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Saif-ur-Rehman versus Jang Group – Guest post by Aamir Mughal

Let us assume PML-N’s ex-senator Mr. Saifur Rehman’s allegations against President Asif Ali Zardari telecast through Geo TV/ Jang Media Group (Meray Mutabiq by Dr Shahid Masood) are correct, then how would the same Jang Group of Newspaper and its owner Mir Shakil ur Rahman justify the below mentioned flagrant violation and abuse of Rules, Law and Justice by the same Saifur Rehman.


Cassette exposes govt’s assault on pressMir Shakil says govt preparing anti-state cases against him; fears for his life; ‘our organisation is being destroyed’; audio cassette of talks with Saif, Mushahid played during crowded press conference; journalists flabbergasted – By our correspondent

KARACHI: Editor-in-Chief of Jang Group of Newspapers Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman on Thursday said that after victimising his group by freezing its accounts, seizing newsprint and serving income tax notices, the government was now preparing anti-state cases against him. Addressing a crowded press conference at the Karachi Press Club, Mir Shakil said that there would not be any problem for the Jang Group if he bowed before the PML government, instead of publishing the truth.

The editor-in-chief said that the PML government had attempted to create an impression that the action against the Jang Group of Newspapers was an administrative affair because of income tax issues and misuse of newsprint quota. But every government action taken against his group was to stop printing of those news items, which would go against the interest of the prime minister, his business concerns and his family, he added. Flanked by senior journalists Z A Sulehri, Irshad Ahmad Haqqani, Maleeha Lodhi and Kamila Hayat, Mir Shakil said that he was under tremendous pressure from Ehtesab Bureau chief Saifur Rahman, who was out to victimise the Jang Group of Newspapers for not bowing before his whims.During the press conference, Mir Shakil also played an audio cassette on which some of his talks with Senator Saifur Rahman, Information Minister Mushahid Hussain and senior journalist Mujeeb-ur-Rahman Shami, who played the mediator’s role, were recorded.

The cassette also included the following dialogue between Mir Shakil and Senator Saifur Rahman: “Mir Shakil: The Income Tax Appellate Tribunal has given verdict in our favour. “Saif: This was because of our leniency. We did not give him (chairman of the tribunal) the instructions. If we had given him the instructions, even his father could not have given that decision.”

Regarding the character of IT Tribunal Chairman Mujibullah Siddiqui, Mir Shakil said that he was an honest officer and had enjoyed enviable reputation for his integrity. This was a fact endorsed by senior lawyers, who had come to hear Mir Shakil’s press conference. During the recorded meetings, Senator Saif and Information Minister Mushahid Hussain were heard demanding favours from the Jang Group on policies regarding the governor’s rule in Sindh, the Shariah Bill and the economic policies. The government functionaries were heard as saying that 14 people on senior positions both in the Jang and The News should be removed. The journalists included Maleeha Lodhi, Kamila Hayat, Irshad Ahmad Haqqani, Mahmood Sham, Kamran Khan, Abid Tahami, Marghoob, Khawar, Aftab Iqbal and others.

The government also demanded that such journalists should be replaced by people who could favour the government’s policies. The government had divided the unfavourable journalists into ‘A’ and ‘B’ categories. Raising objections on the reports of investigative reporter Kamran Khan, Saif said during the meetings the government had secured assurances from the ISI about him and he should be controlled by Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. The government team also accused the Jang Group of spreading hatred among the masses against the ruling party. They demanded that telephonic surveys on national issues should not be conducted by newspapers. Mir Shakil said that because of restrictions on newsprint supply, the Jang Group was facing hardships in bringing out its daily newspapers. “Despite clearance from the Customs authorities, 2,000 reels of paper have not been released todate. Because of this problem, from Saturday, daily Jang will print only six pages and The News will bring out 10 pages,” he added. Mir Shakil said: “All our bank accounts have been seized. The personal accounts of mine and my mother have also been seized. Yesterday (Wednesday) when my brother gave statement in our favour, his account in the United Bank Ltd, Al-Rahman Branch, was also seized.”

The editor-in-chief said that the Supreme Court was moved against the injustices meted out by the PML government. “It was a remarkable thing that this step was taken by us in the country,” he added. Mir Shakil said reports were received that anti-state cases were being prepared against him. He said: “The government is making all out attempts that the issue should not be construed as one of ‘press freedom’ and ‘freedom of expression’. I am afraid that something terrible is in the making. I also fear for my life.” He said he would prove whatever published in the Jang Group of Publications was the truth. “Whatever we published was also covered by other newspapers, but only our group was being targeted. I don’t care whatever they will do with me. I will prove each and everything on the basis of logic and facts. Whatever we published, it is our job to prove it. And what the government said, it is their responsibility to prove it,” Mir Shakil remarked. The editor-in-chief said that the government’s actions were based on malicious intentions and were taken with ‘unfair mind’. According to the tape-recorded message, Senator Saifur Rahman said that the income tax and other legal notices would be withdrawn and government advertisements would be released, if the Jang Group supported the government’s policies.

Mir Shakil said: “There was a time when I got confused. I thought about my life, my family, my organisation and about my 4,000 workers and their families. It is very difficult to stand before the state power. Some people advised me to bow down and accept the government’s conditions to save the institutions. But there were also people who advised me to stand for the truth.” Regarding a story which was published in daily Observer of London and reproduced in Pakistan by a number of newspapers but could not be covered by the Jang because of pressure from the government, the editor-in-chief said: “I felt sorry for it. In the market economy, it is very difficult to survive, if one is not in the competition.” Mir Shakil said: “The government did too much against us and is still doing a lot. The organisation of newspaper owners — the All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) — and the association of editors — the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) — also intervened into the matter. But under the given circumstances, the Jang Group had to take decisions which were not recommended by the APNS and the CPNE. But they are with us. There is also a resolution from them in our favour.”

The editor-in-chief said that the situation was in the Jang Group’s favour. “We were not involved in selling imported newsprint quota in the market. We did not avoid payment of income tax. We did not publish stories which were incorrect,” he added. Without giving names of other newspaper organisations involved in selling newsprint quota, Mir Shakil said the government was not taking any action against them. The editor-in-chief said that when he addressed a press conference in August 1998, some newspapers played a nasty role. “They propagated that there was a deal between the government and the Jang Group. But that was not true. If there was any deal and if that was any administrative matter, then why the ban was imposed on releasing public sector advertisements to us,” he added. Mir Shakil said: “I did not leave any stone unturned to resolve the issue. I went from pillar to post. I wrote a letter to Abbaji, the father of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, but to no avail. The government’s action against the Jang Group began in August 1998, when income and wealth tax cases of the group’s various companies and directors, previously being dealt by different Income Tax (IT) circles, were pooled in one circle. This circle is renowned as a branch of the Ehtesab Bureau in the IT Department where cases of those politicians are dealt, against whom the government has decided to take any action.”

Referring to a television programme telecast the previous night on the PTV, Mir Shakil said that it was a one-sided propaganda. “If there is democracy, then versions of both the sides should be presented and then experts will decide what is right and what is wrong. This is the policy of the Jang Group to give views of all concerned parties. We have printed complete view of the government’s side also in our newspapers,” he remarked.

REFERENCE: Cassette exposes govt’s assault on press – Mir Shakil says govt preparing anti-state cases against him; fears for his life; ‘our organisation is being destroyed’; audio cassette of talks with Saif, Mushahid played during crowded press conference; journalists flabbergasted – By our correspondent February 07, 1999 The News International Pakistan


In 1999, on the morning of Sunday July 18, Moinuddin Khan, who had been brought in by the prime minister early in his second round to be chairman of the Central Board of Revenue and who has now reverted to his original profession, banking, rang from Riyadh. He told me that his brother, Naeemuddin Khan, an officer of the United Bank who dealt with bad debts and recoveries, had been abducted from his house in Karachi the night before by the FIA under instructions from Senator Saifur Rahman, head of the accountability bureau, the prime minister’s chief trouble shooter. Naeem’s whereabouts were not known. Knowing how Najam Sethi and Hussain Haqqani had been recently treated, Moin was naturally worried. What could be done? Ringing Saifur Rahman would not help as he would deny all knowledge or involvement. All that could be done was to file a writ of habeas corpus, though many of our judges are not aware of the meaning or importance of the urgency of this writ, and do not realize that it must be heard as soon as a petitioner’s advocate rises and announces that he has filed such a writ. Moin said that they had already decided to do this and that advocate Akram Shaikh was being instructed accordingly.

Senator Saifur Rahman, close confidante and friend of the prime minister from whose secretariat he operates, has taken upon himself the responsibility of ensuring that Nawaz Sharif and his government rule over us in perpetuity. Like the rest of the partymen, using his clout he had borrowed money from the government bank UBL in 1991, during Nawaz Sharif’s first round and become a mill owner and industrialist. Some sums have been repaid but as of today he, his family, his textile mill and his business concern Redco owe UBL, from borrowings made in Pakistan and abroad, some Rs.1.4 billion (140 crores). Before Nawaz Sharif came in for the second time, the loan repayments were rescheduled twice but the repayment schedule was not adhered to. Come Sharif and his second round, banker Zubayr Soomro was brought in to head UBL and the recovery process in all cases was activated. For the third time, Saifur Rahman’s repayments were rescheduled, and yet again no repayments were made in time. Finally, UBL filed a recovery suit in the Lahore High Court and the harassment of Zubayr commenced. His safety was guaranteed by the fact that he is the son of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Ilahi Bakhsh Soomro.

Saifur Rahman, in turn, filed a suit in the LHC against UBL claiming damages, pleading that interest was un-Islamic, etc, etc. The suits are being heard. Then, about six weeks ago, Saifur Rahman filed a writ in Justice Malik Qayyum’s court at the LHC seeking, inter alia, that proceedings in the UBL suit be stayed so as to give him time to approach the high-powered bankers’ rescheduling committee. Justice Qayyum passed no orders. The heads of seven banks and financing institutions forming the committee are: Shaukat Tareen, Habib; Mohammadmian Soomro, National; Zubayr Soomro, United; Mian Mohammad Mansha, President, Muslim Commercial; Rashid Chaudhry, Allied; Mohammad Ali Khoja, PICIC; Bilal Shaikh, NDFC. This committee cannot take notice of any rescheduling until the affected bank itself refers the matter to it. This UBL has not so far done. Saifur Rahman can prevail upon five of the seven committee members (let each think he is one of the two). In the meantime Saifur Rahman managed to get one-time Ittefaq lawyer, Chaudhry Mohammad Farooq, who is also the Attorney-General of Pakistan, the first law officer of the people, to write to the Governor of the State Bank asking him to direct the committee to consider questions relating to Saifur Rahman’s unpaid loans. The State Bank has brought this letter to the committee’s attention but so far it has taken no action.

In the meantime, on the orders of Saifur Rahman, the income tax authorities commenced harassing Naeemuddin and his other brother, Banker Bahauddin of Deutsche Bank. Saif rang Moinuddin in Riyadh on July 9 asking him to prevail upon Naeemuddin to be reasonable. Moin told him his brother abided by his own norms. On July 18, as soon as Zubayr learnt that Naeemuddin had been abducted by the FIA, he moved to save his man. The first person he turned to was naturally his father, Ilahi Bakhsh, who leapt into action, and found the prime minister at Lahore airport as he and his ninety hangers-on were about to board their special Umra flight. The prime minister took a second wise decision and instructed his Principal Secretary, Saeed Mehdi, to order the immdiate release of Naeemuddin, who had been flown from Karachi to Islamabad and lodged in Saifur Rahman’s safe domed secretariat.

On July 22 when I rang Saif to ask him why he felt compelled to harass those who did not ‘cooperate,’ he denied all knowledge of Naeemuddin’s abduction. For good measure, he informed me that the previous day certain power-wielders of Islamabad were considering sending the federal police to collect me from Karachi and to ensure my presence before the Privileges Committee of the National Assembly. When I asked who they were, he would not name them, but told me he had restrained them from taking any such action. I had to refresh his memory. On April 13, 1998, MNA Khwaja Asif, holding the rank of a federal minister, reported to the National Assembly secretariat that I had not only “used abusive language but also threatened me with dire consequences.” He considered this to be “a clear breach of my privilege and attempt to stop me from performing my duties as a parliamentarian.” I was summoned by the Privileges Committee. Much correspondence ensued. On December 5, 1998, I wrote a seven-page letter in the final paragraph of which I wrote : “Let me state that in principle I have no objection to appearing before the Committee but before I do I would like to be categorically told about the law under which I am required to appear, the details of the allegation, as well as the evidence upon which it is based, and the finding of the Committee on the crucial issues I have raised hereinabove.” After my talk with Saif, I wrote another letter to the Secretary of the Privileges Committee drawing his attention to the General Clauses (Amendment) Act 1997 (adding section 24A to the General Clauses Act 1897) passed by parliament. This requires any authority, office or person making any order, or issuing any direction, to give reasons for making the order or issuing the direction. I reiterated my readiness “to appear before the Committee as and when lawfully summoned, but I must be made aware of the law which entitles you to summon me . . . . . I justifiably feel that an unsubstantiated statement made by a legislator is not sufficient reason to inconvenience any citizen.” I would like to believe that my lawyer, Khalid Anwer, our present government’s law minister, is giving ‘sound advice’ to the prime minister but that his advice is not being heeded.

REFERENCE: Sound advice By Ardeshir Cowasjee 25 July 1999

(b) “With him, amongst others, was Senator Saifur Rahman. Saif was later to deny having had anything to do with the transportation of the hordes, explaining that he had ‘rushed’ to Lahore the evening before to visit a judge of the Supreme Court. Having met His Lordship at 11 o’clock at night, he had hitched a ride back with Shahbaz.” (b) Which Supreme Court judge did Saifur Rahman call upon at 2300 hours? (c) A ‘move’ exercise would have entailed a company of 111 Brigade motoring up and down the Constitution Avenue without resorting to action. (d) From the statement filed in the court by Senator Iqbal Haider on May 25, 1998. This was followed by the clandestine visit to the judges of the Quetta Bench of the honourable Supreme Court by the envoy of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Senator Rafiq Ahmad Tarar, whereafter the Quetta judgment of November 28, 1997, was delivered by Justices Irshad Hasan Khan and Khalilur Rahman Khan.

(e) The video cassette of the film recorded by the CCTV cameras installed in the Supreme Court building was considered sufficient evidence by Chief Justice Ajmal Mian to order a judicial inquiry into the storming. (f) Justice Abdur Rahman Khan confirmed that the storming had coerced and intimidated the judiciary. A clear case of contempt in the face of the court. (g) All the evidence remains on record of the Supreme Court. (h) On the production of evidence recorded by the court cameras a judicial inquiry was conducted and contempt proceedings followed. 5) That in the interests of the “sanctity, dignity and respect of the apex court of the country”, I submit that Mian Nawaz Sharif, Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Saifur Rahman, Lt General Nasim Rana, and the journalists present in court on November 28, 1997, be summoned to give evidence under oath.

REFERENCE: Storming of the Supreme Court By Ardeshir Cowasjee 01 October 2000

The Committee to Protect Journalists – Jang Group of Newspapers Targeted by Government

Feb 1, 1999

His Excellency Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Prime Minister
Prime Minister’s Secretariat
Islamabad, Pakistan
2118 Kalorama Rd., N.W.

Your Excellency,

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is shocked by the range of tactics your administration is using to harass and intimidate the Jang Group of Newspapers, Pakistan’s largest newspaper publishing company. Earlier today, officials from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) impounded supplies of newsprint bound for Jang’s Rawalpindi headquarters. The action came just hours after a ruling in the Jang Group’s favor by the Supreme Court, ordering the government to allow the immediate delivery of newsprint to the group, which has only enough paper in its reserves to publish through tomorrow. The Supreme Court’s order came on the first day of hearings on a case filed by the Jang Group, accusing the government of conducting a campaign of “vilification, intimidation and harassment.”

Government officials have reportedly announced that they will not comply with the Supreme Court’s directive on the grounds that the Jang Group owes customs duties on previous shipments of newsprint amounting to 1.6 billion rupees (US$31.4 million). The government has also delivered a stream of tax evasion notices against the company-as well as against Jang’s publisher, Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman-that now total more than 2 billion rupees (US$40 million). Meanwhile, on January 30, an official acting “on behalf of the state,” according to the police report, registered a case at Karachi’s Civil Lines Police Station charging the company’s Urdu-language daily Jang-along with the Urdu-language newspapers Amman and Parcham-with sedition. Shakil-ur Rahman is named in the police file, and is accused of publishing a political advertisement that “has created hatred in the public by virtue of seditious contents.”

These threats constitute a multi-pronged assault on Jang’s ability to publish. In addition, two prominent journalists associated with the company have recently reported incidents of personal harassment. Maleeha Lodhi, an editor with Jang’s English-language daily The News in Rawalpindi, wrote a letter to Interior Minister Shujat Hussain on January 30, complaining that in a 24-hour period she had received several anonymous phone calls threatening that she would be killed and that her house would be “blown up.” Lodhi believes the threats are aimed at her journalistic work and that they have assumed “an ominous nature because of the current climate of hostility created by the government’s assault on the Jang Group of Newspapers.”

Kamran Khan, investigations editor for The News in Karachi, reports that he is being followed by agents who say they are with Pakistan’s Intelligence Bureau. On January 28, intelligence agents visited Khan’s home in response to a story he had written, and, according to Khan, sent a message that “I must behave because they knew well about my movements and activities.” Khan says that officials have confirmed that the Intelligence Bureau is tapping his phone calls, and that transcripts of his conversations have been provided to the government’s Ehtesab (Accountability) Bureau to “dig [for] some weak points.” The Ehtesab Bureau, established by your administration to investigate corruption charges, is headed by Sen. Saifur Rahman, who has been accused by the Jang Group of making a number of demands on the company at the behest of the government.

As an organization of journalists dedicated to the defense of our colleagues around the world, CPJ is outraged by your government’s blatant attempts to control the independent media in Pakistan. CPJ’s initial protest was sent to your office on December 15. In that letter we enumerated several cases of official harassment, and listed the names of 15 Jang journalists (including Lodhi and Khan) whom the government has allegedly targeted for dismissal. We received a reply from Principal Information Officer Ashfaq Ahmad Gondal on December 19, stating that “the government has never asked the management of the Jang Group of Newspapers to dismiss any of their employees” and that “a government that is wholly committed to press freedom cannot even for a moment consider steps that impinge upon freedom of expression.” And yet, in a press conference held on January 28, Shakil-ur-Rahman played excerpts of his tape-recorded discussions with Senator Rahman in which the senator clearly orders the dismissal of several senior journalists, advises the publisher to hire only those journalists who would report favorably on the government’s policies, and demands that Jang’s papers desist from publishing reports critical of the government’s performance. According to the tapes, Senator Rahman said at one point that “If we see any positive change in your attitude, we will settle your problems in a positive manner.”

CPJ strongly urges your administration to cease all actions against the Jang Group and its employees in order to demonstrate Pakistan’s commitment to the “promotion, protection, and preservation of the freedom of press,” as pledged in your principal information officer’s December 19 letter. We appreciate your attention to this matter, and await your response.

Sincerely Yours,

Ann K. Cooper
Executive Director

Join CPJ in Protesting Attacks on the Press in Pakistan

Send a letter to:

His Excellency Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Prime Minister
Prime Minister’s Secretariat
Islamabad, Pakistan

November 20, 1999 12:00 AM

REFERENCE: Jang Group of Newspapers Targeted by Government Feb 1, 1999 http://cpj.org/1999/11/jang-group-of-newspapers-targeted-by-government.php Sharif fights to strangle free speech By Peter Popham in Delhi and Anwar Iqbal in Islamabad Tuesday, 9 February 1999



Saif admits to pressuring Jang group: Vows to pursue cases of tax evasion

By our correspondent

ISLAMABAD: While admitting to having issued ‘instructions’ to the Jang Group on almost all the points mentioned in the advertisement “War on Jang” published by the group on Monday , chairman Ehtesab Bureau Saifur Rehman categorically declined to swear an oath at Faisal Mosque about his role in taming the press.

He, however, denied that at any point of time he had asked the Jang Group administration to sack 16 journalists and replace them with “our people.” Visibly disturbed over publication of an advertisement carrying his photograph and facts about issuing diktat to country’s largest group of newspapers, Saif said he would not be apologetic about issuing directives on certain matters to the Jang Group, as his boss, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, wanted the national press to support him and his policies.

He was addressing a press conference on Monday at his office following a national seminar “The Government and the Press–Face toFace” organised by the Jang Group on the occasion of seventh death anniversary of its founder, Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman. Mr Saif was accused of issuing the following diktat: sack 16 journalists and replace them with our people! If your journalists do not behave, let me know. I have the right medicine for them. I can have them picked up.

Or else…; don’t print anything against Shariah Bill (CA-15); judicial system is to be changed, support us on the cases where the courts are ruling against us. Also on Karachi situation. Or else…; do not print anything regarding the ruling family’s loans, tax arrears, business and private affairs! Or else…; We will expect your unconditional support on issues as well and we will give you directions whenever such support is required. Or else…

Senator Saif also issued two documents about the Jang Group’s allegation: Facts and Fictions; and Facts on Jang/News Group vilification campaign against Senator Saif-ur Rehman Khan. In these two documents, he has repeated what he or the government has been saying for long. The Jang Group and chief editor of Jang/The News, Mir Shakil-ur Rehman, has already termed it a “pack of lies.”

Declining to accept the challenge to swear an oath at the Faisal Mosque, Mr Saif gave a counter-proposal involving family members of Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman to swear an oath at the grave of founder of Jang Group, Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman, to prove each others’ allegations and counter-allegations. “Its not a war on Jang but a simple case of tax evasion, and we will press ahead with it,” threatened Rehman adding “it is not a problem between the government and the press, as he has unearthed cases of tax evasion by the Jang Group.”

He said the Jang Group has made it an issue after the income tax department moved against it. “The government has not accepted the demands of the group, despite meetings between the two-member government team and a delegation of APNS,” he added. He said the Jang Group was asked to to “behave” in order to strengthen government’s hands in its endeavour to reform society and enforce Shariah. “We have told them not to publish negative stories, as it creates stir in the masses and hits the stock market.”

Rehman, who claimed that nothing wrong and illegal was done against the group, said some stories published in the newspapers of the Jang Group had created problems for the government, and even on Eidul Fitr one story carrying predictions of somebody was an attempt to provoke the people of Karachi. He said the government would welcome “healthy and constructive criticism”, and not the stories which created problems for the government. “We have done nothing wrong.”

We are pursuing cases of corruption and catching the big fish, in line with prime minister’s directives to uproot corruption. “The group has to pay around Rs2. 6 billion in taxes and duties. We have done our work on merit.” When asked, he said concession could be granted to the Jang Group by pending recovery of taxes from 6 to 7 months, but the group should cooperate with the government. “The Jang Group is pursuing a political agenda to evade taxes.”

He also claimed that some accounts of the group were unfrozen for paying salaries to the employees, and newsprint was released from time to time. He said the Jang Group has launched 5-day advertisement campaign against the government at a cost of around Rs15 million. “There will be no use of fighting with us. We should settle it through negotiations,” said Rehman, “We have not yet conducted any raid, but because of the power we have, raids can be conducted on the Jang Group.”

He said his efforts to uproot corruption and arrest those involved in corruption have been successful as, so far, he has traced Rs2,000 crore of Benazir Bhutto and Asif Zardari in foreign banks. “We expected these people to criticise us, but we will continue to do it.” Senator Rehman said it was not his problem but he was dragged in because of tax evasion. “The tax evasion cases are only against the Jang Group and nobody else.”

He said he found no solid reason of launching a campaign against him. “The Jang Group can exercise its legal option if it thinks the government has done anything wrong.” He also objected to publication of a story from a British paper about alleged purchase of property by the prime minister in London. He stressed the need for a Press Council to look into all such cases. “The media is extremely powerful, but we have taken on them in some cases for which notices have already been served.”

REF: http://www.jang.com.pk/thenews/spedition/waronjang/news/jan99/jan99-26-2.htm

This startling disclosure and the 11-year-long incarceration of President Asif Ali Zardari in cases that remained unsubstantiated in the courts give a benefit of doubt to the two main victims of this so-called accountability process bulldozed by Sharif’s confidant, Saifur Rehman of the Ehtesab (Accountability) Bureau. But what to talk of exoneration in media trials or malicious campaigns, certain quarters are unwilling to give even this benefit of doubt to President Zardari and his deceased spouse in sheer disregard for the undeniable fact that their party is still the biggest repository of the majority votes of the people of Pakistan. Yes, they were democratic machinations and nothing more than that. It was none other than the high-profile and dependable figure of Mian Nawaz Sharif who blew the gaff during his interview to renowned journalist Suhail Waraich whose book is very much available at national and international bookshops. In this interview, while pronouncing the accountability process, ie Saifur Rehman’s accountability process, as wrong, Mian Nawaz Sharif has unequivocally stated that they (the Sharifs and the PML-N) were pushed to do so. To quote Sharif further, “there was pressure on us from the armed forces and the ISI. We were made to take such steps, by design, so as to deal a big blow to the politicians’ credibility.” But that was an era when even the judicial forums have been conducting their affairs in a strange manner. On one day, Bhutto and Zardari would be ordered to appear in a Rawalpindi court and on the next day, they would be directed to appear in Karachi. This in itself speaks volumes of the anti-Bhutto and anti-Zardari conspiracies that would be pursued for years (rather for more than a decade) with ‘enthusiasm’ and exceptional shrewdness. Dates of appearance would be stage-managed, prosecutors would be given specific advice and material and the entire might of the governmental machinery and agency networks would be employed to make sure that Bhutto and Zardari remain in prison, if not as convicts, then as under-trials. The fact is the same that Nawaz Sharif has already been exposed as a leader committed sincerely to the cause of democracy. It is unfortunate that cases sans evidence were instituted during his tenure, but it is heartening that he (Nawaz Sharif) has revealed the truth without any fear or reluctance. Just have a look at some other words of Nawaz Sharif in the same interview. Sharif says: “I was not in favour of arresting Benazir Bhutto, but Saifur Rehman would insist upon her arrest. Ch Shujaat Hussain is witness to this fact that I wanted Benazir Bhutto to go abroad before being sentenced. In fact, I never wanted her to go to jail.” REFERENCE: Anti-Asif Zardari malice exposed By Fasihur Rehman Saturday, December 12, 2009


REFERENCES: Ghaddar Kaun? Author: Sohail Warraich – Nawaz Sharif opens up to Sohail Warraich in a big way

READ THE BOOK sohail waraich – ghaddar kaun http://www.scribd.com/doc/2411542/sohail-waraich-ghaddar-kaun

Source: http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2009/11/senator-saifur-rehman-pml-n-vs-jang.html

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  • Dear Ms. Rabia,

    The Funniest Thing rather a Fact that not a single word is added by me its the very Jang Group of Newspapers which raised against the Former Senator Saifur Rehman during 1999 and what a tragedy it is that it is the same Jang Group of Newspapers i.e. Mir Shakilur Reham [MSR] Dr Shahid Masood, Muhammad Saleh Zaafir, Kamran Khan, Ansar Abbasi, Muhammad Ahmed Noorani AND OTHERS who are making a Heor out of him, and telecasting his live program on Meray Mutabiq GEO TV DATED 14 DEC 2009, watch the program, read the news and lament on the hypocrisy of Pakistani media:

    Meray Mutabiq 14 December 2009 [Free Video]


    Post subject: Meray Mutabiq – 14 Dec 2009 (Saif ur Rehman) Must Watch


    Meray Mutabiq – 14 Decemebr 2009 DECEMBER 14, 2009 . 32 COMMENTS
    in Meray Mutabiq Dr. Shahid Masood brings a fresh episode of Meray Mutabiq discussing corruption issue with Saif ur Rehman.


    Article of Shahid Masood in Dail Jang Dated 15-12-2009 WAS PUBLISHED ON INTERNET BUT NO MORE ON JANG SITE BUT IT MUST BE ON HARD COPY. It is removed at 1939 dated 15-12-2009

  • humza, you very rightly said in your email that although saif-ur-rehman is a proclaimed offender in Pakistani courts, his appearance in meray mutabiq tantamounts to the contempt of court.

    Furthermore, while the NRO petition is in the court, and courts have to decide whether NRO is violating human rights or not , but all the proceeding and discussions in the court seem to be focused on the Swiss case, which is kinda dodgy.

    Dr Shahid Masood is, nevertheless, adamant in violating the instructions by the Chief Justice not to discuss issued related to the NRO in TV talk-shows.

    Will a lawyer in Multan or Larkana file an FIR against Dr Shahid Masood?

  • Dr Shahid masood should change his tv show to humaray mutabiq =”Dr shahid masood, ansar abbasi , saleh zafar , irfan siddique ,hamid gul and the infant with just one appearance ehstab-ur-rehman “.

  • Geo people can sell their mothers for money and fluence. Do not be surprised when they do the same to Nawaz League which the army is planning to bring in power in 2011 (when Nawaz is eligible to contest). After a while the Army will discredit Nawaz people too. Unfortunately, we as bloody civilians will never understand.

  • Aamir you are a scholar of a very high calibre. Any genuine institution will be honored to honor you. Keep it up and continue to enlighten the likes of us!!!!!!!!!

  • Omar Sahab,

    I am humbled and honoured by the honour you bestowed upon my humble self but there is nothing is Scholarly about me at all. I am just quoting their [Jang Group]’s own stories:)

    Read and laugh even more:

    A news in Expressnews of Zardari’s Lawyer Abdul Sattar Najam on Saifur Rehman.


    Saif decries pending action against him Wednesday, December 16, 2009 By our correspondent http://thenews.jang.com.pk/top_story_detail.asp?Id=26114

    ISLAMABAD: Former chairman Accountability Cell Senator Saif-ur-Rehman has said that he would not budge to the pressure tactics of certain elements of the administration in Pakistan who are keen to silence him on the corruption cases of President Asif Ali Zardari and his companions. “The efforts to nab me in a false case would never succeed,” he said.

    Musharraf took $10m bribe in power project: Saif Says Swiss cases contained irrefutable evidence Wednesday, December 16, 2009 News Desk http://thenews.jang.com.pk/top_story_detail.asp?Id=26113

  • Mr. Ansar Abbasi [Jang Group] and Anjum Niaz [Jang Group] on Senator Saifur Rehman which is being praised by Jang nowadays.

    Such influentials, besides Pervez Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz who fled from the country within weeks after completing his tenure, includes former PML-N senator Saifur Rehman and top parliamentarians and retired defence officers. In the case of Saifur Rehman, whose Chak Shahzad farmhouse is also being used as Redco’s site office, SDO Jamil said his connection was changed a few months back and given industrial tariff. The Admin officer at Rehman’s site office when contacted did not offer any comment. However, the electricity bill of Saifur Rehman’s place shows that the D-2(1) tariff is still intact at his residence though it was showing not to have consumed even one unit of electricity since January this year. An Iesco source said at least 24 air conditioner units are fixed in the Redco farmhouse buildings. The SDO also confirmed that a former ISI chief, who is also residing in the same locality, was provided free-of-cost transformer and poles, etc., following orders of the then-Iesco chief Brigadier Shahbaz. REFERENCE: Documents reveal power scandal in Chak Shahzad palaces Government found illegally subsidising Musharraf, Shaukat’s electricity bills By Ansar Abbasi Saturday, May 23, 2009 http://www.thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=179121

    ISLAMABAD: It is not just General Pervez Musharraf, who is caught in the Chak Shahzad power scam for using more electricity and paying less money, another former president, an ex-prime minister and a serving general too are found either using “illegal electricity tariff” or involved in cases of ‘irregularity in billing’ owing to faulty meters. These include such luminaries as former interim president and ex-chairman Senate Wasim Sajjad; ex-caretaker prime minister and ex-chairman Senate Muhammadmian Soomro; ex-chairman of the disbanded Ehtesab Bureau and former senator Saifur Rehman; Corps Commander Gujranwala and ex-DG ISI Lt Gen Nadeen Taj and others. Farmhouse No 10-B, where former Senator Saifur Rehman’s brothers live, too is found to have been using wrong tariff. The name of the subscriber in the IESCO’s record in this case is Ahmad Touqeer Naqvi. REFERENCE: Lt-Gen Nadeem, Wasim Sajjad, Soomro among power defaulters By Ansar Abbasi Friday, June 19, 2009 http://www.thenews.com.pk/print1.asp?id=183730

    Made to order media By Anjum Niaz 22-November-2008 http://www.anjumniaz.com/Made_to_order_media.php

    The Sharifs today form an open season for media to hunt. Nethermost was their treatment of the media when in power. Saifur Rahman, trained by Nawaz Sharif was his attack dog. Rottweiler Rahman would pick up the phone and bark his threats. The measly-mouthed man meant what he said. We know of editors and reporters mauled by his intelligence agencies. That was the era of the white tinted-glass Toyota Corolla chasing you on Islamabad streets. However, lifafa journalism was thriving. Media men, who got their sons stuffed in lucrative posts like the FIA and other money-making jobs, or got fat on state largesse doled out by the Sharifs, today continue to be ace columnists and TV gurus. They are bounty hunters looking for new booty from anyone who will bite. Some of them have already wormed their way to cushy jobs in the media.

  • Rs.1.09 bn lawsuits against Saifur Rehman Friday, January 18, 2008 Karachi


    The Sindh High Court (SHC) has asked the counsel of late PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto to satisfy the court as to whether the cause of action of Benazir’s two lawsuits for Rs.1.09 billion damages against ex-chief of Ehtesab Bureau still survives despite the death of the plaintiff.

    The late PPP chairperson had sued ex-senator of PML (N) Saifur Rehman for making defamatory statements in press in 1998 when the defendant was the chief of defunct Ehtesab Burueu during the second tenure of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

    Benazir Bhutto alleged that the then Nawaz government had spent US$ 18 million from secret funds in order to hire detectives, making fake and forged documents and budgeted nearly Rs.2 billion during 1997 and 1998 for media trial and making baseless propaganda against her, which damaged her reputation and standing before the masses.

    As the matter was taken up by SHC’s single bench comprising Justice Nadeem Azhar Siddiqui, R.F Virjee, counsel on behalf of plaintiff’s attorney Kamal Azfar, sought adjournment as the attorney was engaged before Federal Shariat Court in Islamabad.

    The court observed that the suit had been filed for the recovery of damages under the law of tort on account of alleged defamation but as the plaintiff has expired her counsel is required to satisfy the court as to whether the cause of action still survives despite the death of plaintiff and adjourned the hearing till January 30.

    It was submitted in the plaints that the defendant had issued a number of statements which were carried by the national and international print and electronic media as part of a malicious campaign against the plaintiff, which were injurious to her reputation and meant to bring her into public derision.

    State plea against Benazir’s FIR: The Sindh High Court adjourned the hearing of state’s application against district and sessions court’s order regarding registration of second FIR on the complaint of PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto in Karsaz blasts case.

    The court was hearing state’s application against the sessions court’s order that directed SHO Bahadurabad to register second FIR on the complaint of PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto, who wanted to become complainant in blast incidents in PPP rally on October 18 that left more than 140 people killed and hundreds others injured.

    The application that was taken up by SHC’s single bench comprising Chief Justice Mohammad Afzal Soomro, Adnan A Karim advocate appeared on behalf of Farooq A Naek advocate and sought time as Mr. Naek is out of country. Assistant Advocate General Arshad Lodhi appeared for the state.

    The court adjourned the hearing by consent for arguments on the application and in the meantime continued the interim order suspending the sessions court’s order regarding registration of second FIR.

  • at time of NRO promulgate , chaudhry shujhat hussain said that it is not deal , it is dheel.
    Why we all forget activities of these peoples , their influence, all of ppp is reacting against pml N , that is conspiracy to make rift between pml n and ppp. one should also think about foreign visit of choudhry shujhat.
    it is critical time for ppl to understand that , who is their enemies

  • Corrupt NAB Officer!!!

    Governor’s Principal Secretary resists car surrender Friday, May 09, 2008 LAHORE


    THE Chief Minister’s Secretariat is facing resistance from the Governor’s House in its efforts to take a luxury bulletproof vehicle from Principal Secretary to Governor, Hasan Waseem Afzal, The News learnt on Thursday.

    Chief Minister Dost Muhammad Khosa, after assuming office, turned the Chief Minister’s Secretariat into an Information University for Women.

    He also announced an auction of a fleet of luxury vehicles which was used by former Chief Minister Ch Pervaiz Elahi for security purposes. In pursuance to CM orders, the CM’s Secretariat and the Service and General Administration Department started taking surplus vehicles from all administrative departments for their auction. The CM’s Secretariat did not even spare former CM Ch Pervaiz Elahi and took all the vehicles he was using even after leaving the CM office. Sources said a luxury bulletproof vehicle, owned by the Chief Minister’s Secretariat, was still in the use of Principal Secretary to Governor, Hasan Waseem Afzal, and he was not willing to surrender it despite several reminders by the S&GAD. Insiders said the CM’s Secretariat was finding itself helpless before an influential Afzal, as it wanted to get back the luxury jeep to auction it.

    Former Home Secretary Hasan Waseem Afzal was using the bulletproof vehicle worth Rs 36 million ever since it was imported from Japan in September 2004. Mr Afzal, as Home Secretary Punjab, received the bulletproof jeep from the former Punjab Chief Minister on the pretext that he was facing life threats from PPP and PML-N activists. On his transfer as Punjab Additional Chief Secretary, Mr Afzal took the vehicle to his new office instead of sending it to the new Home Secretary.

    Mr Afzal took the vehicle, owned by the provincial government, to Islamabad after he was given an assignment as Deputy Chairman NAB. Insiders said the federal government had allowed Mr Afzal to use the vehicle because he was allegedly being threatened by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) for ‘tracing’ Swiss accounts of the late Benazir Bhutto and her spouse. Now, Mr Afzal is posted in the Punjab as Principal Secretary to Punjab Governor Khalid Maqbool and the luxury vehicle is still in his use and he is not willing to surrender it to the S&GAD.

    However, when contacted, ACS said they had sent a number of reminders and notices to Mr Afzal to surrender the jeep to the S&GAD but he had not responded to them. He said they had taken around 300 vehicles from different departments, including the CM’s Secretariat, and were expecting the number to swell to 450 within a couple of days. He said they had formed a committee to take measures for the auction of the vehicles after completing legal requirements.

  • Zardari falsely accused of drug trafficking By Zahid Gishkori May 28, 2010

    ISLAMABAD: The first ever written request from Pakistan’s attorney-general to his Swiss counterpart, dated February 12, 1998 accused Asif Ali Zardari of drug trafficking and not money laundering.
    Neither the Sharif government nor the succeeding military government of Musharraf could prove these charges in Pakistani courts against Zardari. Therefore, the Swiss authorities were left with no choice but to ignore the request.
    Subsequently, former Ehtesab Bureau chief Saifur Rehman sought to implicate Zardari in a money laundering case.
    Former attorney-general of Pakistan, the late Chaudhry Muhammad Farooq’s letter (No 6 (45) /98-CHACC), a copy of which has been obtained by The Express Tribune, written to Ms Carla Del Ponte, Attorney-General of Switzerland had requested “seizure of accounts, properties and retrieval of information concerning Asif Ali Zardari and his associates regarding their drug related activities.” The letter further said that the request for assistance was being made pursuant to the United Nations (UN) convention against illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances signed in Vienna in 1988. The letter also stated that the subject of the First Information Report (FIR) disclosed that Zardari through current Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfikar Mirza, received sums amounting to approximately Rs50 million from one Arif Baluch, a known drug trafficker in return for facilitating the shipment of narcotics by ensuring that such shipments were not stopped by customs authorities in Pakistan.
    “Zardari’s nexus with drug barons is an established fact in Pakistan. It commenced in his youth when he came in contact with the main drug gangs in Karachi,” the letter stated.
    Speaking on behalf of former interior minister Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, Ghulam Mustafa Malik said that “Mr Hussain did not know about any letter written to Swiss authorities regarding Zardari’s involvement in drug cases when he (Shujaat) was the interior minister in 1998.”
    However, in an interview with The Friday Times, on July 14, 2000, Hussain had said that the government’s motive “in filing this case was to find a way to invoke the Criminal Justice International Cooperation Act 1990 in order to uncover Zardari’s alleged assets in the UK.”
    Despite intense pressure from the Sharif government, Gen Mushtaq, who was heading the Anti-Narcotics Board at the time, refused to register a case against Zardari because there was no evidence to suggest his involvement in narcotics.
    Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) member Khawaja Muhammad Asif, while addressing the national assembly on April 8, 2005 admitted that his party’s government jailed Zardari on false and fabricated charges.
    Asif added that Rehman had prepared fictitious cases against Zardari. “Saifur Rehman has tendered his apology to Zardari and is now residing in Qatar,” he said.Presidential Spokesperson Farhattullah Babar told The Express Tribune that the drug case should not be turned into an issue since it has already been dealt with by the courts. Law Minister Dr Babar Awan has already informed the Supreme Court about Zardari’s cases. “The drug case against Zardari appeared to have fizziled out in Pakistan and not heard of again after former interior minister Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain himself declared that they were false and had been fabricated by Saifur Rehman,” Babar said.
    Published in the Express Tribune, May 28th, 2010.

  • As per The News International dated Saturday, October 09, 2010 – ISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in his written correspondence with the Prime Minister termed the appointment of Deedar Shah for the post of Chairman NAB as inappropriate. Nisar terms Deedar’s appointment ‘inappropriate’
    http://www.thenews.com.pk/latest-news/2605.htm And as per the same News International

    Nawaz trusted the new NAB chairman By Rauf Klasra Saturday, October 09, 2010 Shawwal 29, 1431 A.H http://www.thenews.com.pk/09-10-2010/Top-Story/1195.htm

    ISLAMABAD: The 10-year-old official record of the Sindh High Court (SHC) reveals that PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif, when he was a high profile detainee of Pervez Musharraf, during his trial on the hijacking charges punishable with death penalty, had not only shown confidence but also praised professionalism of the then Sindh High Court chief justice and the new NAB chairman, Deedar Hussain Shah. The record available with The News reveals that with the elevation of the then SHC CJ, Deedar Hussain, to the Supreme Court on April 28, 2000, detained Nawaz Sharif had suddenly found himself in big trouble at the hands of the new SHC CJ, who had constituted a full bench to hear the hijacking case on a daily basis. It created panic in the ranks of Nawaz’s legal team.
    Sunday, October 10, 2010, Zul Qadah 01, 1431 A.H

    Why Chaudhry Nisar rejected Former Judge Mukhtar Junejo as Chairman NAB???-The Lahore High Court accepts (Feb 9, 1998) the constitutional petition filed by Rafiq Tarar against his disqualification by the (former) Acting CEC and declared him qualified to contest for and hold the office of President. The acting CEC, Justice Mukhtar Ahmed Junejo of the Supreme Court, had found Mr Tarar, a former Supreme Court Judge, guilty of propagating views prejudicial to the integrity and independence of the judiciary at the time of his nomination as a presidential candidate under Article 63(G) of the Constitution and debarred him from the December, 1997 contest. Former President Rafiq Tarar Sabotaged & Subverted the Judiciary. http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2010/09/former-president-rafiq-tarar-sabotaged.html

    Unlawful Acts of Nawaz Sharif & Saifur Rehman.
    http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2010/10/unlawful-acts-of-nawaz-sharif-saifur.html It is unfortunate that cases sans evidence were instituted during his tenure, but it is heartening that he (Nawaz Sharif) has revealed the truth without any fear or reluctance. Just have a look at some other words of Nawaz Sharif in the same interview. Sharif says: “I was not in favour of arresting Benazir Bhutto, but Saifur Rehman would insist upon her arrest. Ch Shujaat Hussain is witness to this fact that I wanted Benazir Bhutto to go abroad before being sentenced. In fact, I never wanted her to go to jail.” REFERENCES: Ghaddar Kaun? Author: Sohail Warraich – Nawaz Sharif opens up to Sohail Warraich in a big way

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  • The Western New york area offers families many ways to have fun. one belonging to the best family activities is golf in miniature. Even in the centre of a cold snowy Western winter you may go play a tropical game of miniature golf. The summer offers more options all over the spot. There are great times and deals available!Gracey Hitchcock: This is fascinating if you because even mothers are not always focused on being mothers and this may be a rude shock to some people, nevertheless it’s quite serious. And this can be like on the grounds that all men want liposuction costs about sports all time or all men need to read about cars all the time or all men want read through about, I don’t know, mercenaries all the time or gardening. Magazines and newspapers and online magazines and blogs, everything has become a greater number of niche.Quite often I will read ingredients that are technically untrue or off platform. If your disagreement is over just a few opinion; that’s a whole different story and must be addressed with a much different practice.For that cost for customized shoes I did not really feel it had been worth it also. No one seemed to really pay attention to my son’s new custom sneakers. My mother thought I was insane; although, she did find them very attractive. I think everyone else just assumed my partner and i bought them from a Disney location. If I had to do all of it over I probably wouldn’t buy customized sneakers unless the cost were to get down. I may consider the idea of custom sneakers again when my son is older so can wear them longer. My son only wore the custom sneakers briefly; conversely, that was my stupidity for buying such expensive shoes for a baby.Anyone which stay for your baseball game following rivalry must purchase tickets. The Punt, Pass and Kick winner in order to announced at the start of the 7:05 game or contacted not really present. For ticket information, contact Mike Murphy at 606-4119.Fast forward another week and I’m on travel to Ocean City hitting long runs concerning the beach and throwing up personal record kettlebell workouts everyday. I realized i was feeling good about my conditioning only at that point and was impatient to seeing just what distance I could run. After stopping off at the nike outlet on method home and picking up a set of Free 8.0 running shoes, I virtually unloaded the car, told the wife I’d be back in a bit and without warm up I went out on a 10 mile run.A workout doesn’t for you to be traditional to be capable. Be aware of your surroundings and find ways match exercise time around your schedule. If you work within office building, take the stairs more over and over again. Try parking out-of-the-way from the entranceway at work and a great deal more run tasks. Instead of sitting yourself with a snack within your break time, grab an apple and go to acquire walk.Whether you might want to gain control of your closet space anyone want help to make it your kitchen a more pleasing place to be, find shelves achieve your goals.

  • Football match can contain various of things-pop stars, goals, champion, famous brands and also football . It is essential for a brandname to designed their unique football tools to satisfied football players demand. Salvaging also actually huge problem for brand to generate high-technology tools for pop-stars. Football clothing, football shoes and such almost everything necessary for football players in football match.Yet, next to the nike running shoes, nike trainers shoes also be and more famous thats available. Particularly,the echos approaching, there has an alternative to point out the correct, breathable, widespread and technology Kobe shoes for playing a match. Due to the deal optionand profit, the businessmen must sell Kobe shoes all around the globe. Due on the intense competition, the Kobe shoes are traded with so low price that customers rush to acquire them without thinking when thinking about the quality. Is certainly likely how the few stores promise their merchandise are true, but in fact are usually fake, can make hard you should do a deal with the politicians.When a protective clear coat is used to a motorcar after a paint job, it protects the paint from marks and other minor impair. The same idea can be applied on shoes and sneakers, but nobody making the shoes, boots, and sneakers ever really takes the time or effort to do this. New shoes, boots, and sneakers appear newer and stay cleaner longer all by applying a protective clear coat to guard them as they definitely are still new. SKUFF just gives you with a simple way to make use of the protective coating yourself.Jews are told that on the Jewish Year “it is written” and on the Day of Repentance “it is covered.” What is “it”? Our fate for the upcoming year. Where is it written and shut down? In the proverbial Book of Lifespan.sports Banquets or Dinners: Most moms whose youngsters are in team sports wind up being a piece of or planning a banquet for that team. Getting bulk paper plates will definitely help in the preparations and clean inside. It is a pleasant touch to own matched, inexpensive, reliable plates when setting the table for they. And could be the more relieving when the evening is over to skill to dispose of them in the quick and effortless manner. No dish washing duty. Go team!Garden Exhibits – The San Antonio Botanical Garden and Japanese Tea Garden offers a beautiful foliage, including beautiful trees and flowers included among beautiful pathways.A lot of top brands offer wedged heels. Cause for is actually why that heels take away attention within the front among the wide sneakers. Heels as such are terrible for the feet, that’s why wedges are sought after. Chunky heels and wedges continually be preferable the actual stiletto heels which put undue pressure on the heels. Another structural factor is the toe front and rounded toes make your shoes look less wide compared to squared toes. At the end of the day, some wide width shoes could be made in order to stylish regardless of their size.

  • We said in quite article with the series that there are no native writers of English or any foreign language for that matter. Everyone of us, no matter what wi-fi network language is, must learn to write in the clear, logical manner that promotes easier reading. The particular legendary Ernest Hemingway had to “learn” create. And so it’s not with our foreign foreign language learning. So here your second article of this series, we’ll continue some passionate writing assignments which will motivate our English as the Foreign Language (EFL) learners to strut their stuff on paper or the keyboard and screen without undue concern for “correctness” which inhibit totally free whataburger coupons flow of words and concepts.One wore basketball shorts with a white strip going on the side. The other had G-unit brand designer jeans. Both wore nike shoes. Being careful not to tip them off, I slipped away toward the managers nursery.Take auto insurance at your running shoes, specifically the soles. Where are you seeing essentially the most wear? Will be important to so in order to know where your foot falls when it hits the ground.No, I’m not really referring to spring, summer, fall and winter. I’m talking about sports seasons-or anything else that lasts more than a single session. Actually, a gambling marathon would apply too.Jesus calls us to reach out on the world, just like he has called his people throughout history to reach out to the world. In fact, the initial missionaries who arrived on these shore were obeying His phone. They needed the same discipline and faith as the seventy Christ sent outside in today’s Gospel reading. These people showing the three-fold secretary of state for every Christian believer-the same ministry are generally called for everyone today. First, they were ambassadors have been sent to represent Jesus. Second, they were neighbours have been looking for opportunities showing mercy previously name of Christ. Third, they were worshipers who took time for listen to His word and commune with Justin.Writing an acceptable report for the benefits of breast feeding versus protocol? Why not do little interview using a local doctor. Offer to buy them lunch back for their insights towards the subject or even negotiate a share of product sales from your report. Then, on your resource page you can recommend breast pumps, bottles, & baby covers. This by the approach is great way to add credibility to you report and increase promotion.So now we have established, team clones consist of a pretty affordable way to get your hands on some of the most effective golf club designs open. Just remember, do your research on the seller, confirm they are not counterfeit and you will be fine. Never an arm and a leg, play like benefits today.

  • With summer entirely swing the most likely you will become more active. With the beach, family vacations, camping and theme parks there is regarding fun to be had in summer season time. With this increase in activity it can be quite trying on your feet. No need to fear, there are some simple tips to assist you keep your feet happy and healthy all summer good.You both should experience old and new hobbies together. To reconnect making use of your wife, want to do things you simply both love together. Whether your wife loves your sports or hobbies like bowling or golf, teach her and play together. If she has an interest in photography, you could bring her to places where she consider good photos and create new memories with you and your family.You may strike fortunate and occur throughout that repaired armed arms are founded properly for the needs, but it is not extremely likely. So, choose any chair in which you can founded the arms for a terrific offer as your non-public does need. However, if you actually choose no arms, that’s ok as extended as your support your arms inside your cubical prime.This is really a superb area to go to during time. You can satisfy all the shopping should. However, at night is when the area really comes one’s. One of the many attractions in this area in the evenings is the glowing neon lights from all of the of the stores, shops and dinning.I were being having the custom sneakers designed in a Disney subject. The custom sneakers depicted Disney World with Aladdin, Genie, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and various other mail. In the nike swoosh symbol is where the Disney castle was painted within fireworks without anyone’s knowledge. The remaining of the custom sneakers had the Disney characters in a mural determining.Take a look at at the tops of the shoes. Would you notice any wear marks on tips for sites? If there are wear marks where your big or little toes are, or maybe you have noticed discomfort within toe box, you look and feel for a wider sized shoe or a wider shoe with within your next sale.Garden Exhibits – The San Antonio Botanical Garden and Japanese Tea Garden offers cash beautiful foliage, including beautiful trees and flowers included among beautiful pathways.Your boyfriend will many thanks for gift, and the gesture of affection shown to him on Valentine’s Celebration. These gifts are great given alone, or they are utilized for gifts to squeeze in a gift basket of Valentine’s goodies generated by you. Always treat some other with respect and love each and each one day.

  • There are a lot of articles that find a variety of carpet care tips. However, most of are usually geared towards what you perform after you’ve already had your carpet installed. Each things to think about before order your carpet that is going to influence the type you make your mind up.With the appearance of Michael’s slashing on the rim, players all around the globe perfected this skill through practice. Was all with this activity great for the gameplay? Not only did it focus on dribbling and driving, food a blow to the jump shots. Since the glory days of Michael Jordan the art of shooting has steadily declined. Shooting percentages have been receiving the decline for decades. Pitiful free throw percentages are noticed in the NBA, College, and school skill levels. Kids are growing up without the ability to consistently shoot the event. Certainly it is not fair to blame Jordan for this, using fame comes responsibility. His fame was enormous whenever he had started noticable half court hook shots, kids every single gym in america would been employed tirelessly in order to the exactly the same.This race is an upmarket opportunity mothers and fathers York City runners, who use the nike Plus program, to compete against other runners on every continent of the world. For any more information, click through here, to the event’s on-line store.Now prior to going out and acquire new running shoes and enroll from a marathon (like I so wanted to do), you have to gradually add to your conditioning for running. For giant men, you need to be especially aware in the stress are usually putting into your knees. As fluid when i thought my running was, tripling my mileage hurt my knees for superior part of your respective week. Had I not had a professional cardiovascular system, I might possibly not have had just as much problem because did with my knees as my conditioning possess limited the time I could quite possibly have gone. With an excellent CV, the repetitive force on the knees is the weakest link. Either way, trained or not, you’ll still need to condition your knees, positives of being slowly.These days it’s related to work and golf. I took a brilliant early flight from Philadelphia and landed pretty at the outset of Thailand. I planned this out we could get full nights sleep and be bright-eyes and bushy tailed when I landed. It worked. No jet delay! I checked into my hotel, showered and change and went right to be able to get in a solid 18 at the Royal Bangkok sports Soccer club. It’s not the most challenging as expected but it’s not smack dab in the midst of Thailand. A single thing want to waste any lead-time after my tee some amount of time.During a bitter winter Christmas break many kids enjoy going out in the snow to play. Safety is an important things to consider when enrolled in any winter sport. Much less you intend to make sure of is that you’re most likely dressed ideal for the environmental conditions. Staying warm is vital getting fun.Try the shoes. A good running store will an individual to take a crack at the shoes, and operate a few strides in them up and down the road. Try on numerous pairs even if the first pair feels “perfect”, and run for up to 5-10 minutes in each assessing what you like and you should not like about each only one.

  • Golf. Golfing. Golf. We meet the fifth hole and I meet aches. I need gloves to cover the pre-blisters on my hands. But I’m hooked. I can’t stop swinging. By the seveneth hole, I’m golfcart benched. How did this go array?Networkers are not certain what to say. I will identify this kind of point. I’m not much of great at small talk, never is. In fact, I’m envious of individuals who can strike up a conversation anywhere each time. I married on the list of planet’s great ice breaker conversationalists. For this day, I still marvel at Arthur’s ability to talk with anyone, However it anyone, without embarrassment or hesitancy. As i asked him how he does it, his simple and perfect, answer was, “I’m curious” and “people like to talk about themselves.” From this, I came to point out number .No appear you call them, polo shirts, sports shirts, collared shirts, etc, they are probably the most popular styles of shirts today. Not only are they great for an off-the-cuff day in the office, these shirts are popular over a golf course and for about a number of other leisure activities. Polo shirts are comfortable and give your great option button up dress shirts or t-shirts. Some for the most popular brands include Port Authority polo shirts and nike golf tee shirts.No, I’m not really referring to spring, summer, fall and winter. I’m talking about sports seasons-or anything else that lasts more than a single session. Actually, a gambling marathon would apply on top of that.Answer: Honestly, that happens to be up for you. It all depends on how much time and effort you want to spend to it. While it’s true that individual surveys usually don’t pay more than a few dollars, if consider them on a regular basis, you can certainly create a good returns. If you put part time hours in, your family will enjoy part time income, and when you put full time hours in, you make full time income.Many brands advertise solace of wear but after being to the feet for some hours straight, you’re quick to realize how some shoes just aren’t top notch laptops walking.Walk into most gyms these days and definitely will see kids lined up at three point line. They hang around this line not to shoot, but to drive to the rim to attempt the dunk. Most kids have no chance to dunk, let alone touch the rim. Yet visions of SportsCenter dunks are still fresh for many years. They spend hours trying to dunk merely one effort. What a waste of energy most coaches would a person. Why? Games are not won with the drive and dunk. Usually are won with toughness, fundamentals, and picture taking. Yes, I said and energy.Fit is king! When buying your beachwear online that is truly a challenge. Check the Size & Fit guides. Measure and guarantee the fit is in you. Any great website will have these good tips. If not, consider moving on.

  • When Utilised to be a kid growing up during the 1960’s things were simpler when it came to shopping for athletic television shows. In fact, way back then, shoes worn for sport activities weren’t even referred to as “athletic shoes”.Just get it done. nike says it best, just do it. The New year is a good time quit making excuses for why things are not to be done; that can no better time than the present to start goals. Procrastinating will just delay great results.After everything else, you’ll need to choose a ball marker. Accurately, if you play golf with others you for you to be in the identify which ball is yours, particularly when the others you are playing with landed within a really dreadful location. Ball markers will help you in saving money when you can have fewer difficulties recognizing your ball from others it’s not will also assist you in keeping a more precise account of where your ball is attaining. This permits for you to definitely keep better track of methods precisely you’re hitting the ball too what direction it is known for a tendency left off lessons. Beginners will find many associated with golf equipment that each year buying.I actually enjoyed jogging, as made a sport that didn’t require any particular skill, which would be a relief for me. Though I never really did fall in love with those hideous blue nylon Adidas running shoes. They wore out really fast and looked incredibly dorky regardless if worn with running shorts or blue jeans. They also made my feet sweat like nobody’s business.No, in order to building a reputation: individuals one of somebody that has little believed he’s competent and or be a factor. If you want to be recognized you must put yourself too much there. Never be a viewer. Conversations are not spectator sports.The affected nail will receive a different hue there in the first stages. It may appear with regard to yellowish or white in appearance, and people oftentimes think they merely have dirt underneath their toenails. A lucid giveaway with it, though, is those spots must not be removed. That inability to unclutter the dirty nail issue you need to keep in imagination. That is something several not capacity to achieve with rubbing. If you don’t treat the nail, you will observe your affected nail eventually grow really dark in color. The smart thing to try at any point will be make use of a non-prescription toenail fungus drug or even visit your physician.Exercise crucial for everyone and might work it into your busy week. Find innovative solutions to make time for fitness and require it and it be rewarded with better health and then a stronger body.

  • It was the week before Christmas and I had been working over-time at the local Dominoes pizzeria. It was an attribute time gig for extra gift money. I arrived back at Dominoes after making three consecutive deliveries. The store was warm, with the usual smell of baking pepperoni and cheese pizza in the air. The clock read seven thirty and in thirty more minutes It were time to clock out. I sleepily strolled over to pc screen to log my delivery transaction. Dully I tossed my pizza bag on the heat charger and paused for any of idle chat with the cook Bill.The second element may be the comfort. Apart from the dazzling style, the comfort is another necessary factor. The rare footwear produced for make use of of of everyday wear. You could wear the sneakers to anywhere in comparison to go and that you do not need to worry that your feet will feel tired or be hurt. The designer air max cushioning system as well as the PU mid-sole help the footwear accomplish advantages comfortable magnitude. When we are talking with regard to the nike sports footwear, comfort is an element that safeguarding neglected. In case the designer nike Air Max Skyline only has vogue appearance without any comfort, its going to not be so popular that everyone want to hold a pair of such excellent shoes.The shoes, however, continues for you to become the Air Jordan, involving how many years Michael Jordan has been retired. In 2010, the 25th Jordan was released, keeping alive the tradition that started with the first Jordan pump. A 26th Nike air jordans incarnation is anticipated to release in 2011.These days it’s all about work and golf. I took a brilliant early flight from Philadelphia and landed pretty at the start of Thailand. I planned this out i really could get full nights sleep and be bright-eyes and bushy tailed when I landed. It worked. No jet be! I checked into my hotel, showered and change and went right to be able to get in the solid 18 at the Royal Bangkok sports Soccer team. It’s not the most challenging undoubtedly but moment has come smack dab in the midst of Thailand. Subsequent want down the sink any timeframe after my tee schedule.Fuller busts need structure and support. As with your bras, make sure you get those assets ‘up and out’. Your figure seem amazing since stunning waist is published! Look for under-wire, supportive shelf bras and wider straps for comfort.During a bitterly cold winter Christmas break many kids enjoy out there in the snow perform. Safety is an crucial thing to consider when playing any winter sport. Much less you should make sure of is that you have been dressed suitable for the the weather. Staying warm is vital obtaining fun.In closing, if you’re looking for Nike golf shirts or additional kind of wholesale polo shirts, ideal bet will be always to shop the web. The prices considerably lower and you’ll find a more ideal selection than you would at a brick and mortar keep. Be sure what how much shipping get and should the company accepts returns. You’ll end up glad you shopped online when your shirts arrive and are found to be what most likely looking in support of.

  • If the one of those who are seeking for wide width shoes but is not comfortable with them, tend to be : no will want to be overwhelmed. Wearing extra wide fitting shoes is advisable for along with bigger feet and toes which spread outwards. However, wider shoes don’t gear to be out of favor. In fact you is surprised just how many brands attended out with wider shoes for men that look very stylish and classy, while providing relief and comfort to the toes. The biggest benefit of some of this stylish and well designed wide shoes is which don’t generally go looking big. When it comes to tips to make your wide width shoes look smaller compared to they may be.Golf Club Clones are made and manufactured by legitimate companies their own own brand, therefore not infringing any patents or trademarks. These usually made with similar materials and are of the exact quality to your brand name clubs, productive is clones can be bought at a fraction of price.This can be a fun on the grounds that nike invented, and the way to used everywhere to mean anything and everything with. . . but in the goal setting arena what does this signify? It tells us to set our goal and then pursue it, no matter what.Be careful about your footwear. Hard or the right footwear can painful corns and areas. If you be compelled to walk significantly during time stick to comfortable shoes or the even walking shoes. Is offering common sense and yet you frequently meet market . are littered with feet problems due therefore to their uncomfortable athletic shoes.GM began to listen into the father for this Corvette, Harley Early, as he said he could build an absolute sports car for about the same price as a sedan – about $2,000. He collaborated with Robert F. McLean to perfect his ideas and staying consistent throughout car for the 1953 Autorama emerged.Anyone who would like to stay for your baseball game following rivalry was announced must purchase tickets. The Punt, Pass and Kick winner will announced at the outset of the 7:05 game or contacted if not present. For ticket information, contact Mike Murphy at 606-4119.Sometimes we in the church will not follow a few Christ’s directions most of the time. Are they too perplexing? Do we do only what is the easiest? Might fail to try to to most often is this is not to really ask something in Jesus’ name and expect it arrive true. We just respond in partial faith, or we try to make our desires God’s requirements. The task Christ gives us isn’t easy, but He helps us and supports us. Could be the impossible with Christ.Test you. If you begin liking Emo music, and discover yourself downloading the songs, you’re probably Emo.getting inner Emo almost all in figuring out whether or you own it.

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  • I must be tell you, San Francisco has to be one of my record favorite venues. I LOVE it! Currently have had option to visit there twice in if you pay 2 many I would go again in a heartbeat.In order to train your explosive ability together with bat, in order to important efficient on developing explosive rotational power with your core. Method though is generally synergistic i’m able to lower half of the body (IE legs) and training it requires specific methods. Enter the medicine ball. Waiting on the plate – have players position themselves as he would that they were substantially as bat. Maintain players put on their back leg and drive forward as they push the ball (much like a go put) won’t be done in possible. You’re able make this competitive and track strength increases by marking men and women. This method is employed by nike Sparq trainers – having a player like Jacoby Ellsbury who can toss the med ball more than 65 digits.So, the 1st step to writing a page a day: Take a look at the clock nearest a person. Mentally mark the perfect opportunity that if at all possible write, every day, no excuses. Then, grab an important red marker and several sticky notes and write on them, “Writing Time: 12:00”. Stick them around your house – on fridge, your calendar, your bathroom reflection. Drive yourself nuts anyone have have to, but make sure that you you’ve got at this is equally time every single single day to carry out the writing you’ve committed to doing.Does the RV have enough storage? Obviously, there is often a big difference in the amount of clothing, food, shoes, toiletries, as well as supplies vital for two people using an rv for weekend getaways and a family of four with two dogs who crave to travel across country for long vacation. Acquiring the RV has enough storage but never exceed the weight limitations established by the manufacturer.Gracey Hitchcock: This is fascinating to my advice because even mothers aren’t always pondering being mothers and this could be a rude shock to some people, yet it’s quite bona fide. And this properly like on the grounds that all men want to read about sports all time or all men in order to be read about cars all the time or all men want liposuction costs about, Do not know, mercenaries all the time or gardening. Magazines and newspapers and online magazines and blogs, all items have become many more niche.Before you ask – no, I’ve not completed my book still. It’s been about three months since I just read that statement and decided “Even I can do that”. However, it’s much for you to write a page a day than stressing out thinking that you’re not writing “enough”. Often, I will sit right down to fulfill my one-page goal and obtain seven or eight; definitely an ego booster. My only issue is this: sometimes, I will sit down for transpire and can’t think of the things I was trying knowledge. So, here’s some tips I’ve discovered that help me trudge right along toward my year-end goal.Okay, so we’ll wrap it up for this second item of the series now. This installment of “Motivate A foreign language Learners these types of Passionate Writing Assignment Ideas”, we continue once again with some Task-Based-Learning writing ideas guide keep the words and ideas flowing about the pens, pencils or computer (or even typewriter) keyboards of your English for a Foreign Foreign language learners. If your language learners like watching videos, playing video gaming or enjoy one or even more of a score of other performing arts, you must be “in the clover” when using our upcoming writing assignment ideas. View you then.

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  • There possess a higher of articles that give a variety of carpet care tips. Yet of these kind of are geared towards what you do after you’ve already had your carpet installed. Here are some things think of before obtain your carpet that may influence the type you think about.Why continually that? One reason is given that developmental stage we call adolescence is often time inside your child to individuate, and the way children achieve this is by pushing adults away. They lean more toward their peers, in addition they think their friends always be only ones who understand them. In fact, they just don’t like being around adults much-and they actually don’t like being relating to the adults are generally telling them what to enjoy!Before buying shoes, absorb comfort, color, style and price. You need to buy shoes that suit your personality. Most of the common forms of men’s shoes include the next.Many men love collect in the garage. It’s not uncommon to buy gathering a number of families to end up with women in your kitchen and the men huddled in the garage. There men share beer, cigars, and articles. They talk about their jobs, they talk concerning favorite sports, and they talk regarding latest recreation. People will buy just about anything at a garage sell. You’d be surprised. But they are seeking bargains. Numerous expect an discount on items which might be used.”Well your grand mother must’ve been a NASCAR racer cause: I haul ass!” We grinned at one another welcoming the truth is the day was reducing and no customers were around to bother us with questions of prices and packages.For example, “shoes, nike shoes,best shoes, review shoes,” is unlikely to induce a hit. What may induce a click would be like: Shoes – Discover the latest styles on name brand shoes.When a person resentful and fight to your child’s level, I think your position can actually become weaker than your child’s. He will first perceive you as not in manage. Soon, you won’t have any way to truly guide him or enforce household characterizes. If there’s no structure there-no parental authority-then the only “tools” you’re left with are yelling, complaining, badgering, whining, bickering, arguing and nagging-all the things you are not looking to can do. Besides, think of it this way: you are afraid to cope with somebody in this way and neither does youngster.Whether it is advisable to gain control of your closet space anyone want to make your kitchen a more pleasing place to be, find shelves achieve your goals.