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Politburo of (alleged) Scholars Wing misusing PPP’s name to suppress dissent


Context: After PPP and ANP’s debacles in recent elections, if Pakistan’s progressive and liberal parties are to remain relevant, they can’t afford to ignore constructive, sincere and honest critical voices from within and without the party. Unfortunately, within the party there are certain elements who are doing their best to suppress this criticism thus contributing to further distance between progressive leaders and the masses. The following is an example of Politburo tactics to suppress and punish dissenting voices. Rest is self explanatory.

When the time came to support the PPP, particularly before and after the elections 2013, most of these so called scholars were nowhere to be found to defend the party and to address popular concerns too. While LUBP was publishing dozens of balanced and coherent posts to project PPP government’s achievements in the last 5 years along with the threats and limitations posed by the TTP, ASWJ, Judiciary and security establishment, many of these did not bother to support LUBP author’s voluntary work. Instead, they tried to isolate the party leadership from both supportive posts and constructive criticism.

Here is link to the contribution by LUBP in just the pre-election social media effort:

There are dozens of articles. Some cunning ones were promoted by PTI. This one in particular might be the most read pre-election article on social media, we got almost 5,000 Facebook likes and tens of thousands of reads on LUBP, this is only one example there were several other successes:

We promote the PPP secular progressive point of view. We do it for no pay. We offer all contributions from the heart, we want no money. Please bear in mind that LUBP is the most widely read Pakistani blog with higher viewership than The Friday Times and Viewpointonline etc. We may disagree with some of its posts but do we agree with every single column published in TFT or Dawn for example? Censorship betrays an insecure mindset and is a tool of the weak. As followers of Shaeed BB we must not resort to Zia’st tactics of censorship. What kind of think tank censors critical posts and shoots the messenger?

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  • It’s because of these sycophants and flatterers that PPP has lost contact with the masses. I will email this post to Chairman Bilawal and make sure he takes action.

  • We need upright and open people like Zaeem Ziaa and Ali Taj in PPP’s future leadership.

  • In fascist tactics, one should learn from this Politburo of Jamaatias of Shahbaz Sharif Wing (SW)

  • LOL. Did Hissan Hasan Haqqani really change the group privacy settings to open? The snapshot surely proves it. Obvious the Politburo folks were sold by one of their own.

  • This was not for Publication, this is not right… Please remove if possible- Thank you!

    • Zia, Anything that is voluntarily put out in the Public is good for Publication. This should not require further explanation. Sorry but your argument to censure Pakistan’s most outspoken political blog is invalid. In this instance, a vicious mud slinging campaign was launched against the LUBP editor. His only crime was that he was asking for an open debate. Then this conversation was put into the public space by Haqqani. Instead of asking LUBP to suppress their own publications, why don’t you ask Haqqani why he made the conversation public. After this conversation was made public, you all have no excuse if LUBP went ahead and published it.

  • The posting of screenshots is unethical to say the least.

    Having said that, I would like to share my experience of being a part of the Scholar’s Wing. I left the group a few months back after getting frustrated with the way discussions were being handled. I have great respect for all the members and office bearers in personal capacity; found all of them to be sincere individuals. However, the group was not serving its purpose as a think tank formed to advise the leadership. I found it to be suffering from ‘group-think’ where members found it somewhat obligatory to agree on almost everything, dissent was not encouraged and there was a strange obsession with conformity. In their defense, I think it was all subconscious. I wrote about it numerous times before I finally left the forum.

    A think tank is supposed to have fierce arguments, freedom of speech and infinite room for criticism! What good is it to the leadership if it can not give them an honest opinion?

    We do not want us scratching each others back all the time. We have all read the emperor’s new clothes when we were kids, the PPP leadership perhaps needs to read it again.

    The pathetic performance in the general elections should be taken as an opportunity to introspect and work on removing the disconnect between the worker/supporter and the leadership.

    • Mirza, Good comment except for the unethical reference. Please read the post carefully. Hissan Haqqani and his “politburo” were bashing LUBP editor Ali Abbas Taj without giving him chance to present his point of view. Then they make this discussion public on facebook by changing their politburo status to “Open” . See for yourself, it is there in the post. So who is being unethical here. Certainly not LUBP that posted a public back biting session against its editor who was simply asking PPP leadership to introspect. The Politburo was bashing him in his absence and to rub salt into the wounds, they made this fascist mudslinging session public.

  • I too left the group silently sometime ago. First, it is not a group of scholars, many of them are wannabe type burgers who think they can climb the ladder by flattering certain leaders and also children of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Second, critical thinking and scholarship were two main ingredients lacking there.

    I agree with the group think analogy.

  • Who are these species, namely: Mahrukh Asad, Amna Qureshi, Hissan Hassan Haqqani, Zulfiqar Ali, Hashim Raza?

    What’s their contribution to social media presence of PPP in last 5 years?

    What’s their contribution to defending PPP in the election campaign in April-May 2013?

    What’s their contribution at all?

    In fact, who are they?

    With zero contribution and zero background, they are undermining the very blog that has written and published more pro-PPP articles than any other blog or newspaper of Pakistan.

    Whose agenda are they serving? Surely not PPP’s agenda.

  • According to Hissan Hasan Haqqani, his aunt Farahnaz Ispahani agrees with banning and censorship tactics of Scholars Wing. It this a family affair of the Haqqanis?

    May I say that these very people and their ilk made sure to keep Bilawal, Bakhtwar, Aseefa and their father isolated from the masses. And led to PPP’s defeat in past elections.

  • Dear friends of PPP SW,

    I hold no grudge and forgive you open heartedly for unceremoniously removing me from from your forum. I stand by the principle of unencumbered free-speech. I thank you for removing me because I would have felt strangulated in a forum where I cannot express myself openly.

    You are all welcome to be critical of us at LUBP and we will post and headline your views.

    Let’s discuss issues openly in a free and fair atmosphere on principles, not in a closed group, and avoid mudslinging.

  • It is ethically wrong to criticize anyone in their absence. More so, in a kitchen cabinet where other person or group is not present to explain their position.

    LUBP / pro-PPP writers are attacked in their absence by the so called Scholars Wing, this does not help the party at all.

    Jiye Bhutto, Murdabad Khushamdi Tola

  • Mirza Ali

    It is not only unethical but shameful to critisize someone in their absence. It was unethical of PPP SW CEC to critisize and unfairly remove Ali Taj from the forum. See my response to Zaeem Zia regarding the publishing of public content.

  • Main to kehta tha kay yeh log BEDROOM jahadi’s hain BTW I dont even know most of the members who are bickering.

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