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Pakistani media and streets remain silent on massacre of 75 Shia Muslims in Parachinar – by Ahmed Bangash


Parachinar witnessed another bloody day when over 75 Shias were killed, another 180 wounded, by the Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of Sipah-e Sahaba Taliban (currently operating as Ahl-e Sunnat Wal Jamat ASWJ, led by Ahmed Ludhianvi Deobandi). Two hours before Iftar (fast break), this massacre in holy month of Ramzan was met with indifference and silence on Pakistani media and streets. While hospitals in Parachinar were barely able to treat the victims who had sustained severe injuries, the ambulances taking injured victims to the nearby cities were ambushed, killing scores , wounding dozens.

Kurram Agency was cut off from Pakistan for five years, starting from 2007 to 2012, when the Deobandi Taliban militants besieged it. Pakistan army stood by while half a million Shias were subject to violence and persecution by the Deobandi Sipah-e Sahaba Taliban. Media being sympathetic to Sipah-e Sahaba Taliban portrayed the Shia Genocide in the town as a tribal conflict involving two different tribes. (Ironically, media persons describe Shia genocide in Kurram as a tribal confict, in Quetta as Hazara ethnic issue, in Karachi as Sunni-Shia violence etc). A segment of the same media called it sectarian violence in another vile attempt to project it as tit-for-tat Sunni-Shia killings. This narrative hides the fact that in addition to muder of 21,000 Shias, Deobandi terrorists (ASWJ, LeJ, Taliban) have also killed thousands of moderate Sunnis, Ahmadis and Christians in Pakistan. As obfuscation was systematically engineered, Shia population faced progrom with Arab, Chechen, Uzbek and local fighters poured on Parachinar to carry out the genocide. All this while, the local Kurrami Shias fought bravely to deal with the Deobandi onslaught. By the end of the siege, thousands of Shias were killed, thousands others injured. Schools remained closed, hospital staff vanished and medical equipments unavailable. Tragically, those crying hoarse on Gaza did not do anything to even highlight this genocidal siege.

No part of Pakistan is now safe from the ongoing Shia Genocide and murder of moderate Sunnis by Deobandi terrorissts of the Sipah-e Sahaba Taliban (ASWJ). However, the siege of Parachinar, which is termed Pakistan’s Gaza by international media, is the worst form of violence ever witnessed in the country so far. Shias had to travel all the way from Afghanistan to Parachinar, taking 36 to 48 hours of traveling. They endangered their lives to undertake this journey while Pakistan army was nowhere to be seen. Scores were kidnapped, slaughtered in this journey too. If this was not complicity, one wonders what was.

Complicity in Shia Genocide is manifesting itself now in the form of media and civil society’s silence. Since the multiple blasts took place, social and electronic media indulged in trivialities, covering unimportant and Punjab-specific issues; i.e presidential elections, load-shedding, and transport problems in Punjab. Talk Show hosts like Hamid Mir, Nasim Zara, Najam Sethi, Raza Rumi, Fahd Hussain, Javed Chauhdry, Kamran Shahid, Kamran Khan did not dedicate even a minute to this massacre. Both right-wing Islamists and so called “liberals” are silent. Twitter which is abuzz when Taher Shah is invited to Amir Liaqat’s program did not see even a single tweet from the proactive tweeples on the Kurram massacre. The entire focus of these media personalities is to somehow obfuscate the issue and others remain conveniently quiet. Some even go to the extent of humanizing Sipah-e Sahaba Taliban terrorists by interviewing them for their blogs, magazines and newspapers (e.g. TFT blog owned by Najam Sethi, edited by Raza Rumi). Sadly some Shias continue to engage with and promote those ‘fake’ libeal editors who in turn continue to engage with and promote ASWJ terrorists.

There is no denial that Shia Genocide is enabled by the complicity of state institutions. But equally big role is that of media. The Taliban-sympathetic media, the Taliban-idealizing social media will only obfuscate the pogrom while Shias will continue to suffer. Only a few persecuted Sunni Barelvis, Ahmedis, Christians, Balochs raise their voice against Shia Genocide. Those quiet now are complicit too. And once the Deobandi terrorists (Taliban, ASWJ) get the upper hand, those silent will face what the Shias are going through right now. Meanwhile, the world needs to turn its focus to Pakistan and take concrete steps to make the state act against the Shia Genocide.

News clip: Deobandi terrorists (Sipah Sahaba Taliban) own up the attack on innocent Shia Muslims of Parachinar, express their intent to kill all Shia Muslims of Pakistan, falsely present themselves as Sunni Muslims, and falsely implicate Pakistani Shias in events taking place in Syria and Iraq (where, as a matter of fact, Al Qaeda affilaited Deobandi and Wahhabi terrorists are busy in slaughtering secualr Sunni, Shia and Christian communities). (Source)


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  • First of I condemn this barbaric Terrorist act. Pakistani Shia’s should not expect anything from Pakistani media, the media are funded by Saudi Arabia on the orders of their daddy – America. As long as Takfiri-Deobandi Fitna is around, these act of terrorism will never stop.. TTP/LeJ/ASWJ/SSP are Fitna’s whose core value is: to spread hatred and violence. I really am surprised that, Pak Army is totally quite and seems like they are either scared of these Thugs or partners in these criminal acts!
    May Allah(swt) protect Pakistan and Shias within Pakistan & may Allah(swt) bring his curse on whoever is behind these evil acts.
    Khuda hafiz,
    Baber Zaidi

  • The word condemn usually uses by ministers and high profiles but i would not condemn the blast rather i would face.this was the sixth suicide attack in my hometown the most beautiful and peaceful part of the country.
    History knows better that we the Turi and Bangash tribes have been protecting the Government ,Security forces from beginning until now but the response or the reward always been presented in the shape of terrorism,killing.
    since the Govt has taken charge of the security the peoples suffered a lot and the economy of that part is getting worse and worse.
    ISI was looking for a shortcut to Afghanistan just to keep continue their activities in Afghanistan but they couldn’t find that from somewhere else and so they have demanded to our brave nation to provide them way but we have rejected their proposal that Kurram Agency is a peaceful part and the people are very educated,sensible so we won’t do that.And that was the turning part our agencies start Parachinar shia genocide just to smash the peace of the paradise Kurram Agency.


    • Agha Ali We have given 1700 precious lives since april 6th ,2007 just for the sake of Deen and motherland and Insha Allah will for ever…

  • Offense is the best defense. Live like Ali (AS) and die like Hussain (AS). Don’t get slaughtered like sheep and goat.

  • QUOTES and verbal condemnation will not solve this massacre of the innocent people.Government and the media are dumb at this killing of SHIEAS WHO HAVE NO EFFECTIVE AND VOCAL LEADERSHIP.The call of the moment is to organize your self and unite for the cause.

  • Though Iam deobandi Muslim but my heart is full of tears for all the shuhada and injured ,Saudi funded terrorists are not to be called Muslim they have no sect they are just terrorists , Islam doesn’t teach what they propagate nor Deobandis show any affiliation to such acts of immense brutality they are worse than Jews even mosques have been bombed in Swat , Dara Adam khel ,they don’t see people as Shia or Sunni their purpose is widespread massacre and chaos , May Allah bless all those who embraces shahada