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Recently there have been a number of critical views expressed regarding LUBP’s editorial policy and alleged intolerance of criticism of the PPP. Nothing could be further from the truth. This blog is dedicated to the principle of freedom of speech and welcomes contributions from all sides of the political spectrum as well as rebuttals of articles published on LUBP itself.

We are a political blog and we publish articles by the PPP supporters who take the time to send us their writings and views. We also publish articles by individuals who are not necessarily supporters of the PPP and indeed, who are harshly critical of the government and of the Pakistani state’s policies. Here are two such examples:


Similarly if you read our forum you will see that many of the regular contributors express views critical of the PPP and we have a strict policy of freedom of speech on our forum – i.e. we do not censor any comments.

The point I am getting to is that there are many occasions on which an article, comment or forum post on LUBP will be deemed to be politically incorrect, sycophantic, blind in its support of the PPP, anti-Pakistan or offensive. Unlike other blogs LUBP is not a one-person or two-person show. There are literally hundreds of individuals who have, over the last few years, contributed articles to our blog and we consider that to be our greatest strength and not a weakness. We are proud to say that we accept no funding from the government and are not afraid to criticize it when we think it has gone wrong. But we also are not in the business of censoring our contributors’ views because they may be unpalatable to those who choose to remain aloof from partisan politics.

So if you are unhappy with the direction that LUBP is taking, you are most welcome to submit an article to editor@lubpak.com, either rebutting an article published here, or explaining why you think this blog is misguided. We can guarantee you that unless it contains profanities or ethnic or religious slurs, we will most certainly publish it. If you are unwilling to contribute to a partisan political blog, please reconsider. Supporting a political party or writing for a blog that openly declares its political affiliations is not something to be ashamed of.

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  • the question remains – will our critics bother to respond to this invitation and engage with us by contributing to our blog? Or will they be content to simply call us intolerant and judgmental despite our repeated invitations for them to contribute to our blog with opposing viewpoints.

  • @Laila

    Your post is a noble invitation. It has two elements: honesty, transparency.

    We expect the same two elements from our critics.

  • Whatever we may do i.e. related to transparency and honesty, PPP and it’s supporters will always be termed jiyalas and thick skinned. So this is for sure a noble effort, yet the brand doesnt go

  • I have a little litmus test:

    Run a quick search on Pakistani blogs and Twitter. See for yourself how many of them paid attention to Talat Hussain’s op-ed on Angelina Jolie versus how many posts or comments were written about the Kurram agency blockade.

    The blockade of Shias in the Kurram agency is not an issue to do with the PPP or its korrupt feudals. Indeed, it is an issue of human rights and liberal values.

    This is not an isolated topic. There is a consistent, discernible pattern of selective morality and a lack of transparency, exhibited by the group you are trying to convince, Laila!

  • I do not belong to PPP ,personally I like to see PPP without Zerdari .
    But LUBP encouraged me to write in this forum and I enjoy freedom of expression on this site .
    I also suggest to change the site name without PPP

  • You guys are doing a great job. But I’m surprised that you’re silent on the Habib R. Sulemani case, who after attempts on his life is living in solitary confinement for the last seven months.

    Here I’m reproducing a letter published Read Write Web:

    The social media is changing the social scenario in the world including my country Pakistan.

    When a journalist of the Dawn newspaper, Habib R. Sulemani wrote a novel, The Terrorland, against the Talibanization policy of the mighty establishment, he along with his family members came under criminal attacks. The mainstream media even journalistic and human rights bodies were made silent as the accused were no-one else but the powerful spy agencies, ISI and MI, and some journalists on their payroll.

    In such a situation, when Mr. Sulemani survived three attempts on his life, a blog site, The Terrorland blogs, conveyed his voice to the world at large. Then the Facebook and Twitter pages of The Terrorland made his contact with the world easier. Thus the social media immediately saved their lives but the danger still looms!

    Mr Sulemani is living in solitary confinement for the last seven months, and his only link with the outside world are his seldom blogs, which he calls “lifeline in oppression and tyranny”.

    The police have refused registering a case while the government is silent because among the accused is also the Editor of the newspaper whose brother is a serving general and chief spokesman of the Pakistan Army.

    In a letter to global leaders, human rights, journalistic and literary organizations, Mr. Sulemani writes: “Freedom of thought and expression is still a slogan in our part of the world. If the Pakistani, American, British and allied governments, partners in fighting global terrorism, want to win the war, then they must address intellectual terrorism first.”

    Mr. Sulemani says in a blog: “Let’s bring those people to justice who use religion, race and nationalism as weapons against humanity, and those criminal minds who want to make planet earth a terrorland in the universe.” http://t.co/zHkZGeT


    Prime Minister Gilani admitting the blunder of PPP founder and former premier Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto “1972 takeover of schools,colleges a mistake: Gilani (Jang Oct.31,2010), can be termed as too little and too late. Too little, because there are other Himalayan blunders ZAB has committed when he unjustifiably took charge of the country from usurper Gen.Yahya Khan and even before that. He nationalisation of Educational Institutions and Industries had ruined the education and economy of the country. Pakistan,s economy was in a good shape
    even after the cessation of East Pakistan, which unfortunately gone in reverse due to these decisions.These decisions were not taken in the interest of people but to get as much control of the country as possible. He was an autocrat in the guise of a democrat. He ruled Pakistan like a king with the support of the defeated Generals and Waderas (Land owners).
    We are still paying for his blunders.On the political side his blunders cost us East Pakistan also. Prime Minister Gilani must be commended for admitting the blunder of PPP founder leader which even his own daughter could not dare to do during her two stints as Prime Minister.
    Now, since he has opened the pandora’s box he should further admit the mistakes,blunders and all the un-democratic actions taken by ZAB as well as his daughter Benazeer Bhutto.
    Even now his party boss is committing blunders again and again, but P.M Gilani does not have courage to oppose. May be he would accept these blunder after 30 40 years.