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شام: استعمار کی زد میں ایک اور مسلم ریاست – از محمد نذیر تبسم

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  • A well argued, fact based objective presentation on what is happening in Syria. Strongly recommend a reading.

  • Well written and researched article. It is unbiased and no-partisan. I have learned from this article. The UK, Israel and other Western countries supported Jihad in Afghanistan and that country is domed. They ruined Iraq in a different way and Iraq keeps on bleeding. They are playing the Afghanistan game in Syria now, with Israeli air force routinely bombing Syria. What a combination of Jihad-ism and Zionism?

  • Poori Ummah Hazrat Senators John Mccain ki shukar gazar hai, jin ki wajah se Shaam bi Afghanistan aur Iraq ki tarah Islami nashhat-e-sania say srafraz ho raha hai. Allah un kay darajat buland karay.