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Ludhianvi, mastermind of #ShiaGenocide, files nomination papers for NA-89 Jhang Punjab


General elections: ASWJ chief files nomination papers for NA-89

Source: Adapted with some changes from Express Tribune, March 31, 2013

The chief of banned terrorist outfit Sipa-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP, currently operating as the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat -ASWJ) Maulana Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianvi Deobandi filed nomination papers on Saturday (30 March 2013) for two seats in the national and provincial assemblies from constituencies in Jhang, Punjab province.

The Punjab province is currently led by caretaker Chief Minister Najam Sethi who is known for humanizing and promotion of Ahmed Ludhianvi Deobandi. Apparently the Punjab government did not deem it fit to approach the Election Commission of Pakistan to get Ludhianvi’s papers based on solid legal grounds. According to Pakistan’s constitution and elections code of conduct, Ahmed Ludhianvi and other members of his sectarian outfit ASWJ-SSP are not allowed to participate in the elections. Shia, Sunni Barelvi, Ahmadi and Christian communities have appealed to the Chief Election Commissioner to stop Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ) sectarian monsters from contesting the elections. https://lubpak.net/archives/255359

Ludhianvi will be contesting from NA-89 and PA-78, both constituencies which are in the urban areas of Jhang city.
Up till now, no other candidate – apart from Ludhianvi – has filed nomination papers for this seat.

In the 2008 general elections, Sheikh Waqas Akram, who contested NA-89 on the PML-Q’s ticket, emerged victorious after securing 51,733 votes, while Ludhianvi secured 44,894 votes as an independent candidate. PML-N’s Dr Abul Hassan Ansari secured 15,743 votes, while Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian’s Sheikh Waqas Ahmad Advocate secured a dismal 9,363 votes from NA-89. Sheikh Waqas Akram recently joined the PML-N, a move that annoyed Ludhianvi as he faces the prospect of once again contesting against his main electoral rival.

In the 1988 elections, the ASWJ, then known as the Sipah-Sahaba Pakistan lost this seat when Begum Abida Hussain defeated the SSP founder Maulana Haq Nawaz Jhangvi.

The ASWJ chief reached the office of the returning officer and Additional Session Judge Mian Shahid Mehmood in a convoy comprising of 150 activists.

According to an intelligence report, Deobandi militants, whose names have been placed in the 4th schedule of Anti Terrorism Act (ATA) 1997, because of their alleged involvement in incidents of terrorist and sectarian violence were also a part of Ludhianvi’s convoys. The Punjab government, led by caretaker CM Najam Sethi, took no action against those who violated the 4th schedule regulation.



Appendix: Here’s a list of Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ)’s Deobandi militants who are contesting elections in the Punjab province under the watchful eyes of caretaker Chief Minister Najam Sethi



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  • He told Ebrahim: “If you stay firm, no one can undermine you. You may be frail, but you are the strongest man in the country.”

    He said the judiciary, the media, Nawaz Sharif and the people wanted polls. Some institutions and people do not want the polls because they think holding them would not solve any problems, he added.

    He said those powerful elements feared that the polls would likely result in the re-election of the coalition government, which would increase corruption and bad governance.

    Thus, these elements want to delay the elections, though some of them might have their personal ambitions to achieve, he added.

    Sethi said, “The critical question is: does Asif Ali Zardari want polls?” He said Zardari’s wish of continuing in the presidency could not be fulfilled because the Supreme Court and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) would not allow it.

    However, Zardari seeks to weaken Sharif’s position, especially in Punjab, because the latter’s vote bank is strengthening, he added.


  • I believe sipah sahaba are peaceful people and its formation was based on stopping shias from using the filthy language against the Sahaba, later on its founder was killed by rival shias, funded by Iran stated by Molana Haq Nawaz in speeches prior to his murder. His crime was that he highlighted shia athne ashrias beliefs in such a way that made people question their being part of Islam, and many people believed them to be none muslims. Any way after his murder Sipah sahaba tried to control its members anger, And remained peaceful but some young men formed a miltia group lashker Jhangvi. So its Lashker Jhangvi respondible for shia killings and Sipah Mohammed for sunni kullings. Sipah sahaba believes in political reform thats why they have been participating in elections. By shutting them out, and falsly accusing them of shia genocide will only breed more terrorist.

  • Its my observation that Sipah a Sahaba is not terrorist organization. it was based only to prevent sheah from insulting sahaba. different leaders of sipah a sahaba like maulana haqnawaz jhangvi, isar ul qasmi, ziaur rehman farooqi, maulana mukhtar sial, particularly allama azam tariq was killed by sheah. it is clear that sheah group is the founder of terrorism. they were not terrorist who gave even their souls for sahaba. suppose if SSP is terrorist organization, then why azam tariq was allowed to participate in election, why haq nawaz jhangvi shaheed was allowed, why maulana isaar ul qasmi was allowed. Please give them chance and then see what’s happened.

    in my own native language ” shean no mulk chud k doran tay majboor na keeta tay usaan maan da nhn kuti da dudh pita ay”

    kafir kafir sheah kaafir
    jo no manay wo b kaafir

    jab tk soraj chand rahay ga
    jhangvi taria naam rahaay ga

  • After reading all comments i cant stop my laugh.Still I am laughing over your thoughts . A lot of your leaders dead and went to hell by dreaming to see no shia in Pakistan.Now you can visualize the fact .Just see the 9th and 10th Muharram’s gathering of Shias in Pakistan.Even in Saudi Arabia ,and so many other countries.You just see dream and always be in day dreaming.LOL lol

    Your comments are nothing but a silly joke and i cant say just laughing.

  • shake family can not a political only buisnessman. i sugees to shake,s not inter the politic,s