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Our Lady of Fatima Church – by Nasir Dharejo

Our Lady of FatemaThis Beautiful church with pure white life sized status of Mary, is situated in a very busy area near my home, but inside the church there is grate feeling of peace and love, even for a Muslim.

Once I entered in said church premises without any previous permission by authority, I was feared that someone might I throw me out, but the person serving church warmly welcomed me.

I told him I am a Muslim and want to take some snapshots of this beautiful Church. I was amazed by the statue of Her Holiness Lady Fatima’ s. It was beautiful and pure white in colour. My host smiled. not only permitted me to do so but even he invited me inside church worship hall as well.

I happened about 1980-1982, I don’t know what is now church policy, because when Imaam abargahs and mosques are not safe, how we can expect a church administration to keep no strict policy for entry of other unknown people?

Lady Fatima1

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