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IJI style game plan: phase two

PML-N warns to play long march card against democracy and parliament.

This post is sequel to authors’ previous post “IJI style game plan”.

IJI style game plan enters second phase; In this phase, the PML-N leadership trying to develop and create reasons and logics to build a grand alliance against the Pakistan Peoples Party.
If you ever had any doubt about or if you do not believe me-to guage PML-N’s interest, just look at the following statements, tactics, actions and especially  political maneuvering of PML-N leadership.

Shahbaz Sharif has come out of his skin by expressing his feelings about appointment of Justice Deedar Hussain Shah as Chairman NAB. He has threatened the Federal Government of another Long March if Mr. Shah is not removed.

Ziaists are terrorizing the democratic space

Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in his written correspondence with the Prime Minister termed the appointment of Deedar Shah for the post of Chairman NAB as inappropriate. Nisar terms Deedar’s appointment ‘inappropriate’.  Responding to a question, Khan said all options — including in-house change, change of leadership (Leader of the House), midterm elections and impeachment of the president were open.(Aamir Mughal’s excellent research on this issue.)

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz on Wednesday threatened the government to launch a countrywide movement and hold a long march to press for mid-term elections if it fails to devise a strategy to stop drone attacks inside Pakistani territory and NATO operations on the country’s soil.
“Enough is enough. We will launch a movement and hold a long march to demand mid-term elections if the present grave situation with regards to the threat to the country’s sovereignty continues,” PML-N parliamentarian Khawaja Saad Rafique said while taking part in a debate on an adjournment motion regarding operation by NATO forces inside Pakistan.
Shahbaz Sharif says Taliban's stand and ours is the same. Former ISI chief Khalid Khwaja has confessed on various occasions to playing the role of a mediator for several meetings between Mr. Nawaz Sharif and Osama Bin Laden. “I still remember that Osama provided me funds that I handed over to then Punjab chief minister Nawaz to topple Benazir Bhutto’s government,” said Khawaja Khalid

The above mentioned political statements are an accurate summary of PML-N leadership’s mindset and recent developments indicate that it is willing to join grand[anti democratic and unethical]alliance against PPP. The Ziaist style of PML-N politics plus undemocratic approach and conservative mindset of it’s chief boss continuously threatening democratic process. Nawaz Sharif once again exposed his desire to derail the democratic reform in Pakistan; previously he used to use Army to get to the power now totally relaying on judiciary, he is really trying hard to get “premiership” through undemocratic means.

The newly design All Pakistan Muslim League, other rightwing parties and Muttahida can form an alliance in the future. Mian Nawaz Sharif and his party could also be part of this political alliance at a later stage, Pir Pagara has said, he himself would contact the PML-N Quaid at some [appropriate time], there are reports that his son Sadruddin’s meeting with Mian Nawaz Sharif. while it seems MNS is already preparing for the next elections sooner then later. PML-N’s central leader Siddiqul Farooq said one of the pre-requisite for PML-N’s joining the alliance of factions was that all factions should, after consensus with their central executive committees, unconditionally approve and accept the status of Nawaz Sharif as the supreme head of the newly-formed unity of factions. The PML boss[still living in 90’s] has conditioned revival of the alliance to mid term poll, he is not favouring in house change. But he kept assuring alliance members that he would join them.
During the Punjab Assembly session on Monday, Senior Minister Raja Riaz has rightly pointed out that establishment, some people [including PML-n chief]conspiring against president, but they will eventually fail. The great irony of the Pakistani history is that the military has directly ruled Pakistan for more than half of the 63 years it has been an independent nation and it has always had willing partners; political and religious parties alike Pakistan Muslim Leaque in civilian garb to aid them in undercutting democracy.

Wahab fires salvo against PML-N

KARACHI: Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) central information secretary Fauzia Wahab accused Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan of playing into the hands of non-democratic forces and secretly holding meetings with generals.
Addressing a press conference at the PPP’s media cell, Wahab said that Chaudhry Nisar is trying to make the appointment of the National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) chairman controversial. The PPP has not yet decided about the PML-N charge sheet against former president Pervez Musharraf, she added.
For the first time in the history of the country members of the government have to appear in courts and arrange bails while members of the opposition are not only living their lives freely but are also organising gatherings and criticising the government openly, Wahab said. In addition, they are availing state facilities.
Wahab said the there have been no political prisoners or victimisation in the two-and-a-half years of the PPP’s government and its reconciliation policy.
She said that the NAB chairman is responsible for reopening more than 20 cases against the PML-N leaders that were deferred due to their absence from the country. She said these included cases of default of more than one billion rupees, corruption of Rs6.1 billion, Raiwind estate, Hudaibia Paper Mills case and countless cases of tax dodging.
Accusing the media of exaggerating issues, she said that the media are making a fuss about October 13 but many more Octobers will come and that the PPP government does not care about such things.
She also announced a complete boycott of the Jang media group, saying that no PPP minister or office bearer will participate in any of the Jang group’s programmes and nor will any party communiqués will be issued to them. She said that this decision was made by the PPP’s central committee.

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  • This plan is not new. Deivised by a famous thinktank it had begun by brokering a “deal” for apparently bringing Benazir Bhutto back to Pakistan. In the second step Mian brothers arrived in the guise to let equal opportunity to all stake holders. to achieve this purpose Pervaiz Musharraf was blackmailed and coerced through Independent judiciary. He had to allow Mian brothers to come and only then he was able to take oath of president.
    in the third step Benazir was murdered to pave smooth sailing to the RAW and CIA agents THE GREAT MIAN BROTHERS. Their plan of swift victory over whole of the country was delayed by Zardari who didnt allow long postponement of election otherwise Nawaz Sharif had announced BOYCOTT of elections under the game plan. The elections were held in Feb. 2008 with no electricity, flour, and Sui Gas in Northern Punjab thus successfully eroding the support for PML-Q resulting in gathering enough anti-PPP vote in favour of PML-N in this region. It was the only region where PML-N earned most of the seats.
    The game plan suffered another setback with Zardari becoming Presidential Candidate.Rhis time Nawaz Sharif could not hide his hate of PPP. He fileded a candidate against Zardari but was obviously defeated.
    The game plan is still working with meadia giving dates of change every other day and Judiciary blockading the smooth working of the Govt. Every now and then senior bureaucrats are being called in the DArbar e Uzma Pakistan for nothing.
    The paper about murder plan of Khawaja Sharif is also part of the plan. Thanks God the culprits themselves leaked it. It is a matter of thought that if there was no plan under consideration of the alleged conspirators then what was the real objective of writing such a paper. IT MIGHT BE THE ORIGINAL PLAN……… TO ASSASSINATE KHAWAJA SHARIF (A USED TISSUE PAPER FOR PML-N) and but the blame on PPP. The investigating agencies must seriously give weight to this angle.
    Now it is Deedar Shah ex-Chief Justice Sindh High Court whose appointment as NAB Chief is being agitated for no reason whatsoever.

  • Nisar says he backed Musharraf’s appointment Sunday, April 26, 2009, 16:28 http://www.pakistanviews.com/politics/nisar-says-he-backed-musharraf-s-appointment.html Where many people term the appointment of General Pervez Musharraf as army chief in 1998 a big blunder by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif a top PML-N leader now claims that Musharraf was the best option available.

    ‘The prime minister made the final decision. I did support Musharraf to become the Chief of Army Staff… But the decision was based purely on merit given his professional track record,’ PML-N central leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, told DawnNews, in an interview. Critics blamed Chaudhry Nisar and his brother Lt Gen (r) Iftikhar Ali Khan, the then defence secretary, for persuading Nawaz Sharif to appoint General Musharraf as army chief.

    But Chaudhry Nisar, who is also the Opposition Leader in the National Assembly nowadays, did not have any regrets of favouring General Musharraf to the top slot. Asked whether the military coup of October 1999 was the result of that bad judgement, he observed they supported Musharraf to become the army chief not the Chief Martial Law Administrator.Chaudhry Nisar also justified the appointment of General Musharraf as Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee after the Kargil fiasco.He asserted the decision to appoint General Musharraf as chairman of the JCSC was made to boost the moral of the armed forces.He said the PML-N government did not want to act against the generals, who masterminded and executed Kargil operation.

    Not only General Pervez Musharraf himself, but many former close aides of Nawaz Sharif including Chaudhry Shujaat and Mushahid Hussain, already stated that Kargil operation was conducted with full consent of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.Chaudhry Nisar did not deny the ambition of attaining the top political office of the prime minister. ‘When you are in politics then you struggle. And whatever comes you take it. You take the good with bad. As and when situation arises you face it,’ he observed, when asked whether or not he wants to become the prime minister. He said whatever the case may be he would not make any categorical observation while sitting in a television interview.

  • One cannot say for sure who the actual POlitical Rival of BB was at that time. But the subsequent events prove that BB had realised the real danger. It was PML-N who taunted BB when Pervaiz Musharraf went to Dubai to meet her. They (Mian Brothers) had reminded her of her father not compromising Zia and had preffered the gallows. It was Nawaz Sharif who had invited Hamid Gul in the All Parties Conference where an idea of APDM was floated. They knew that PPP would never sit alomg with JI. And the same happened. Nawaz Sharif was still ready to join APDM.
    And even otherwise the PPP and PML-N were the real oponents. It was the strategy of PPP bashers to push someone else as apparent rival so that the real culprit would be safe as a parteber in COD.All fruits of BB’s murder went to Nawaz Sharif.
    Beside I refer Husain Haqqani’s revelations. He had categotically stated that the unsuccessful killing attempt on Benazir on 26 July 1993 by Ramzi Yusuf was actually instigated by Nawaz sharif himself.

  • Kamran Khan [Jang/Geo] on Sharif Brothers & 12 Oct 1999.
    http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2010/10/kamran-khan-janggeo-on-sharif-brothers.html Nowadays “Kamran Khan, Jang Group of Newspapers, GEO TV, and The News International “advising” Nawaz Sharif for the Long March whereas 11 Years ago read what Kamran Khan had filed in The News International/Daily Jang on Sharif Brothers, Accountability process, Senator Saifur Rehman and what not, read the history and Watch the Video of Former DG IB Mr. Iqbal Niazi.

  • PML-N: Nawaz Sharif exposed Watch Documentaries on Nawaz Sharif’s links with Extremist Elements – Alas! our Mullahs Politicans have always been hypocrites. The paper on Jamat-e-Islami Website was written by Former Senator Khursheed Ahmed – JI against Nawaz Sharif. What kind of National Conference is this wherein a Party [Jamat-e-Islami] is supporting a Leaders [Nawaz Sharif – PML-N] against whom they carry very negative remarks on their very own website. May Allah help Restore the Judiciary Movement when the Movement have supporters like Jamat-e-Islami. Prof. Khurshid Ahmad of JI in his paper had basically attacked on Nawaz Sharif’s Integrity with the Country: Chagatai Khan: National Conference, Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Jamat-e-Islami – 1 http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2009/03/national-conference-qazi-hussain-ahmed.html

    Watch Documentaries on Nawaz Sharif’s links with Extremist Elements – Which Statement of Qazi Hussain Ahmed [Jamat-e-Islami Chief] for Nawaz Sharif is to be taken seriously the one which he gave while participating in The National Conference for the Restoration of Judiciary [1] or shall we believe these statment of Qazi Hussain Ahmed on Nawaz Sharif, Chagatai Khan: National Conference, Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Jamat-e-Islami – 2

  • JANG GROUP ON MIAN NAWAZ SHARIF : [DOCUMENTARIES] The cassette also included the following dialogue between Mir Shakil and Senator Saifur Rahman: “Mir Shakil: The Income Tax Appellate Tribunal has given verdict in our favour. “Saif: This was because of our leniency. We did not give him (chairman of the tribunal) the instructions. If we had given him the instructions, even his father could not have given that decision.” Regarding the character of IT Tribunal Chairman Mujibullah Siddiqui, Mir Shakil said that he was an honest officer and had enjoyed enviable reputation for his integrity. This was a fact endorsed by senior lawyers, who had come to hear Mir Shakil’s press conference. During the recorded meetings, Senator Saif and Information Minister Mushahid Hussain were heard demanding favours from the Jang Group on policies regarding the governor’s rule in Sindh, the Shariah Bill and the economic policies. The government functionaries were heard as saying that 14 people on senior positions both in the Jang and The News should be removed. The journalists included Maleeha Lodhi, Kamila Hayat, Irshad Ahmad Haqqani, Mahmood Sham, Kamran Khan, Abid Tahami, Marghoob, Khawar, Aftab Iqbal and others. Conspiracy: Kamran Khan, Farooq Laghari, Sajjad Mir, Saifur Rehman & Media Trial of PPP. http://chagataikhan.blogspot.com/2009/11/conspiracy-kamran-khan-farooq-laghari.html

  • What a joke “Nawaz Sharif Demads Treason Trial against Musharraf” and his younger brother holds “Political Meeting” with “Musharraf League” PML-Q leaders discuss political crisis with Shahbaz Sunday, 17 Oct, 2010 http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-library/dawn/news/pakistan/12-pml-q+leaders+discuss+political+crisis+with+shahbaz–bi-02

    How the Q-League came into being:)

    ISLAMABAD: The main wheeler and dealer of the ISI during the 2002 elections, the then Maj-Gen Ehtesham Zamir, now retired, has come out of the closet and admitted his guilt of manipulating the 2002 elections, and has directly blamed Gen Musharraf for ordering so. Talking to The News, the head of the ISI’s political cell in 2002, admitted manipulating the last elections at the behest of President Musharraf and termed the defeat of the King’s party, the PML-Q, this time “a reaction of the unnatural dispensation (installed in 2002).” Zamir said the ISI together with the NAB was instrumental in pressing the lawmakers to join the pro-Musharraf camp to form the government to support his stay in power. Looking down back into the memory lane and recalling his blunders which, he admitted, had pushed the country back instead of taking it forward, Zamir feels ashamed of his role and conduct. Massively embarrassed because he was the one who negotiated, coerced and did all the dirty work, the retired Maj-Gen said he was not in a position to become a preacher now when his own past was tainted. He said the country would not have faced such regression had the political management was not carried out by the ISI in 2002. But he also put some responsibility of the political disaster on the PML-Q as well. The former No: 2 of the ISI called for the closure of political cell in the agency, confessing that it was part of the problem due to its involvement in forging unnatural alliances, contrary to public wishes. Zamir’s blaming Musharraf for creating this unnatural alliance rings true as another former top associate of Musharraf, Lt-Gen (retd) Jamshed Gulzar Kiyani has already disclosed that majority of the corps commanders, in several meetings, had opposed Musharraf’s decision of patronising the leadership of the King’s party. “We had urged Musharraf many times during the corps commanders meeting that the PML-Q leadership was the most condemned and castigated personalities. They are the worst politicians who remained involved in co-operative scandals and writing off loans. But Musharraf never heard our advice,” Kiyani said while recalling discussions in their high profile meetings. REFERENCE: The man, who rigged 2002 polls, spills the beans By Umar Cheema Sunday, February 24, 2008 http://www.thenews.com.pk/top_story_detail.asp?Id=13159

    He said one of their colleagues, who was an accountability chief at that time, had sought permission many times for proceeding against the King’s party top leaders but was always denied. Kiyani asked Musharraf to quit, the sooner the better, as otherwise the country would be in a serious trouble. Ma-Gen (retd) EhteshamZamir termed the 2008 elections ‘fairer than 2002’. He said the reason behind their fairness is that there was relatively less interference of intelligence agencies this time as compared to the last time. But he stopped short of saying that there was zero interference in the 2008 polls. “You are quite right,” he said when asked to confirm about heavy penetration of ISI into political affairs during the 2002 elections. But he said he did not do it on his own but on the directives issued by the government. Asked who directed him from the government side and if there was somebody else, not President Musharraf, he said: “Obviously on the directives of President Musharraf.” Asked if he then never felt that he was committing a crime by manipulating political business at the cost of public wishes, he said: “Who should I have told except myself. Could I have asked Musharraf about this? I was a serving officer and I did what I was told to do. I never felt this need during the service to question anyone senior to me,” he said and added that he could not defend his acts now. REFERENCE: The man, who rigged 2002 polls, spills the beans By Umar Cheema Sunday, February 24, 2008 http://www.thenews.com.pk/top_story_detail.asp?Id=13159

    “It was for this reason that I have never tried to preach others what I did not practice. But I am of the view that the ISI’s political cell should be closed for good by revoking executive orders issued in 1975,” he said. Responding to a question regarding corruption cases that were used as pressure tactics on lawmakers, he said: “Yes! This tool was used, not only by the ISI. The NAB was also involved in this exercise.” Former corps commander of Rawalpindi, Lt-Gen (retd) Jamshed Gulzar Kiyani said majority of corps commanders had continued opposing Musharraf’s alliance with top leadership of the PML-Q. “Not just in one meeting, we opposed his alignment with these corrupt politicians in many meetings but who cared. Now Musharraf has been disgraced everywhere, thanks to his political cronies.” REFERENCE: The man, who rigged 2002 polls, spills the beans By Umar Cheema Sunday, February 24, 2008 http://www.thenews.com.pk/top_story_detail.asp?Id=13159

    Watch the Dawn News on “Horse Trading” and back-door Politics to remove the government with a tacit approval of “Judiciary” in 21st Century: Rigging Pakistan’s Election: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

  • PML-Q distances from merger move
    ISLAMABAD: Although the Chaudhrys of Gujrat were initially agreeable, the Pakistan Muslim League- Quaid (PML-Q) kept itself at a distance from the Pir Sahib Pagara led meeting on the merger of the ‘Leagues.’
    They set conditions that they would be on board only if those who left them first, came back.
    Leaders of various smaller factions of Muslim Leagues met in Karachi on Friday and formed a committee headed by former prime minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali to formulate modalities for a united Muslim League.
    The move for the merger suffered a major setback by the PML-Q, which though internally fractured, still has noticeable presence in the parliament and Punjab Assembly.
    The most dominant among the leagues-Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) had already declined to become part of any such arrangement, but Pir Pagara is still hopeful that he will succeed in getting the right wing parties under one umbrella-a rare possibility in the given situation.
    “We believe that there are only three factions of Muslim Leagues… PML-N, PML-Q and PML-F…we have asked Pir Pagara to ask the leaders of PML-Q break away factions to first come back to the party fold, before moving ahead for any alliance or merger,” said Kamil Ali Aga information secretary of PML-Q. He added that Sheikh Rashid, Ijaz ul Haq, Jamali, Hamid Nasir Chatta and Saleem Saifullah all betrayed the PML-Q and made their own factions.
    Interestingly, the PML-Q itself was formed after the merger of splinter groups of different parties, mainly those who parted ways from Nawaz Sharif after the Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf led military coup in 1999.
    After the 2008 general elections, the PML-Q was further divided into various smaller factions-mostly one-man-show parties. Only the Pir Pagara led Muslim League Functional and more recently, the broken away “like minded” group of PML-Q have some presence in the national and provincial legislatures — but not significant enough to make any difference — sans taking Chaudhrys’ led PML-Q along.
    PML-Q was initially in the loop with the Pagara-led unification effort and Chaudhry Shujaat and Mushahid Hussain had held meetings with Pir Pagara in Karachi. They had also announced that they would support Pagara’s efforts for a united Muslim League and asked him to hold talks with the PML-N.
    Some insiders believe that Shujaat played a clever move by approaching Pagro to save his faction from further disintegration amid fears that many of his members might join Musharraf. By this, the politically astute Shujaat tried to give an impression that a bigger alliance of Muslim Leagues was on the cards.
    Once Musharraf had his launching of the AML, where he failed to put up any noticeable show, the Chaudhry’s have now decided to adopt a “wait and see” policy. More recently, the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party also approached the Q-league for a cooperation at the centre. Punjab-modalities of this collaboration are also yet to be formalised.
    Published in The Express Tribune, October 30th, 2010.

  • PM Gilani happy with new league alliance

    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Friday that the new alliance of Muslim League, Muttahida Muslim League, might be in favor of Pakistan Peoples’ Party.

    PM Gilani was addressing the Energy Conference held in Islamabad. He said that the government has completed work on the Charter of Democracy up to 80 percent.

    He said that his government will consider opposition’s suggestions in favor of the country.

  • We can make Govt in Center, Provinces: Shujaat tells Dar

    ISLAMABAD: President Pakistan Muslim League (Q) Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain has requested Pakistan Muslim League (N) leadership to show flexibility for unification of different factions of Muslim League.

    Reliable sources informed Online that President PML-Q Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain met with Senator Ishaq Dar in the chamber of Opposition leader in Senate Wasim Sajjad here on Wednesday and discussed issue related to unification of different factions of Muslim League.

    The President PML-Q said that Muslim League could establish Governments in Provinces as well as in federation if all factions became united. Mian Nawaz Sharif should show flexible, he said, adding that, third force is taking benefit of differences between PML-N and Q.

    He also went on to say that Quaid PML-N Mian Nawaz Sharif should think about the bright future of Muslim League by forgetting the Past. Expressing his views over contact between PML-Q and PPP, Chaudhary Shujaat made it clear that it was informal meeting and had no Political agenda.

    During the meeting, Senator Ishaq Dar expressed reservation over meeting between Federal Law Minister Babar Awan and Central PML-Q Chaudhry Pervez Elahi. At one side PML-Q is sending message of reconciliation while on the other side backdoor channel talks between PPP and Q-league unabated, he said.

    He told Ch. Shujaat Hussain that PML-Q cannot dissolve Punjab Government. He said if PML-Q is serious in unification of Muslim league factions then its request would be considered.