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A Response to Shahzaman’s video ‘Boycott Electricity Bills from November 2010’- by Sindhyar Talpur

A video is doing rounds by the Singer Shazaman which calls on people to not to pay their electricity bills in the November of 2010. Tactics evidently is of bougious civil disobedience, thats what ‘parah likhas do’ not stupid tire jalaoo. Consider the catastrophe when the hundreds of Shahzaman fans go along with this and refuse to pay their bills. I say a revolution in making.

However, I do realise minor setbacks. Like the fact that not many will heed his advise. The people who do heed it would have no electricity, as their meters would be cut off.

First they get two reminders, then a final reminders. Then there is a big fuss outside when electricity is cut off. Though they may say its a political statement, the word in the neighbourhood of course would be that the Mirzas are short on money and weren’t able to pay their bill. Unable to bear the lack of electricity and the taunts, they would seek to have the electricity turned on again. Applications would need to be filled for reconnection. But then then would be required to pay all the reminders before their electricity is put back on again.

Eventually the people would get around to restart the meters again. The would be a dreadful time for the government of course. The statement they have just made is quite potent. If we are willing to voluntarily go through without electricity for a week, imagine what else we can do!

As for Mr Shazaman, the instigator I mean the leader, he is bravely risking his personal independence over this. Like any leader of insight, he is aware of the risks of inciting illegal behaviour. Since inciting a breach of contract, is illegal, which he is definiately doing. But does he care, of course not!

Sure if a case is persued against him, he can be put into jail by the court. However does he care? no! why should he? all great leaders have gone to jail- Gandhi went to jail for home rule and independence, Mendela for end of apartheid, Shazaman for the fundamental right of having your ac on!

What is more, this great seeker of justice has his tax returns available for anyone to see. As everyone is aware, Music industry files full tax returns and so he seeks parliamentarians to show their tax payments – and those that they do show periodically while filling and the recent report on parliamentarian’s finances is obviously not enough scrutiny – Otherwise the businessmen of the country feel insecure – Businessmen also feel insecure when politicians are able to buy cars, that only they can afford. Now they know you can’t buy those cars without

Who will invest in a country where you can literally buy lobbies. Have cheap labour, with almost no restrains on health and safety of employees, no minimum hours, no strict observing of minimum wage or price fixing, low competition, cheap raw material. Who I ask?

This great citizen, not agent of CIA/ISI as he specifically confirms, wants a man with lathi to make things better – like say they were 5 years ago or 25 years ago or 45 years ago – when we were fully secure under lathi walla people – though he says this without any inclination towards anyone specific.

He is also very clear that there is no development going on, as far as he can see there has not been anything made in past two years — further why the hell are we asked to pay back the loan, taken for our development? When something is not happening, as far as Shazaman is concerned, then why ask us to pay back the loan to IMF? Does any other country does this? India doesn’t count – nor does continent of Africa. Okay just look at dubai, no taxes – that what we want, no taxes and national dress to be kandura- ahh full freedom of movement!

Time and again, the leader was angry at us too, for our apathy. I mean look at us, going on with our lives, trying to feed our children day and night and not seeing where the country is going!

Shame on us for being totally subservient. Electing people and letting them get on the work. Judging them periodically, when their term runs out. We should be more proactive. Here is our chance. Stop paying bills to your electric supply company, in case of Karachi, where Shazaman lives, it is a private company, KESC. Not paying bills to a private company would only pressurise the government, and is not at all like going to a shoe shop and coming with wearing news shoes, without paying. Just shout out, it is a protest! Tell the government if they don’t make better roads, where I can walk without my shoes getting damp, I will continue to enter shoe shops and take new shoes! Now if there is any backlash, like being arrested for arrears etc, just remember Shazaman would be there in the jail too. All the free concerts for life and guess what jail has no AC, so no worries of electricity going.

Finally I would say this government chosen by the majority of the people of Pakistan, should either listen to the great pop leader or resign as he demands. They may have received votes from majority and be a constitutional government, yet they don’t have Shazaman’s vote, that matters most. So they must either please him or leave – samaj lagi?

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  • After Laptop warriors, ‘welcome’ to the new breed of confused warriors aka “Guitar Warrior”.
    First another guitar party brat Mr. Roy came up with a video where the antagonist comes out of the prison is hit by a missile probaly fired via a drone. Like his middle class fans he thinks the drone are hitting the ones who wanna change the world. Now the next one will sing ‘not to pay the bill’.
    He should add a stanza to praise the Funjab assembly, making fun of three provinces by passing a resolution in favor of KB Dam, and remind his Fans (larger than Pakistan electorate) to exempt Punjab from the not pay the bill campaign.

  • I think he is right,now enough is enough,people is suciding but govt: is sleeping,this popular govt: has not done anything for people,before people take street they should leave,it will be good for people and country.people dont want more experiments with them

  • Habib, If you are unhappy with the government you would stop paying bills for the services you enjoy?
    Where is the logic in this – he has obviously gravely misunderstood civil disobedience – and made that a mockery by seeking his right to watch TV, uninterrupted by load-shedding
    If people are so unhappy, then they will have full turn at the elections – but knowing these people, when something or someone bothers them, they come to streets – and in masses

  • yes do nothing and wait for your enemies to hammer on your head…
    I wonder how some morons argue on it and they are not able to understand revolution never comes thro legal way…if everything were under legal process in our country then why we ever needed this kind of peaceful protest to bring change….If you guys will not support Shah Zaman then u all will be a looser , if he goes to jail for this act then what the hell we all will be doing leaving him alone behind the bars… it would be so shameless if we leave him alone later to face jury….cant u be united ? to face everything together.
    And this is not the electricity bill but many other issues could also be resolved later if it works fine …