigots have plaqued our society. The intolerant attitudes where difference of opinion lead to abuses like we have faced here from YLH is not in any way in accordance with what he claims and you have claimed on his behalf.

    I think PTH should boldly publish an unconditional apology on part of their fellow intellectual friend and editor YLH, to Sarah Khan, Awais Masood, Shahid Saeed Khan, Ali Bamboly, Muhammad Ali and all others who were hurt by his abusive language.

  • I express my displeasure over copying status update of Awais Masood and comments over it by our friends Shahid, Megan, Salman, Rashid and others without their consent, Facebook updates are not public and should not be published in this way from other profiles.
    I apologize Awais and all for this.

  • I am so sad, he abused me. I am about to cry. Please say sorry or I’ll suicide.

    Someone please give Ali a role in comedy central.

  • Here comes another latest gem by YLH from PTH:

    November 9, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    Ali arqam, Abdul Nishapuri and others from LUBP are hypocrites…. PTH and LUBP cannot compare… LUBP is a fascist website run by idiots of little or no significance.

    Their attempt to ride on the renown of PTH and its editors worked yesterday because I was in a weird state of mind. Otherwise we should have ignored the LUBP and its little slander campaign just like we ignored Dr. Jawwad Khan and Kashif Hafeez Siddiqui’s bakwas.

    For this I take all the blame… and in the future we shall ignore the little crooks and fundamentalist bigots of LUBP with the contempt they deserve…

    Will a sane voice at PTH stop him?

  • Any sane voice if there exist will never ever act against their fellow editor, as he is the main person behind the statistical success of PTH. He has his post, the most commented and the most high number of hits. The most commented and well visited pieces are those with India bashing. Someone can compare posts by Raza Rumi and his fellow editor, even Raza is far behind him in this. And when you campare Raza’s own posts, you will see the most visited and commented piece is the one he condemned Premier Manmohan Singh for his remarks on Pakistan on Independence day ceremony at Lal Qila Dehli.
    I have detailed statistics of PTH, once I have researched for a piece on Pakistani bloggers.
    LUBP for its focus on Pakistan political issues have little say among the Indian web users. Though it was a pleasent surprise to see Indians among LUBP facebook page fans.

  • There are three fascist forces in the country.

    1. The military.
    2. The Islamofacists (the JI, the Lashkars, the Jaishes etc)
    3. The MQM.

    Any apologists for these is, at the end of the day, chootiyas.

    I wouldn’t have normally used such words but I see the level of the debate has fallen way, way lower than could be.

    The above three are aspects of the same mentality.

    YLH. You. Are. A. Jamatia.

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