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Abduction, extortion, assassination: LeJ/ASWJ Islamofascism must triumph at all costs! – by Mahpara Qalandar

ali-haider--469x213The latest acts of Islamofascist violence staged by the LeJ/ASWJ aka Taliban is the abduction of Ali Haider Gillani. The LeJ/ASWJ criminals attacked his political meeting, killed his secretary, seriously wounded his supporters, and carried him away. The kidnapping of Shahbaz Taseer to the assassination of Bashir Bilour to today’s abduction of Ali Haider Gillani, thousands of innocent, liberal Pakistanis have been killed, maimed or abducted. But the very word “LeJ” or its political face “ASWJ” is absent from every lip. So overwhelming is the fear amongst the politicians and so unqualified the support of the Army/ISI is that when it comes to LeJ/ASWJ Islamofascism, there is total silence.

But not all politicians are afraid of the LeJ/ASWJ. Nawaz Sharif and his cabal of PML-N; PTI; Jamaat-e-Islami; and JUI are all political faces of the LeJ/ASWJ aka Taliban. They have openly said that they will negotiate only with the leaders of these political parties. They said that they will stage attacks on all liberal parties. There are only three parties which the LeJ/ASWJ has designated as liberal: the PPP, the ANP, and the MQM. And they have made good on their promise/threat by staging one murderous attack after another on these party rallies, thus forcing these parties to stop their campaigns.

The Islamofascists have provided a free hand to the pro-Islamofascist parties. General Kiyani and Chief Justice Iftikhar, the two most shameless supports of the  LeJ/ASWJ, have not said a word about these criminals. But any TV advertisement which can expose the corruption of the Sharif brothers merits immediate judicial review.

The world is silent too. The United States and the European Union are silent on the destruction Islamofascism is wreaking on Pakistan while Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE finance and cheer these Islamofascists.

Let the liberal Pakistani blood be spilled! Let democracy mean no more than the rule of the Islamofascists! And let the likes of Bhutto and Benazir be smashed for telling the masses that they are the true masters of Pakistan! Pakistan must be what the reactionary forces want it to be: A graveyard of humanity where only Islamofascists will dance a dance of victory. Yesterday, the Islamofascists fought the Afghanistan jihad in the name of Islam. Today, they will facilitate the safe exit of the NATO forces and the triumph of Saudi Wahabism.


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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
@aliabbastaj on Twitter


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  • It is very sad for any abduction. Mr.Yousaf aza Gilani had a golden chance to clean up
    Pakistan from Mullah while he was in office. But too late now. Instead of finishing mullah, he joined then in”Khatam Nabuwat ” conference. Salman Tasser got killed, his son was kidnapped, nothing happened. Ahmadiyya and other minorities persecution is finally caught up with elite. This is why it hurts. Surrvival of Pakistan is dependent on eradication of mullahism. It is a “CANCER OF WORST KIND”, incurable. The only solution is surgery. We have to aggrange for 3 shifts,24 hours a day to get rid of them surgically. This is the only solution. We might have to kill them in millions but it is the “JIHAD OF HIGHEST ORDER”. Tis much superior jihad then fake jihad preached by mullah.May God give us a revolutionary who has the courage and wisdom and love for PAKISTAN. Amen

  • Not sure how you can have an election of any credibility where the former Prime Minister’s son is abducted by Taliban.

    • Pakistan is in perfect Saudi orbit. It really does not matter who comes into power, the transition to a Islamofasict state will continue. Violence is going to accelerate in the coming years, unless, people begin to organize and resist under a new secular leadership.

  • Shoaib Mir ” Most heartening to see Javed Hashmi (PTI) sitting by the side of Yousuf Raza Gillani (PPP) at a press conference about the former PM’s kidnapped son. Everyone who’s witnessing the ongoing election-related wave of Taliban terrorism against the PPP/ANP/MQM, is duly alarmed. But not the media-crazy, suo-motu-wielding Chaudhry who arguably may be responsible for the kidnapping as he recently ordered the PM’s security reduced. Be that as it may the Chaudhry Courts are too busy as usual firing/appointing officials, issuing Contempt notices, demanding reports, ordering bureaucrats, ruling arrests, playing prosecution, overlooking lawyers hooliganism, making political observations and now dabbling in foreign/defence related issues – in fact and in short doing everything but dispensing justice.”

    • “Chaudhary courts” —- Khoob Kaha —- perfectly aligned with Jihad.

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  • It is sad to see someone being abducted. But I have not seen any remorse on Gilani about his son. He had ample time to clean the mess from Pakitan. His criminal silence over innocent people killing was very painful in his era. God has his own ways to teach lesson.