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Danish School Project, a commendable initiative of the Punjab government – by Ashraf Sohail

The following article was sent to the LUBP by Ashraf Sohail. It was previously published in daily Waqt.

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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • Its good to know about such a project. But the major problem lies in the implementation of policies and successful comletion of projects.

    We have the law to protect the people, but it is rarely comes in effect to protect people.

    The project looks like our Education policiy whcih holds ambitious goals which are impossible to achive.

    There must be small and realistic projects. The projects must not exceed the time period more than the government tenure. It has happened that the successive governments move on to start new projects and abandon the projects of previous government. It leads to the wastage of Public money and hence lack of development.

  • This school system will certainly make a lot of difference in the lives of the poor hailing from distant areas of Punjab. However, some consideration should be given to review the educational curriculum in these schools, so that the hate mongering text can be omitted from the textbooks.

  • It is important that education in not just Punjab but other provinces is also given immense importance as this is one tool with which we can moderate extremism.

  • I would full agree with the above comments. Education is what make or breaks a nation. With the present literacy rate of the country I highly doubt we can go anywhere from here.

  • The illiterate is the majority that falls prey to the terrorist organization so such projects must be replicated for other parts of the country as well.

  • More than 10 billion rupees have been burned away in the Sasti rooti (cheap chapati) scheme of Punjab government and the mania only stopped when nature intervened in the form of floods and Punjab government had to divert that money for the relief of the flood victims across the Punjab.
    It was such a blunder and improbable project that even the bureaucracy tried to put some sense, but the dictatorial and arrogant style of Sharif brother overruled. People kept imploring to the Punjab government that instead of this short term money wastage, why not Punjab government bring the wheat price lower by giving subsidy and it will automatically bring the roti price down. Sasti roti tandoors were open to everybody and everybody regardless of rich and poor flocked to them. Also many hotels contracted stealthily with these tandoors to get cheap roti.
    Now as the supply of funds dry up, there is no cheap roti.
    Another impractical and white elephant project is the Danish Schools. Instead of restoring the thousands of government schools throughout the province the government is opening up new schools. In existing government schools, there are no utilities of life available. Teachers are ghosts, and most of the schools are being used as village storage for crops or even to tie up the cattle for the night. But Shahbaz Sharif is busy in starting new chain of schools in parallel. Billions of rupees have been spent already but there is just one incomplete school in Rahim Yar Khan which has started functioning on crutches.
    The way money is being wasted in Punjab is a matter of high alarm for other provinces which are trying hard to meet their expenditures. This is highly unfair and unjustifiable approach and someone must take notice.

  • Danish school project is no doubt commendable but I want to ask chief minister why he does not focus on the thousands of government run schools are in deplorable condition, no classrooms (in most of the government schools of the far flung areas of Punjab devoid of building, benches and teachers. After wasting billions in cheap roti scheme, now the Punjab government is heading towards another mess. I suggest Mian Sahib better to spend billions on Danish Schools why not spend this money to improve the situation of already existing institutes. Do you think it is wise to spend billions of rupees on new projects while the province is already over drafted; it seems it is just an effort for political point scoring. How wise Shehbaz Sharif is?

  • plz i really need contact numbers n the exact date when this project started….. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me..