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How to condemn the suicide bombing at Peshawar church! – by SAI


  • I condemn the attack on a Church in Peshawar that killed at least 80 Christians;
  • I condemn the Takfiri Deobandi attackers who planned and carried out the attack;
  • I condemn the Islamist mentality engendering militancy;
  • I condemn the killings of Shias, Hindus, Christians, Ahmedis, Sunni Barelvis and other ethnic and religious groups by Taliban (TTP), Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ) and other militant groups;
  • I condemn the intelligence agencies, the governments, the Deobandi, Salafi and other bigoted Mullahs, the Mosques, the Maddrassas, media persons and the political parties who have raised, bred and supported this extremist mindset as well as the takfiri militants, and justified their existence in one way or another;
  • I condemn the apologies and justifications (by PTI, PML-N, JI etc) for Islamist terrorism presented to divert attention and hive off blame;
  • I condemn the holier-than-thou attitude of Muslims in Pakistan that considers people following other religions inferior;
  • I condemn the right-wing Islamist apologists of Pakistan’s Urdu media and their fake liberal comrades in English media who obfuscate Deobandi terrorism in false Sunni-Shia or Iran-Saudi binaries;
  • I also condemn the silence of the so-called moderate majority of Pakistan most of which is actually not moderate but a mass of bigoted rightist, xenophobic morons.

*This list might not be exhaustive so please do not hesitate to add anything you think I have left out.

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  • Deobandi Taliban claims responsibility for Peshawar church bombs that killed 78

    On Sunday evening it was reported that a faction of the Pakistan Taliban had claimed responsibility for the attack. Deobandi extremist groups have been blamed for previous attacks on Pakistan’s Christian community, which accounts for about 1.5 per cent of the population.

    The attack comes as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is seeking to open the way for talks with the Deobandi Taliban as part of a broader peace deal. On Saturday, a former leader of the Afghan Taliban was released from Pakistani custody as part of attempt to help the peace process in Pakistan.


  • I agree with uou. Silence means you are in agreement. “KHAMOSHI NEEM RAZA MANDI”. Listen to Maulana Azad’s 1947 speech. He predicted this 65 years ago. Even Kamran Khan replayed that speech in his march 2012 program. He was visionary and our so called leaders are blind,deaf and dumb. We elected them so that is what we deserve. We need a revolutionary who can clean this mess . These people do not deserve to be urried in this land. “DER HAI ANDHAIR NAHIN”

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