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Naansence shameless LUBPians – by Samantha Salafi


You shameless LUBPians. Now you will make a post on this video and link it with how Greatest Pro PML N blog TFT that promotes ASWJ and LeJ. You naansence people will juxtapose Greatest TFT interview of Allama Farooqi with his video clip. and then 3rd video clip of Ludhainvi and Comrade Chishti when they talk of expanding Blasphemy law. But I am very disturbed by great comment by Malik Ishaq where he says Rafzis are 5% of population when Kidwai quoted his source as saying Rafzi only 2%.

Pakistan’s security agencies train ASWJ LeJ terrorists to enable Shia Genocide from Ale Natiq on Vimeo.

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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
@aliabbastaj on Twitter


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  • I am happy to have a Salafi colleague here. Picture shows 3 comrades-in-arms, this is called Mullah-Liberal alliance. Are u jealous?

  • Ummmm…………..Um!:DOk,enough joking.I’ve a question to ask,Is it necessary to support terrorist and not just any terrorist,those who are blood thirsty beasts in human disguise!Any one can pass critical(non-offenceive)comments.But the likes of you don’t care about manners.You think that Islam was made just for you and you can remodel and redesign it for your own purposes!Think again buddy as it ain’t gonna happen!:-P

    Rafzi is a slang for us,(atleast for me!)avoid it’s us!

    F.Y.I we’re more than your above give value.

    It’s nonsense not naansense,pea brain!:D

    • Thanx for turning my thoughts into words and doing it convincingly..couldn’t have put it better myself

  • Regardless if somone if rafzi or salafi or sunni or whatever. All I know that no one is safe from the hands of Salafis, takfiri group. Who are the B-team of ISI. I am a sunni muslim, I have also lost one of my relative by hands of same ASW-LEG terrorist in Karachi. So lets be clear that people have strted to recogonizing the terrorsit and peaceful people. There is no war between Sunnis and Shias. Only enemy of Islam and all the sacts in the Islam is ISI, ASW and LEJ.

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