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TTP Commander Waliur Rehman Deobandi and Imran Khan’s march of folly – by Mahpara Qalander

Who was Waliur Rehman Deobandi? The easy answer is that he was the deputy in command of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) who was killed by a drone attack on 29 of May. But was he just the number 2 of the TTP? Was he just a terrorist who killed or ordered killing of people? Obviously no. If you listen to Imran Khan, there is something you will be surprised.

According to Imran Khan’s traditional pro-Taliban belief and profession, Mufti Waliur Rehman Mehsud Deobandi was a “pro-peace” Taliban leader who wanted to hold peace talks with the government of Pakistan. This is what he said in his tweet. Even Waliur Rehman must be slapping his knees in disbelief at Imran Khan’s statement.


Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 2.38.33 AMScreen Shot 2013-12-27 at 2.21.53 AM Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 2.23.01 AM Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 2.23.24 AM Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 2.23.54 AM Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 2.24.17 AMWhat Imran Khan conveniently forgot to mention (as usual) that Waliur Rehman was responsible for the killing of thousands of Pakistanis including Pakistani soldiers. He lied all his life in accordance with his Deobandi-Takfiri belief. He considered Shias, Ahmedis, and Sunni Brelvis kaffir (infidel) and deserving death. He had the same view about Christians, Jews and Hindus. How can he be a man of peace?

Wali-ur-Rehman Mehsud Deobandi was the alleged mastermind of the September 2008 attack on the Marriott Hotel in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, in which more than 50 people were killed. He was also linked to the December 2009 attack on a CIA base in Khost, Afghanistan in which seven CIA employees were killed. In 2010 the U.S. government, noting his attacks against U.S. personnel, offered rewards of up to $5 million for information identifying his location. The 42-year-old was among a handful of TTP leaders with formal religious credentials and, as a former member of the prominent Deobandi Islamist party Jamiat-e Ulam-e Islam (JUI), was seen as having political influence. (Source)

Waliur Rehman was the man who was declared one of the most wanted terrorists by the government of Pakistan.

wanted taliban

Imran Khan’s march of folly is as consistent as it is unbelievable. He has been saying that the violence in Pakistan is the result of the American interference in Afghanistan. But what about the Deobandi-Takfiri fatwas which stipulate the killing of all human beings who are not Deobandi or Wahabi? How can Imran Khan possibly help the people of Pakistan who have suffered at the hands of the Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ) for over two decades? Unless you call a criminal and criminal, how can you deal with crimes?

Recently, Imran Khan put his weight behind Mullah Aurengzeb Farooqi when PTI decided to support him in the provincial elections in Karachi (PS-128). Farooqi has openly asked for the destruction of the Shias. What is Imran Khan’s stand on it? https://lubpak.net/archives/267521

Someone in the PTI should stop Imran Khan’s march of folly. Otherwise, he will bring his own party down, which will be a great tragedy for Pakistan.


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Video: Wali-ur-Rehman Deobandi’s warning to UK government and British people.







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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
@aliabbastaj on Twitter


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  • Someone
    If he was so pro peace he wouldn’t be blowing up schools and causing suicide blasts in our markets. If he couldn’t have stopped them he would have atleast broken away from TTP. Also our soldiers were being killed by these barbarians before this drone strike and others before it. Stop being naive Mr.Khan

    Imran Khan needs to review his policy on terrorism. He might be a person with good intentions but he should get his policy right on such a crucial issue. What these people are doing has got nothing to do with drone attacks. They want to spread like cancer in Pakistan and eventually make a Taliban sub-state out of it. If that happens then the international community will be forced to isolate Pakistan and take away the destructive toys.


    WaliurRehman was so “pro peace” he slits throats,razed mosques,schools,markets,killed cmn ppl & soldiers whoever he thought was “anti peace”


    I remember this one time when my wife & I were arguing and Wali Ur Rehman reminded us about love and we all sang a song together.

  • I do not agree with IK nor do I agree with the other extreme views bveing expressed. He was no angle but he was still willing to talk and that could be one of the reasons he was ‘droned’ not falling in line. We need peace and we need to all get together. So lets all give it a chance irrespective of all the failures earlier and the droning of the attempts.

  • Hi everyone,

    First accept ma apologies if i m offensive.

    I really feel sorry and surprise as well when see the mental approach of people like the author of this article……

    Adolf hitler killed millions , can we blame christnity for hitler actions…..

    In syria shia’s raped even underage girls and killed many sunni’s, see in iran how shia’s treat sunni’s or other sects….. The point i want to establish that criminal is criminal regardless of thier faith and race etc………

    Now come to TTP, i am not here to support TTP or wali ur rehman…..but let me ask if anyone can answer, how and when TTp came into being…..

    I belong to FATA, and the fact is ,in last 65 yrs what the goverment did for them, on our name millions n millions demanded and received by pakistan establishment and goverments and poped up their accounts….on our scholarships ,punjabis,sindhis ,pashtoons etc from settled areas enjoying their life here in overseas as well as in pakistan …..in short to tackle down the big issues than one must need to research on the social justice or simply justice in FATA and rest of pakistan….

    Now lets talk bit logical….. Everyone called taliban terrorist ….agreed….,. But wats about the 25 banned organisation in punjab, arnt they terrorist,whats about mqm or whereever in pak…… Will pakistan goverment or establishment allow US A to carry drone attacks there in punjab, karachi, balochistan or even in islambad becaz USA is our friend to help us for having clean pakistan ………or the terrorist defination is different for taliban and the rest of the terrorist in pakistan…… Double standrads.

    No matter , what ever the domestic issue regarding any thing , goverments never ask the outside world to bomb their own citizen, they deal it by themselves…. The classic example is kashmir , 700 thousands indian army thier never bombed them……

    Its easy to say collateral damage but anyone bother to have a look at the people who lost their loved ones or literally everything……

    We must need to thank our so Called Pak Army and politician who created all this mess….. For dollars they sold their motherland many times and can sell it anytime ……

    For those who for last few years came to know about FATA as a region, please bother your self and research what exactly is the story….for example compare 65 years crimes in FATA and rest of pakistan….

    There are too many things to say but in short a very big question for everyone ….. For last ten years we are fighting wid them , did we controlled them and the country is now terrorism free …..the answer is big zero …. Like taj and many more dont want to have table talks with taliban than whats the best solution you guys have…..

    But the histroy says whether its ‘ accord of hodeybia b/w prophet Muhammad (saw) n mushreeqan e makkah’ or ireland n britain and the list is go on n on which proves that negotiation is the best solution .

    If any one has the best solution except table talks , than please help this country to end the voilence…..

    Otherwise i dont see any example in history to win the war from pashtoons……

    So please support the table talks to stop the killings of innocent people and genocide of pashtoons ……..

    • Dear Ahmad Sahb, we the whole FATA agree with your approach and suggestions, the solution of this irritating issue is to come close to table talk and continue peace initiatives with all these who are involved/effected and find out the root causes of the issue. if we remind ten years back i.e the era before war on terror, we the FATA passed peaceful life no one referred FATA as dangerous zone for the rest of the world. then what are the elements and forces who pushed us to bulging fire?

  • The people of Pakistan sometimes act so naive that it isn’t even funny! And it would continue to go on till the time we start calling a spade, a spade. People like Imran Khan are acting like an ostrich with its head buried deep in the sand. What he needs to do is to take his head out of there and take an objective stock of the situation. He might get the picture, though I doubt that with his rhetorical approach and limited political vision he would get it.
    Coming back to the Taliban “menace” ; I would like to add a few things to the already well put article. 1). IT IS OUR WAR : The common misunderstanding that I hear and read these days is that why are we fighting someone else’s war – If you have any doubts on it, we would need to go back to the ’80s and re-visit our foreign policy and national security objective of strategic depth! 75,000 plus Pakistanis have been killed with in the territorial boundaries of Pakistan by people who neither accept the constitution of Pakistan, nor the system of government and its functionaries. Anyone challenging the writ of the state needs to be cut down to size else every second day, a new armed group would stand up black mailing the government. So we are fighting OUR OWN WAR against people who neither accept the government of Pakistan’s authority or existence, not to forget mentioning the unlawful killing spree by these bearded idiots!!! 2). ARE THESE IDIOTS(TALIBAN) EVEN AWARE OF WHAT ISLAM MEANS: I read in the second grade that the word “Islam” means “TO ENTER INTO PEACE” – I guess the Taliban need to give a new name to their religion as these barbaric, inhumane people who tend to profess Islam are only killing armed and unarmed MUSLIMS. Has Allah Almighty given them a license to decided on which reciter of the Kalima e Tayyibah is a muslim and which one is not??? According to their philosophy, The Government of Pakistan and its functionaries are un-islamic and hence killing them and the people who pay tax (the general public of Pakistan) is their religious duty!!! So by their actions, they imply the opposite of what the word ISLAM means!!! 3). HOW DO YOU NEGOTIATE WITH SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT RECOGNIZE YOU??? To all the dimwits like Imran Khan and the sort, The taliban have only ONE agenda for negotiation – Since they believe that the existence of the Government of Pakistan is un-islamic and no one else is a muslim except them, hence the Government should handover the power to them so they can implement the Shariah (Please read Shariah as Wahabism as that is the only concept that the taliban think is right). Does Imran Khan and the rest of the people suggesting negotiations plan on handing over the governance to these IDIOTS who DO NOT even recognize the authority of the Government of Pakistan???? 4). THE SOLUTION : To my country men who are too keen on talking on the table and giving examples of Adolf Hitler, Britain/Ireland, The American Civil War & the Jihads in the Time of Holy Prophet…. I guess they have just read the last chapters on the history of all these issues where it says that both the warring parties sat on the discussion table and agreed to a declaration of peace going forward. In 1660s 660,000 Irish were killed by Britain – In 1845 (also the year known as the Irish Holocaust) Over 2 Million Irish were killed by the British people – Tens of thousands of Irish people were killed by the British Government till 1998 when the Irish finally agreed to negotiate at Britain’s terms – In World War-2 the number on people who died was – 20 Million Chinese, 4 Million Dutch, 2 Million French, 2.5 Million Indians (pre-partition), 1 Million Filipinos, 5.8 Million Polish, 1 Million Yugoslavs, 3.1 Million Japanese, 9 Million Germans, 26.6 Million Russians, 418,000 Americans & 451,000 Britishers. And once the Japanese were killed with the nuclear bombs did they decide to come to the discussion tables for a peace treaty….. In the 4 years American Civil War, more than 750,000 people were killed before both the sides could come to the table…… KARL VON CLAUSEWITZ said “The political object is the goal, war is the means of reaching it, and the means can never be considered in isolation form their purposes.’ Hence it is REALLY REALLY STUPID of people to think that we can negotiate with taliban for peace when their political goal is ONLY to get the power to govern and implement their OWN form of mutilated Islam which in NO WAY comes near the actual teachings!!! Yes we should negotiate with them…. BUT ONLY when their back has been broken, their supplies and funding channels have been blocked and they finally start accepting the writ of the Government of Pakistan. Right now they are no where near that thought so it would be immature and stupid on part of anyone to think of starting the negotiations. If ANYONE, be it Imran Khan or PML-N etc. start the negotiation process now, it would only help the taliban cause by giving them a breather and there by allowing them to re-group, train and arm themselves to start a new fight.
    Apologies to go in this detail at length, but you will bear me out as this comes from the heart of a Loyal Pakistani who hates people killing Pakistanis in the name of Islam.

    After general Kiyani’s pre election speech in which Kiyani very balancedly announced that” forces who have waged war agaisnt the state & who does not recognize the state are the enemies of Pakistan & thier ideology would not be tolerated”Imran Khan commented that Kiyani should read the history of the area. lets examine the history.
    early history tells us about HUNS , GREEKS , KUSHANS who conquered the area. Then came HUN Turks followed by Kabul Shahis Turks. After islam muslim ARABS conquered the area. followed by again Turks like MAHMUD GHAZNAWI. Mughal Turks conquered BAJAUR in one day, subdued the SAWATI YUSUFZAIS, marrying the MUBARAKA BEGUM the daughter of King of swat. Defeated Ibrahim Lodhi at Panipat. Kabul and Gazni were part of early Mughal empire.
    Nadir Shah Afshar was azeri Turk who took control of the region before Ahmad shah Abdalli the founder of Durrani Pashtun empire emerged on the scene.
    In 1836 Sikh Army under Hari Singh Nalwa defeated AFRIDIS & forces of Dost Muhammad Khan the Afghan King, and conquered Peshawar, making Khybar as the boundary between Afghanistan & Punjabi Empire encompassing all the territories of present day Khayber Pakhtoon khawa.Then again British took Peshawar from the Sikhs & controlled this until the partition in 1947.
    Anglo British wars were only a small fraction of the hsitory. British Army captured Ghazni, Jalabad & Kabul in 1838.Remained in possession for one year. Then after the treaty while going back they were attacked by the Pashtun tribes and were killed on the way. Kabul was recaptured by Pashtuns but Jalalabad , Ghazni & Peshawar remained under British control. within a year British Army again captured Kabul , punished the killers of British Army , by hanging those in BALA HISAR.
    Afghanistan remained partially independent as the foriengn policy was controlled by British.
    Infact British helped Afghans in keeping Herat, when Persian Qajars conquered Herat from the Pashtuns. Persians deemed Herat , which is sunny speaking persians, as thier region because it was part of SAFAWID EMPIRE.
    being part of great game Britain defended the borders of Afghanistan because they did not want Russian & Persian collaboration in the region. Thus Afghanistan was managed & controlled by the british. Even in TEHREEK hIJRAT when Indian Muslim migrated to Afghanistan , which prevoiusly promised to help but, under british threat did not ever come to the help of muslims. He got liberated some of the areas in the North West & then made a peace treaty.
    More over if IMRAN thinks that it was only PASHTUNS who rebelled agaisnt British or Mughals then he can make his record correct. Rajputs fought agaisnt the mughals for several decades and later on MArahtas & Sikhs all rebelled agaisnt the Mughals as well as British.
    Further why should we interfare in Afghan’s internal wars taking side of Pashtuns. There are Sunni Tajiks, Sunni Uzbek(Turks), Shia Hazaras, along with Pashtuns, so please let them live in peace.

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