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Sayyeda Zainab’s tomb attacked by Syria rebels, Al Qaeda and Pakistani Taliban – by Rusty Walker


The attack on Sayyeda Zainab’s (A.S.) mausoleum, in the Syrian capital, Damascus, is an instance of the Takfiri Deobandis from Pakistan partnering with Wahhabis and Salafis to form the Global Al- Qaeda that is unwittingly backed by NATO and the Western alliance. Hopefully, this is an error based on misunderstanding by the Western Alliance of just who these animals are. There is no doubt, that the American people have not forgotten the terror committed by these same Al Qaeda on 9/11.

This  is a disaster for the global community!  The significance of Sayyeda Zainab (AS) cannot be overstated. She was the co-leader of Karbala with Imam Hussain against an unjust and oppressive Caliphate.

Taliban has now set up camp in Syria. It was Al Qaeda, who has paired with Pakistani Taliban, to perpetrate a religious profanity by attacking a Shrine so important to the Muslim community. This attack on the shrine of Sayyeda Zainab (AS) is a disaster not just for Muslims, but for religious communities everywhere. Those of us with a love of history understand that great religious events shape history, and recognize that the desecration of this kind should not be relegated to the back pages of press reports. Why are Pakistani Muslims and world leaders so silent?

Perhaps it should be explained, and understood, who Sayyeda Zainab (AS) is. It is well known that on the 5th day of the 5th month of the 5th Hijri, after the completion of the Panjatan, the daughter Seyyada Zainab (AS) was born to Ali (The rightly guided Caliph)  and Batool (the daughter of the founder of Islam).  Sayyeda is a revered personage for Muslims everywhere. Sayyeda Zainab (AS) had two great missions to reveal the truth.  One was to show the true face of Yazid and his followers, and the other was to uncover who the Ahlulbayt really were and what their importance was.  At every step of her long journey she fulfilled these two missions. The whole world is indebted to her sacrifices and her courage, as Sayyeda became a verification of the words of Allah; “Those who believed and migrated and strive hard in Allah’s way with their possessions and their lives are far higher in rank in Allah’s view. They are those who achieved salvation.” As you can see, Sayyeda Zainab (AS) can be seen as the Christian saint might be viewed, and of course, Sayyeda Zainab (AS) transcends political figures.

Universal belief that Assad is the villain is not proof of the validity of the rebels. The rebels are Islamist. Meanwhile the United States is forgetting lessons of 1980 Afghanistan, and that attempting to put out a fire by pouring oil on it. General Martin Dempsey, the U.S. chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, incredibly has briefed President Obama on options for military intervention in Syria. The Rebel leader, Jarba is a veteran secular dissident and seen as close to Saudi Arabia which has repeatedly urged the European Union to arm Syrian rebels. This is in spite of some Western and South Asian skepticism of supplying arms to the opposition that could fall into the hands of Islamist radicals. It should not be forgotten that the rebels in Syria are Saudi-funded Wahhabi terrorists fighting against the Assad Government, and are as much our enemies as Assad.

The objective of these Salafists is the same as the past destruction of Sufi shrines in Mali, Libya and Syria by Al Qaeda/Taliban affiliated Takfiri Salafi/ Deobandi/ Wahabis. The Muslims leaders have said in their condemnation messages that it is Saudi Arabia that is attempting to attack the sacred places of Muslims, the Baitullah and the Holy Shrine of Our Last Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH, which is situated in the Masjid e Nabawi Premises. The first step of Al Saud have already demolished the Holy Shrines of all the Family Members of the Holy Prophet in the “Baqee Cemetery” commonly known as “ Janaat ul Baqee.”

These Salafists have proven only one thing:  In maligning Islam, by creating and sponsoring the Groups Like Taliban, al Qaeda , and allied groups they are simply the descendants of the Munafiqeen, that is, Munafiqeen e Dunya, i.e., hypocrites of the world, who consider themselves Muslims, but in fact, a disputable claim. Whether Jundullah, Boko Haram, Free Syrian Army, or any other group, operating in any part of the world under the banner of Al Saud, they are Takfiri Salafists that kill Muslims, and are nothing but political opportunists, bent on a Caliphate fantasy.

Sayyeda Zainab (AS) as the co-leader at Karbala with Imam Hussain (AS), renders the Sayyeda Zainab(AS)  Mauseleum as a symbol of courage to all humanity. Humanity needs to stand up for the reverence for historical monuments of humanitarian importance.

About the author

Rusty Walker

About the author: Rusty Walker is a world-travelled, Independent Political Analyst, educator, author, Vietnam veteran-era U.S. Air Force, from a military family, retired college professor, former Provost (Collins College, U.S.A.), artist, musician and family man. Rusty Walker is an ardent supporter of Pakistan.


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  • Thank you brother. This is attack on the family of the Prophet. Shrine of the Lord (PBUH) will be last target, one by one, one by one.
    The ‘Petro Blindness’ of the US leadership is preparing another 9/11. May God bless the USA.

  • Please do not compare Syeda Zainab [SA] with benazair bhutto or malala or any other personality, there is no connection whatsoever, BB was a bloody…..anyways, you got my point,yes? Be careful! Think before you write…..other than that, it is a good article. Death to the House of Saud [LA] and their supporters!

    • If you are a Shia:
      The author has not equated them. He meant their courage for their cause, which is personal opinion, as you have your personal opinion about BB. We need to be gentle with non-Muslims who are contributing to the cause of Hosayniat. Look at the Muslims (Shia included), how they are Mum. Frustration against BB can be vented somewhere else in this blog, but not in this particular post. Need to choose words carefully when and where family of the Prophet is involved.

  • Syed Owais Ali Zaidy, your point is well taken, I apologize as, I meant no offense.
    I would have done better had I not tried to compare Syeda Zainab [SA] to a political figure, whether BB, of someone else. I happen to be an admirerer of Benazir; others may not see her in that positive light.
    I edited my post to omit BB, and rather to say more accurately: Syeda Zainab [SA] transcends all political figures.

    • Thank you Rusty. Muslim or non-Muslim it does not matter to be a Husseini warrior, and you are on that path.

  • You are being spared this time, as this particular post is concerning revered Sayyeda (Salam Allah-o-Aleiha).

  • stop this propeganda against real muslims ,infactly shia people following amarica and satan policies ,we have wasted alot of muslim in iraq and syria bcz shia people bcz they are with amarican militry and support them….

    • Can you prove your point that the shia people are with America etc. When Israel recently bombed Syria , it was the Free Syrian Army and the Wahaabe who cheered them on. Is this an example of the Shia being on the side of America etc. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan etc are urging America and the West to arm the rebels. Are the rebels Shia??? You unfortunately have your facts mixed up and need to wake up from your sleep!!!!

      • He is not not confused and misunderstood, in fact he also belongs to the same chips of block from where aal-e-saud came.

  • those who were yazidi at karbala will beat himself till qiyamah,,,,,,,,i condemn attake on syeda zainab place of rest a part of jannah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,why basharul asad dont quit isnt there any other suitable person in syria or he ll kill continuously the citizens shias are justifying killings just becoz the rebels are sunni ,,,

    • Bro, they are not “Sunni”, they are terrorist and barbarians from the clan of yazeed bin mavia bin sufian and aal-e-saud.

  • This is not a forum for self-important imbeciles to attack me or the way I write:
    Any comments not focused on the topic:
    “Sayyeda Zainab’s tomb attacked by Syria rebels, Al Qaeda and Pakistani Taliban”
    will be deleted.

  • Rusty, irritation of Munfiqeen — the enemies of The Lord (PBUH) and his family — indicates your condemnation of the attack is being received. The criminal allies of the perpetrators of this crime are in pain. Why are they in pain? It is so evident! Bravo, Ghazi Rusty!

  • Thanks. Today I am very sad to hear the news of destruction of the graves of Hazrat Ammar ibne Yasir (RA) and Khalid ibnul Walid (RA). One after the other ….

    • Ali Akbar,,,,, what about “Summer Marriages” and “Jihad-un-Nikkah” being adopted in Arab countries and Tunisia. See “Al0-jazeera” reports.

  • I agree with Syed Owais Ali Zaidy. You cannot compare the Islamic figure to these two females especially. As a matter of fact you should not compare any Islamic figure to any other person. These Islamic figures were so pious.

  • Please Ali Akber. I think you should not judge anyone by a few mistakes of some people. Though I agree that no one should worship graves as it is strictly forbidden in our religion…no matter of you are sheea or sunni….basically it is totally forbidden in Islam althoghter. Mind your language. There is no way you can convice the other person not to do this by cursing at him or her. you need to convice him or her not to do that with your logic. In Islam…it is said for us to worship only and only ALLAH..not even the Prophet SAW…otherwise if we start worshiping a human…dead or alive we will not be Muslims..Chirstians worship Jesus….it becomes the same case. Ok brother? Stay calm. I know this makes you angry but you need to convice those who do wrong to stop by being plesant. And also though we cannot worship these graves but we can surely offer FATEHA because these people were true followers of Islam.
    \Thank You