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SP Ashfaq Anwer’s statement confirms rogue elements’ role in Benazir Bhutto’s murder – by Kamran Shafi

Good news at last
By Kamran Shafi

IT is one of the best pieces of news this year, yes, even more than the Supreme Court’s (SC) sagaciously and correctly signalling that parliament could legislate amendments to the constitution by not throwing the 18th Amendment or even a part of it out of court.

The news is that SP Ashfaq Anwar who had been deployed to provide security to the late and much lamented Benazir Bhutto has turned approver against other senior policemen suspected of having a hand, if not in her cold-blooded and horrific murder, at least in its criminal cover-up. SP Ashfaq has reportedly denied this impression.

The most damning of all is his allegation that, as we thought, it was none other than a senior police officer who gave the orders to hose down the scene of the crime almost immediately after the assassination, obliterating any and all forensic evidence that might have been collected from there as should have happened, and as does happen when the target(s) are not high-profile political leaders who are on the wrong side of the Deep State.

Cases in point: the suicide hit on the good and well-spoken of surgeon general of the army on The Mall in Rawalpindi when the road was closed off for a whole day, the hit on the bus carrying ISI personnel in Westridge when that road was closed off for several days; even when lawyers were hit by a blast in GPO chowk, Lahore.

The second most shocking revelation in his statement is that a plain SHO stood in the way of an autopsy on poor Benazir.

We are Pakistanis who have lived and grown old in this country — can we ever believe that a lowly inspector of police could on his own prevent the autopsy of as powerful a political leader as Benazir Bhutto? Or that a senior superintendent of police could order the hosing down the scene of the crime all on his own? No sirs, no!

Both the orders had to come from the very top because the people at the top apparently knew well that it was no suicide bomber whose detonation of his charge made Benazir fall down into the jeep and hit her head on the sun-roof lever so hard that her brains oozed out.

They knew that it was the pistol shooter, plainly visible in video-film record of the murder, who shot her in the upper left side of her neck, the bullet exiting from the right side of her head. I am sorry for being so graphic, reader, but what do you do other than kick the Deep State in the teeth when it not only is at least an accessory to a crime of this proportion, but takes us lay citizens for so many fools?

As an aside, how many of us remember Brigadier Cheema (I think his name was), trying to sell the theory of the lever at a press conference after being briefed by none other than a director of the Mother of All Agencies as he himself later admitted?

The man’s mouth was dry; he was groping for words; his hands were shaking, and he generally looked as if he had seen several ghosts a mere minute ago. What a sorry and shameful performance that was, by a hanger-on of a sorry and shameless dictatorship.

Why, you might ask, is it that I say that this is even better news than the SC judgment? Because, friends, far too many of Pakistan’s political leaders have been done to violent death without the perpetrators ever coming to justice. Start from Liaquat Ali Khan, go to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and then to Benazir, and you will see the dark and dirty hands of the Deep State behind every one of those awful assassinations.

One hopes that the deposition of SP Anwar will be acted upon and that the case will reach a conclusion in a court of law, in which everyone even remotely connected with the case, no matter what their station at the time of the killing of that brave woman, will be questioned and if remotely suspect will be proceeded against. This country has seen enough bloody interventions by those that would not let democracy grow and prosper.

Source: Dawn, 26 Oct 2010

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  • SP becomes approver in Benazir murder case

    Daily Times Monitor

    LAHORE: Superintendent of Police (SP) Ashfaq Anwar became approver in former premier Benazir Bhutto’s assassination case and held three officers, including City Police Officer (CPO) Saood Aziz responsible, a private TV channel reported on Saturday.

    According to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) sources, SP Anwar had recorded statements of Clause 164 in the court of Magistrate Farrukh Nadim Malik in Islamabad, one month ago.

    Anwar said he had been deployed for the security of Benazir, but CPO Saood had forcefully sent him to the Koraal Chowk, and had then directed him to go to the rally of Nawaz Sharif in Sadiqabad.

    He added that Senior Superintendent of Police (Operation) Yasin Farooq deliberately avoided checking the security, while Superintendent of Police Khurram Ishtiaq, on the direction of CPO Saood had ordered the Rescue 1122 team to hose the site of Benazir’s assassination, and Station House Officer (SHO) Kashif Riaz of Rawalpindi police station refused a post mortem of the body, the channel reported.\10\24\story_24-10-2010_pg1_2

  • Great news indeed. At last we’ve got a man to speak the truth. BB Shaheed will get the Justice for sure and the murderer’s will be punished by Awaam not by the Independent<<<?? Judiciary.

  • Get rid of Abpara brigade to have a prosper, peaceful and a stable Pakistan. I am really worried about Kamran Shafi now 🙁 he’s in a big trouble now.

  • It is a dark fact that ISI is involved and this bloody agency is involved in almost every high profile death and crime in Pakistan. Read my article published on Friday, April 16, 2010.

    A UN Commission, headed by Chilean U.N. Ambassador Heraldo Munoz and assisted by former Indonesian Attorney General Marzuki Darusman and Ireland’s former Deputy Police Commissioner, Peter Fitzgerald, presented to the public on April 15,2010. has thoroughly enquired into the circumstances leading to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto at Rawalpindi on December 27, 2007.

    This monumental report has clearly pointed at the Musharaf government, ISI and Talibans (Al Qaeda). But, the main accused is Military Intelligence (ISI), which is considered not only responsible for killing Benazir Bhutto, but now actively trying to create hurdles in the process of investigations into this tragic death. It has been proved beyond any doubt that ISI was involved in removing evidence from the death site and hampered the UN Commissions officials to work independently by interviewing the persons responsible for the security of Benazir Bhutto.

    The report says, “This pervasive involvement of intelligence agencies in diverse spheres, which is an open secret, has undermined the rule of law, distorted civilian-military relations and weakened some political and law enforcement institutions. At the same time, it has contributed to wide-spread public distrust in those institutions and fed a generalized political culture that thrives on competing conspiracy theories.”

    Director General, Military Intelligence, Major General Nadim Ejaz is said to be responsible for washing the site of the killing of Mrs. Benazir Bhutto to wash-up the clues leading to her killers. He is allegedly involved in the May Karachi killing spree executed in collaboration with MQM, killing innocent Lawyers. He is allegedly involved in the killing of Akbar Bhugti. He is that bloody villains who pressured but un-successfully, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudri to resign. People like Ansar Abbasi who are on the pay-roll of ISI are harping the typical tune of Conspiracy Theories by putting the blame on some International Powers, just to misguide the general public. But, time has come to arrest this killer of innocent civilians, lawyers and politicians. Army should not be treated as SACRED COW anymore, otherwise Pakistan will have to face the dire consequences. The government should show its muscles by arresting all those who could have been a part of this conspiracy. The Judiciary is independent now. I am sure that definitely the culprits will be punished for their crimes.
    Despite these clear indications of involvement of ISI, Military Intelligence and Military Establishment in the murder of Benezir Bhutto , President Obama is giving good conduct certificates to these organizations. Now, every politician, bureaucrat and every ordinary person should open its eyes towards the un-bridled powers of Secret Military Agencies like ISI, which is involved in rampant killings, abductions, tortures and drug-trafficking. Time has come to cut the wings of these secret agencies. Because, it is the pervasive interference of Military Agencies in the affaires of other law enforcement agencies which has eroded the credibility and effectiveness of the public law enforcement agencies.

  • jis din hmari qoam ko smj aa gai k hmary mulk ka bera garak krne me fauj ka ehm kirdar hy to inqalab aa jay ga
    hm ne 1000 arab rupaya salana khila rhy hen aur yeh………..
    afsos……sad afsos