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گلگت بلتستان : جنّت میں سیاحوں کا قتل – از منظور پروانہ

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Shahram Ali


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  • it seems pakistan esteblishments both civil n militray has planed a very horrific designs for GB a well known strategic HOT LINE among 3 world neucler powers with limited access to basic human rights for last 6 decades , an unfortunate U trune come to GB in 1988 when than Dictator ZIA has send para military forces with extremist fighters from Deobandi sect to capture the area .this adventure made GB hell, throwing it to sectrain clashes, which become source of unrest in the region with high back from security agencies with miniority Deobandi sect in the region to depress majority shite sect. last year USA delagtion visited the area which has really anoyed esteblishment , they have shaped targeting killing to mass kilings of shite people , last year more 140 shite and normal sunni people killed on KKH by estebmsihment back extremists and this year happned the Nanga part incident where guests of GB targated brutally, it seems part of game with GB , on every passing day people from GB comple to rethinking why their ansectors included in pakistan, to be permenant opressed nation? to be targted on sectrain bases?
    to defame with teror ectivities ? killers enjoying safe life like thye have in pakistan? with whose support?