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Naya Pakistan? Balla bashing of senior journalist Quatrina Hosain – by Maryam Sadiq


We need a ‘Naya WORLD’. Without intolerance, cowardice and deceit. Without war and greed and avarice. Without violence against any innocents anywhere. WITH respect for women and girls. However IK’s ‘balla’ seems to have missed it’s ‘mark’. When a journalist as respected and enlightened as Q is attacked and insulted. When Shireen Mazari and her child are side-lined and harassed. When the PTI adverts don’t contain any reference to women/girls/their empowerment. ‘Oopur Allah, neechay balla’? Who coined this? IK’s marketing team needs their heads examined. If this was done to frame PTI-ians, which is a possibility, that is way worse, for they are then naive and incompetent at best. The PTI fan pages are vituperative as regards shredding opponents, or any form of mild dissent, even. Their language is crude or condescending. IK’s allure for urban begums, young dudes and (pretty young things) PYT’s notwithstanding, we who can think fear a born-again Pak-Saudi-istan. Enough said.

01Quatrina04-12-580x385Islamabad: Supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), commonly known as ‘Insafiyans’, have brutally terrorized and tortured senior journalist Quatrina Hosain and her team.

Quatrina Hosain talking to Saach.TV said “We were attacked and mauled by PTI mob when I was trying to give peace to camera (PTC) of Ghulam Sarwar’s election rally in Wah Cantt.”

She further said that they were invited by Ghulam Sarwar himself to cover the rally.

“I was giving PTC when suddenly few people started abusing and blamed us of creating troubles,” she added. “We started moving towards our car but then a mob of round about fifty people surrounded us and started beating us. One of my team member was hit in his head.”

The Insafiyans maltreatment continued for at least next eight minutes when Quatrina Hosain and her team were escorted to their car by some PTI workers.

“We were moving towards our car but they kept following us. We reached to a nearby market it was around 10 pm. One of my cameraman was left inside the jalsa. We called the left out cameraman and he told that insafiyans had confiscated his camera,” she told.

“At that time PTI leader Ghulam Sarwar called me and said that he was waiting for us. I informed him about the incident. He felt sorry for the whole incident and requested me to come back. We turned out car back and recorded his interview,” she continued.

She also told Saach.TV that all this horrible maltreatment by insafiyans have been captured on camera. “I am going to play all this at 8 pm tonight. It will be unedited.”

Saach.TV’s whole team shows serious concern on this maltreatment of the senior journalist and her team by PTI supporters and demand the most strict action possible against those responsible.

Also, Saach.TV will be broadcasting the Quatrina Hosain’s show at Saach.TV’s live stream tonight at 8 pm.


naya Pakistan according to PTI voter


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