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Post-elections 2013: What Pakistani nation expects from PML-N – by Marvi Sirmed



Congratulations to PML-N for overwhelming victory in the Punjab and in National Assembly. Now that we are almost sure that it will make federal government hopefully without alliances with smaller groups, there comes a heavy responsibility on PML-N. Here is a list of some expectations.

  1. #Pakistan stands out in South Asia by giving mandate to single party to make government as opposed to coalition govts. Win for democracy.
  2. We were taught never to undermine people’s wisdom and mandate. Congratulations #PMLN! Wishing you good luck to govern#Pakistan effectively.
  3. #PMLN Hope you do not turn your back on women & religious minorities. Hope you come up firmly against #ShiaGenocide &#Ahmadis persecution
  4. #PMLN Hope you lead #Pakistan out of the economic mess and deal with post 2014 strategic challenges. Hope you do not pander to Taliban.
  5. #PMLN Hope you cut off your ties with sectarian militants (#LeJ /#ASWJ) and take proscribed organisations (#LeT, #JuD#JeM,#SSP) to task.
  6. #PMLN Hope you change world’s perceptions abt #Pakistan by making sensible strategic choices. Hope you tell the world we’re peaceful nation.
  7. #PMLN Hope you stabilise business in #Pakistan. Hope you modernise agriculture and industrialise it. Hope you focus on rural#Pakistan too.
  8. #PMLN Hope you do not dismantle #Pakistan‘s biggest social safety net started in 2008-9. Hope you expand BISP for benefit of the poor.
  9. #PMLN Hope you take firm stand against #Taliban – all kinds of them. Hope you stop distinguishing good / bad Taliban and clean#FATA / #KP
  10. #PMLN Hope you bring Pakistani #Hindus to the mainstream,#Christians out of their abject conditions and do something about Blasphemy Laws.
  11. And finally,

  12. #PMLN Since you’ve managed to impress my friends@iamthedrifter & @Razarumi (with I don’t know what), you can benefit from their wisdom 😉
  13. #PMLN Yes, I have all these hopes and firm belief you can do it. People have given you this heavy responsibility. Hope you don’t disappoint
  14. Good luck Mian Sahib in leading Pakistan!
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  • Agreed with all and adding this

    – Hope PML-N honors our international business pacts and does not roll back, Iran-Pakistan Gas pipeline and Gwadar port deal with China. We have to show consistency in our international obligations.