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یہ جیالوں کی شکست نہیں، انھیں نظر انداز کرنے والوں کا احتساب ہے – بابر اعوان

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  • He is the one who distributed Mithai when Bhuuto was hanged. How people change without even repenting?

  • I believe PPP had lost due to its reconciliation politics. The unity with PML(Q) and not taking any action on BB’s murder are also the important reasons. In media typically against PPP we see a rep from PML(N) PTI JI PPP and the anchor himself. Now it is PPP vs all other three including anchor would start bashing against PPP and typically women like Fauzia Wahab, Mahreen Anwar Raja and few other could not handle Mushaid ullah Khan, Sidioq Al farooq Anchor person and PTI reps. This Punjab based media has a built in animosity against Azif Zardari. We also ignore the Supreme Court (filled with Arian, punjabi or jalandher based judges) who participated in the character assassination of Zardari and PPP.

    Shehbaz Shareef investment in Media did work and ‘independent’ writers like Irfan Siddique and Ata Ul Haq Qasmi did work. I beleive it is not a success of PML(N) it is a success of Punjab Based media that resulted in almost vanishing of PPP from Punjab and this thing has been worked on since 1977 by military and civil establishment which worked eventually in 2103 elections, All of the media efforts in past failed due to glamour/charisma of BB which of course Zaradari does not have. The final nail in the coffin was due to dubious roles of PPP Punjab leadership that I believe most of them are on PML(N) payroll.

    PPP has to rely on its Sindhi Leadership, Baloch and Pathan leadership and be extremely careful to its Punkabi leadership.