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Adil Najam and other elitist liberals want to save Sherry Rehman from armed goons of PPP Lyari

Adil Najam has once again posted an article on his urban-elite website (All Things Pakistan ATP) which, as usual, speaks of his and the (fake) civil society’s political opacity, intellectual dishonesty and selective morality against the PPP in general and ethnic minority groups in particular.

In the article, posted by the ATP team, Najam writes in an ‘apparent support’ of Sherry Rehman, to save her from 300-350 armed terrorists (poor Baloch women, men and children of Lyari) belonging to the PPP:

“A wide array of civil society activists from different fields and different persuasion have released the following statement on the recent harassment of former Information Secretary of the PPP and former Federal Minister of Information, Sherry Rahman. ATP joins in the sentiment and spirit of the statement.”.

While the way this whole episode has been reported by Jang/Geo, Pak Tea House blog and now by Adil Najam, speaks of their professional dishonesty and selective morality, one wonders where was Adil Najam and his fake civil society when Kamran Shafi was attacked in Wah Cantt a few months ago by none other than whose apologist is Adil Najam on, i.e., the military establishment.

The list of signatories contains names of pro-establishment fake liberals such as Najam Sethi, Mohammad Malick, Hamid Mir, Adil Najam, Babar Sattar, Dr. Dushka Sayed, Nasim Zehra, Raza Rumi, Ahmar Bilal Sufi etc

I have excluded other more respectable names because I suspect they did note carefully read the entire statement nor did they realize that words such as armed goons will be used to malign sincere PPP Jiyalas and that the statement will be twisted and misrepresented by affiliates and apologists of the military establishment.

Also, I wonder where was Adil Najam and his team of pseudo-liberals when Pakistan’s media was harassing Salmaan Taseer by circulating private pictures of his family which were shamelessly published on numerous Pakistani blogs including Teeth, PkPolitics etc. No blog other than LUBP published a post against such harassment.

Where was this outpouring of sympathy for Sherry Rehman when she was being terrorized by none other than mullahs of Jamaat-e-Islami, JUI etc for her statements against the blasphemy laws in Pakistan.

Adil Najam (on behalf of his fake civil society) further writes:

“Sherry Rehman’s case is particularly disturbing. As former Information Secretary of the PPP, and former Federal Minister for Information, her services to democracy and press freedoms bear no repeating….On the heels of a show cause notice served on her by her party for speaking on a television channel that was ostensibly under a ban by the PPP, her house in Karachi was held under siege for hours. On October 22, 2010, about 300-350 armed goons, front-lined by women, protested outside her gates while local police stood and watched them block roads as well as lay siege to her house.”

Usually, Adil Najam and his ATP are quite good at posting relevant pictures. Wonder why he, and his affiliates in Geo TV/Jang Group (Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi etc), did not have a single picture of those 300-350 armed goons to display? Did such goons ever exist, or is that once again, part of typical civil society propaganda against the PPP’s “illiterate, poor, smelly supporters” from Lyari and other poor suburbs?

As a matter of principle, we consider the whole episode of Sherry Rehman and also Safdar Abbasi’s participation in Geo TV talks shows and the reaction by the PPP workers as an internal affair of the party.

Adil Najam and his ‘civil society’ further write:

“We not only condemn such resort to terror, but also demand that the President and the Prime Minister order an inquiry into the siege of Ms. Rehman’s house and take swift and appropriate action against those responsible for resorting to terror in the name of a protest. We demand that the Report of an Inquiry be made public within 7 working days from today.

It is amusing to notice that Adil Najam and his pseudo-liberals term a mild political protest by supporters of the PPP as an act of terror, while the same pseudo-liberal goons fail to identify and condemn Takfiri Deobandis of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba and their supporters (Jamaat-e-Islami, PTI, ISI) responsible for the most heinous crimes against the state and the people of Pakistan.

Day in and day out, fake liberals are proving that their traits of selective morality and twisted analyses are no different from similar traits shown by Ansar Abbasi, Ahmed Noorani, Shaheen Sehbai, Kamran Khan and Dr Shahid Masood.

We condemn pro-establishment fake-liberals and right-wing Islamists’ conspiracies against the people of Pakistan.

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