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Noam Chomsky: Under corrupt and regressive Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan has no future – by Mahpara Qalandar

noam-chomsky-afp-670In an interview published in the backdrop of Pakistan’s forthcoming elections, only a couple of days away now (11 May 2013), the great political thinker of these times Noam Chomsky has not shown much optimism about the outcome of the election results if the Punjabi Islamist mafia led by Nawaz Sharif wins.

First, he says that Pakistan is not one country. He points out the deprivation of the provinces of Baluchistan and Sindh because there is a general feeling that “they are not part of the decision-making process in Pakistan.

Why is this so?

In Professor Chomsky’s words, all decisions are made by a “Punjabi dictatorship”. There has been an exploitation of the resources of Baluchistan while the Baloch people themselves are not beneficiaries of their own natural resources. This is why, the non-Punjabis regard Pakistan as a Punjabi state, and not a part of the Pakistan federation.

But his greatest disappointment is with Nawaz Sharif. To a question about the possible electoral success of Nawaz Sharif, Chomsky said, “Well, we have a record for Nawaz Sharif but not the others. And judging by the record, it’s pretty hard to be optimistic. His [Sharif’s] previous governments were very corrupt and regressive in the policies pursued.”

This says it all. In Chomsky’s assessment, despite all these years, Nawaz Sharif has not learned anything.

If you look at what he has been saying at the rallies, it is clear that he is desperate to become prime minister at all costs. He has been making false claims about his successes in the past, and making impossible promises for future. But he is incapable of doing anything constructive. The man who receives his orders from the House of Saud cannot be a friend to Pakistan and its people. He has shown his unhappiness over the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline just to please his Saudi masters.

But it appears that the reactionary Punjabi institutions like the Army and the Judiciary are hell-bent to make him succeed. And the super-reactionary House of Saud is also dong the same. If God forbid he succeeds, Pakistan will be thrown back in every way. The people of Pakistan should take note, and use their votes to keep him away from making mess of the country just like he did during his two previous tenures.

(The entire interview is avauiable at: http://dawn.com/2013/05/07/exclusive-interview-with-noam-chomsky/)

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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
@aliabbastaj on Twitter


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  • Professor chomski is right in his obserations and assertions made about Nawaz Sharifg. He says ,GOd forbid if he comes to power he will create the same mess he made during the first two tenures. We should note his warning and avoid such happening.
    The third term will be disasterous and ruin the country.

    We must choose those who are sincere to the cause and the well being of the country and its people. The people of Pakistan deserves batter. HIs sympathies are with the Talibans. He wants to negotiate with these extremist killers. We must not allow him to pollute the atmosphere of the country.

    We can not work against the forces of nature . God save Pakistan from Nawaz Sharif . Imran Khan is a better choice than Nawaz Sharif.

    Javaid Bashir

    • respected Javaid Bashir … if we analysed Imran khan , how can we measure honesty through wich scale , how a new and how an unexperiance politicain will deal with taliban, with Army , intelegence angencies ,balochistan issue, Afgahn 2014 NATO departure, Khan will make compromises , this is nt acriket match , this is politics , let asume that khan get 80 seats in NA of pakistan , he will make collition Govrt with PMLQ , and with JUIF , MQM , than what will happen …… is still a Qs ?? PM seat is very Hard and taugh …..will Imran khan is suitable

      • dear irfankhan. when you see imran khan’s qualifications, he may just be enough qualified for the job. what the world does not seem to discuss is that mr khan has a degree in political science and economics from Oxford University. respected nawaz sharif has a b.a simple.

        apart from that, the job of running the country has more to do with management than rule interpretation- they have secretaries and “experts” for that.

        i ask yo, nay i beg you, to see record of both the leaders. imran khan was famous before he entered politics. he was rich, satisfied and famous. yet he entered into politics. respected mian sahab was a nobody untill he was nourished by the generals and they tailor made him to answer to the aspirations of the people. mr nawaz also had no experience- or phrase it this way that mr imran has more experience than mr nawaz had when he entered into politics.

        i see that you have focused on aghanistan and terrorism issue. well my fellow pakistani, do you see that our beloved mian sahab has not even said the word “amrika” in his entire political campaign. he has not said even a word about “drones” mr nawaz (i was his staunch supporter once) has sold his soul to the devil. that is why we see polls comming out of his popularity every week. he is america’s number one man in pakistan right now. american ambassador and other delegates come to meet him every other month. he goes on secret “private” trips to that hub of satanism called UAE.
        beloved nawaz sharif is also a first class liar. we bled for him when he was in jeddah- only later to find that he was actually enjoying there and had made a “deal” which the kazib kept denying to his loyal supporters such as myself.
        he has taken up this jhoot that pti and ppp are same when EVERYONE knows how much imran khan protests ppp. its on the internet on videos if you are willing to see.
        on the other hand he is also on record as saying zardari aur mera teen naslo ka saath hy, and “come zardari come ky nary lagao”

        itny pathological liar ko vote kam az kam ab main to nahi doon ga. kayamat k roz mera gareban wo log to naho pakrain ge na jo inn political mafia’s ki hakumat main piss ker apni jaan ganwaa dain ge…

        aap bhi mery bhai zara thandy ho ker sochna- beshak aik seet bhi na mily imran khan ko- beshak uski sari seeton se zamanat zabt ho jae. mager kam az kam banda saath khara sachai ky ho. vote varasat main to nahi diye jaty- na hi sher nishaan bnane se koi sher ban jata hy. sher apny logon se jhoot nahi bola krty, na hi shair apni quom ka soda kursi ki khatir amriki aur saudi khudaon se kerty hain.

        baki mery bhai baat to yehi hy k Allah us quom ki halat nahi badalta jo khud apni halat na badly. apny dil se puchain k din ba din pakistani hona gali kyun banta ja rha hy- nafrat kyun hoti ja rhi hy apny hi wajood se. hum uss nasha kerny waly admi ki tarha hain jo kury k dhair main nanga pera hota hy mazy main k “sab theek hy, bohat maza hy” lekin rahguzar uski asal halat daikh rehy hoty hain.

        khudara aik dafa azma k to daikh lain. jitnay ab bury halat hain iss se bura tu nahi ho sakta.

      • I totally agree with what you have Aasim. these are exactly my point of view. Give PTI a chance for once, if they don’t perform, then we can think who to vote for later. but i have full faith in Allah who has given enough power to PTI to rise and Inshallah it will shine on the election day as well..INSHALLAH!
        why go too far, someone who has not done anything in last 5 yrs in a province can not do anything in next 5 yrs for the country. we need new ppl..IK dont ve experience to be a PM,but he sure has education wisdom and party support to do the deed. !

  • I have said this before on another forum too, Chomsky has been misquoted here. Here is the exact quote:

    ‘Well, we have a record for Nawaz Sharif but not the others. And judging by the record, it’s pretty hard to be optimistic. His [Sharif’s] previous governments were very corrupt and regressive in the policies pursued. But the very fact that there is popular participation can have impact. That’s what leads to change, as it has just recently in North Africa (in Tunisia and Egypt). As far as change goes, significant change does not come from above, it comes through popular activism.’

  • And before the PTI/PPP people come after me, I am not a voter of Noon league but merely the person who did this interview with Prof. Chomsky. It would be great if he is not misquoted or taken out of context.

    • Thanks for clarification…i still have hopes That change will come from PTI 🙂 Inshallah

  • If we are not voting FOR someone, we must vote AGAINST the corrupt system and family politics of the Bhutto and Sharif families. I don’t agree with all of IK’s policies but he is our best bet.

  • a simply reply to mr.bashir….sir if u are updated with the latrst info….Imran Khan rank at third place among top 9 leaders globally…so the world analysts r not that foolish to grant him such a rank…He absolutely deserves that!

  • I am a huge supporter of Imran khan
    But I am concerned about one thing that,
    History shows that attempts at rapid, top down change can even have negative consequences. The bottom up change is more sustainable.

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