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Conflict of interest: Najam Sethi wants the multi-billion TV rights deal for his employer’s sports channel


Note: We never trusted this man even in his core profession of journalism leave alone the cricket that he knows little of. Sethi never was a journalist. He became a so called journalist through proxy by bringing out a weekly blog (The Friday Times blog) from his wife’s money and installed himself as editor. He is like scores of so called anchors who became journalists in Pakistan and these “generalists” have damaged the profession. In hindsight, PPP foolishly agreed to put him as an interim Chief Minister Punjab where he helped PML-N win the elections through massive rigging – obviously PML-N doled out a lucrative post to him for the work well done. Now this man is trying to wing multi-billion TV rights for his employer Jang Group’s Geo Super. This is one of the biggest conflict of interest cases in history of Pakistani jouranlism.

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ISLAMABAD (27 July 2013): A former coach of the army’s cricket team on Friday accused Najam Sethi of plotting to transfer billions of rupees worth of broadcast rights to a channel of his choice.

Nadeem Suddle has challenged Sethi’s appointment in Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in the Islamabad High Court and on his plea the court had annulled the elections of the board.

Suddle told Daily Express that Sethi was acting chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board but was dreaming of becoming its permanent chief — though he knows little about cricket.

“Sethi is a paid employee of a media group. How can he prove himself to be unbiased in the auction for broadcasting rights?” asked Suddle.

Sethi wants the multi-billion TV rights deal for the channel of his choice, the former coach claimed.

Suddle said that Sethi had called him for a meeting. “Sethi asked me to help him run the affairs of PCB in a better manner. He wanted to become permanent chairman,” he said.

Suddle said that he advised Sethi to follow Supreme Court’s orders and hold elections and if he wanted to become PCB chairman then he should first win nomination from any of the zones and contest polls.

He also told Sethi that the constitution of the cricket board could not be changed.

“Sethi told me the prime minister has asked him to handle the affairs of PCB, however, he should stick what he is good at. Running PCB is not his game,” Suddle said.

He said that Sethi often refers to some birds in his talk show, he has kept such pets in the PCB too but they would fly away soon.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 27th, 2013.


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