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Pakistani Taliban, drones and Saudi funded seminaries – by Sohail Butt

Killed in drone attack on November 1, 2013?

546827-HakimullahMehsud-1368146013-518-640x480Taliban represent an obscurantist philosophy and violent mindset practising atrocities and brutalities of a worst kind. They are involved in heinous crimes against humanity killing 50000 Pakistanis so far including our troops. These armed stronger than the state criminals are deeply rooted into our conspiracy ridden polity where they enjoy great sympathy and support. They have close links with jihadi outfits scattered all around in this state of the pure. They are also associated with Afghanistan based Taliban and Alqueda and ironically are deemed to be strategic assets of our security establishment to enhance their strategic depth policy in Afghanistan. They don’t accept our constitution, consider democracy to be an unislamic system therefore unacceptable and want to impose the only true version of Islam in this land of the pure.

They have taken up arms against the state spreading havoc all around us. It is an open secret now that Saudia funded seminaries infesting this land of the pure are the real breeding ground to give birth to and nurture this evil in myriad of numbers. What treatment do they deserve from us in the light of all the facts mentioned above? They deserve no good treatment at all. They need to be dealt with an iron hand. They need to be eliminated and this land must be purged of their impure existence.

No less than a total annihilation taking into consideration Sri Lankan experience against Tamil Tigers. But irony is that this criminal state and its impotent rulers still talk of negotiations with this evil who has put the very survival of this state into great jeopardy. No body dares here talk of any effective operation against them. Drones are the only effective weapon against them so far and that weapon too is opposed tooth and nail here to give this devil a totally free hand to continue with their devastation with impunity.

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