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The Black Night of Black Friday: Massacre of Mohajirs in Hyderabad


30 Sep 1988:The Black Night Of Black Friday


September 30, 1988 is the darkest day in the history of Hyderabad.It was the worst massacre in Hyderabad on Moharijis (urdu speaking people who migrated from India after partition). Dozens of gunmen armed with Kalashnikov and innovative weapons riding on cars and motorcycles of Hyderabad’s streets, bazaars and neighborhoods indiscriminately opened fire killing & injuring 300 people. The incident occurs on Friday night; that’s why the occurrence is known as Black Friday.


Hyderabad is also well known as the City of Cold Evenings, and evenings in Hyderabad are like a hedge. There is gigantic crowd over the shops of Rabbri which a famous treats of Hyderabad. Gulab Pan House on the advice of Hyderabad is very crowded too; Sarfaraz Charri is cheered with the Chess Players; Phool Gali, Resham Gali and Garri Khatta are also applauded with citizens.


But that evening alleged to be the most hazardous and dreadful evening in the history of Hyderabad. Relevant night around 19:30 hrs dozens of well equipped with arms riding on motorcycles & cars indiscriminately opened fire in all units on the congested areas of Garri Khatta, Heerabad, Tando Wali Muhammad, Surrey Warf, Tilak Chari, Kaali Moari Market, Station road, Khokar Muhalla & Latifabad. Terrorist’s all at once opened hot pillage & murdered at 70 locations of the city at once. They even gunned in the narrow streets & crowded bazaars of Hyderabad all at one time. Attackers were targeting Mohajirs’ population, they assaulted markets and cinema houses and targeted pedestrians.


One of the groups keep were gunning the passengers waiting on the Raliway Platform; Witnesses said that as they stepped down from the cars they cover themselves back to back together & haphazardly kept sacking people in Resham Galli. 


According to reports, first Charade Grey colored car suddenly opened fire on people standing on the Lajpat road right after that a White & Orange Cars were seen in various area firing on people.


Within hours entire city scene was changed portraying as a picture of lonely town. Bodies were lying and abrogating over the dead ones. People were moaning and crying as the women & innocent children were massively targeted among the deaths.


According to witnesses, Qadir Magsi and his party men & infamous like Janu Arrayan, Noor Jan Magsi, Hasan Chandio, Laiq Chandio and other villainous outlaw criminals were involved in this massacre. Overnight it was widely spread that Qadir Magsi & infamous mates are involved and as till today they are free & no action has been taken against them.


May 12 tragedy is been on words of every so called political, religious parties and not even the Media cover the carnage of September 30, 1988 was not even condoled by any responsible Political Executives, nobody even dare to take Qadir Magsi name’s to bring him on to justice.


Since my childhood neither I have seen a single religious or political party talking about the episode nor condemning it the incident. Yes but have seen this responsible of oversized catastrophe giving interviews on media as he has been a Public Leader or so.


September 30, 1988 tragedy was to erect clash between the Mohajirs & permanent residents of Sindh, to built hatred and prejudice between Sindhi and Urdu speaking & creating a wall of a heinous conspiracy that they will be able to wash out the dust and blood of innocent citizens.





Qadir Magsi in a positive mode with Imran Khan; responsible of killings 300 innocent people. Nothing to be surprised as Khan can speak over opening Taliban office accountable for killings of 50,000 people, and then Magsi is answerable of just 300 innocent lives.




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  • What can you expect from feudal minded Sindhi and Balochi criminals. Their whole history is full of acts of violence and counter violence. When a culture defends customs like Karo Kari and some other shit, then all logic ceases to exist. Sadly, instead of progressing these cultures are regressing.

    • Shame on you for your vile slanders against Balochs and Sindhis for the atrocity of a few. I find no difference between mindset of Qadir Magsi and you. He had spewed venom against Muhajirs, and so now you are doing against Sindhis and Balochs. Karo Kari isn’t their custom. Sindhis are one of most progressive peoples. Go, and have a good study of Indus civilization!

      • My dear friend
        Indus Valley Civilization and Sindhis are WORLDS apart. Are you trying to be oversmart here? IV Civilization was wiped out entirely. Sindhis are descendants of Dravidians that settled ages after IV civiization.
        Please. Is that what Magsi teaches as part of Sindhi nationalism to illiterate dumb kids like you?

      • You people are Bhojpuri ethno-fascists, Even india felt happy at your migration. Because most of you are FASCIST at core. Go back to your FASCIST roots in india, Even hindus are much peaceful than you. 20,000 Sindhis were slaughterd between 1985-1995. 2500 women were raped on streets. YOU muhajirs are a curse for this nation. Don’t even talk about Indus valley civilization, you muhajirs go back to your slums of india.

  • As a Sindhi i consider Urdu-speaking peoples the true of this soil , SINDH.And i regret the shameful event of 30 Sept.we all feel sorry about the peoples who lost their precious lives.And that event was widely condemned throughout Sindh.Urdu speaking sindhis and sindhi speaking sindhis have to live together.Again sorry for all those peoples who were assassinated. But one thing is damn sure, this plan was hatched by state.

    • As I have already written that September 30, 1988 tragedy was to erect clash between the Mohajirs & permanent residents of Sindh, to built hatred and prejudice between Sindhi and Urdu speaking & creating a wall of a heinous conspiracy that they will be able to wash out the dust and blood of innocent citizens

      • Truely sad Faisal, but would you kindly name the local spy agency head of Hyderabad who planned all this? he is named by Hamid Mir and Gen. Ehtisham Zamir as well. And people killed that day were not from only one ethic group killings were indiscriminate. But what happened next day was targeted killing in Karachi when sindhis were killed on a steel mills bus after due verification of the ID cards those were 50+ in single incident.
        But i agree the plan was to delay the elections and if not to weaken civilian govt which was coming on massive popular support. That massacre was just the start of control they wanted. selective riggings in Punjab to get it deliver to Shairfs and later on General Beg used the rift in sindh to deliver MQM to sharifs.

  • So Karo-Kari is an American custom? you backward rural feudal imbecile. And we all know how much progress has been achieved in places like Ghotki, Sangar, Badin, Tando some shit, Larkana, Sehwan and many more interior Sindh cities. Your education level is the highest in the world, yup.

  • And who marries their sisters and daughters to the Quran? hmmm let me guess, Germans? or it it the Swiss?. Ok I give up, please tell us.

  • It remains a FACT that Pakistan has only progressed when under the rule of an Urdu speaking which has only been twice.

    1. Quaid-e-Azam
    2. Pervaiz Musharaf

    This is primarily due to the fact that the Urdu speaking were an enlightened race living in the enlightened region of pre partition India. The ethnicities living in jurisdictions post partition, that comprise of Pakistan now were primitive, uneducated and to many extent savages.

    Comparing Ayub Khan to Bhuttos to Nawaz Sharif rule with that of Musharaf (I’m not a supporter of Musharaf I think he’s a dog for allowing drone strikes) the different is CRYSTAL CLEAR. Pakistan during Musharaf era was an enlightened Pakistan that had started to progress on all fronts.

    Similarly MQM developed and developed Karachi to a level that had bee unimaginable. The development in Karachi has been less than 1% of what it was when MQM was in absolute power during Musharaf era. Similarly there was hardly an street crime or targeted killings.

    Talk to any Sindhi, Baloch, Punjabi or Pashtun however educated, you’ll eventually figure out the greedy numbskull thats living inside them.

    There’s a fine line between educated & enlightenment. Degree may get you recognition but never enlightenment. (Shaoor). It comes with evolution. Perhaps another 500 years or so, until then its best the country should be given to Mohajirs to rule. One decision you all will never regret. (Again, Im not a supporter of MQM either however I believe they have enlightened & progressive people in their ranks and are somewhat of a lesser evil as compared to the vegetables of other ethnicities.

    Have you guys wondered how a genius like Bhutto failed? Because he had a Sindhi following. If he would’ve made peace with the Mohajirs, Pakistan would’ve been a super power by now, however the Sindhi/Punjabi blood in his veins distorted his ingenuity and judgement.

  • It kills me to accept what jahanzeb said..as a punjabi kashmiri living in khi for past 5 years I ve always wished I cud see a nonracist action from punjabi n sindhi govs but nada..I wonder if 1971 situation vil repeat for khi as well..if it does I wont blame them.the racism in punjabi n sindhi minds is just too poisonous they cant seem to bear anythin gud in khi…khi n hyderabad shud form a separate province.esp after the kesc issue if federal cant give 650 mgwtt electricity to khi out of 15000 mgwtt it producs, .khi shud shove thst 70% revenue from federal n keep it for itself..

    • The tragedy of our nation is that, it is not a nation at all but a collection of tribes and sub-tribes. Islam was suppose to have united all the various people, but alas, the mullahs soon discovered the money making powers of religion, so here we are in the 21st century yearning to go back to the 12th century. We are going towards a logical conclusion, and don’t let the talking heads make you believe anything else.

  • Mohajir means Immigrants, and its international Law that No mohajir can claim a Land/ Country, because the right is of Locals, 2nd Prophet Muhammad SAW also prohibits Mohajir from claiming the land , because Muhajir means Refugee , and they have 2 options either to mix with locals or Go back to his own land…

    I am Immigrant fro India, and Ask All muhajirs , if you are a muslim then return back to our own land , I am from Rajisthan India, and our relatives are ready to welcome me and my relatives back…

    Muhajirs must not follow MQM , it has killed thousands of or people on the call of Security agencies ISI and other agencies paid crores to MQM for that, Allah knows that,

  • Quaid E Azam was urdu speaking?lol JOKE OF THE CENTURY.why don’t you guys tell me what ”ba-shaoor” muhajirs and MQM did on 12th may 2007?who was arrested for the Bhatta case in London?yeah that is SOME question dude and why don’t you tell me about”jinnahpur”..another operation like 1992 badly needed..

  • Hot minded Dictator Imran khan is the friend of Dr. Qadir Mugsi (killer of urdu speaking in hyderabad). We karachi people specially urdu speaking have no expectation from Imran Khan, as he already said that extra province will be built in all province except Sindh i.e no benifit to Urdu speaking.

  • Khalid Bhatti, we in punjab are suffering from load shedding 12 hours per day. I went to karachi and stayed there for one week and in one week there was just load shedding for 3 hours. You guys should also share our misery. This has been happening for more than 4-5 years now.