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The white legend of Pakistan’s creation : teaching fake history to children – by A Z

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PREFACE: So much has been written by much better people about the fallacy and inaccuracy of the history taught in Pakistan’s curricula that I can hardly add any dimension or wisdom to it. But let’s try and address the subject from a different angle. The fact of the matter is that the history taught in our schools has tended to encourage the most general and terrifying of existing evils, human presumptions and particularly intellectual arrogance, which can be termed as self-righteousness. That wrong history is being taught at all academic levels in Pakistan also means that the first need of the people like me is to unlearn most of what has been taught. In Pakistan it unmistakably becomes the kind of prejudice and conceit that led Paul Valery to call history the most dangerous product ever concocted by the chemistry of the brain. Valery wrote: “It (History) causes dreams, it makes nations drunk, it saddles them with false memories, it exaggerates their reflexes, it keeps their old sores running, it torments them when they are at rest, and it induces in them megalomania and the mania of persecution. It makes them bitter, arrogant, unbearable, and full of vanity.” All of this – prejudice, paranoia, conceit, arrogance, false memories, exaggerations, and absurdities – rings true when one considers the history that is being taught in the academic institutions of Pakistan.

It seems that the creation of Pakistan shaped an artificial imperative to distort the history of Indian subcontinent. Pakistani scholars have knowingly ignored what is written in Vedic scriptures, saying that they are mythological and not historically worth believing. They claim they know better than India’s native scholars and scriptures know. The East India Company brought in missionaries and introduced them as Sanskrit scholars, with the help of bribed poor Pundits, to translate Indian scriptures to fit in their hidden ethno-political agenda. While we gladly inherited and owned those notions, it may be worth our while to know that this has happened not only with India, but with several countries, colonized by the West, particularly by the Britain. Histories have been written by victors. Their pen had colonial power to write what they wanted to, with the purpose to infuse in the Indian psyche ethnic inferiority complex. They succeeded. Impressions, implanted by first histories, become too deep to get erased. Post-independence sixty five years on we have used the same bullshit and have mixed it with a nonsensical Islamic glory in India to concoct a heady cocktail to make us Pakistanis feel high.

HISTORY AND IDENTITY: The heritage of the natives (mainstream Muslims) of Pakistan is five thousand years long and even longer. Wrong and misinterpreted history has confused us about our identity and about the antiquity of our heritage. Our popular narrative of history has a gap between Mohenjo-Daro and Taxila’s ruins and the invasion of India by the Muslim conquerors as if Indus Valley civilization was alien to India. So many questions remain unanswered as if we all arrived with one Muslim invader or the other. If you want to destroy a community, confuse its ethno-cultural identity and heritage. A superficial, confused, and distorted notion of history is far more dangerous than ignorance of it. In our desire to look more Arabs than Indians, we have blindly endorsed most of the ethno-socio-cultural theories postulated by the Islamists.

Unfortunately, after the birth of our nation, nationalism was politically branded as communalism. Such sort of contra-nationalistic thinking was considered as patriotic and nationalistic persons were criticized as traitors or unIslamic or both. Incidentally, the illiteracy among the massive rural segment of the society has prevented many from reading such a wrong and ethnically injurious history and a wide majority of people are at ease with their respective ethnic identity and heritage. They remain blissfully ignorant that mimicking Arabs makes us better Muslims. Paradoxically, the illiteracy has provided them with cultural immunity.

ARAB INVASION IN 711 A.D: Famous historian Henry Cousens writes: “When the good old times under Hindu rule gave way to Muhammadan domination, the principal concern of its rulers seems to have been for the selfish pleasures of the living and the glorification of their dead. It has been a country very fruitful in the production of pirs or holy men; and, though some of these have, no doubt, been earnest disciples of the Prophet, many more have made it a cover for base and selfish motives.” The cultural face of Sindh was systematically transformed from ‘Indian’ to ‘Arabo-Islamic’. The names of most of the towns, cities, lakes, rivers, canals, and various public places were changed to erase their original identity somewhat like, post 1947, Ram Baugh in Karachi was renamed as ‘Aaraam Baugh’. Original names reflect history and distortion or mutilation of history is done by burying them too deep to see the sunshine. A book titled: “Five Thousand Years of Pakistan: An Archaeological Outline” was published in 1950, when Pakistan was only three years old. In its Preface, Fazlur Rahman, the then Minister of Commerce and Education in Pakistan remarks: “This book has been compiled for the purpose of presenting both to Pakistan and to the outside world a brief sketch of the imposing material heritage of Pakistan in the form of ancient buildings, sites and cultures prior to the death of the emperor Aurangzeb in A.D. 1707. In quantity, in range and in quality, this heritage is one of which the new Dominion may be justly proud.” Mr Rahman, cleverly, seems to have avoided the use of word Indian or Hindu, although there is a reference to Buddhist art. Which simply means that he is reduced to calling it as “material heritage of Pakistan” and not cultural or spiritual. Yet he brags about the five thousand year old heritage of Pakistan. I give this as an example because it stems from the time in our history when the foundations of Pakistan’s history-related agenda were being laid. The attitude in this book forebodes how the history was to be distorted and mutilated in the new republic.

EFFECTS OF NARCISSISTIC HISTORY ON THE YOUTH: We think we’re exceptional, and we’re just waiting for the world to realize how superior we are. Let’s browse some common dynamics from this profoundly dysfunctional narcissism in our history syllabi. It is all about image. The message is: we are stronger, better, have no problems, and we must put on the face of perfection. Mistakes are denied and not discussed. This causes a lack of accountability and honesty, not to mention other psychological disorders. Everything that children study early on in their lives affects them in some way. During Zia`s regime hate material was profusely incorporated into curriculum to inculcate the spirit of Jihad among the Pakistani as well as Afghan students to prepare them for Jihad against the Russian forces. Most of those curricula continue to linger. Recent research has shown that glorifying a militant past to children can cause later aggressive behavioural problems. Such behaviour by children and young adults can include violence against others, lack of remorse for consequences. It desensitizes them to violence and makes them believe that violence to a good end is normal behaviour. These thoughts are often said to be difficult to change later on in life. Hence, there is clear connection between the violence -especially that inspired in the name of religion- in Pakistan and Pakistan’s education curriculum. Even though, to most of my fellow countrymen Pakistan derives its legitimacy from religion, religion does not have to form an overwhelming part of the country’s curricular content. If at all, Pakistan was supposed to be a country where Muslims would be free to practice their religion and not a melting pot of religious indoctrination. Misplaced ideology has engendered this country’s quest to be the leading Islamic power and the protector of the faith around the globe.

What is most important to note here is that it is well night impossible to teach a young mind to hold, let alone balance, contradictory impulses like learning to hate some people’s guts and yet be full of love for others. Or to think of oneself and one’s religion as unequally superior and to not to consider others and their faith as inferior. Or that our religion is a great uniting force, whereas all others are evil dividing forces. A child being imparted such educational campaign is being brought up more than just to despise Jews or Hindus; he is being taught how to hate in general. When children are taught that it is fine for them to harbour hate or contempt for someone, they subconsciously start paying attention to the negative aspects rather than the positive. When that happens, a child won’t notice the good traits or actions of the others he considers as different, but focusses instead on anything that can be framed in a bad light. If a child is taught to despise a people over nationality or religion, this initial lesson in outward hostility doesn’t just stop there. It also moves towards other people throughout his life as the hate instilled in his very core gets hoisted on to anyone he considers as different or ‘flawed’. I have also seen that children who are not taught to think for themselves at an early age then grow up to live in a state of denial of all inconvenient truths and facts. This is exactly what has happened in Pakistan. Conspiracy theories and the readiness to throw labels on people or religions provide a perfect refuge in denial.

THE WAY FORWARD: Dr Mubarak Ali, a famous Pakistani historian, says that the distorted facts and the “fictitious” history that is being taught in Pakistani schools are responsible for breeding hatred among the young. He refers to the words “conspiracies, intrigues, treachery, prejudices, enmity with Muslims, collusion, Hindu mentality and political tactics” being frequently used that give an impression that “Hindus could not be friends with Muslims”. Dr Ali refutes the frequent claim that the Muslims of the sub-continent blamed the British and Hindus for their backwardness. “If we go through the real history, we find that Muslims were not as oppressed as they have been painted in the history books”.

We need to create curricula filled with knowledge that will flow through us to the future and stop the legacy of distorted historical narrative inculcated over the past sixty years. The real solution lies in the separation of state and religion. This would prevent the negative use of religion from controlling politics and religious sentiments from influencing relations between different communities. In order to maintain peace and cooperation in Pakistan, it is desirable to rethink and re-evaluate the concept of secularism. A soft secularism is what can work in Pakistan. It should not harm the religious sentiment but at the same time separates the religion from state by implementing reforms for tolerance, non-violence, pluralism, and inclusivism.

Secular Liberalism is the only way forward. All the benefits of modern society in health, education, welfare and prosperity derive from the application of secular liberal values in research, investigation and scientific method.
Secular values did not lead to, or cause, the crimes committed by communist or totalitarian regimes. All knowledge and power can be misused. But people do not go to war over science. They do go to war over religion.

The way forward is to question our curricula, to seek and infuse the truth wherever it may lead, without fear or favour. Reason and evidence should be our guide. We should base our education on universal principles of human values, compassion, honesty, freedom, and justice. Only then will we be on a path to a country perfectly at peace with its place in the world.

N.B: The White Legend is a term used for the style of a pro-Spanish historiographical school, which describes Spanish history in an exaggeratedly favourable manner.


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  • History is taught in our country, too, as a subject. But, it’s just a subject. A rather boring subject. Most of us just sleep through it. I really feel odd how a young one will be bothered about it.
    Every child is asked to focus on English and Math, and just pass the rest of subjects.
    So, even if the history taught is false, don’t you think, that it won’t matter just because of sheer indifference to it.
    However, if the same trend is followed at the graduate level, then it is indeed worrying.

  • Teaching fake history is not limited to Pakistan only. The tradition goes back a long time.

  • You can’t compare with India in this respect. Though, as you know, we are also fighting to get rid of fake history. However, sixty years are not enough for a nation, particularly for India that has been under bondage for over a millennium to wake up from colonial soothing anesthesia.
    Thus history, particularly of ancient India, has been obscured and confused. This
    has been more adversely affected because of the attitude of indifference towards
    history on the part of ancient Hindu historians. Lieut. Col. F. Wilford, in the Asiatic
    Society of Bengal’s research series, led by William Jones (1746-94), section: “On
    the Ancient Geography of India” (Vol. XIV, pp.374-376), says that some Puranas
    have information about the names of some mansions, geographical tracts,
    mountains, rivers, etc., but without any explanations about them. Wilford also
    describes his difficulties and frustrations in collecting relevant data, mainly
    because of lack of adequate cooperation from Pundits and Hindu historians.
    If Wilford had received full cooperation and if historians, over the years, referred
    to the ancient names of the rivers and towns in addition to their respective
    modern names, we would have been able to get clearer picture of ancient India’s
    geographical spread. The history of ancient India, therefore, has been erroneous
    and infected with several gaps.

  • You can’t compare with India in this respect. Though, as you know, we are also fighting to get rid of fake history. However, sixty years are not enough for a nation, particularly for India that has been under bondage for over a millennium to wake up from colonial soothing anesthesia.
    Thus history, particularly of ancient India, has been obscured and confused. This
    has been more adversely affected because of the attitude of indifference towards
    history on the part of ancient Hindu historians. Lieut. Col. F. Wilford, in the Asiatic
    Society of Bengal’s research series, led by William Jones (1746-94), section: “On
    the Ancient Geography of India” (Vol. XIV, pp.374-376), says that some Puranas
    have information about the names of some mansions, geographical tracts,
    mountains, rivers, etc., but without any explanations about them. Wilford also
    describes his difficulties and frustrations in collecting relevant data, mainly
    because of lack of adequate cooperation from Pundits and Hindu historians.
    If Wilford had received full cooperation and if historians, over the years, referred
    to the ancient names of the rivers and towns in addition to their respective
    modern names, we would have been able to get clearer picture of ancient India’s
    geographical spread. The history of ancient India, therefore, has been erroneous
    and infected with several gaps.

  • Unfortunately, still there are many who believe that it is because of Britain India
    has a long network of railways, universities, drainage system, etc. They think India
    would have not uplifted herself if Britain were not there. They, being great angrezraj-
    bhagta, refuse to realize what India – who has technologically achieved so
    much during sixty years of her independence – would have achieved if she had
    independence of more than a millennium. Bharat would have soared through the
    roof to touch the sky. We should know that the Britain did not allow India have
    industries except textile. Raw material was exported to Britain for importing back
    the products manufactured thereof.
    In order to know what India would have been if she had independence long back,
    they should read books on the five thousand year old Indus Valley civilization to
    know that its two main cities, Mooanjodaro in Sindh and Harrapa in the Punjab,
    had parallel broad avenues, great drainage system, public swimming pool, brick
    houses with a well inside, etc. The people were literate and had knonw how about
    architecture and city planning. They knew technology of ship building and
    navigation because of which they had maritime links with Egypt, Mesopotamia
    (present Iraq), Asia Minor, Bahrain, etc. Bharat had Nalanda Vishwa Vidalaya in
    her ancient times. Sanskrit dictionary had “Vishwa Vidalaya” word for university.
    Temple of History has been maligned“A gigantic mass of absurdities now lies exposed, for a sifting
    examination. It remains for the patient sagacity of European scholarship,
    working upon both Occidental and Oriental materials, to re-build, I trust,
    upon no unstable foundation, that Temple of History which national vanity
    has destroyed, and whose ruins national Bud’hism has obscured.”

  • Yes, very well written Asif. We are suffering from a collective amnesia. We forget how the founder of Pakistan was treated while on his death bed, as he lay lamenting how some of his closest colleagues couldn’t wait to see him die. We forget how a wily general calling himself a pious Muslim sent a popularly elected prime minister to the gallows on the feeblest of evidences. We forget how an Islamic party being led by a renowned Islamic scholar was behind two of the most shameful acts of mass rioting against the Ahmadiya community. We forget how, long before Hindu fanatics tore down the Barbri Masjid in India, varied Islamic sects and sub-sects were busy going to war against one another in the streets of Lucknow (Muharram processions are banned in that city for over a decade now owing to Sunni-Shia and not Hindu-Muslim rivalry). We forget the terrible sounds of the armys tanks rolling into Balochistan (1962, 1973); and then in Sindh (1983), slaughtering a number of young Baloch and Sindhis, accusing them of treason, when all they wanted were their democratic rights. We forget the terrible decade-long armed action by the state against Muhajirs in Karachi, in which whole families were wiped out. We forget how our intelligence agencies schemed the downfall of one democratic government after another in the 1990s, all the while fattening scores of holy monsters many of whom are now blowing up our markets and mosques.

  • I am glad that you talk about Sind, because that is and can be the most pertinent example. What Western colonials and then Islamists have done to the ancient Indian nation in
    general, and to the history of Sind, in particular, is deplorable. It is really deplorable Asif. Sind is the region of the Indus (Sindhu) Valley civilization, which is the core civilization of Hind (Hindustan), the Hindu Samaj. The word “Hind” has been derived from the word “Sind”, “Hindi”
    from “Sindhi”, and “Hindu” from “Sindhu”. History of Sind reflects lot about history of India. Yes, Henry Cousens, in his “The Antiquities of Sind” (1929, p. 13), describes the history of Sind as full of contradictions and confusion:“Materials for the history of Sind, previous to the time of the Arab
    conquest in A.D. 711, are meagre indeed, and what exist are contained almost solely in the accounts of a few Arab writers. The most lucid account, though very short, of the country immediately preceding the establishment of Arab rule in the province, is to be found in the Chach Namah which is a Persian translation of a work written by Ali, son of Muhammad Kufi, in A.D. 1216. Two later works on the history of Sind – the Tarrikh-i-Masumi or Tarikh-i-Sindh and Tuhfatu-l-Kiram – were to a great extent based upon the Chach Namah in their accounts of the earlier periods. 3 The history of Sind, as told by its own historians, with contradictions and various spellings of names, is very confusing; but this is as nothing to the hopeless tangle caused by the contradictory translations and commentaries of modern writers, each of whom is perfectly convinced in his own mind that he alone is right. … Nor do Hiuen Tsiang’s brief and perplexing references help us much more. A long dark period of a thousand years in which we catch glimmers of the White Huns and other invaders, is as yet untraversed by any but the faintest rays of light.” God bless our Sind.

  • Well said Asif and well commented Sohail. There are many more of these horrid episodes in which Pakistanis killed Pakistanis and Muslims slaughtered Muslims. Why is it so difficult then for us to understand that the mayhem rained on us today is by monsters like the home-grown Taliban? It cant be us. It cant be Muslims, we say. Back in 1971, very few Pakistanis were willing to advise Yahya Khan to get into a dialogue with rebelling Bengalis. But today, after years of unprecedented violence perpetrated by the Taliban, we have many politicians, TV hosts, and journalists suggesting a dialogue with men who one can’t even be described as human. Why? This is the fucking height of hypocrisy.

  • Good points made here. Cousens writes that Chach Namah, also known as the Tarikh-i-Hind wa Sind, was originally written in Arabic. He further writes that the history of Sind, as written by
    its own historians, is full of contradictions and confusion. As a matter of fact, the history of Sind, as suggested by Cousens, was not written by Sind’s natives, Sindhi Hindus. Rather, it was written by Arabs in Arabic followed by faulty translations. This history – Tarikh-i-Hind wa Sind – does not
    illustrate what had happened to, or in Sind before the Arab invasions. The pre-711 AD history of Sind would have helped Sindhis to know their 5000 year long heritage. The Mooanjodaro seals would have told more, if they were fully deciphered. How will the future Sindhi Hindu generations will know that their grandparents were born and raised in Sind when they read the book entitled as “Five Thousand Years of Pakistan”, published in 1950, when Pakistan was not even three year old, as you say? The name “Indus” for “Sindhu Nadi” may not convince many youngsters that it ran through Sind. The same way, how would the name “India” for “Aryavarta” or “Bharat” convince us that none, but Bharat (Aryavarta) is the original home of the Aryans and their language Sanskrit?

  • Good points made here. Cousens writes that Chach Namah, also known as the Tarikh-i-Hind wa Sind, was originally written in Arabic. He further writes that the history of Sind, as written by
    its own historians, is full of contradictions and confusion. As a matter of fact, the history of Sind, as suggested by Cousens, was not written by Sind’s natives, Sindhi Hindus. Rather, it was written by Arabs in Arabic followed by faulty translations. This history – Tarikh-i-Hind wa Sind – does not
    illustrate what had happened to, or in Sind before the Arab invasions. The pre-711 AD history of Sind would have helped Sindhis to know their 5000 year long heritage. The Mooanjodaro seals would have told more, if they were fully deciphered. How will the future Sindhi Hindu generations will know that their grandparents were born and raised in Sind when they read the book entitled as “Five Thousand Years of Pakistan”, published in 1950, when Pakistan was not even three year old, as you say? The name “Indus” for “Sindhu Nadi” may not convince many youngsters that it ran through Sind. The same way, how would the name “India” for “Aryavarta” or “Bharat” convince us that none, but Bharat (Aryavarta) is the original home of the Aryans and their language Sanskrit?

  • Pakistan is a country whose national purpose has been a subject of periodic revisions, each time suiting vested interest powerful groups of the time. It was a modern democratic state to start with, it was a socialist state for a brief period in early 70s, it was an Islamic state in the 80s, it was an Islamic state divided on sectarian lines in the 90s, a state with moderation and enlightenment in the start of the century and nowadays it is a country for the Muslims alone who can be gracious enough to allow other minorities to co-exist but only as second-class citizens. The country has reached this pass through calculated but gradual distortion of history. In the process, the nation has disappeared or perished. The easiest way for nations to commit suicide is distort their own history. This distortion becomes even more disgusting when villains start getting presented as heroes and their hypothetical acts of heroism are glorified. The case in point is Pakistan where doctored history has not only painted a fresh coat on anti-Pakistan elements; it has divided the society on religious and sectarian lines. Clerical heavy-weights, who had opposed creation of Pakistan fearing loss of their relevance in an independent, modern and democratic country, are now being presented as ideologues of Pakistan. To make them relevant in the country they themselves opposed and that too at the cost of country’s founding fathers, the generations born after 1947 are being made to believe that Pakistan was established as a test lab to implement the Sharia and that Pakistan was established in the name of Islam.

  • We know that the socio-cultural and religious landscape of Sind before the advent of Muslims in the region, was very much similar, if not identical, to that in the rest of India. Hancock (2002:169) explains how the culture of the ancient India has been scholarly misinterpreted: Indus-Sarasvati civilization was a literate culture, but the archaeological interpretation of it has been strictly limited to excavated material remains and has never been able to draw upon the civilization’s own texts. This is because all attempts to decipher the enigmatic ‘Harappan’ script have failed, and because (at least until very recently) the Sanskrit Vedas were regarded as the work of another, later culture and were assumed to have had nothing to do with the Indus-Sarasvati civilization. Well into the twentieth century, this approach simply meantn that there was no Indus-Sarasvati civilization. It was not part of the archaeological picture of India’s past and was never even contemplated. It was, in other words, as ‘lost’ as Plato’s Atlantis until the material evidence that proved its existence began to surface when excavations were started at Harappa and Mohenjo-daro in 1920s.

  • Pakistan’s history was written wisely. Religion was given central importance. Gaps between Harrapa,Taxila and Islam has been bridged wisely. Indeed Islam is a binding force not only for Muslims but for humanity at large. Being apologetic about it is denying Islam’s universality.Pakistan’s history only addresses the fact that Islam does not believe in national identity, and this reality had to be accommodated in writing Pakistan’s history.
    Nowhere hatred of Jews or Hindus is taught in our history or religion, but we are only warned of their historic hatred and sabotage of Islam and Muslims.It is only REACTIONARY. Can we deny the constant sabotage of Pakistan by India from its very inception (- Nehru is on record and subsequent history is a fact)? Can we deny Indian fraudulent occupation of Kashmir? As a result,thousands of Kashmiri people have lost their lives since Kashmir(but none in Azad Kashmir).Don’t we see the oppression of Muslims in today’s India (Pls read the book of Indian Inspector General of Police: WHO KILLED HEMAND KARKARE which explains many realities for Muslims in today’s India, if one cannot see or read it otherwise)? Don’t we know what their 17 Consulates are doing on Pak-Afghan borders? Also, Palestine became Israel not by magic but with the killing of thousands of Palestinians and millions of them refugees for generations. We resent these realities. We do not hate Hindus or Jews, but their deeds.How can we ignore all realities and find fault with ourselves. There is nothing wrong with our history or religion to which we should be ashamed or apologetic.Extremists/opportunists are there all over the world and in our country they have not evolved but systematically created and even today backed and financed by our enemies. It is our enemies agenda to blame us for everything to hide their sabotage. Yes, they do exploit many of our own peoples weaknesses of being humans and not being perfect Pakistanis or Muslims.

  • Driving wedge between various religious groups was a game played by the British who tried every trick in the devil’s book to malign and defame the former rulers and turn the majority Hindus against Muslims with whom they had lived in peace for over a thousand years. In India too, Muslims were portrayed as invaders who came to India to plunder its riches, destroy every temple and convert every Hindu to Islam at sword point. The paid historians of the Raj tried to wipe off every sign of the Muslim love affair with India, sowing seeds of strife that eventually led to the division of the country before the British departed. That selective reading of history did not stop with the end of the Raj but went on in the secular and democratic India even though the first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, himself was an eminent historian and was known to be secular and liberal in outlook. The understanding and interpretation of history acquired a totally new meaning during the years the militant BJP was in power with the government undertaking a massive exercise to “rewrite and saffronize” the past.

    As a result, children grow up on this staple of history imbibing early how Muslims ravaged India and went about razing temples and building mosques on their ruins, and to cap it all, by dividing the motherland. Even Muslims studying this history are sure to grow up loathing themselves and their ancestors.

  • Everyone knows that shahabuddin ghauri was an invader of india. He killed millions of people ( both hindus and muslims), plundered india,
    Destroyed temples and mosques. Yet when india named it surface to earth missile ‘prithvi’ (prithvi means ‘earth’ in hindi), pakistani politician tried to name their missile ‘ghauri’ in honor of the muslim invader who defeated the noble hindu king prithviraj chauhan. We
    Have lost sight of the fact that not all of the ‘great muslim heroes’ were actually so. Tomorrow we would see barbarous chengez khan
    Turned into a muslim super hero.most of the muslim rulers we consider “heroes” behaved abominably by ordering the slaughter.
    This is not only outright ignorance, but an ignorance born out of sixty years of misconstrued history. Successive governments and bureaucrats with vested interests unaware of the fact that history has no religion, but that all religions have a history have attempted to convert the history of the indian subcontinent to islam.consequently, for most muslims in pakistan (and perhaps even in india) any personage with an arabic or persian name is a supposed islamic hero. For most ignorant folks it does not matter how disreputable that person may have been — only the name suffices. The history taught in pakistan is so distorted. All indians and hindus are treated as villians and muslims heroes. Pakistan does not have any good role model, so it tries to create role models of any muslim. What
    Has this produced, an entire generation of ignorant pakistanis who
    Are unaware of real history, but have one thing in common ie. “indians and hindus are our enemies”.

  • We Pakistanis have been suffering from an ethno-cultural inferiority complex. It would be beneficial for us if politicians and academics take active interest in uncovering the truth with respect to the theory of the Aryan invasion of India. To be a history in the true sense of the word, the work must be the story of the people inhabiting a country. … The central purpose of a history must, therefore, be to investigate and unfold the values which age after age have inspired the inhabitants of a country to develop their collective will and to express it through the manifold activities of their life. Such a history of Pakistan is still to be written. There is a dearth of professional history teachers in Pakistan. Research institutions should initiate research on history and the Pakistan history should be re-written by institution that were not state-run. Napoleon had changed the entire syllabus to infuse his people with patriotism. “History is a process of change and if we accept changes, there should not be any problem in accepting new realities. Making the Objectives Resolution a preamble of the constitution which had not been written was another cruel joke with the country. The mischief started by Chaudhry Muhammad Ali saw its zenith during the Zia regime.

  • MMr Ahmed Naqi might learn that the RSS was created by Hindus in 1929. In 1947 500,000 RSS terrorists were ready and killed thousands of Muslims. All was planned very well by the innocent RSS Hindus. RSS is right on target with its agenda of ethnic cleansing of Muslims in India. Jews did the same in Palestine and not by killings of palestinians but by magic Israel was created. Myanmar and Bangladesh have good backing of India for what is happening there – sure you are reading news papers.Forget about the history and wait for what is coming. May be it is too late to worry about Ghauri and the innocent Hindus who named their missiles as Pirthvi while we killers have named it Ghauri.

  • Bloodshed is the result when one uses religion for politics, and prejudice endures after finding its way into the history. Pakistan came into being because of the fear of a democratic rule in undivided India having majority population of Hindus. All demands made by the All India Muslim League from 1906 to 1947 were political. The leading religious parties had opposed the creation of Pakistan, which was their political right, because it was not going to be an Islamic state.
    Now everything being done in Pakistan is a violation of the ideas of the Quaid who stood for equal rights to minorities. His six-member cabinet included a Hindu and an Ahmadi.
    Quaid had supported the independent Bengal movement. Nehru had opposed the idea on the ground that it could lead to Balkanization of India. Had the movement gained the strength, the entire Bengal could have become Bangladesh.

  • ” wrote President George H. gave a final speech..But CNBC reported late Thursday that though managers at one of the New York-based funds, Nothing to burst,During the 11-on-11 portion of practice,That was just last week”It

  • I think that ‘cyndi’ was addressing many of her remarks to the wrong person. I did not either put our troops into Iraq or Afghanistan, nor fail to make a plan for the immediate or longer term government of Iraq, nor write the lunatic rules of engagement under which her friend has to fight.

  • “You kan ada, bila you grade nanti..I ikutlah you balik Malaysia…lepas tu kita kahwin..kan you dah janji..” Shazreen membelai pipi Adam .Lelaki itu sekadar senyum sambil mengangkat begnya. Sampai di pintu apartmentnya Adam meletakkan beg itu.

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