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The Confused Jang Group and its Khushamdi Sahafi Hazraat

There is a list of adjectives that can be attributed to Jang Group and its journalists. While “cheater” is the most appropriate one for the entire group, “confused” is another for them. Jang Group has a number of journalists who have been with the newspapers and channel for many a years now. While a number of them are clearly right winged tilted, they are known for their confused analysis which they name as “analysis”. Journalists like Hanif Khalid, Tahir Khalil, Saaleh Zafir, Kamran Khan, Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi, Sohail Warraich, Anjum Rasheed, Iftikhar Ahmed etc are those who have remained loyal to the Jang Group, not because of their conviction or because they are paid well, but because of the access they have to anyone and everyone in power. Access possibly provides them an opportunity to make money which is crude language can be called “paidageeri”. While not all of the above may be known for their paidageeri, but their writings, which smell of “chamchageeri” of those in power can for sure differentiate them for others.


A better analysis by Aamir Mateen
A better analysis by Aamir Mateen

On page 3 of today’s Jang (22nd August 2013), there are two news analysis which are contradictory to each other on the same topic. The topic was the speech of Chaudhry Nisar on the security matters in the aftermath of Sikandar Hayat saga. While Amir Mateen has written a hard hitting note titled “Hukoomat ka honeymoon period iddat mayn badal gaya”, he has obdurately explained that the PML-N doesn’t look like a party in power and that internal strife amongst its parliamentarians provide inside information about what is wrong with the party. Amir Mateen hit hard on Chaudhry Nisar saying that Chaudhry Nisar deliberately confuses public, speaks a lot as if he is still leader of the opposition, and gives confusing outlook on internal and exeternal security issues. Amir Mateen suggests that the more Chaudhry Nisar speaks, the more trouble he will get into.



On the other hand, the chamcha in chief, Saaleh Zafir has left all behind in his chamchageeri of Chaudhry Nisar. Being Islamabad based where CDA is under control of Chaudhry Nisar, it makes sense for Saaleh Zafir to idolize Chaudhry Nisar. Afterall, plots, houses, permits in the city are given by him! Saleh Zafir writes “Jinnah Avenue Waqia kee baazgasht aiwanon mayn goonj rahee hay”.  He doesn’t stop there and writes “After the aggressive remarks of opposition members, when the Interior Minister roared in the upper house, there was complete silence!”. He further writes “Chaudhry Nisar presented his case in detail and with references. Critics ended up applauding him”. Basically according to him what Chaudhry Nisar has been saying is that he has been there for two months only, in the previous tenor one minister, one governor and a Kazakh diplomat had been killed in Islamabad, and that he is a magnanimous person and hasn’t allowed for an FIR to be recorded against Zamarrud Khan.  In essence, Saaleh Zafir’s piece is  nothing but a press release from Chaudhry Nisar’s office. We wont be surprised is Saaleh Zafir is rewarded aptly for such a chamchageeri laden piece!


One has to question the editorial oversight at Jang. Is there any one editing the paper? If yes, how can such contradictory analysis come in the same paper on the same page about the same topic?


It wont be long that Jang Group will be gunning for PML-N. After all, money can buy perception, not reality!


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  • Jang group is a puppet of Jews in Pakistan. Jews want destruction of Pakistan through their allies Talbans. Talbans (Khwarjis) and Jews are one of the same kind.

  • About Jang group, it was really completely Pakistani media till it was under the command of MIR KHALIL UR REHMAN known a patriotic media man. But after him, Jang group controlled by his son MIR SHAKEEL UR REHMAN has spread its interests/stakes outside of Pakistani boarders. Pakistan’s interests of this media group now are secondary things. So in view of his designs of policy all the journalists working with this group work according to Chief’s policies. All the journalists working with this following policy what Boss want. So see the Jang group in view of my humble views.

    • I don’t think all the analysts named should be targeted like this. Ansar Abbasi and Hanif Khalid are exceptional cases, who are loyal to country too. Such witty sayings seem to me as a perfect paradigm of what is called PROFESSIONAL JEALOUSY.

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