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Mehrunnisa of Swat: A brave woman puts General Kayani to shame (if he has any)

brave Pasthun womanMehr-un-Nissa of Kalam Valley (Swat, Pakistan) should be awarded a medal for bravery in the face of the Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of Taliban (TTP) and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (ASWJ-LeJ-SSP). She helped put six Taliban animals out of their misery when they dared to attack her home. These Taliban animals attack poor defenseless women and children as well as unarmed citizens. The best solution is for the citizens to follow the example of  our brave sister Nissa and arm themselves for self defense. It would be extremely foolish to expect anything from the all powerful Army and politicians, who have been busy appeasing and protecting these vipers.

This brave Kohistani Pashtun woman can teach our army generals and political leaders to put their balls to good use. In any case, she leaves Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Munawar Hasan and General Kayani with six less to talk with. General Kiyani is the most to blame because he has the most power.  The entire nation of Pakistan should demand that this brave woman should be appointed the new chief of the Army and buy some “Choorian” for General Kayani and his pathetic corp of sissy generals. ISPR is not fooling the people when their paid allies at Geo and The Friday Times try to confuse the Pakistani public about good and bad types of vipers, politicians not having consensus and all kinds of fairy tales.

Taliban and the associated Madrasas are the brain child of the Army. They are mad dogs. Army wants to keep feeding these mad dogs and if they kill some of the people, that is alright with the Army. They do not care about Christians, Himdus, Ahmadyia and Shia Muslims that are killed by their mad dogs. They do not even care if some of their own Generals are killed or if their own bases or headquarters are attacked. The will keep protecting them and freeing them from jails.

Taliban can only be exterminated by the will of the people. We should all follow the example of the brave Pashtun woman and leave fewer and fewer Taliban that Munawar Hassan and Imran Khan can negotiate with.

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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
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  • Taimur Rahman
    People ask me “if negotiations are not the solution to the TTP, what is the solution”. Here is the solution, if you have the courage to accept it.

    ایک بہادر خاتون نے 6 طالبان ظالمان کو مار کر جہنم پہنچا دیا

  • Whether talking or accepting thier demands to my mind is in a way accepting that they cannot be defeated. If that is the conclusion then why keep such a huge army, just for allotments of plots in DHA.

    The army should read the situation, unlike wars of yesteryears, the enemy is not accross the border and not forgetting that even for dealing with gurella warfare we have some course of actions but for the taliban, a phenomena which is just in its infancy we have nothing. The army generals shoud ponder on the options and come out with a strategy, say making small groups of highly motivated and well trained personnel who have complete authority to decide as they deem fit. This group could go in areas where talibans live and kill them in a group or one by one as the opportunity presents. Similarly there could be many oher doable actions.

    Once there numbers start dwindling we could send regular army battalions to wipe them out. The solution lies in sending a clear message to all; talibans, disgruntled elements, freedom fighters etc.

    Maybe we could study how India and Sri Lanka managed this problem. There is no harm even asking them to help us in this regard, not physical participation but on the modus operandi.

    We must respect the death of our valiant armed forces personnel, para military forces, policemen, countrymen, women and children by taking action designed to anhilate all of them.

    • If Muzakirat/negotiations is not the solution then what is the solution? Do you want to make Pakistan the grave yard? or continue it for another hundred years and ruin the whole nation? Negotiations never mean that you have surrendered. This means that why should we fight a war that has no benefit to both parties and that will never end and that means lose-lose situation. If you deny Negotiations you mean to continue what we have been doing for last 10 years to end it… but this did not end.
      Here we must think that why this started? This is a big questions and you will need a lot of deliberation to respond? Why they became against us and our military … whereas they have always been fighting along side our army… then whey are the against. I will not respond. You will have to find it.
      The negotiations is an art and we are very very far away and lagging behind. This art needs wisdom and knowledge and fore sightedness… that we lake.
      We are actually a nation without mind and we only react.. we never act.
      We need here wisdom to save our country… please think on true line. This is sociology and not some thing simple to discuss among laymen.

  • What is the agenda for negotiations? We should inject “truth serum” into army officers and find out the pro-taliban ones and start the process of cleaning. Once army is clean, the job will be much easier.There is no need to go in circles. Mehrunnisa and Mallala should get Nishan-e-Hasider and Nishan-e-Pakistan. “un ki jurat ko salam” Umar Farooq sahib, if you want to save Pakistan , “mullah” thinking has to go. Mullah and Islam Pakistan cannot stay together. It is not Islam but blasphemy and you very well know punishmemnt for that. I think you fall in the same category who are giving bad name to Islam. Mind you Islam means peace not pieces. PML-N,JI,JUI,PTI,ISI,HAFIZ SAEED,DEOBANDI TAJKFEERI are talibans and bad news for PAKISTAN. Please listen to Myalasia’s PM speech at United Nations. It acn be use as guidline.May GOD be with us. AMEN. DRONES ZINDABAD,PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  • Janab , She is not “Pashtun”. She belongs to the original ethnic group who were once the majority of Swat and Dir.. Now a minority in Dog Dara (Dir Kohistan) and Bahrain, Madyan (Swat Koshistan)… These orignal people were given the name of Kohistanis by the invading Yosufzais who came from Afghanistan.

    Lots of local indeginous languages and cultures were eliminated in “Pashtunization” of the region through out centures. However a minority managed to survive in Dir Kohistan and Swat Kohistan.. However they are facing rapid Pashtunization and are endagered.

    Two indeginous languages are spoken in Swat Kohistan and One in Dir… The man is speaking to the woman in local Kalami language but the women answers in Pashtu clear indication that she has been “Pashtunized”.

    There was a third language also spoken in Swat Kohistan and its said that only three speakers of that language are left now.. Government should focus on promoting and preserving these cultures which are the orignal cultures of this region..

    The Kohistanis (that includes different ehtnic groups with different languages) who are living in Swat and Dir Kohistan are close to the people of Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan, their culture and language are similar to the culture and languages of Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan. The woman comes in front of camera in normal Hijab and speaks to media. This is common in Kohistani areas. Unlike the Pashtunized areas where Shuttle Cock Burqa is common.. the Kohistani Hiijab similar to the Hijab in Chitraal and GIlgit and rest of Muslim world requires a modest Dupata which covers her head and hiding face is not required… It can be seen if villages in Kalam are visited and rural life style is studied.

    At the end i would like to say that she said nothing against General Kayani. the Kohistanis love Paksitani army and army enjoys popular support among Kohistani just like their brethern in Chitral and Gilgit support Pakistan army. This distinct feature of The northern people or the Dardic people should be studied as they have always supported Pakistan army and its operations..

    these regions are also in danger of being radicalized as pashtun preachers and movlis are threatening peaceful cultrual activities calling them un islamic.. Once the culture is gone, this women would be still hodling the gun but against the state.. State should promote should people and invest in their development who are loyal to the country and its Army… God Bless Pakistan Army, Down With the Terrorists

    • Very informative comment thanks for sharing. We are not against Pakistan Army. We are against their long standing policy of protecting Takfiri Deobandi Taliban, we simply want them to change this policy for real and not make cosmetic gestures or hide behind politicians.

  • Way to go mam… MashAllah, u will b rewarded for doing ths nation a grt favour.. Killin 6 lizards. V all need to follow this example.
    N u can’t reason with the u reasonable. Taliban aren’t Humans or reasonable. What they need is an extinction level operation but lookin at how things r going, army isn’t going to do anything. Dirty politics, US troops leaving, afghan territory control, keeping Indians busy…. In da mean time, no matter hw many Pakistanis r killed, it won’t Come in da way of the great game…. Just sad, v have to c all ths… Our fellow Pakistanis r being killed. Jst heart breaking.

  • In negotiations, you have to give something and take something? What are you will to give to Talibans?

    May God bless this lady. Our sissy generals have a lot to learn from this brave women!

    Rasool Allah (SAWW) has instructed us to fight against the Khawarij who would keep showing up until their last batch will accompany the anti-Christ (Dajjal).

    When Dajjal starts killing a lot of people, and turn large portions of land into graveyards, then people like @Umer Farooq will boldly propose negotiation with the Dajjal.

  • u all just talk. how many of u pray 5 times a day. how many of you help others?

    when bribery is taken in-front of you, what the role you play to stop it?

    actually u all are coward, neger-minded persons who know to blame only but when u confront a situation, you sagregate to pmln, ppp and alot more and support those people who even do not bother placing the money they grasp from national treasury in abroad accounts, exchange citizens for dollors….u support them……actually our deeds and selfishness is responsible for such curse we are facing.

    Shooting and learning batle fighting tactics are necessity for a healthy nation and it is every citizens’ basic right (see israil as an example….every citizen is a reserve soldier) and this basic righ becomes duty in the country like our where we dont know who is friend and who is enemy? once out of home whether we will comeback or not? every powerful is cruel; have own army; citizens have no weapon as license is banned but those have best weapon so they snatch, rob, kill us and we simply die like goat just saying “aaah”. What we are? Who we are? We are cowards with bright religious, social, sociological world ruling history but we like to follow british rule which, for us are rules for slaves and we become proudy following these……so sad..

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