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Teen Talwar protest made me a PTI supporter – by Minal Soomro


The city of Karachi, once known as the city of Lights has been living in shadows now for a very long time. For the past few decades, It portrayed to be a city of the dead, where those alive were no better than the dead. Their right to liberty, expression of thought, and other basic rights were all dictated from Edgware Road, London.

The city streets were once washed on everyday basis, unfortunately, for the past three decades or so they have only witnessed blood spilled all over them, and no one to clean . This metropolis which accommodates more than 20 million people is home to people from different religions and ethnic groups. Until late 1970’s all lived in peace and harmony; then things started to change and gradually got worse until they reached the point that they could get no more worse. This day where the Karachiites decided that they have had enough is the day of 12th May 2013. They realized that everyday 10 -12 of them are cut to pieces and parceled in “Bori’s” on the orders of none but One. They realized that their turn to die would soon come and it would be for no reason.

I personally attended the Teen Talwar protest and feel proud to be a part of it. This was for the very first time that I participated in any walk or protest. I saw the media, label it as a protest by PTI’ians, but I participated there as a Karachiite demanding my rights, which are dependent on re-election. Without a free and fair election, the “THAPPA Mafia” would continue to rule us and deprive us of our rights. For the first time ever these kids had gathered up, whom Mr. Babar Ghouri labels as “MOM POP Kids” to demand their rights. Whether they were taken up by the election fever or something else is hard to say, what is for sure is that they did manage to send tremor shocks all the way to London. For information of the media that this was not a PTI event, there were many examples such as that of the “WanaBee” politician and Mr. Greedy for cheap publicity (the stag candidate from NA-250).

This was the first time in my life ever that I was witnessing the people of Karachi; raise their voice against the mafia of Altaf. In previous many years there have been instances where powerful politicians and individuals have dared to speak the truth against Altaf. After the famous 12th May (2006) Killings in Karachi, Mr. Imran Khan of PTI, vowed and promised to bring him to justice and put an end to the atrocities being inflicted upon people of Karachi. A few years, later Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza of PPP followed the footsteps of Mr. Khan and condemned the terrorist activities of MQM. There are various other examples of people from other political parties such as Shahi Syed of ANP, Mr. Nawaz Sharif of PML-N etc. But for a very long time, it seemed that nothing could shake Altaf, he considered himself the “King of Karachi” and ruled from his residence at Edgware. His mistaken believe that these bloody civilians of Karachi, could never challenge his kingdom over the city, came to an end. He now Knows that he is “Bhagwan (God)” only to a very few disrespectful people who bluntly justify his anti-state statements.

The gathering up of few thousand people at TeenTalwar was seen as a threat to the city. We were expressly threatened on live television that upon orders of Altaf MQM activists would chop us by “swords”. We were threatened that if we dared to rise against the rule of Altaf Mafia, Karachi would be separated from Pakistan. None of this had any effect on us, indeed it made us stronger, so some goons of MQM came around and did aerial firing. By then, the general sentiment that prevailed amongst each one of us was: “Altaf if you are ready to Kill, we are ready to Die”. My fellow citizens of Karachi, present there, who are always criticized for being fragile and sensitive to heat, proved everyone wrong that day. They had no fear in their eyes, only someone true and who has a just cause can be so fearless. It made me realize that so many educated, civilized people cannot be wrong. We together will prove to be the saviour of our city. Mr. Khan was absolutely write when he said : “Tabdeeli aa nahi rahee – Tabdeeli aa Chukki hai”

On 11th May, I voted for Mr. Naimatullah Khan Niazi (JI) for his excellent “PAST” performance as Mayor of Karachi. On 19th May I will vote for Mr. Arif Alvi, because future is more important than past.

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  • Excellent Article.. A live witness of such threats reporting the event through her own writing .. Hats off.. Hats off to Karachi..

  • I salute your courage and stance. May fascism finally die in Karachi. May peace prevail. Today if you have shown courage against “BHAI’s” bullying, InshAllah tomorrow you all will win back your city of lights. I congratulate you and I’m sure others would have been inspired as well. Time and time again we are questioned…I’m glad that time is now. May you all live prosperous lives.

  • the whole article is good apart from the fact that you ignored JI’s bold stance and courages struggle against MQM in Karachi. JI is only party which has boldly exposed MQM Mafia ever since it has came into being and MQM has killed more JI members in members and workers in Karachi than of any other party. Salahuddin,Aslam Mujahid Dr.Pervez Mehmood,Mehmood Barkati the list is very long of JI leaders killed by MQM. but JI has not backed of in last 5 years when PPP/MQM/ANP imposed an chaotic rule on Karachi only JI raised voice on issues of Karachi. no other party did so. when during Mustafa Kamal’s Mayorship MQM blocked budget’s audit only JI’s NaimatUllah went to High court against it. when MQM built its unit/sector offices inside parks of Karachi only JI and again NaimatUllah Khan filed petition in Supreme court and he even proved that MQM did that but since court verdict was not implemented he against filed petition in Supreme court. JI raised voice against pre-poll rigging in Karachi and filed petition in Supreme court for voters list re-verification court gave verdict in favour of JI but it was not implemented and JI was 1st party to boycott MQMs armed robbery on mandate of Karachi and demand re-election on 11th may if PTI had joined JI than it would have been much better. but even now JI is most active in protests in Karachi for re-election. not just in NA-250 but in whole Karachi. so JI is not past at all it is the hope for future of Karachi because it has not only given outstanding Mayors to karachi like Abdul Sattar Afghani and NaimatUllah Khan it has also stood up against criminal Mafia MQM which has screwed Karachi more than anyone else. you can vote anyone you wish but please don’t ignore struggle of JI and don’t negate it from the future of Karachi because in the long term JI can resist MQM fascism better than anyone.