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Takfiri Deobandi Taliban will go on a killing spree in Karachi with a weakened MQM – by Haq Navees

AltafHussain-09062013-12Altaf Hussain may have put MQM in a fight for its life and with it the Shia, Sunni Brelvi, Christian and minority population of Karachi. He can pay for his sins whatever they maybe. The important question is about MQM versus SSP and Takfiri Deobandis Taliban (Sipah e Sahaba ASWJ LEJ). 182 Sipah Sahaba workers were killed in Karachi in 2011-12. None, since is running for its life in the past two months.

If you don’t see this as Takfiri Deobandi Taliban (Sipah e Sahaba ASWJ LEJ) versus Shia, Sunni Brelvi and minorities problem then you are not alone. There are many in Pakistan whose ethnic affinities are stronger than their religious belonging (which would be a good thing if it were true for entire Pakistan but unfortunately it is not) and who would like to see MQM destroyed even if Karachi’s Shias, Sunni brelvi and minorities are killed like flies as a consequence.

On the other hand there are many non-mohajirs who understand the greater game and long-term stakes involved. They are keenly observing the global realignment.

Just three days ago, US envoy calls on Senator Sami ul Haq (AKA the Godfather of the Taliban) at his Rawalpindi residence.


Taliban are now friends of the Western alliance and doing their bidding against their arch foe Iran in the Syria theater. Just like Taliban were used against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Pakistani Taliban have set up base in Syria.

Look at all the glee of all the monsters and men disguised as anchors, journalists, and pundits who now swarm the scene to rejoice in the plight of Altaf Hussain, while the continue to humanize the hate mongering Sipah Sahaba. Where was their joy when Bait Ullah Mehsud, Osama bin Laden, and Wali ur Rehman were killed? Where was their anger when 14 girls were butchered in Quetta and injured were abandoned to die in the hospital? Where was their self-righteousness when Malik Ishaq was released and abetted?

Pontificating that is of little use to people plotting to survive against odds in the battlefield that is Karachi. War does not afford luxury of objective analyses, it is about making choices.

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Shahram Ali


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  • kutty…. kafir tu tum ho… kufaar shia……. tum log bhe tu khumeni ko follow krty ho…. mehdi malesha q masajid me dhamaky krty hen… or ye hadri group q sunni ulamaaa ko mar rhy hen….. zara btao…. kafir shia kafir…khummeni kafir.

    • Kafir kehna tum laugaun kay baap-daada say aaya hay – tum laug to muhafiz-e-rasool Hz Abu Talib (AS) kau bhi kaafir maantay hau… Yeh tau haalat hay tumharay imaan ki ..

      Jab tum wasil-e-jahannum hau kar apnay imam aur takfiri friends kau join karo gay to pata chal jaa-ay gaa keh kaun kafir hay/thaa.

    • Tum Dani ho, jis ki shaan main pura internet kaseeday par raha hai. Tumhari wajah say pura Deobnad badnam ho gia hai. Mardood!!!

  • Raza please do not use the abusive language on this blog. You seems to me an educated and civilized person to me. People like Rehman Gardizi and his ideology is only for those who are Kharjits. They are the killers of Syedna Usman and Syedna Ali. When dog braks you don’t bark back at them. You just walk away since dog has to live on the street, and you have to go to masjid and do namaz and roza. Let them say whatever they want, their frustration towards the humanity up on top. Insha’allah, MQM will rise again and so is the Altaf Bhai. We will take care of these Takfiri groups soon.

  • Umani, I don’t think that I was abusive … But if you felt so, I apologize sincerely.

    And Yes, these takfiri groups will bite the dust soon, Insha-Allah.

  • Syed Raza, I do apologize if you misunderstood me. You were not abusive at all, my comments for Gardizi in your response so he could read and feel the difference being civlized and uncivlized, which appears that he did not understand. That is why no comments from him. I am with you Insha’allah these takfiri will bite the dust. Sunni Ittehad Zindabad, Jeay Altaf Jeay MQM.