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WAPDA refrendum 2013: the turning point – by H.A.Khan


29th May, 2013 the labourers of the wapda will once again caste their vote to select their Union.
For the last 04 years they had been choosing Hydro as their soul voice to work for their better rights in wapda.This will be a very crucial election as its taking place when the right wing governmrnt of Nawaz Sharif is taking the power.Its the same government whom always took the brutal decisions against the poor labour of this country.By privatizing of their institutions,they not only made thousands our of labours jobless but also applying the clause 27-B in the banking sector they had finished the right of union in the same sector.Unions were banned in many institutions and they also had finished the holiday of 1st May which was introduced by the Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s government.
The people and labour associated with wapda and other government institutions are feeling the brutal implementation of the policies of the Sharif government including the downsizing and implementing the contract labour policies in order to give free hand to the business elite and private sector to suck every drop of the poor and labour of Pakistan and to increase their share of the profit and the rate of profit.The right wing government is trying to support their old birth facist Jamat e islami union,Paigam in order to gain the control in their hands.me is again coming
The need of the time is to educate and aware the wapda labour that the time is again coming for them to caste their votes in the favour of the union which can fight for their rights with a sincere effort.They should be awaqre that there are only two types of unions, one is the radical union and the other one is the sole voice of the business elite.we as an Marxist indeed think that privatization can never be a solution.The only solution is to nationalize all institutions and give their control in the hands of the labour whom can run these institutions under their democratic control.
History had witnesses their power when Bashir Bakhtiar and his companions had cut off the electricity of the president house and the GHQ and it was decided on that day that the real power is with the labour as there are the workforce whom are only capable of running the wheel of all the economy of this country.We are sure that with the combination of all unions and associating themselves with the other unions they can bring the change under a socialistic economy programme which will not only bring a revolutionary change but will also again witness the real power in this country.