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3 Idiots in Courtroom No. 1 – by Ali Asad

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Ahmed Iqbalabadi


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  • The 3rd judge is the Mr. Justice Saqib Nisar. The reason why the author thinks that “Razia Ghundon mayn phans gayee” is that Razia nay to CJ LHC banna tha …

  • Third one feels proud in telling the people he was performing duty of no 1.He is always ready to put his LTI on whatever is written and fully agree whatever is said .In fact his appointment is extra constitutional and thus irregular,as he was not qualified .he was just obliged fur collaborating with no 2.now he is just repaying the debt .Just non sense.

  • Its really a bold and factual depiction of the characters of these members of our law-avoiding judiciary.

    But i was missing Khwaja Sharif-
    what do u think about him?
    I think its injustice to him by not awarding such a title.

  • I can appreciate your effort of exposing these so-called judges
    Their appointments, positions and acts are unconstitutional,unlawful, ant-society and anti-pakistan.
    I think we need to speak up and spread awareness among our masses and ignorant members of society.
    I think they are harming more than any other internal or external enemies of Pakistan.