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Tariq Butt of The News / Geo TV threatens Asma Jahangir – by Sikandar Mehdi

Jang Group (Jang / The News / Geo TV) is notorious in Pakistan for yellow journalism

I wrote a post yesterday about Asma Jahangir’s victory. When I woke up this morning I picked up the newspaper and on page 9 of daily The News (of Jang Group) I read a “comment” by Mr Tariq Butt, in which Butt Sahib has given some veiled and some open threats to Asma Jahangir.

Tariq Butt (along with Kamran Khan, Ansar Abbasi, Shahid Masood and Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman) is in a state of mourning and shock.

Let us deconstruct the “comment” by Tariq Butt in The News regarding the victory of Asma Jahangir. This victory has given digestive problem to the media and the establishment. I would suggest them to take some medicine, it might help their digestive disorder.

This is what he wrote as directed by his CEO Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman and his mentor Ansar Abbasi of the Hizb ut Tahrir:

While Asma Jehangir’s victory brings joy, smiles and delight to the struggling Zardari-Gilani government, which wants to fulfil its old dream of countering the independent judiciary riding on her shoulders, she faces a tough test to prove that she is not a cheerleader for the shenanigans of the regime.

Tariq Butt probably is not aware of the shenanigans of the his own colleagues. These journalist are black sheep, they are blackmailers and are more corrupt than the politicians. And about pro-establishment lawyers Tariq Butt mentioned: they are cheap individuals; their mere presence has turned this profession into something which is at the bottom of cyst pit. In particular, lawyers such as Akram Shaikh, Qazi Anwar, Iqbal Haider, Hamid Khan etc are individuals of no morality. So Tariq Butt, no need to talk about the shenanigans of government.

However, whenever she may be appearing to go overboard, she would find lot many people from different vibrant segments of the society to check her. Particularly, the active lawyers’ community is not expected to demonstrate any laxity and slackness in giving its sharp reaction.

This is a threatening statement by Tariq that if she does’nt go by the already set rules of engagement by the establishment, there is opposition that is still sitting out there. This same media made Atizaz Ahsan, Ali Ahmed Kurd heroes but when they spoke against the mockery of justice, this same media turned against the heroes. So it is very common

Asma Jehangir was placed on the opposite side mainly because of support extended by the government, which has its own motives to achieve through her win. However, it would be difficult for the first ever woman president of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) to defend the regime even if she wanted to because its actions especially its blatant defiance of landmark judgments of the superior courts, chiefly the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), are indefensible.

Asma Jahangir’s victory is credited to the government but not to her almost thirty years of hard work. She is a damn good woman who has proven herself professionally. Her fault that she was on the opposing side of the NRO is hurting the Taliban Union of Journalists and the Taliban lobby within civil society (pseudo-liberal enemies of democracy). Also he demonizes that she is a woman. Yeah, Tariq Butt it is her fault that you look like a man but actually you are not. She is more of man that you you and your boss MSR (with or without wig) put together. She has guts which you dont and she can speak her mind unlike you who is speaking Hameed Gul’s and ISI’s language.

However, the new SCBA president has to be greatly alert and vigilant all the time about the Machiavellian machinations and devices of a bunch of Zardari cronies, who cherish since long to dump the independence judiciary so that the president is not questioned about his alleged corruption specifically money laundering cases in foreign lands.

Tariq Butt has in each and every line threatened Asma from deviating from the line that is set by Hamid Khan and Gen Hameed Gul’s candidate Ahmed Awais. We are paying for our sins, that Iftikhar Choudhry is CJ. God forbid if individuals like Tariq Butt start to decide the cases from their news columns.

If she danced to their tune, she would face the wrath of her own black coat wearing colleagues, who would not sit and watch the situation silently. Rightly so, in her first comments, she has promised that she would create a positive balance between the bar and the bench but has also cautioned that giving justice was not something to cheer about as this was the basic duty of the judiciary.

Just read the above lines, they are obnoxious. He is openly threatening Asma if she dances to their tune. It means there are tunes that people are dancing to. If she keeps on dancing to the tunes of media ad establishment Butt will be happy but if she changes the tune Butt will be angry. I wonder Butt has some personal grudge with Asma. Butt says if she changes the tune her black coat colleagues wil not sit silently. How personal this wind bag, sheikh chilli is trying to become.

As luck would have it, this is the first time since the epic days of 2007 that the SCBA presidency has gone to a person, who is not very aggressive and eager to defend and shield the present judiciary.

Yes Tariq Sheikh Chilli sahib this is called coming full circle. You are going to reap what you sowed.

You guys unduly used these for sale professionals in black coats and now they seem to have been slipped from the hands of your mentors. The tune you guys set is going to be played on you.

Everybody knows the credibility of your hero Hamid Khan. He is no more than a lapdog of the judges. He barks but his barks are for love of his master judges. Yes luck has it that Asma is the SCBA president, but don’t you think that luck has it that buffoon like you is a columnist in the English newspaper run by great gambler Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. This word Mir gives me jitters I am reminded of Mir Jaffar & Mir Sadiq and I believe at least some Mirs of Jang / Geo TV have this trait of being traitors.

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  • It is actually a joke to me that Ahmed Awais would be a more renowned candidate than Asma Jahangir! I have not even seen how Ahmed Awais looks like. But it doesnt matter. It was the establishment fighting for him not him against AJ.

    This was a red letter day in the last half decade of our country…people won! Establishment lost

  • yes for sure tariq butt seams jelous from the many sources of our society and now he started to do so in daily jang today he give a ghost story of a political party inside situation which baseless and just a propagenda we condemn tariq butt fot its unjustified reporting and comments

  • tariq butt seems shah say ziada shah ka wafadar dont seems he do more than his salary? for sure he is a paying order type of reporter

  • the news and jang including geo wants that govt and all institution of the country must run with their idea but their this wish never be true

  • they are also too much love indian culture in pakistan and never tired to show in headlines the birth day of all indian actress and actor