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From Abdullah Shah Ghazi Bombing to Mohabbat Qulfi: Adil Najam’s Talibanic Agenda – by Sarah Khan

Closet Taliban: Adil Najam is the single major source of darkness and disillusionment for Pakistani youth on the internet.

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In rejection of pseudo-liberals of Pakistan – by Sarah Khan

Adil Najam (editor of Pakistaniat), as I previously explained, is a (refined) Taliban apologist in the Pakistani blog-sphere who will never condemn terrorists by name. In this respect, he is not much different from other apparently well-educated Pakistani elites who are as averse to democracy and tolerance as are the uneducated terrorists of the Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba.

Not unlike other Taliban apologists (e.g. Imran Khan, Shahid Masood, Ansar Abbasi), Adil Najam occasionally issues a vague, half-hearted condemnation of terrorists; however, he takes extreme care to not to identify those beasts who are killing innocent Barelvis, Shias, Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus and other Pakistani citizens.

No wonder, Adil Najam has never written a post in condemnation of the Taliban or Sipah-e-Sahaba (strictly in line with the policy of his masters in the ISI) which is perhaps also reflective of his personal sectarian beliefs (family roots in Jamaat-e-Islami) and a narrow pro-Taliban agenda.

Here is a revealing case:

Himself a closet member of Jamaat-e-Islami, Adil Najam ignored the massacre of Barelvi Muslims at the Abdullah Shah Ghazi's shrine in Karachi

Only a few days ago (7 October 2010), while the entire nation was mourning the brutal attack by extremist Deobandis of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba on the holy shrine of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi in Karachi, Adil Najam was busy in editing and posting the following article (Mohabbat Qulfi) for his Pakistaniat blog (better named Talibaniat blog):

Mohabbat Qulfi: Name 5 Interesting Things In This Photo
Posted on October 8, 2010

While terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba were massacring innocent Barelvis in Karachi, Adil Najam was editing Mohabbat Qulfi.

Apparently this man (Najam) wants to steer clear of politics in Pakistan. But that is not exactly what he usually does (as I explained in my previous post).

Only one day later (on 9 October 2010), Najam posted an article based on lies and hearsay against Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik.

Did Rehman Malik Really Say This?

Terrorism apologists hate Rehman Malik because of his key role in Pakistan's war against Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba.

Apparently, Adil Najam is trying to twist and misinterpret a statement attributed to Rehman Malik in which he states that “families of several militants were “hiding” in Karachi and that “the government will take strict action against them.”

Notwithstanding our reservation about the stretch of imagination that Najam had to deploy to malign Rehman Malik, we are currently focused on one point only. That is, what the heck is in Adil Najam’s mind which makes him ignore the Taliban’s attack on Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s shrine but conduct a full-scale analysis of Rehman Malik’s statement against terrorists and those providing sanctuaries to such terrorists. Whose agenda exactly Adil Najam is pursuing? (Is it hard to guess?)

Apparently, Rehman Malik’s only sin is that he is currently playing a leading role in the war on terror, is a part of a democratic government, and is also a trusted comrade of President Asif Zardari.

Therefore, while Adil Najam finds it hard to identify and condemn beasts and apologists such as Mullah Omar, General Hamid Gul, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Imran Khan etc, he finds it most convenient to frequently defame President Asif Zardari and other progressive politicians of Pakistan.

Adil Najam is a typical case of elitist pro-establishment, pro-ISI mindset who will do anything to malign politicians, portray army generals as saviours and present an apologist stance on the Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba.

This man is a single major source of darkness and disillusionment for Pakistani youth on the internet. Young Pakistanis must beware of his sinister designs and agenda.

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