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An open letter to Iranian President Ahmadinejad from Pakistan – by Abdullah AlFaisal


Dear Mr. President,

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is making a transition from Military-Feudal to Military-Mullah-Feudal state, where the military and feudals are traditional while mullahs are the new stakeholders. The inclusion of mullahs, exclusively from Deobandi-Salafi religion, into the state power structure has brought the miseries of Pakistani religious minorities to a new unprecedented level. The victims of state sponsored tyranny are minority Shia Muslims, Christians, Hindus and other faithfuls. Besides, the tyranny has now trespassed into a new territory — the majority Sunni Muslims of the Brelvi school-of-thought are being indiscriminately brutalized. The main purpose of Wahabi-Salafi invasion of Pakistan is to capture its nuclear assets for Saudi Arabia, contain Iran from South, establish a buffer-zone between (increasingly strengthening) India and dollar-rich Gulf-microstates.The process of transition kicked off in early 1970’s, when the then, charismatic ruler of Pakistan Z. A. Bhutto, under intense pressure from Mullahs, amended national constitution to define ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ faiths. Scholars consider the events of 1973 as the first detectable signs of the Saudi involvement in the religio-political affairs of Pakistan. In the subsequent campaign of 1977, aimed to overthrow Bhutto, the Saudi involvement came to open when Bhutto opted to hire services of Riaz-AlKhattib (then the Saudi Ambassador in Islamabad) to mediate between his regime and the mullah-led opposition.

The transition gained a new momentum in 1980 when Pakistani Military, under the command of Gen. Zia, decided to join the Western and Saudi backed anti-Soviet Jihad in Afghanistan.  Not quite known to the World, the Saudis were silently pursuing their own agenda, the spread of Wahabi religion, by making alliance with the Pakistani Deobandis. Immense supply of petro-Dollars resulted in the mushroom growth of Madrassas -the Jihad breeding factories. Indeed, the main Saudi aim was to contain Iranian Revolution which, due to lack of maturity, had created many powerful enemies in the World including the United States of America.Since the overthrow of the Saddam regime and the consequent establishment of a Shia-led Government in Iraq, the Wahabi-Salafi-Deobandi alliance has greatly intensified its efforts to eradicate Shias and violently expand its domain in the Islamic countries.  Their frenzy has attained a new level of madness due to civil war in Syria, where a genuine civil rights movement has, unfortunately, degenerated into a sectarian conflict.Since Wahabis-Salafis historically consider Shias and Sunnis (the followers of four schools of thought) as enemies of their religion, they are their natural targets. As Shias, anywhere in the world, are the first line of defense they become the first target. This happened in Hijaz and Najad (in 18th century), is happening in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan (Shia genocide, Brelvi massacres), Malaysia (police raids on Shia mosques, treated as a deviant sect), Indonesia (coercion to change their faith to Wahabi-Salafi religion), Yemen (suppression of Zaidis), Bahrain, UAE (humiliating extradition of Shia expatriates), Egypt (refusal to commemorate Aashura),  Nigeria (killing of Sunnis and Shias) and Mali (killing of Sunnis, destruction of Sufi shrines).
Mr. President,

Contrary to popular perceptions the Wahabis are not idiots. They have been successfully manipulating contradictions and conflicts in the World. This is especially true of post-1979 situation in the World. Saudi Arabia has been benefiting from the stand-off between the US (and its allies including Israel) on the one side and a defiant, but weak, Iran on the other side. This stand-off has created an environment that is very conducive to world-wide Shia genocide. You need to contemplate a strategy to mitigate.The US is a capitalist country, whose policies are determined by material interests, that is it. Other than that, It has no interest in the conflict among faiths. The US and the West have vital interests in the Persian Gulf; have capability to stay there, and will stay there. Iran just can’t drive them out from the Middle East. Is it wise to pursue a policy which has no chance to succeed, but harm? Iran-Israel conflict has no real bases. Israel is not the enemy of Shias or Sunni faith either. To determine enemies of their faith, Shias often raise questions: Who brought miseries to the Ahlul-Bait? Who martyred eleven out of 12 Imams (PBU-them)? Who paraded the daughters of the Prophet (PBU-them) in the Bazars and courts of Iraq and Syria? Who demolished the holy shrines of Ahlul-Bait? Who demolished shrine of Umme-Rasool (PBUH)? When we seek answer to these questions, we do not find any Jews, Christians or Hindus perpetrators. So acknowledge, there is no faith related bases for any conflict with Israel of 20th or 21st century.I acknowledge there is issue of the Palestinian people. It is a just issue, as it is not fair to evict natives from their land and force them to live in other countries under poor conditions. It is a matter of principle and a right stand should be taken. But how? It is a food for thought. Let us give a serious thinking.

Mr. President,

Shias are closer to the Western enlightenment (values of tolerance, respect for human rights, struggle against oppression and lot other) than the Takfiri Wahabi-Salafi-Deobandi hypocrites, who are slaughtering Shias like chicken, sheep and goats. World Shias are educated, but largely poor and defenseless. Iran can boast a large, vibrant and well educated female population. To help avert a world-wide Shia holocaust, I request you to seriously consider the following:

  1. End confrontation with the USA, Israel and the West over the nuclear enrichment issue. It is not in Iran’s interest to prolong this row. Act soon. It is said, “one step forward and (sometimes) two steps backwards”. If this conflict escalated to a military confrontation, Iran would lose. Russia, China and your buddies (Salafi-like Morsi and Haniya etc.) will just watch or issue worthless statements. At the end Iran will lose what it has already gained.
  2. Restore low level diplomatic relations with Israel, sooner than later. Negotiate with Israel; the release of Lebanese Shia and Palestinian Sunni prisoners, return of Syrian and Lebanese territory in lieu of  recognition of the State of Israel by Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. While negotiating with Israel do not hire services of Morsi and Erdogan – they are no more trust able than the King of Saudi Arabia. Iran need not worry about “Ummah’s” reaction. The “Ummah” will just be complacent with the recognition, as it has already been with the recognition of Israel by ‘stalwarts’ like Egypt, Jordan and Turkey.
  3. A Shia crescent consisting of Iran, Iraq, Syria and pro-Shia Lebanon with a democratic and Shia-sympathetic Israel would provide ample strength to world Shias to confront and contain Takfiri Wahabi-Salafi-Deobandi expansion. Shias have no other enemy than the hypocrites (subject of Surah Al-Munafiqoon).
  4. Pakistani Brelvis are brothers-in-faith — they share love of Ahlul Bait with Shias. They need patronage. I see no other country than Iran to become a source of strength for them too. Iran needs to work with them on this matter.
  5. Improve Iran’s image of ‘human rights’ by ending discriminatory practices against minority Bahais and Jews. The God who created them is the same one who created you and me.
  6. Declare general amnesty for Iranians living in exile. Invite professionals to return to Iran and participate in its reconstruction and progress.
  7. Work towards a reform of some Shia practices to make them in sync with the modern age; you may talk to the Supreme Leader to take initiative on this matter.

I am a relatively young Shia of Iran-Afghan descent, raised in Pakistan under harsh circumstances, modestly educated and now living in a Latin American country.
Yours Sincerely,

Abdullah AlFaisal

Note: The Iranian media or intelligence services are requested to forward this letter to the office of the President Ahmadinejad. Will be appreciated.

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Shahram Ali


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  • hahahahahaha,…..Mr Abudllah Very confusing letter you wrote to Ahmmadi Nejad…….

    One Quetion I want to ask you that “Which countries are behind Wahabi Salafis and which Powers created Wahabi sect in Islam earlier in 17th Century…???

    Please don’t think that all miseries with Shia’s and Sunnis doing by Wahabi Salafis, are the planning of Sauid dogs…..Saudi dogs dont have enough mind to think about the effective strategies. Saudi dogs are “Arab buddu” and only busy in Sex, nothing more….but every project planning and designing done by USA/Isreal and that project implemented by Wahabi Salafis who are the main “strategic Partner” of USA & Isreal…

    Please think about it, without USA/Isreal, Saudia is nothing but a desert and “Shehwat parast” Nation……………….

    The day when Iran will make relationship with USA/Isreal, that day would be the last day for Iran…..

  • Dear Writer of this letter,

    It is false that Saudi salafis hate sunnis. If that was true 80 % of the world’s muslim population wouldn’t be Sunni.

    Regards Shia’s… Well it’s an open and shut case. Forget cursing the companions of the Prophet s.a.w and prostrating over humans graves seeking intercessions.

    The day you changed the Shahada, that day you were a Shia. The day you practise taqiyya, tabarra, you are shia. Unfortunately Shias can never be muslim who does what Islam asks of them everyday unlike Shias who do what their minds tell them to do (The devil can control humans)

    • The Legitimacy of your Birth is an open and Shut case considering the Nasb and Hatered to the Ahl-ul-Bayth you Walad-uz-Zina Lap Dog of the So called Aal-e-Saud are Displaying here. Time has come for you to go and ask your mother regarding the secret of your birth as to how she gave birth to you and why, with whom she had you, and was it one or multiple partners and where it was that she had conceived you and when and the date at which you were born and where you were born that way we will get to know your back ground and the secret of your birth and what makes you say this blasphemy.

  • For Mr. Fazal, according to your non-adl believe. “Allah does Everything” So whatever Shias do, Allah make them do it.

    For the writer brother:
    Salaf’s and Najdis are creation of British and now supported by America and Israel, We the shias cannot take place in heart of US and Israel where Najdis live and obey everything. Its not Iran that creates confrontation, its these western power who are trying to enslave Iran. America wants to topple Iranian regime as its the last place with huge oil quantity and no US control. Thats why they destroyed democracy in Iran in 1963 and replaced it with Dictator like they always to to their slaves.

  • What is an Israeli Qadiani Jew?
    Arent Jews and Qadianis two different things.
    Also what about your glorification of Muawiyaa who was one of the reasons for the negative turn in the history of Islam is amazing.
    Ok Let me ask you some thing do you know how was he born and who was his father also what was his pedigree and parentage and genetic heritage?
    Also you deobandis are the reason why the country is in such a volatile situation and that Islam is given such a bad name.

  • AlFaisal is a CIA agent, his love for Jews and hate for Sunnis show he is infected by Qadianiat.

  • How come?
    Besides dont make the mistake of interpreting genuine grievieces as Hatered for Sunnis. Besides it is no hidden secret that sunnis are commiting injustice and opression against the Muslims on such an unacceptable scale that now the thing is I find it hard to accept The so Called Ahl-e-Sunnah wal Jamaah as Muslims.

  • @Shabbir

    My dear Barkhurdar,

    AF says, “Contrary to popular perceptions the Wahabis are not idiots. They have been successfully manipulating contradictions and conflicts in the World”.

    Read his article carefully, never underestimate Takfiri-Nasibi enemy. The situation in Pakistan is very grave for minorities, because the state is sponsoring death squads! AF is my blessed follower and never laugh at him, he does not make superficial statements.


  • I dont disagree with what he has said, I just have a problem with the kind of idiotic responses he is receiving for being realistic.

  • LOL look at these deobandis jumping up and down when they saw the name of Saudia. JEW-BLABLA-AGENT. The major problem with deobandis is their intellectual deficit that they cannot hear or provide facts. Unlike Islam really, which is a FACT DALEEL COMPREHENDIBLE by human mind. While for them every thing the molvi sahib (mosly jahil) says is a undenyable fact. They take religion from jahil molvis and not Prophet Mohammad, they would insist otherwise because their jahil molvi said so…
    This is all because of Zia made Mudrasas I can’t imagine how pakistanis tolerated state explicitly advertising a particular brand of Islam? I never heard of him building shrines or imambargah’s or beralvi mudrasas, you reap what you sow (or what you let zia sow).

  • Shabbir,
    “Saudi Dogs”, characterization of an entire nation that way is not appropriate, I protest. Saudi Arabia also has a sizable Shia and Sunni population. A famous Shia Alim told me about a Saudi non-Shia prayer leader’s DUAA in which he paid tributes to Ahlul-Bai (PBUT) — I was impressed. So, point is to scrutinize enemies of faith very carefully. Shias, practicing or non-practicing, must always remember command of the 6th Imam (AS) , “Make people friends of Ahlul Baith not enemies”.
    Brother Ahad,
    It is true Ibne Abdul Wahab was patronized by British. But Salafiism is not creation of West. Salafaiism is older than Wahabiism, the later is a part of the former. I don’t think Salafis are patronized by USA and West, they just have been tolerating them. Politics is ‘art of possible’. Iran and Shias should pro-actively isolate them, rather than get isolated themselves as they are now. One must keep contradiction between Wahabiism-Salafiism-Deobandiism and the USA/West —– I am talking of terrorism. ‘Iranian block’ is losing, fall of Asad regime is just a matter of time, my apprehensions are about large scale massacre of ‘Alavites’ in Syria that might follow.
    Let us “Unite many to defeat a few”.