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Promoting Jihadi publications right under the nose of Pakistan govt: BBC report

BBC-UrduBBC short news report describes how promotional material is being freely printed and distributed in Pakistan. The report shows that is one of the prime tools for recruitment of cheap zombie mercenaries.


Clearly this type of publication cannot go on without the knowledge of the government of Pakistan or her intelligence agencies. One can only conclude that this is allowed to go on because it serves the interests of Pakistani Intelligence. The most dominant and powerful agency is the ISI. ISI needs these zombies for their strategic interests in various war zones and theaters including Baluchistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir or they may simply sell the zombies to highest bidder. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that a lucrative market has opened up to ship potential suicide bombers and zombie warriors to Syria. The paymasters are the Saudi and Qatri Monarchies and their Western backers.

It is sickening that Pakistan has been turned into a hatchery for Taliban mercenaries for sale to the highest bidder.  The ISI would rather they did their nine to five job and stick to the targets they are given, however in this asymmetric  warfare the terrorist inflict enormous damage to Pakistan as well. Terror attacks that kill civilians are on the rise , damage to social fabric and economy is immense. The beneficiaries are those that run and profit from the Jihadi empire.


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