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PPP announces complete boycott of Geo TV – Finally!

Jang Ad, October 12, 2010


The PPP has till now been trying its level best to be defensive against all the media tirade against its leadership and government. Usually the tirade starts from Geo TV, goes on to Jang and The News and then lip synched by the PML-N. Unfortunately, on October 12, 2010, Jang and The News have crossed all the limits by publishing a quarter page advertisement on its front page. Though this is not the first time that such ethics laden statements have been relayed on the newspapers, but the timing of the same was the icing on the cake i.e. the Supreme Court hearing scheduled for 13th October. 

Though we at LUBP were incensed at the targeted campaign, some thoughts were given towards a befitting response. Some of the options which the editors discussed and conveyed to the PPP included: 

  1. Mir Shakil’s picture requesting him and his organization to pay the Rs. 1.68 billion in Sales Taxes which they haven’t and sought to seek a respite through a stay order in the Sindh High Court
  2. Mir Shakil’s picture requesting him and his organization to pay back the Rs. 800 million owed to banks as well as pay the profits. After all, the shareholders of those banks are suffering
  3. Mir Shakil and his entire team’s picture holding them responsible for the death of a Muhammad Saad Khan while filming a reality show for Geo TV in Thailand
  4. Mir Shakil and Hamid Mir together being shown as complicit in the killing of Khalid Khwaja and may more.


The PPP has chosen to simply boycott Geo TV going forward! We feel it’s a decision which is “dair ayed, durast ayed”. This was announced by PPP Information Secretary, Fauzia Wahab, in a press conference in Karachi earlier today. 

She also hit Chaudhry Nisar hard over his ties with the military and the ease with which he has remained out of jail in crucial times. It may be recalled that Chaudhry Nisar came out with a highly denigrating statement saying that if Judicial decisions are not adhered to, then the PML-N will present medical certificates about President Zardari’s cardiac and psychiatric health. 

Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan is a lucky and a very fortunate man. He has remained in power ever since he became an MNA in 1985. He has served as Member National Assembly (MNA) for the terms of 1985, 1988, 1990, 1993, 1997, 2002 and 2008 general elections. His power comes from two very important stints as Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources in 1990-1993 and then the same portfolio in 1997-1999. He also wields significant power in the Rawalpindi division where major changes in the civil services like police, patwari, revenue etc need his blessings. 

Chaudhry Nisar’s unprecedented clout has also come from his brother, Lt. Gen. Iftikhar Ali Khan, who died in 2009. Lt Gen Iftikhar Ali Khan served as Chief of the General Staff (CGS), Pakistan Army. He was appointed as Defence Secretary in 1997 and relinquished the office in 1999.  It is said that the removal of Jahangir Karamat and appointment of Musharraf had a lot to do with the say of Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. His brother’s being from the army allowed him a few concessions. When the Sharifs and a number of PML-N stalwarts were in prison, Chauhdry Nisar was under “house arrest”. all leaders of the PML-N had been sent to the Attock Fort, while Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan was detained in house. Even in a crackdown on PML-N leaders in 2007, Chaudhry Nisar was very fortunate to have been out into house arrest.  

His appointment as Leader of the Opposition speaks volumes of the merit in the PML-N. Javed Hashmi, who remained in prison for 4 years under treason charges and won 3 national assembly seats, has been sidelined by Chaudhry Nisar. 

Qismat ho to aisi!

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Ahmed Iqbalabadi


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  • lol.. so much for “Democracy” and freedom of speech. If GEO is not paying taxes that not its fault. The Government controlled FBR is useless.

  • Speech of Haider Abbas Rizvi Rebuttal of Ch. Nisar in the Parliament http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYV4CIPrMiU&feature=PlayList&p=C3CCACAC9A9E88D3&index=0&playnext=1

    Speech of Haider Abbas Rizvi Rebuttal of Ch. Nisar in the Parliament – 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-EoNo-DKn8&feature=related

    Speech of Haider Abbas Rizvi Rebuttal of Ch. Nisar in the Parliament 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8T0ykqmPiI&feature=related

    Speech of Haider Abbas Rizvi Riburtal of Ch. Nisar in the Parliament 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AjxCGJLeB0&feature=related

    SC should take suo motu notice on Altaf Hussain Statement: Ch Nisar August 23, 2010 http://www.nation.com.pk/pakistan-news-newspaper-daily-english-online/Politics/23-Aug-2010/SC-should-take-suo-motu-notice-on-Altaf-Hussain-statement-Ch-Nisar

  • Media all over the world is reckless.

    Altaf accuses foreign powers of plotting to eliminate him
    By Azfar-ul-Ashfaque Monday, 27 Sep, 2010

    “International powers used the Pakistani establishment which includes the army, ISI and other powerful agencies to eliminate the MQM. When these forces failed to achieve their objective through conspiracies and barbarity and by slaying thousands of MQM workers, international powers are now trying to eliminate Altaf Hussain,” he said in the letter.

    Mr Hussain said the murder of Dr Imran Farooq was a link in the chain and news analysis and columns published in the international press gave a clear indication about which party and personality were being targeted.
    He referred to the BBC programme “Hard Talk” in which the host asked coordination committee member Mohammad Anwar why the MQM leader (Mr Hussain) had not been removed.
    “This has implications for the situation… what was the purpose of this question?”

  • Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman is a shameless blackmailer and a criminal. His Geo / Jang / The News is a mafia.

    Only a few days ago, they promoted a plan to assassinate General (retired) Musharraf. Is that acceptable in a civilized society. Mir Shakil and his editors must be arrested and put behind bars.


    From Cafe Pyala


    I’m no supporter of Pervez Musharraf the politician but the reaction to his announcement to formally re-enter politics is really bordering on the absurd now. Are the Jang Group and the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) really so scared of his potential impact on electoral politics that they are going out of their way to attack him? I mean, it’s one thing to make fun of his idea of Facebook hordes sweeping him to victory, quite another to start frothing at the mouth and devote half a news bulletin every hour to undermine him. One would have thought that he would be considered as politically irrelevant as all ex-army chiefs before him, but the juvenile manner in which he is being targeted is probably giving him a far greater political stature than he deserves at the moment.

    The prime example of this juvenility was Geo’s edit of his speech in Birmingham, where two obviously unrelated strands of thought – “main…jhoot bolne se…” […by lying..] and “…main… mujhe dar nahin lagta..” [I am not one to be afraid] – were taken out of context and presented as if Musharraf was admitting to not being afraid of lying.

    Even in the edit, it’s obvious that Musharraf had broken his train of thought and said something unrelated to the first part. Yet it was presented as a Freudian admission of a character flaw. It’s the sort of thing video editors would have a chuckle over in their spare time, hardly the kind of thing worthy of mainstream television news. But even more incredibly, people like Opposition Leader Chaudhry Nisar, PML(N) Spokespersons Pervez Rashid and Ahson Iqbal kept referring to that silly edit as if it was a statement of fact in all seriousness.

    When a media group refers to someone as ‘Crazy’, ‘Hypocrite’ and ‘Coward’ in the news headlines of its papers and further goes on to wildly exaggerate the dissent at his rally and label him ‘anti-Islam’ (all in the first three days of his launching his political party), you know there’s some curious agenda at play. The point is not that people – and particularly certain political victims of General Musharraf’s reign – cannot have strong opinions about him and express them. The point is whether a media house and journalists have any business passing such incendiary judgements outside the opinion and editorial pages.



    But today even the limits of strong political opinion have been crossed. Today we have Talal Bugti, indolent son of slain Baloch sardar Nawab Akbar Bugti, openly proclaiming Musharraf as “wajib-ul-qatl” [condemned to be killed] and offering a bounty of one billion rupees and 1000 acres of land to anyone who would behead him! News of the press conference, conducted jointly with the PML(N)’s Sardar Yaqoob Nasir, and where this offer was made, was carried without any cautionary editorial remarks by Geo. (Would Geo be so indulgent if, for example, the Taliban had called for General Kayani to be murdered? How about if someone had placed a bounty on Mir Shakil’s head?)



    Talal Bugti with PML(N)’s Raja Zafarul Haq in 2008: aiding and abetting?

    Talal Bugti claims that Musharraf is condemned to death because a) he had subverted the constitution by overthrowing the elected government in 1999 and b) had killed his father. Of course, not for him the niceties of an actual trial in a court of law to determine guilt. Probably believing that the rest of the world operates under the same set of rules with which Bugti sardars govern their lands, he has not only found Musharraf guilty but pronounced the sentence and called upon any random person to carry it out. This is pure criminality, contempt of the law of the land and open incitement to murder.

    Talal Bugti deserves to be arrested and tried himself. And those who aided and abetted the announcement of the bounty and carried the news of the incitement to murder without calling it as such, also deserve to be taken to task. Somehow I don’t think either Geo or the PML(N) is going to be calling for the Supreme Court to take suo moto notice of this.

  • Another example of lowly journalism by The News/ Jang under the able ownership of Mir Shakil:

    From Pakistan Media Watch

    Ansar Abbasi’s Attack On Musharraf Beyond The Pale
    October 5th, 2010

    Ansar Abbasi’s article for The News on Saturday, “Hypocrite, coward Musharraf blows hot air but will never return”, is a shockingly unprofessional rant that does not even pretend to be a proper news report.


    While the article was published with the word “Comment”, it was, nevertheless, published on page 2 of the newspaper under the heading National News and not on the two pages dedicated to opinion columns. The word “Comment” may ease Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman’s conscience, but it does not excuse Ansar Abbasi’s over-the-top attacks.

    In fact, Ansar Abbasi is not even providing commentary or analysis. Only he is making an unbridled attack. Politicians of all parties are subject to criticism for their policies and their actions, and rightly so. It would be perfectly acceptable to write an Opinion column that questions Gen Musharraf’s statements about ‘a constitutional role for the military’ in light of his past actions. But calling someone insulting names like “hypocrite”, “coward”, and “insane” is beneath the dignity of a proper journalist. Resorting to childish statements like, “We hate you” is bringing Jang Group to a new low. It will be interesting to see if Gen. Musharraf decides to bring a defamation suit for this repeated name-calling by The News.


    Ansar Abbasi, like every free Pakistani in this democracy, has the right to his political opinions. Likewise, Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman has the right to publish a political attack sheet that substitutes name-calling for serious commentary and rumours for investigative journalism. But we should not pretend that this qualifies as “news”, much less legitimate journalism.


  • wah jee wah. Aap ko tax nahee pay karna, aap ja kar stay order ley leejiye. Currently they are running a campaign that geo entertainment is not being shown by cable operators. Fauzia Wahab commented on the matter that if the government had to clamp down on geo, it would have done on geo news and not the entertainment channel. She even pointed out that it is an issue between the cable operators and geo management. Aparently there was a program called chhote ustad for which geo had rights in Pakistan. Sony tv was also showing the program and the cable operators were not willing to pull the plug on sony.

  • بارہ نجی چینلز ٹیکس ڈیفالٹر ہیں‘
    آخری وقت اشاعت: جمعـء 14 مئ 2010 , 14:28 GMT 19:28 PST

    پاکستان کے وزیر محنت و افرادی قوت سید خورشید احمد شاہ نےقومی اسمبلی کو بتایا ہے کہ ٹیکس نادہندگان میں بارہ نجی ٹی وی چینلز بھی شامل ہیں اور ان کی طرف حکومت کے تقریباً پونے تین ارب روپے کے ٹیکس بقایاجات ہیں۔

    جمعہ کو حکومت اور حزب مخالف کے بعض اراکین کے توجہ دلاؤ نوٹس کا جواب دیتے ہوئے انہوں نے بتایا کہ اِن ٹی وی چینلز نے یہ رقم اشتہارات کے مد میں حاصل تو کی ہے لیکن حکومت کو ادا نہیں کر رہے۔

    خورشید شاہ کے مطابق ٹیکس نادہندگان میں سرِفہرست جیو ٹی وی ہے جس کے ذمے ایک ارب ارسٹھ کروڑ روپے ہیں۔

    جیو ایک ارب اڑسٹھ کروڑ، اے آر وائی ون انتالیس کروڑ ستر لاکھ روپے، ٹی وی ون آٹھ کروڑ، پلے ٹی وی دو کروڑ، سماء ٹی وی ایک کروڑ اڑتیس لاکھ، ہم ٹی وی ستاون لاکھ، انڈس ٹی وی سولہ کروڑ جبکہ ایم ٹی وی ساٹھ کروڑ روپے کا ڈیفالٹر ہے۔
    انہوں نے بتایا کہ اس کے علاوہ اے آر وائی ون انتالیس کروڑ ستر لاکھ روپے، ٹی وی ون آٹھ کروڑ، پلے ٹی وی دو کروڑ، سماء ٹی وی ایک کروڑ اڑتیس لاکھ، ہم ٹی وی ستاون لاکھ، انڈس ٹی وی سولہ کروڑ جبکہ ایم ٹی وی ساٹھ کروڑ روپے کا ڈیفالٹر ہے۔

    اسلام آباد میں بی بی سی کے نامہ نگار اعجاز مہر کا کہنا ہے کہ توجہ دلاؤ نوٹس کے ذریعے پوچھا گیا تھا کہ ایک کروڑ یا اس سے زیادہ رقم کے ٹیکس نادہندگاں کی فہرست میں کون کون شامل ہیں اور ان کے نام ایوان میں پیش کریں لیکن ایوان میں مالیات کے وزیر کی جگہ جواب دیتے ہوئے سید خورشید شاہ نے صرف میڈیا گروپس کے نام پیش کیے اور بتایا کہ کسٹم ڈیوٹی کے مد میں تراسی افراد/ کمپنیوں کے ذمے چالیس کروڑ روپے کے ٹیکس بقایاجات ہیں۔

    آئے روز ٹی وی چینلز پر حساب مانگا جاتا ہے اور آج پتہ چلا ہے کہ میڈیا خود ڈیفالٹر ہے۔ آئندہ ہم ان سے سوال کریں گے کہ پہلے خود ٹیکس دو پھر ہم سے پوچھیں۔
    شیخ وقاص اکرم
    مسلم لیگ (ق) کے رکن ریاض فتیانہ نے کہا کہ سیاستدان تو اگر آبیانہ یا کسی گیسٹ ہاؤس کے چارجز ادا نہ کرے تو وہ انتخاب نہیں لڑ سکتا لیکن اتنے بڑے ڈیفالٹرز کے خلاف کارروائی کیوں نہیں ہوتی۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ ٹیکس نادہندہ کوئی بھی ہو حکومت ان سے ٹیکس وصول کرے ۔ ان کے مطابق اگر پاکستان میں بڑے بڑے مگر مچھ ایمانداری سے ٹیکس ادا کریں تو ملک کو کشکول لے کر پھرنے اور قرضوں کی ضرورت نہیں پڑے گی۔

    شیخ وقاص اکرم کا کہنا تھا کہ آئے روز ٹی وی چینلز پر حساب مانگا جاتا ہے اور آج پتہ چلا ہے کہ میڈیا خود ڈیفالٹر ہے۔ انہوں نے کہا ’آئندہ ہم ان سے سوال کریں گے کہ پہلے خود ٹیکس دو پھر ہم سے پوچھیں‘۔

    جس پر سید خورشید شاہ نے کہا کہ انیس سو ستتر سے لے کر آج تک بینکوں سے قرض معاف کرانے اور ٹیکس چوری کرنے والے سیاستدانوں، میڈیا گروپس، کاروباریوں اور دیگر کی فہرست آئندہ اجلاس میں ایوان میں پیش کریں گے۔

    شیخ وقاص اکرم، ریاض فتیانہ اور عبدالقادر خانزادہ نے کہا کہ سیاستدانوں کا بھی بتائیں کہ کون کتنا ٹیکس دیتا ہے؟۔ جس پر سید خورشید شاہ نے کہا کہ وہ یہ تفصیلات بھی آئندہ ایوان میں پیش کریں گے۔

  • @ S Ali Raza:

    Firstly, it is freedom of speech, so PPP has as much right to it as Geo TV. Geo’s licenses are not being canceled despite its violation of intellectual property rights and non payment of taxes.

    The ‘independent judiciary’ has given an indefinite stay order on the Geo tax matter so government cannot do anything. Government cannot force the judiciary to hold a hearing.

    Secondly, the Geo network should make a decision, whether it wants to abide by the Constitution or not. Our very esteemed lawyers use to comment before the 3rd November emergency when asked as to why the reinstated Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudary does not call in Musharraf. All including Hamid Khan, Kurd, Tariq and others used to reply that he is not allowed to do so under the Constitution. Even Aitzaz Ahsan quoted Hazrat Umar’s example but upon further questioning he corrected as to what should happen and what could happen. So as much as they want the Hazrat Umar example to be repeated, their hands are tied by the COnstitution. Even the immunity is not Zardari’s to give away, its not his personal property which he can do away with any time.

  • Hazrat Umar [May Allah be pleased with him]‘s example and Non-Islamic Program on GEO TV?

    Is mixing and gathering of Male and Female [without being Meherem] allowed in Islam? Or was this allowed [May Allah forgive me for repeating this] by Hazrat Omar [May Allah be pleased with him]

    Geo TV News- Model Interviews http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yphjMOojOMU

  • جیو ٹی وی اور جنگ گروپ کے جانبدارانہ اور متعصبانہ رویئے کے باعث پی پی پی کا کوئی عہدیدار اور پارلیمنٹیرین جیو ٹی وی اور جنگ کو کوئی انٹرویو اور بیان جاری نہیں کرے گا ،احتساب سب کا ہو گا، شریف برادران کے خلاف 1.6 ارب روپے کے بدعنوانی کے الزامات کے تحت مقدم

    پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی کی سیکرٹری اطلاعات فوزیہ وہاب نے کہا ہے کہ جیو ٹی وی اور جنگ گروپ کے جانبدارانہ اور متعصبانہ رویئے کے باعث پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی کا کوئی عہدیدار اور پارلیمنٹیرین جیو ٹی وی اور جنگ کو کوئی انٹرویو اور بیان جاری نہیں کرے گا، احتساب سب کا ہو گا، شریف برادران کے خلاف 1.6 ارب روپے کے بدعنوانی کے الزامات کے تحت مقدمات زیر التواء ہیں، پیپلز پارٹی مفاہمت کی پالیسی جاری رکھے گی، کیا وجہ ہے کہ قائد حزب اختلاف چودھری نثار علی خان رات کے اندھیرے میں جرنیلوں سے ملاقات کرتے ہیں۔ وہ منگل کو پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی میڈیا سیل کراچی میں پریس کانفرنس سے خطاب کر رہی تھیں۔ فوزیہ وہاب نے کہا کہ ایسا لگتا ہے کہ جیو ٹی وی اور جنگ گروپ ہماری حکومت کے خلاف پارٹی بن گیا ہے لہذا اب ہم نے بطور پارٹی یہ فیصلہ کیا ہے کہ آئندہ پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی کا کوئی عہدیدار اور پارلیمنٹیرین جیو ٹی وی کو کوئی انٹرویو اور جنگ کو کوئی بیان جاری نہیں کرے گا۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ احتساب سب کا ہو گا، شریف برادران کے خلاف 1.6 ارب روپے کے بدعنوانی کے الزامات کے تحت مقدمات زیر التواء ہیں جو ان کے ملک سے باہر جانے کی وجہ سے بند کر دیئے گئے تھے، نیب کے نئے چیئرمین شریف برادران کے خلاف زیر التواء 20 کیسز اور انکوائری دوبارہ شروع کریں گے۔ انہوں نے بتایا کہ انہوں نے کہا کہ پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی 90ء کی دہائی میں دوبارہ نہیں جانا چاہتی لیکن گزشتہ چند روز سے مسلم لیگ (ن) بالخصوص قائد حزب اختلاف چودھری نثار علی خان کی جانب سے جس طرح کی زبان استعمال کی جا رہی ہے، اس کے بعد ہمیں بھی ان کے بیانات کا جواب دینا پڑ رہا ہے۔ فوزیہ وہاب نے کہا کہ چیئرمین نیب کی تعیناتی انتظامی معاملہ ہے اور مسلم لیگ (ن) اپنے خلاف کیسز کھولے جانے کے ڈر سے اس تقرری کو متنازعہ بنانا چاہتی ہے۔ انہوں نے سوال کیا کہ 12 اکتوبر 1999ء کو فوج کے حکومت پر قبضہ کے بعد جب مسلم لیگ (ن) کے تمام قائدین اور کارکنان مختلف جیلوں اور قلعوں میں قید تھے تو چودھری نثار علی خان کو گھر میں نظر بند کیا گیا تھا اور انہیں اجازت تھی کہ وہ سورج غروب ہونے کے بعد کہیں بھی جا سکتے ہیں اور کسی سے بھی مل سکتے ہیں جس سے ظاہر ہوتا ہے کہ ان کے پرویز مشرف کے ساتھ تعلقات تھے۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ مسلم لیگ (ن) کے جس رہنما نے 4 سال قید تنہائی کاٹی وہ آج ہسپتال میں ہیں اور جس نے گھر میں نظر بندی کاٹی وہ قائد حزب اختلاف بنے ہوئے ہیں۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ چودھری نثار علی خان خود اس بات کا اعتراف کر چکے ہیں کہ ان پر غیر جمہوری قوتوں کا دبائو رہا ہے، لگتا ہے کہ وہ ان غیر جمہوری قوتوں کے دبائو میں آ گئے ہیں۔ فوزیہ وہاب نے مسلم لیگ (ن) کے اس دعویٰ کی نفی کی کہ وہ عوام دوستی کا کردار ادا کرنا چاہتی ہے۔ انہوں نے بتایا کہ جب پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی کی حکومت نے سرکاری ملازمین کی تنخواہوں میں 50 فیصد اضافہ اور برطرف ملازمین کو بحال کیا تو پاکستان مسلم لیگ (ن) نے قومی اسمبلی کا بائیکاٹ کر دیا تھا۔فوزیہ وہاب نے کہا کہ ہمیں این آر او پر کوئی شرمندگی نہیں اور یہ بات سمجھ سے بالاتر ہے کہ این آر او سے تقریباً 8250 افراد نے فائدہ اٹھایا مگر سب کی انگلیاں پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی کے چند مرکزی رہنمائوں اور وفاقی وزراء کی جانب ہی کیوں اٹھتی ہیں۔ فوزیہ وہاب نے کہا کہ جنگ گروپ نے 800 کروڑ روپے کے قرضے اور 1.68 ارب روپے کے ٹیکسز ادا کرنے ہیں جس کے خلاف جنگ گروپ نے ہائی کورٹ سے حکم امتناعی حاصل کیا ہوا ہے۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ پاکستان کی تاریخ میں پہلی بار حکومتی اراکین عدالتوں کے چکر لگا رہے ہیں جبکہ حزب اختلاف آزاد ہے، حکومت پر تنقید کر رہی ہے اور اپنی مراعات بھی حاصل کر رہی ہے، یہی وجہ ہے کہ آج 2010ء میں پاکستان میں کوئی سیاسی قیدی نہیں اور نہ ہی کسی کے خلاف کوئی سیاسی مقدمہ درج کیا گیا ہے۔ ایک سوال کے جواب میں فوزیہ وہاب نے کہا کہ اکتوبر کا مہینہ بھاری نہیں ہوتا اور نہ ہی اکتوبر کا یہ مہینہ بھاری ہوگا۔ ایسے کئی اکتوبر آتے اور جاتے رہیں گے۔ ایک اور سوال کے جواب میں انہوں نے کہا کہ ہم آزاد میڈیا کے حق میں ہے اور کسی بھی ٹی وی چینل کو بند کرنے کا سوچ بھی نہیں سکتے۔

  • Hazrat Umar [May Allah be pleased with him]‘s example and Non-Islamic Program on GEO TV?

    Is mixing and gathering of Male and Female [without being Meherem] allowed in Islam? Or was this allowed [May Allah forgive me for repeating this] by Hazrat Omar [May Allah be pleased with him]

    Classical song in Raag Durga by Fariha Pervaiz

  • Hazrat Umar [May Allah be pleased with him]‘s example and Non-Islamic Program on GEO TV?

    Is mixing and gathering of Male and Female [without being Meherem] allowed in Islam? Or was this allowed [May Allah forgive me for repeating this] by Hazrat Omar [May Allah be pleased with him]

    Tha Yaqee’n Ke Aayen Gi Yeh Raataa’n Kabhi – Naheed Akhtar Performing At The Lux Style Awards 2007

  • Hazrat Umar [May Allah be pleased with him]‘s example and Non-Islamic Program on GEO TV?

    Is mixing and gathering of Male and Female [without being Meherem] allowed in Islam? Or was this allowed [May Allah forgive me for repeating this] by Hazrat Omar [May Allah be pleased with him]

    veena malik performing at lux style awards

    veena malik, sana and resham performing at lux style awards LSA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XL6uKV1Gx0&feature=related

  • “Nawaz/Army Meherban tau Gadha Pehelwan.” This decision, if really taken, is wonderful and befitting. Geo TV should be absolutely ignored by the PPP and our govt. It’s a no brainer whom the ppl of Pakistan will respect more. Our dignified stand or these corrupt pig agents of the Muhajir-Punjabi establishment.

  • The Real Reason of Amir Liaquat’s Resignation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CSZ4_LF3e0&feature=related

    PAKISTAN: Two persons murdered after an anchor person proposed the widespread lynching of Ahmadi sect followers
    Urgent Appeal Case: AHRC-UAC-203-2008 10 September 2008

    PAKISTAN: Two persons murdered after an anchor person proposed the widespread lynching of Ahmadi sect followers

    ISSUES: Murder; religious discrimination; freedom of religion; media

    Dear friends,

    The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that an anchor person working for a prominent television channel has incited Muslims in Pakistan to kill – to devastating effect. The targets are followers of the Muslim Ahmadi sect, a group which has been declared non-Islamic under the constitution of Pakistan. The first killing happened within 24 hours of the broadcast, and just under two days later a district chief of the Ahmadi was murdered. Followers of the religion are understandably frightened, and many have left their homes and are taking shelter at their central mosque, the Rabwa.


    In a program aired on 7 September 2008 the anchor of the religious program ‘Alam Online’, Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain–also former federal minister for religious affairs–declared the murder of Ahmadi sect members to be necessary (Wajib ul Qatal) according to Islamic teachings, because its followers don’t believe in the last prophet, Mohammad, peace be upon him. Dr. Amir repeated his instruction several times, urging fundamentalists Muslims to kill without fear.

    While on air the anchor person also pressured the other two Islamic scholars (from two different sects) on the program to support the statement. This resulted in a unanimous decision among the scholars, on air during a popular television show, to urge lynching with the intent to kill. This was not a one-off. On September 9, Mr. Hussain answered a query with the comment that blasphemers are liable to be put to death.

    According to the information received, at 1:15pm on September 8, 18 hours after the broadcast, six persons entered the Fazle Umer Clinic, a two-story hospital at Mirpur Khas city and two of them went to the second floor and started pressuring 45 year-old Dr. Abdul Manan Siddiqui to come downstairs to attend to a patient in crisis. Dr. Manan left his office and descended into an ambush. He was shot 11 times and died on the spot. His private guard was also shot and is in a serious condition. A woman was also injured by firing. The killers remained at the hospital until the doctor was declared dead, then they walked out of the building’s front entrance. Police registered the killers as unknown.

    On September 9, 48 hours after the broadcast, Mr. Yousaf, a 75 year-old rice trader and district chief of the Ahmadi sect was killed on his way to prayer in Nawab Shah, Sindh province. Yousaf was fired on from people on motor bikes, and sustained three bullet wounds. He died on the way to the hospital. The assailants had taken a route past a police station. No one was arrested.


    The Ahmadi sect was declared non-Islamic sect on September 7, 1974, through a constitutional amendment, and was labeled a minority sect. Since then, there has been open hatred of the sect by certain Islamic circles and fundamentalists across the Muslim world, and sect members suffer widespread discrimination. Ahmadi followers are not allowed to bury their dead in the ordinary grave yards of Muslims, and many of those buried before 1974 were shifted by fundamentalists.

    Since 1984 (when statistics have been compiled) around 93 Ahmadis have been killed for their allegiance to their sect, with four killed so far this year, including Dr. Ghulam Sarwar on March 19 in Faisalabad, Punjab province and Mr. Basharat Mughal on February 24 in Karachi. The Dr. Siddiqui is the 15th medical doctor killed since 1984.


    Please write to following authorities and urge them to appropriate actions in order to stop the killings of Ahmadi followers and recognized religious freedom. Please also demand them to prevent any religious hatred or discrimination from broadcasting through the media.

    Please be informed that the AHRC has also written separate letter to the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief.

  • RJ says: – October 12, 2010 at 3:40 pm Our dignified stand or these corrupt pig agents of the Muhajir-Punjabi establishment.
    Do you think the language you used was the right way to protest. Sweeping the entire community with a single yardstick is not acceptable at all. There are members of Urdu Speaking Community and Punjabi Community on LUBP and they are also in PPP.

  • Voice of America & GEO: GEO TV broadcasts programmes from Voice of America. How much money does it receive, if any, from VOA or other US sources? VOA is owned and controlled by the United States government. Its Board members are appointed directly by the President of the United States. Transparency in Pakistan’s Media, Benazir and the US Friday, December 26th, 2008 at 1:22 am By Yousuf Nazar http://www.yousufnazar.com/?p=788 The Jang Group – how low the standards would fall? Saturday, April 10th, 2010 at 9:56 pm By Yousuf Nazar http://www.yousufnazar.com/?p=939 An Open Letter to all Journalists: Would GEO/Jang Group publish the names? Sunday, February 21st, 2010 at 11:38 am http://www.yousufnazar.com/?p=869 The politics of media barons Monday, February 15th, 2010 at 6:18 am http://www.yousufnazar.com/?p=865

  • Ahmadi massacre silence is dispiriting – The virtual conspiracy of silence after the murder of 94 Ahmadis in Pakistan exposes the oppression suffered by the sect
    Declan Walsh guardian.co.uk, Monday 7 June 2010 14.59 BST http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/belief/2010/jun/07/ahmadi-massacre-silence-pakistan?showallcomments=true#end-of-comments

    Candles were lit by members of a civil society for victims of the attack on the Ahmadiyya sect in Lahore. Photograph: KM Chaudary/AP
    I often find myself defending Pakistan against the unbidden prejudices of the outside world. No, Islam is not the cause of terrorism. Yes, the Taliban is a complex phenomenon. No, Imran Khan is not a major political figure.

    This past week, though, I am silent. The massacre of 94 members of the minority Ahmadiyya community on May 28 has exposed something ugly at the heart of Pakistan – its laws, its rulers, its society.

    It’s not the violence that disturbs most, gut-churning as it was. During Friday prayers two teams of attackers stormed Ahmadiyya mosques in the eastern city of Lahore. They fired Kalashnikovs from minarets, chucked grenades into the crowds, exploded their suicide vests.

    As the massacre unfolded, a friend called – his father-in-law, a devout Ahmadi, was inside one of the besieged mosques. The family, glued to live television coverage, were sick with worry.

    Two hours later, my friend’s relative emerged alive. But many of his friends – old men, including a retired general and former judge – were dead.

    The killers were quickly identified as “Punjabi Taliban” – a loose collective of local extremists with ties to the tribal belt. This was unsurprising. More dispiriting, however, was the wider reaction.

    Human rights groups reacted with pre-programmed outrage; otherwise there was a virtual conspiracy of silence. A dribble of protesters attended street protests against the attack in Lahore and Karachi; eleven people showed up in Islamabad.

    The normally vociferous media were unusually reticent. Commentators expressed dismay at the violence, but few dared voice support for the Ahmadiyya community itself. Politicians turned yellow.

    Few visited the bereaved; still today, the chief minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, has not visited the bullet-pocked mosques or offered compensation to the injured.

    In the national parliament, three brave female MPs crossed party lines to propose a resolution condemning the attacks, in the face of massive indifference. The motion passed, just.

    The reticence is rooted in law and history. Ahmadis believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, a 19th century Punjabi cleric, was the messiah sent by God – a notion that deeply offends orthodox Muslims for whom Muhammad, who lived in 7th-century Arabia, is the final prophet.

    The problem is that the state has taken sides in this religious argument. Since the 1970s, civilian and military governments have passed laws enshrining the discrimination against Ahmadis, today thought to number about 4 million in Pakistan.

    And so they live in the shadows of society. Under the law, Ahmadis may not call themselves Muslims and may not refer to their places of worship as “mosques”. Orthodox Muslims applying for a passport must sign a statement deriding Ahmad as an “imposter”.

    Any Ahmadi who defies these edicts can be sentenced to death; in 2009, 37 were charged under the blasphemy laws and 57 under Ahmadi-specific laws.

    This state-directed discrimination has caused prejudice to soak into the bones of even well-educated Pakistanis. It is acceptable to denigrate Ahmadis as “agents of foreign powers” such as the CIA and Raw, India’s intelligence service.

    In 2008 a prominent preacher on Geo, the country’s largest channel, suggested that right-minded Muslims should kill Ahmadis. Within 48 hours two Ahmadis had been lynched. The television presenter has prospered. Reference: PAKISTAN: No action taken against Geo TV presenter who incited Muslims to murder members of Pakistan minority on air AHRC-STM-244-2008
    September 18, 2008 http://www.ahrchk.net/statements/mainfile.php/2008statements/1694/ PAKISTAN: Two persons murdered after an anchor person proposed the widespread lynching of Ahmadi sect followers ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION – URGENT APPEALS PROGRAMME Urgent Appeal Case: AHRC-UAC-203-2008 10 September 2008 http://www.ahrchk.net/ua/mainfile.php/2008/2999/

    Last year a banner appeared outside the high court in Lahore, declaring “Jews, Christians and Ahmadis are enemies of Islam”. Few complained.

    The silence that followed the Ahmadi killings was broken last week by a tsunami of outrage at the Israeli commando raids on boats headed for Gaza. Commentators and politicians fulminated at the treatment of the Palestinians – a minority that suffers state-sanctioned, religiously driven discrimination. Nobody got the irony.

    It makes one realise how small the constituency of true liberals is in Pakistan – not Pervez Musharraf-style liberals, who drink whisky and attend fashion shows, but people who believe the state should cherish all citizens equally. That, after all, was the publicly expressed desire of Pakistan’s founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, 63 years ago. Today it lies in tatters.

  • Nisar says he backed Musharraf’s appointment Sunday, April 26, 2009, 16:28 http://www.pakistanviews.com/politics/nisar-says-he-backed-musharraf-s-appointment.html Where many people term the appointment of General Pervez Musharraf as army chief in 1998 a big blunder by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif a top PML-N leader now claims that Musharraf was the best option available.

    ‘The prime minister made the final decision. I did support Musharraf to become the Chief of Army Staff… But the decision was based purely on merit given his professional track record,’ PML-N central leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, told DawnNews, in an interview. Critics blamed Chaudhry Nisar and his brother Lt Gen (r) Iftikhar Ali Khan, the then defence secretary, for persuading Nawaz Sharif to appoint General Musharraf as army chief.

    But Chaudhry Nisar, who is also the Opposition Leader in the National Assembly nowadays, did not have any regrets of favouring General Musharraf to the top slot. Asked whether the military coup of October 1999 was the result of that bad judgement, he observed they supported Musharraf to become the army chief not the Chief Martial Law Administrator.Chaudhry Nisar also justified the appointment of General Musharraf as Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee after the Kargil fiasco.He asserted the decision to appoint General Musharraf as chairman of the JCSC was made to boost the moral of the armed forces.He said the PML-N government did not want to act against the generals, who masterminded and executed Kargil operation.

    Not only General Pervez Musharraf himself, but many former close aides of Nawaz Sharif including Chaudhry Shujaat and Mushahid Hussain, already stated that Kargil operation was conducted with full consent of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.Chaudhry Nisar did not deny the ambition of attaining the top political office of the prime minister. ‘When you are in politics then you struggle. And whatever comes you take it. You take the good with bad. As and when situation arises you face it,’ he observed, when asked whether or not he wants to become the prime minister. He said whatever the case may be he would not make any categorical observation while sitting in a television interview.

  • Who can forget the famous telephone conversation of the famous anchor of establishment-kay-saath-mil-kay-Geo TV?

  • Shaheen Sehbai [Jang/GEO]’s Credibility & Bob Woodward’s Books. http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2010/10/shaheen-sehbai-janggeos-credibility-bob.html It is with great sorrow that I have to convey this bad news to you all today. I have resigned today as the Editor. I am enclosing enclosing the correspondence with MSR which is self explanatory. I wish to thank you all for all the cooperation and respect that you extended to me during these 14 months as Editor. I will be available to each one of you as a friend at all times. Wishing you the best of luck and a great future. Shaheen Sehbai

  • جیو اگر بہت برا اسلامی بنتا ہے تو اپنے چنل پر گانے ،ڈانس اور جن اشتہارات میں یہ سب کچھ ہوتا ہے ان سب پر پابندی لگایے اور پہلے اپنے گروپ میں خلافت اور اسلامی بنے

  • Where is Geo’s Islam on this?

    “I am a man and a woman.” – Begum Nawazish
    Chandna Arora Times of India

    Begum Nawazish Ali aka Ali Saleem, Pakistan’s well-known, cross-dressing, saucy TV show host, says she can defend herself easily in the Bigg Boss 4 house

    How did Bigg Boss happen?

    Kahaani shuru hui thi pichle saal, jab Bigg Boss 3 ho raha tha aur Amitabh Bachchan the “Bigg Boss”. Mujhe phone aaya tha aur mujhe bahut khushi aur excitement hui thi, but I wasn’t able to come because unfortunately, relations between India and Pakistan at that time were not very cordial. I did not get my visa in time and could not make it to the last season.

    This time around, when I got this offer and was told that Salman Khan was going to be the Bigg Boss, I felt that everything happens in life for a reason. Because I thought that it was even better that I appear with Salman, since I’ve heard that he’s a lot more fun and he has that kind of image na – of being naughty and funny. I thought it would give me more room to play around. This is something I’m going to enjoy.

    It’s clear from previous seasons that you can’t be a very goody-goody person inside the house.

    Do you think you have the claws and arts required to protect yourself?

    Darling, I have all the claws and swords and arrows and guns and tacks that one needs to protect oneself. But I would not like to use any of these things. I’d like to use my charm to get by; I’d like to use my positivity and friendliness and my comfort with myself to get along. I’ll try my utmost not to get provoked and get involved in any fight or aggression or conflict, but of course, if one is pushed against the wall, then one must and one has to stand up for oneself. I’m quite capable of holding my ground, but I have no intentions of making anyone else uncomfortable or of targeting anyone. I’m going to try and keep it as amicable as possible.

    The channel usually looks for people with a ‘troublemaker image’ for the show. Do you think you have that kind of image?

    Not a troublemaker image, exactly, but yes, a slightly controversial image, considering I’m two aatmas in one body. I am a man and I am a woman, and I can be this and I can be that. I think that will keep the fun alive, because even I don’t know when I’m going to want to be the man and when I’m going to want to be the woman; that will depend on the mood inside the house. But as they say, variety is the spice of life, so this I promise – that I’m going to offer the viewers a lot of variety.

    You’re a very glamorous person – will you be able to handle the chores and the work required?

    Not really. Honestly, I’ve always had people running errands for me and doing the chores. I’m very spoilt that way – I am a begum. But yeah, I’ve never done anything myself, I’ve always had people to do it for me, but I guess this is going to be good training that way.

    You had a talk show on Indian TV too, but you weren’t seen after that.

    Haan, show tha, and then I’d signed a film as well. But then 26/11 happened, and there was a cold daur between India and Pakistan. The work of all the Pakistani artistes who worked in India was affected. But I’m glad we’ve moved on from there, and the governments look interested in peace and resolving issues through dialogue. Iss waqt jo ek environment hai, of peace and reconciliation, isme jitney bhi artistes hain Pakistan se, they’re doing great work. I’ve always maintained that Mumbai is the mecca for all artistes, since Bollywood is the biggest film industry in the world. Pakistan se hum sab jo artistes hain, unki khwahish hai ki hum Bollywood mein kaam karein. Because every artiste looks for a platform. We artistes don’t get caught up in trivialities like religious divides and borders, because we believe in humanity and spreading love and joy around us. I think that if politicians can show some maturity, things will work out best for entertainers and for people at large.

    Have you been following the Aman Ki Asha campaign?

    I have – I’ve been keeping a close watch on it, actually. It’s a great initiative; yeh toh chalta rehna chahiye till we find durable and long-lasting peace in the region, and more people should create even more awareness about it. Peace is a concept that will appeal to people universally. If you go to someone and say that I am working for peace, no one will resist that, because inside, every human being is looking for peace. Hota yeh hai ki chand elements jo hote hain, woh apne vested interests ke liye logon ke beech rifts create karte hain, unhe uksate hain, ladai karne pe majboor karte hain. Aur isme nuksaan kiska hota hai? Aam logon ka. Aur fayda kiska hota hai? Handful of politicians ka. I think that the way the media has evolved now and the way awareness is increasing among people, the day is not far when people will be able to see through these vicious designs, combat these negative elements, and come together for a very stable, peaceful and progressive South Asia.

    Which film had you signed in India?

    It’s a matter of the past now, nahin hua, toh I don’t think I should talk about it now. I have done a film in Pakistan which will release while I’m in the house, though – it’s called Love Mein Gum.


    Mir Shakil is General Zia-ul-Haq reincarnated.

  • Kamran Khan [Jang/Geo] on Sharif Brothers & 12 Oct 1999.
    http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2010/10/kamran-khan-janggeo-on-sharif-brothers.html Nowadays “Kamran Khan, Jang Group of Newspapers, GEO TV, and The News International “advising” Nawaz Sharif for the Long March whereas 11 Years ago read what Kamran Khan had filed in The News International/Daily Jang on Sharif Brothers, Accountability process, Senator Saifur Rehman and what not, read the history and Watch the Video of Former DG IB Mr. Iqbal Niazi.

  • جمہوریت سے جو تم محبت کرو۔۔۔

    تو لازِم جیو پہ تم لعنت کرو۔۔۔

    جو نہ ہو وطن میں لسانی فساد۔۔۔

    تو صوبوں پہ یوں نہ سیاست کرو۔۔۔

    میرے مُلک میں ہے مُصیبت کڑی۔۔

    نہ لاشوں کی تُم یہ سیاست کرو۔۔۔

    جو شوقِ سیاست سے مجبور ہو!

    تو لاشوں پر خود کی سیاست کرو۔۔۔

    سنبھل اؤ بِکاؤ یہودی نسل۔۔۔۔!

    نہ جوتے کی تُم یہ شرارت کرو۔۔۔

    صحافی تو ہوتا ہے آوازِ خلق

    میراثی بنو، مت صحافت کرو۔۔

    جو چندا پے تھوکے وہ مُنہ کو بچائے۔۔۔

    نہ چہرے پہ اپنے غلاظت کرو۔۔۔

    جمہوریت سے جو تم محبت کرو۔۔۔

    تو لازِم جیو پہ تم لعنت کرو۔۔۔

  • http://jang.com.pk/jang/oct2010-daily/14-10-2010/col5.htm

    اب یہ میراثی حامد میر که رہا ہے کہ طالبان امریکی اجنٹ ہیں ،یہی حامد میر ہے جس کے پنجابی طالب عثمان پجابی سے تعلقات کوئی چھپی بات نہیں ،اگر یہ طالبان امریکی اجنٹ ہیں تو یہ طالب صحافی حامد میر کیوں ان سے مزاکرات کے لئے زور ڈالتا تھا ؟ کیوں آپریشن کی مخالفت کرتا تھا ؟ کیوں یہ کہتا تھا کے اچھے طالبان اور ہیں اور برے اور ؟ .کیا سوات کے طالبان بھی امریکی اجنٹ تھے جنھیں ساری مذہبی جماعتوں نے سپورٹ کیا ؟ .تو کیا سرے دیوبند علما جو طالبان کو اپنا ساتھی سمجھتے ہیں امریکی اجنٹ ہیں ؟ .اگر سب امریکی اجنٹ ہیں تو پھر ان سے لڑنے میں کترانا کیسا ؟
    اصل میں طالبان کو بہت نقصان ہو رہا ہے اور طالبان صحافی شدید غم کی حالت میں ان کے بچاؤ کی ہر ممکن کوشش کر رہے ہیں اور کرتے رہے ہیں .جب طالبان تھوڑی طاقت دکھاتے ہیں تو یہ ان کے ساتھ ہو جاتے ہیں اور جب لوگوں میں ان کے لیہ نفرت ہوتی ہے تو یہ ان کو امریکی اجنٹ که دیتے ہیں تاکہ طالبان پر دباؤ کم ہو جائے اور لوگ حکومت پر دباؤ ڈالیں
    حامد میر کے نزدیک اب بیت الله محسود امریکی اجنٹ ہو گیا جس کو ملا عمر نے پاکستان میں اپنا نائب بنایا تھا تو کیا ملا عمر اجنٹ نہیں ؟ وہ کیسے “اچھا طالبان ” ہے ؟ پاکستان میں جو ہزاروں قتل ہوئے ان سب کا تعلق طالبان ہی سے ہے پر جب ان کی موت اتی ہے تو یہ صحافی طالبان ان کو امریکی اجنٹ بنادیتے ہیں اور جب انہیں کوئی کامیابی ہوتی ہے تو مجاہد بنا دیتے ہیں .الله کرے یہ امیر قاتلین ملا عمر اور اسامہ جلد ہی ہلاک ہوں کیوں کہ آج یہ ان کے مجھاہد ہیں پر مرنے کہ بعد امریکی اجنٹ بنیں گے اور ان کی منافقت اور کمینے پن کی صحافت چلتی رہے گی .
    ویسے کمینہ پن اور مکاری دل کی ہوتی ہے پر انسان اگر بہت کی مکار ،ذلیل اور کمینہ ہو تو یہ اعمال اس کی شکل پر بھی آجاتے ہیں .حامد میر ایسی ہی ایک مثال ہے

  • Shamelessly Daily Jang has again misquoted the Washington Post and tells the half truth. After reading the Jang Thursday, October 14, 2010, Zi Qad 05, 1431 A.H http://www.jang.com.pk/jang/oct2010-daily/14-10-2010/u49248.htm , read the complete story from Washington Post on Pakistani Judiciary and post has committed “Contempt of Court” Pakistan’s emboldened judiciary threatens government stability By Karin Brulliard Washington Post Foreign Service Wednesday, October 13, 2010

  • Why Jang Group forget those Worse Day so easily???

    Remembering the Violence during Zia (L)

    Federal information secretary Lt. Gen. Mujibur Rehman (the firstarmy officer to be appointed to this post in the history of Pakistan) under General Zia In his book “Press in Chains”, senior journalist Zamir Niazi said «.,that between 1948 and 1985, a total of 183 newspapers and periodicalswere the victims of punitive action taken in the form of totalclosure, demand for security deposit, issuance of show cause notices, curtailment or total withdrawal of government advertisementand newsprint quota or officially sponsored mob attack on their offices. Zamir Niazi in his book Press in Chains (1986) wrote: “May 13th was the blackest day in the history of journalism in the subcontinent, when four newsmen were ordered to be flogged by summary military courts. Those ordered to be whipped were, Masudullah Khan (Pakistan Times, Rawalpindi), Iqbal Ahmed Jafri (Sun), Khawar Naeem Hashmi (Musawat, Lahore), and Nisar Zaidi (Nawa-I-Waqt). Their offence included: ‘organizing meetings at open public places, raising slogans, displaying banners and starting hunger strike.’”

    Gen. Zia’s anti-press regime.

    Perhaps the worst the press suffered was during the Martial Law administration of General Zia-ul-Haq legitimised under a Supreme Court judgment in the name of the so-called ” Law of Necessity.” But while this period may be remembered for its oppressive measures including long spell of censorship banning of independent and dissenting newspapers, arrest of editors and journalists , sentencing them to rigorous imprisonment under Martial Law regulations and even whipping them, it was also marked by memorable resistance put by the journalists and press workers led by the PFUJ and APNEC. This great struggle unprecedented in the annals of the Fourth Estate the world over began towards the end of November 1977 in Karachi only about five months following the advent of Gen. Zia’s Martial Law. The PFUJ’s struggle was triggered by the government’s ban on publication of Daily ” Musawaat”, Karachi. After the failure of efforts to convince the Martial Law authorities to lift the ban , the PFUJ and APNEC launched a campaign of hunger strike in Karachi from first of December 1977 o And within eight days of the struggle in which journalists and press workers from all over the country participated the government surrender and lifted the ban.

    Egged on by its oppressive nature, the government again took recourse coercive methods against the dissenting press and banned the daily ” Musawat”, Lahore , and weeklies like ” Al-Fatah” and ” Meyar” and others, critical of the Martial Law regime. After the failure of protracted negotiations with the Government the national executives of PFUJ and APNEC decided to launch countrywide hunger strike movement from Lahore commencing from 30th April, 1978. The charter of demands included restoration of banned newspapers, release of “Musawat” editors, Messers Badaruddin and Zahir Kashmiri, and the paper’ s printer, Mir Jamilur Rahman, and reinstatement of dismissed journalists including office-bearers of PFUJ and APNEC employed in the government controlled NPT newspapers.

    The historic movement was spread over two stages: one beginning in Lahore from April 30 and ending on May 30 and, the second beginning in Karachi from July 18 and ending on October 10, 1978. The two had their own distinct and memorable features marked by common inspiring spirit and enthusiasm. In the first phase’ in Lahore, the journalist and press workers who joined the hunger strike were arrested and sentenced under Martial Law Regulations from six months to one year rigorous imprisonment including three who were ordered to be flogged (Nasir Zaidi, Khawar Naeem Hashimi and Iqbal Jaferi were in fact flogged. The fourth, Masoodullah Khan was spared on the intervention of the doctor in view of Mr. Masood’s disability. It was during this stage that after having failed to suppress the movement for press freedom the military regime picked up the four renegades from the PFUJ and APNEC to create parallel PFUJ and APNEC pocket organisations known as ” Rashid Siddiqui Group”.These renegades who were given full publicity on official media supported the government and condemned the PFUJ’s struggle for press freedom exposing their true colours. As a result of the movement the government was forced to lift the ban on ” Musawat ” Lahore and release the arrested Journalists and Press workers by May 3oth but refused to reinstate the dismissed newsman from NPT papers. In addition, the government again banned ” Musawat ” Karachi. The PFUJ then at its meeting on June 12 at Karachi decided to resume the struggle from July 18, 1978.

    The resumed struggle which started in Karachi with the arrest of PFUJ and APNEC President continued until 10th of October (almost two months and 25 days) had its own memorable features. For besides the journalists and press workers who came from all over the country to court arrest, scores of trade union workers, students and militant haris from interior of Sindh joined the movement and filled almost all the jails of Sindh. (During the Lahore struggle the arrested journalists and press workers were disbursed to almost all the jails of the province of Punjab). The Sindh phase of movement would also be remembered for the mass hunger strike unto death inside the jails. The hunger strike culminated in the acceptance of most of the APNEC-PFUJ demands by the Government. As a result “Musawaat” Karachi resumed its publication, arrested persons were released, and most of the 30 dismissed journalists of the NPT papers (Pakistan Times and Imroze) were reinstated (only four including the President of the PFUJ and APNEC were not taken back).

    It was also during Gen: Zia-ul-Haq’s regime that ten senior journalists and office-bearers of the PFUJ belonging to the NPT papers – the Pakistan Times, Imroze and Mashriq – were similarly dismissed from service because they signed an appeal for ” Peace in Sindh ” when the government repressed and persecuted the people indiscriminately during the 1983 MRD Movement. The signatories to the appeal also included some 50 writers and poets on whom the doors of Radio and Television were closed as punishment. The journalists who were punished included Masood Ashar , Shafqat Tanvir Mirza , Azhar Javed , Mrs. Rakhshinda Hasan , Badarul Islam Butt, Aziz Mazhar , Aurangzeb, Mumtaz Ahmad , I.H. Rashid and Riaz Malik(late).This clearly proved that the Zia Government was callous and insensitive to the basic human rights of the people notwithstanding with its claim for Islamic justice . It was during this period that a most abominable version of the press censorship was imposed on newspapers wherein even Quranic verses and Prophet’s hadiths used to be censored if they reflected in any way on the person of Gen. Zia-ul-Haq regime or his policies. REFERENCE: MOVEMENT CALLED PFUJ BY MINHAJ BARNA

  • JANG GROUP ON MIAN NAWAZ SHARIF : [DOCUMENTARIES] The cassette also included the following dialogue between Mir Shakil and Senator Saifur Rahman: “Mir Shakil: The Income Tax Appellate Tribunal has given verdict in our favour. “Saif: This was because of our leniency. We did not give him (chairman of the tribunal) the instructions. If we had given him the instructions, even his father could not have given that decision.” Regarding the character of IT Tribunal Chairman Mujibullah Siddiqui, Mir Shakil said that he was an honest officer and had enjoyed enviable reputation for his integrity. This was a fact endorsed by senior lawyers, who had come to hear Mir Shakil’s press conference. During the recorded meetings, Senator Saif and Information Minister Mushahid Hussain were heard demanding favours from the Jang Group on policies regarding the governor’s rule in Sindh, the Shariah Bill and the economic policies. The government functionaries were heard as saying that 14 people on senior positions both in the Jang and The News should be removed. The journalists included Maleeha Lodhi, Kamila Hayat, Irshad Ahmad Haqqani, Mahmood Sham, Kamran Khan, Abid Tahami, Marghoob, Khawar, Aftab Iqbal and others. Conspiracy: Kamran Khan, Farooq Laghari, Sajjad Mir, Saifur Rehman & Media Trial of PPP. http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2009/11/conspiracy-kamran-khan-farooq-laghari.html

  • I have changed the same Geo Ad with Mir Shakeel’s and Mir Khalil pictures with a Hadees regarding hypocracy. But I don;t know how to upload that here. Can someone help. my email is sskhawaja75@hotmail.com