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We condemn abusive language by TFT blogger and Sipah Sahaba supporter against Marvi Sirmed


While we have certain differences with Marvi Sirmed, it will be wrong to not appreciate her current, clear stance against Takfiri Deobandi militants. In particular, we agree with her criticism of the hate interview of Ahmed Ludhianvi published by Najam Sethi’s The Friday Times (interviewer: Muhammad Shehzad, editor: Raza Rumi).

In the past, Marvi Sirmed has also criticized another TFT columnist Ali K. Chishti on his suggestion to expand the blasphemy law to also implicate Shia Muslims’ criticism of Yazid and other perpetrators of violence against the Prophet’s family.

On 20 April 2013, Muhammad Shehzad, the pro-Sipah Sahaba columnist of TFT used most abusive language against Marvi Sirmed. Her only crime: she and certain other activists on Twitter asked Shehzad to refrain from misrepresenting Shia genocide by Takfiri Deobandi militants in false Sunni-Shia binary terms.

If Najam Sethi and Raza Rumi fail to take action against Muhammad Shehzad, Ali Chishti etc, that will be a further indication of their lack of principles and credibility.

Disappointed but not surprised to see Raza Rumi (Director of Jinnah Institute, editor of TFT, employee of Najam Sethi, anchor of Capital TV, employee of Riaz Sheikh) jumping into this and trying to change the context. He is spewing conspiracy theories and his usual schizophrenia and paranoia of anti-Taliban bloggers to deflect attention away from his abusive pro- Sipah Sahaba employee. Just gives you an idea of his priorities.




















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  • More than Shehazad, it is Raza Rumi’s response and (Najam Sethi’s inaction) which is surprising.

    Shehzad is a gutter man and those protecting and publishing him are bigger culprits.

  • Deplorable language used against a woman, against all norms of decency! I also appreciate Abdul Nishapuri and rest of the LUBPI-ans that they did not resort to this sort of language at the height of tensions with her. This is the difference between the supporters of terror and freedom fighters.
    Even though I issued Fatwa #1 directed at her (see Fatwae Zindiqa, page 10, published by Zindica Publications International, Unlimited, Arctic City) she has my blessings in this war!
    Jay Zindiqa!!!

  • Is this Shahzad guy in TFT? God. I sympathize with Marvi Sirmed for the abuses she gone through. Shame on Raza Rumi who betrayed Marvi out of fear since Shahzad is inducted in TFT by Sipahe Sahaba.

  • very sad to see these conversations, at least being an educated persons they should talk keeping some morale in view,

  • I hate to side with someone on the wrong side of LUBP but I’m with this Mohammad Shahzad guy on this one. Marvi Sirmed has become the Ann Coulter of Pakistan. A polarizing and foul-intentioned individual with a significant pack of rabid followers who, at least in our local Coulter’s case, have limited their support to just following her Twitter account, thankfully! If MS dishes out swear words and vulgar language, she should have the stomach to tolerate the same behavior as well. Though I think it was rather nice of LUBP to stand by Sirmed after the vitriol she’s often heaped on this blog and its editors in the past.