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War against amateur social media activists of Pakistan – by Pejamistri


It is so disgusting that the “Professional” Social Media activists tried to bring Fauzia Wahab’s name in their war against LUBP. It is a shame.

Personally I think Raza Rumi and his gang is trying to threaten and scare amateur social media activists. As I said earlier I consider those holier than thou social media activist more dangerous than right wing molvis like Ansar Abbasi and others.

I had very high regard for Raza Rumi and Marvi Sirmed, but somehow when in the conflict between Abdul Nishapuri and Marvi Sirmed , they threatened him with dire consequences and talked about his family in Pakistan and how they are going to use FIA etc, I realized that their attitude is no different than the right wing molvis like Tahir Ashrafi, molvi Ansar Abbai and other.

I don’t buy the bullshit that people should not be allowed to criticise (albeit falsely) on social media. If you have done nothing wrong, people will know. This holier than thou attitude is condemnable for both right wing and left wing media persons. If LUBP publishes any article against anyone, then instead of threatening the writers and their families, write a rebuttal, tell your point of view, prove that the allegations are wrong and malafide and people will believe you if you are right.

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  • Gather your friends, and have discussion to mend relations with IK/PTI, this will be a long long war. IK/PTI are good antidotes for Rumis etc. etc.

  • Any paid journalist or consultant should be taken with a grain of salt. They are sponsored by questionable funding sources. No Pakistani media house turns a profit. Where does the money come from?

    Frankly if any one wants to know the truth it should be from social media people write and express themseleves for what they believe in not money and cush junkets.

  • As simple as that. Mestry (Ooopps) Mistri Ji! Honestly you have hit the bull’s eye. If someone feels his tail being twisted then s/he should come up with ‘Dhaansoo’ rebuttal. Black mailing or threatening shows, how low scum one is.
    I agree with you but will it bring some shame to the apes?